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Name: Taiga Tetsuya Fujitaka

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Zodiac Animal: Dog

Description: "Well, in case you didn't see from the millions of pictures of me throughout this profile, I have chin-length white hair, though my eyebrows are actually dark gray. It's all natural so I just assume it's because of my zodiac form. My eyes are an odd shade of brown, though they can look a bit blue at times, I'm told. I'm pretty slim and although I've got quite a bit of muscle on me, it's difficult to see. I tend to wear t-shirts or tank tops and jeans with dark red sneakers, though I've been known to mix it up quite often. I'm the live-in caretaker of a shrine near the Sohma estate, so I'm almost always wearing a kimono when I'm at home."


Personality: "I'm usually pretty calm, but I've been known to be the life of the party when I feel like it. I like reading, but I love playing music. I have a wide variety of instruments that I have learned to play since I was little; I actually concentrated on music more than schoolwork, so I'm not the brightest when it comes to textbook things. I also learned to draw along with my elder brother, Haru, and although he was always better at it, we were both very good. That about covers my hobbies, so I should probably move on to another topic. I'm very loyal, but if you stab my back, don't expect a second chance. I'm stubborn and can have a short temper at times, but most people have successfully avoided seeing me snap. The possibility of losing control of my body, such as being paralyzed, terrifies me." [[Something random!]]

Special Skills:
* Playing a wide variety of instruments
* Drawing
* Cleaning
* Maintaining the shrine by himself

* Warmth
* Candy
* Guitar
* Girls
* Rock climbing
* Playing music
* The shrine

# Chaos
# Death
# Cold
# Rain
# Rude people
# Bitter food
# Seafood
# Sports - it's not that he's bad at them, but most of them don't seem to interest him.
# Backstabbers
# Annoying people

History: Taiga grew up on the Sohma estate following his elder brother, Haru, around like a lost puppy. His brother wasn't a zodiac animal, so he didn't really understand the inconveniences of the curse. However, Haru did manage to keep Taiga as far away from the God as he could so that his little brother wouldn't have to go through the same troubles that previous generations had. Taiga spent most of his time in his room playing guitar or piano, those being his favorite instruments to play. When the New Year celebrations came around he was always one of the people playing music for the incoming zodiac animal to dance to. As soon as he could though, he was out of the Sohma estate and living in the nearby shrine, eventually taking over the role of Caretaker from the previous one so that he could retire in peace. There he's lived rather happily for the last six years.

Anything Else: N/a


Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Right

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Eye color: An odd, light shade of brown.

Hair color: White

Distinguishing marks: His hands, especially his fingertips, are extremely calloused and scarred.


Parents: May Sohma (mother) and Shiro Sohma (father)

Siblings: Haru Sohma (elder brother)

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Haru and a couple of the other Zodiac children.

Enemies: Anyone he doesn't like.

Ethnicity: Japanese

Religion: Agnostic


Education: High school graduate.

Degrees: N/a

Vocation/occupation: Live-in caretaker for the shrine

Employment history: N/a

Own or rent: He lives in a rather spacious living area of the shrine.


Fears: Needles and paralysis.

Eating habits: He tends to make food at home, but sometimes gets takeout. He's a remarkably neat eater.

Food preferences: He's not picky, but isn't very fond of bitter food.

Sleeping habits: He can sleep anywhere anytime and often stays up late, but is always up early to get to work cleaning the shrine.

Book preferences: He'll read anything.

Music preferences: He doesn't like most rap, or hip hop. He like old rock and roll, country, some pop, and alternative genres. He's rather fond of American music.

Groups or alone?: He likes being in small groups.

Leader or follower: Leader

Hobbies: Playing guitar/piano/violin/etc., reading books, and reading and memorizing American poetry.

How do they relax: Reading, playing music, cleaning the shrine, and reciting poetry.

What excites them: Learning a new song, finishing a book, learning a new instrument, and memorizing a new poem.


Birth date: September 27th

Time of birth: 3:13AM

Western astrological sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Handwriting: A very neat and flowing mix of cursive and print.

General health: Very healthy. When he gets sick it hits him hard, though.

Objects kept in:

Pocket: Wallet, key to the shrine, and cell phone.

Wallet: Money, credit cards, and ID.


Talents: Playing various instruments, drawing, cleaning, and memorizing poetry.

Drugs/alcohol: He isn't find of the idea of either.

Prized possessions: A small bird charm carved out of a dark blue gemstone. He wears the charm on a leather thong (a thin strip of leather, mind you) around his neck. He wears a silver feather alongside the bird.


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(Taiga is rather frightening when he's in a bad mood)




So begins...

Taiga Tetsuya Sohma's Story


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Taiga yawned and stretched as he left the meeting. It was a good day so far; the meeting had gone smoothly and he'd gotten the offering box of the shrine cleaned up. Now he just needed to go back and finish cleaning the ablution pavilion. Pausing in his thoughts as he reached the small gathering of Juunishi at the gate.

Smiling, he pushed his white hair out of his face and waved. "Good morning! You'd all better hurry if you want to get to school and work on time! Also, if you're hungry afterward, you can always stop by the shrine for a snack. I should have some ready by then anyway, so feel free to stop by. Classmates are welcome too so long as you're careful." he waved again as he passed the group, heading back to the shrine.

Within a couple minutes he had arrived, panting slightly from the quick pace he had taken up the steps to the Torii gate. Frowning slightly as he realized the branches of the trees on either side of the gate were beginning to encroach it, he shook his head and continued forward, making a note to deal with it later.

"Good morning, Suki-chan!" he waved to the girl who, he noted, was standing in the yard with an empty bird cage. "I take it the bird is doing much better today?" he smiled as he headed around to the back of the shrine, where the living quarters were.

Little more than five minutes later he was back in the yard wearing a white keikogi and a gray-green hakama and carrying a broom. He quickly set to work sweeping the ablution pavilion. "Suki-chan, you ought to hurry if you're going to make it to school on time. I'll have snacks waiting when you return. Any requests?"

Torako yawned as he got up. Glancing at the clock, he cursed. He'd overslept and was going to have to either rush his trip to the shrine or rush breakfast. Sticking some bread in the toaster, he rushed through his shower and got dressed in his usual red t-shirt, black jeans, and black jacket. Grabbing his toast, cell phone, and wallet, he pulled on a pair of black sneakers as he rushed out the door.

Turning left from his house, he jogged to the turn in the street and left again to go up the flight of stairs to the shrine. Finishing off his toast, he brushed crumbs off himself and headed up the steps. Patting the inside pocket of his jacket to make sure his composition notebook was still there, he sighed in relief. At least he wouldn't have to worry about that today, though he silently cursed himself as he realized he was still wearing his glasses. Waving at the white-haired boy that was sweeping the pavilion, he found himself blushing as he spotted the equally light-haired girl also standing in the yard.

"Um," he took a chance, "excuse me, miss, but are you by any chance going to the university for morning classes?" she looked about the right age to him, so he thought he'd at least try to ask. If nothing came of it, then he'd just make his offering and go on his merry way. "Oh, I'm Torako Toushi, by the way. I go to the music composition portion of the university." he bowed slightly, a rather formal greeting mostly just because he was on the shrine grounds.


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino woke up during the early hours of the morning, early enough to sit and enjoy watching the sun rise before she thought about preparing for the long day ahead of herself. She was in the shower when she heard her fellow Sohma's, or at least the one's she lived at the Shrine with, get up and begin their own day.

This was her cue to get a move on and she quickly finished up, dried off and got dressed in the high school uniform she was required to wear. By the time she was ready to leave her room she had dried her white-pink hair and placed the long strands in two loose ponytails below her ears and her school blouse and skirt were perfectly creased in all the proper areas. A quick glance in her mirror told her she was good to go and, without another moment's hesitation, the Tiger of the Zodiac grabbed her school bag, shoved her feet into her shoes and confidently strode from the room.

She had a meeting, then school, to attend.


After the meeting, Yoshino tiredly rolled her piercing red eyes as she stepped from the large house the 'God' lived in. How she hated to enter that place, to sit under Rin's cold glare as she made sure that everything in the Sohma family was in order. That thought sent shivers down the confident teenager's spine as she quickly left the porch of the detested building behind her and came upon the group that gathered at the gates though she didn't stop much longer than a moment as she called to the others who would be attending school with her.

"See you at school!"

She kept walking as she half-turned to shoot a cheerful smile and wave at the others before continuing on to attend classes. This was just how Yoshino was; confident, cool yet kind, and determined to always be on time. Sure, she didn't like being alone but being late certainly trumped that any day.


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Suki Rose Sohma

"Good morning, Suki-chan!" Suki turned when she heard Taiga approaching and speak to her. Taiga was one of the few Sohmas that treated her well, so she trusted him. She smiled and waved back as he came towards the shrine. "Good morning!" She called back softly. "I take it the bird is going much better today?" He asked her, and she nodded as her bright eyes flicked towards the little dove that had hopped off the branch and onto her foot.
"Yes, her wing is better now. She's a friendly one- she got pretty attached so she'll probably nest by the house and hang around." She smiled softly as she kneeled down and allowed the dove to perch itself on her hand.

"Um, excuse me, miss, but are you by any chance going to the university for morning classes?" Suki turned when she heard an unfamiliar voice from behind her. Already being in a good mood, she decided she might as well be friendly. After all, he hadn't done anything to hurt her. Yet.
"Yes, actually. I'm going to the university now. I just switched to the earlier classes. You can come with me, if you'd like." She brushed her long light hair over her shoulder and brushed her little bird off of her hand so she could stand.
"Oh, I'm Torako Toushi, by the way. I go to the music composition portion of the university."
"It's, um, nice to meet you Torako. I'm Suki Sohma." She offered him a somewhat awkward half smile as she stood in front of him.

"You have... beautiful eyes." She murmured thoughtfully, then blinked and blushed. "I'm sorry. That sounded strange didn't it?" Suki chuckled lightly and started off through the woods. "Don't worry, this is a short cut. I'm not taking you into the woods to cut you up into bits or anything."


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"It's very nice to meet you, Suki." Torako smiled. This certainly wasn't a bad start to his day besides for the fact that he'd forgotten to take off his glasses at home.
He bit his tongue and resisted the sudden urge to flinch when she commented on his eyes. "Thank you, and don't worry, it wasn't strange at all."
I'm used to it he silently added.

He hesitated a moment when she started walking into the woods, casting a glance back toward the shrine as he thought of the offering he had meant to leave, which was still in his pocket. Shaking his head slightly, he turned and followed the girl into the woods. He was rather hesitant about this venture among the trees, and, as he expected, he tripped almost first thing.

Silently cursing his eyesight as he stood up, he attempted to hurry after Suki.

"Sorry! I'm here!" he said as he finally caught up with her. "I had some trouble with my footing." he chuckled, trying to make light of it.

Taiga couldn't help but smile as he saw Suki heading off through the woods with the boy from before. Continuing sweeping, he finished rather quickly since he'd started sweeping earlier in the morning. Within approximately two hours he was done cleaning up the ablution pavilion and the branches of the tree that had been encroaching the Torii gate had been cut. Heading inside, he started cleaning in there as well as he absently wondered what he ought to make everyone for lunch.


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino paused as the male replied to her, something she hadn't entirely expected. She'd noticed how Kenji had begun to daydream again, his eyes making it clear he was zoning out while he'd stared at her.. and, to be honest, she'd found it slightly unnerving as he'd done so. Was something on her face? Her uniform? She dropped her unique coloured eyes to catch a glimpse of her skirt, just in case.

However, despite this, she listened and even turned back to face him to give her full attention with a confused smile on her lips. He was apologizing to her? What a curiously strange, and normal, boy. This was yet another puzzle to her as not many people showed her such a kindness.. Most people just continued on with their lives, not that she really minded much anyway, but Kenji seemed to be different.

"Ah, yes," Yoshino mumbled, internally berating herself for being so stupid and jumping to conclusions. "Of course, it was no trouble at all. Really." She pretended not to notice as he took the tiniest of steps forward, toward her. Did he intend to befriend her? She didn't know how to really do such a thing, gain friends.. Although, perhaps that was in an effort to keep the Sohma family curse the secret it had always been. With this thought in mind, she relaxed her body slightly and allowed her arms to fall to her sides as she continued the conversation.

"But what a unique interpretation you've thought of," her tone was appraising, changing from her typical cool tone to one that displayed more warmth and interest. She nodded, her expression thoughtful as she considered the dark haired male in front of her and the courtesy he had just extended. "I'd like that," Yoshino answered truthfully, surprising herself at her blatant honesty. Maybe she really did like that drawing more than she'd feared Kenji knowing the secret.. Hm.

The pink haired Sohma eyed Kenji for a moment before releasing a soft sigh, "It's almost noon and I was thinking of going home for lunch... would you care to join me?" Her question startled herself but this was easily hidden with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders and the barely noticeable increase in her smile. "I live on a shrine not far from here and I know my cousin," she tried not to stress the word, "was hoping for us to bring friends to share a meal."

Yoshino's eyes widened slightly as she realized he might have other plans or, perhaps, wouldn't want to dine with a Sohma. hurriedly, she continued, "I mean, you don't have to but I know Taiga would be happy to see me bring a friend home, for once." Clearly, extending invitations wasn't something she did often.


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

This boy truly is one of a kind, she thought as her lips pulled away to reveal perfectly straight white teeth, her smile lovely and clearly genuine as she observed the blush that rose in the male's tanned cheeks. Of course, she ignored this in an attempt to avoid further embarrassing Kenji as she gave a nod of her head. "Shall we then?"

Yoshino, with a slight wave of her pale hand, motioned for the male to come with her as she stepped away from him. She fully expected him to back out, to say he had changed his mind.. or even just run away. After all, not many became involved with the large, strange family that often kept to themselves.

"We live at a shrine," she stated carefully, fully aware she could either be talking to Kenji or not to anyone at all but thin air. Regardless of how crazy she would have appeared, the pink haired girl continued to speak in an effort to not scare the young man off. Although, her talkativeness most likely betrayed her own anxiety which was still at a relatively low level within her. "Taiga is practically my guardian," Yoshino added softly, her tone rather cheerful as her shoes met the sidewalk and she continued walking. "He cooks for us and looks after the shrine, keeping it tidy and organized.."

The female trailed off, quite aware of how out of hand her babbling was becoming, before she turned her head to look at the raven-haired jokester. They'd be reaching her house in a few moments and she was trying to give him another chance to turn away, though felt a slight pang at the thought that he might take her up on it. He seemed to be the closest thing she had to an actual friend.

"Here we are," Yoshino stated cheerfully as she stopped and motioned with her hands to the large buildings that made up the shrine; the gates they had yet to pass through, the open building with an alter in clear view, the several storerooms and the actual residence. "Welcome to the Sohma estate," she added as she stepped between the two posts and the open metal gates, "Let's find Taiga and get something to eat!"


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#, as written by Polka
"Shall we then?"

Kenji was stunned, he had just decided to go to girls house for tea to meet her guardian...
He just knew that everyone would start talking at school about how he was always by himself and now he was hanging around with the Sohma's. Strangely this did not even bother him, Yoshino had a kind heart and a caring personality... plus she was uniquely beautiful.

He began to follow her ' you live at a shrine huh?, I'm rather jealous I live in a crappy apartment.' he responded.
Though Kenji looked like a fool, he had noticed that Yoshino had began to talk to him more, which he rather liked... someone was finally making an effort.

Once the pink haired girl began to mention Taiga, Kenji began to feel uneasy ' Are you sure your guardian will be ok with me coming over, I don't want to intrude on you' he then let out an awkward giggle. However by this point the shrine was only a few seconds away and he was being welcomed to the estate, Kenji realized there was no going back at this point. He wouldn't dream of leaving now because he knew what an ache someone leaving could cause on your heart.


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Taiga paused, evaluating the appearance of the food arranged neatly on the table in front of him. He'd finished cleaning the house with plenty of time to spare, so he'd had plenty of time to cook. Various kinds of onigiri (rice balls) wrapped with a piece of seaweed were on a plate the middle of the table alongside some sliced apples. Some tamagoyaki (a slightly-sweet layered omelet) served as the other main dish.

Satisfied with what he saw, Taiga unhurriedly untied his apron and arranged the seating cushions around the table. Heading out and around to the ablution pavilion, he smiled and waved when he saw Yoshino and a boy, who he guessed was a friend from school, pass through the Torii gate.

"You're just in time, Yoshi-chan! Lunch is on the table!" he was obviously in an extremely good mood, as usual. Not much could get the dog zodiac down after he'd spent the morning cleaning and cooking; two of his favorite things to do since he'd come to be in charge of the shrine. It was definitely a relaxing atmosphere, so it was no wonder he enjoyed it so.

Mind wandering momentarily, he realized he'd forgotten something at the main house when he'd left from the meeting. "I'll be right back, Yoshi-chan! I forgot something earlier. Help yourselves to whatever you like!" he smiled as he hurried past them, only pausing momentarily to give the young tiger zodiac a glance that clearly said be careful.

Hurrying over to the main house, he almost walked into a girl that was peering through the gaps in the gate. "Ah. Sorry! I didn't see you there!"


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Suzume Nakashima

"Ah. Sorry! I didn't see you there!"

Suzume jumped when she heard a voice behind her she had been so focused on what was on the other side of the gate the she had almost lost all track of the world going on around her.

She bowed respectively "I'm so sorry I must be in the way" she hopped he didn't see the blush across of her cheeks out of sure embarrassment. She stepped away from the gate, wondering if he thought she was some sort of creep peeping trough his families gate. When she stood up again form the bow she noticed that the young man had white hair. She thought it was unusual but decided not to comment. Suzume also assumed he was a Sohma since he was trying to get through the gate.

"You probably think I'm some kind of weirdo just peeping through gate like that. It's just I pass by here almost every day and I always like to admire the beautiful grounds and buildings. It's almost like a whole other time in there." she said with a smile. She straightened out the bottom of her her haori, "Well I guess I'll go, I have to get to my grandfathers shrine before wonders where I am".


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

"You live at a shrine, huh? I'm rather jealous, I live in a crappy apartment." Kenji replied as he had followed the girl, leaving her rather cheerful to know that he was willing to converse with her. Though she knew, even without looking at the male, that he had grown nervous upon hearing of Yoshino's guardian. He happened to mention it a few moments later.

"Taiga won't mind at all," she assured him with a smile, nodding her head encouragingly as they passed through the Torii gate.

"You're just in time, Yoshi-chan! Lunch is on the table!" The slightly-older male in question called to her, a grin on his face as he caught sight of the pair coming closer to the house. Yoshino turned her head to wink at Kenji, momentarily hiding one of her ruby coloured orb-like eyes as if to say 'told you'. The cheerful Dog of the zodiac told them to help themselves to lunch as he passed, shooting her a look that only she would decipher.

A look that the Sohma family members often gave each other if there was a normal human nearby. The one that told the individual to be cautious of what they said and did.

Yoshino pretended she hadn't seen it as she was sure there would be no issues and smiled in return to Taiga, "Hurry back or we might eat it all!" She laughed at her own joke, trying to get Kenji to relax as she continued on into the house.

Slipping her small feet out of her shoes, the pink haired female stretched her arms as she moved down the hall and into the dining area. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight of the amount of food that sat on the table.

"Taiga has really outdone himself this time," she muttered, ducking her head as a low giggle escaped her lips. She turned her head to look at her schoolmate as he followed her in, waiting to see his own expression. Oddly enough, she was curious as to how he'd react. Especially after the ups and downs of anxiety the poor boy had been having since she'd invited him over.


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#, as written by Polka
Kenji followed Yoshino like a duckling followed it's mother. He scuttled along behind her only briefly popping his head up from time to time. The older male who Yoshino referred to as 'Taiga' walked past him... he didn't seem to care that Kenji was accompanying Yoshino.

The older man seemed just as carefree as Yoshino, this relaxed Kenji. Being within the shrine made him miss his Gradmother Nelly, she was such a sweet old lady and she adored her only grandson Kenji. Often when he went back to Cornwall she would an array of English sweets for him, and a roast chicken dinner which was one of his favorite English dishes.

There he was again daydreaming and Yoshino had already walked ahead. Kemji sped up to catch up with her, almost bumping into her as he did so but he swung to the left hitting a wall.
' Sorry about that' he said rubbing his head.... it was at that point he noticed the food.

"Taiga has really outdone himself this time,"
Kenji nodded in agreement, and stared blankly at the table. His unlce could not cook at all and Kenji couldn't either. It was strange that in the morning he had woken to burnt toast and now he was feasting with the Sohma's.
Once Kenji had gotten over his awe he noticed a little giggle from Yoshino which made him blush.

' You have a sweet laugh' he said without thinking, quickly changing the subject ' imagine the dumbest boy in school dining with the smartest girl... Thank-you Yoshino...Chan?..'. Kenji was not sure he was entitled to say her name in such a way, so he waited for her to scold him.