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Tatsuo R. Sohma

"Really. A sea horse..." Clean up

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a character in “Fruits Basket: N Generation”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Tatsuo 'Ryuu' Sohma
"Just call me Ryuu"
Age: 20 and going to 21
Gender: Male
Zodiac Animal: Dragon
Deeper Description: With jet black hair and irregular icy eyes, he is considered almost exotic and handsome swooning most human girls with ease. As a plus, he is rather tall for his age, standing about 6'0" tall and being quite slim and lean as well, but not unnaturally skinny. Don't forget he is a doctor so he is especially healthy and fit.
Continuing on, His hair slightly wavy and a little long. In result its gets a bit messy dispite his attempt to comb it down. Most of the time he just ignores it but now and then he'll pull some of it back into a loose pony tail. For his wardrobe he likes plain, casual clothing; or the exact opposite, consisting of neat suits.
Father like son people say and that is the exact quote for Ryuu. He is an almost or maybe exact replica of Hatori when it comes to peronality. Passive, emotionless, smooth, responsible, mature and a great leader.
but that can all be explained. See, growing up with his father, he unconsciously picked up a few traits of his that soon became permant. However the only trait he hadn't taken from his father was his lack of openness to others. Reason is, is that Ryuu grew up fortunate and being the mature boy he was, he accepted that, and was internally grateful. So he is alot more open then his father and actually has the ability to smile as you can see below.
Oh and a few peculiar things to know is that behind all that emotionless nothing he is actually what the dragon is known for. energetic and warm-hearted, charismatic, lucky at love and egotistic. So he can be a bit of a flirt if he wanted to be- or just a complete mask. Though all in all he isn't all that bad..
Special Skills:
- Cooking/cleaning
- Combat.
- Doing hair. "Yes I can braid and do all that crap.."
- Memory Erasing
- Medical and teaching 'For rin and the family.
  • The aquarium
  • Cooking
  • Making people happy.
  • Erasing Memories
  • Betrayal, or Betraying.
Ryuu was the main heir of Hatori Sohma, the original dragon zodiac and his mother was Mayuko, a normal teacher of Tohru's highschool. Now Ryu learned his memory suppression from the best, his father, and he was a natural, but it was soon over as his father's death followed shortly at the age of 15, leaving the role of the dragon to him. Now he didn't mind, since his father was happy when he died, and he too was grateful that his mother accepted him just the way he was, just like how she accepted Hatori. So Ryuu was fortunate, and because of that, he is more open then his previous generation but he still holds that stoic expression from the constant relation with the emotionless dragon. And he was still cold to those he didnt care for.
For example, in highschool, he was quiet the popular teen, and of course he attracted human females. And dispite his feelings for them, he easily rejected, and it secretly hurts him. But he doesnt mind.
Soon after, when he graduated college, he succeed in teaching and medical learning, since he was going to watch over the head and the zodiacs as most were attending a highschool...
Happy with his job, surveying the zodiac children and the god before rin. He saw nothing wrong, until the end of his happy career started. the god grew mental, and was labeled defected by the others. Soon he was told to erase them since an offspring was already given. No one else wanted to experience such carnage, so being the servant he was, he was given the job...
And it was horrible.
With guilt, he got rid of them, and without choice in front of rin. He took it in his responsibility that she grew like this, so he serves her with the best ability.
The Carngage
Anything Else:

So begins...

Tatsuo R. Sohma's Story


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Rin Sohma

Rin felt her lips tighten into a thin line as the female beside her rambled on. Now Why did her heart seem to tighten as well with pain and-...
'What.. is this feeling?' She questioned, but quickly caught up with reality as she felt the slight shift beside her.
The rat raced to the hall, causing her to tsk slightly. Really, why bother.. If she was dead, she was sure they would all celebrate.. Stupid keiko.
“Masuyo! Masuyo,” she said rushing to the hallway. “Masuyo-san, can you please go and get some of Rin’s medicine? On second thought, please stay with her. I have to get to school, Yoko-san,” she said, stopping another maid, “Can you please go and get Rin’s medicine?”
With that, Rin observed the maids with a heated look causing them to cringe in hesitance. But with no choice, they both stepped forward and huddled around her, pampering her like always.. 'fakes..'
All the maids were, and they didnt even try to hide their fear or disgust when they look at the others including herself. That is why most disappear from the main house within weeks.. She couldn't have them looking at her family like that.. With that irritating thought, she focused her attention on keiko, her anger growing.
“My deepest apologies, Rin, but I have to hurry off to school. I promise to come after school as soon as I can to check on you.” Taking a short glance at her, she saw her white hair turning the corner, leaving her alone with a few other members. "Don't bother.." She mumbled to herself, before calmly taking in the medicine the maids were handing her. Pills after pills. Still no help, it only hid the pain. An illusion. What makes it worse is that the maids knew nothing but what they were told. Useless. Deciding to give herself to someone more reliable, she began Looking around until she spotted a familiar doctor and with a mere knowing glance, the male walked forward. Tatsou the dragon zodiac, and her family medic.
"What is it rin." The man dismissed the maid, who in turn left happily. "It hurts." She repeated, actually not sure where the pain was coming from.
Frowning, Tatsou kneeled beside her and rested a hand on her forehead then her lungs with a look of consideration. "Where."
"I don't know.." She replied, and with that, the dragon drew back his hand. "Well after everyone leaves, ill assist you.."
And with no response, she waited for all to leave, and slowly her room emptied...
Feeling his fingers wrap around her lung area, he told her to breath slowly like the normal procedures- but she laid a hand on his own, stopping him from any other motion. "Yes?"
"Watch them."
"....Alright." "Now." Ryuu studied her expression only to find- nothing. Seeing no point in talkign her out of it, he stood up and ordered maids to watch her. He never knew what she was going to do... who knew if she was planning some scheme. "..."

Kohaku Sohma

Kohaku shook his head politely ,beaming a soft smile. "Thanks for the offer though." However she saw him turn his attention on his favorite and supposedly most prefered zodiac.. Keiko. The rat.
Giving her half a nod, she stopped mid-way when she noticed the ram descending from the stair way with trouble lingering around him. 'ugh..' Really- Hey Haku where could I find some grub around here? After all I did have to rush over here to get to this meeting. Missed breakfast on the" that was a lie. He didn't rush, in fact he was one of the last to arrive. But he had his reasons to stay around the main house. "I bet you sneak in the kitchen and eat all the sweets" -he always teased her and it didnt really bother her but what bothered her was his persistency... "You would know." She replied blunty, her eyes studying his espression, not liking how he grinned. Trouble.
“Why you picking on poor Haku?”
She sighed. Double trouble. But she inwardly grinned, when she saw bloomings of red on the ram's cheek. Her red and usually emotionless eyes, gleamed with michevous. Oh..she was going to enjoy this. Pondering on what she was going to do, she continued to watch the interaction, and resisted to grab his hand and twisting it around.
"Dont be such a weenie Daisuke-chan...hmm...where is a good spot to eat?...My apartment is near by, i can whip something up if you'd like?" Rei said with a grin, not sure if he was going to take the offer.
Ah hah. Polietly smiling, he stepped into the conversation. "Please wait a second Rei." Swirling on hs heels, he sprinted towads the main house and leaped over the wall, leading to the kitchen. Looking around, she entered and opened a small fridge, which revealed a small cake with all 12 zodiacs. What a waste.. she wanted to eat it so badly.. but it was going to be worth it. Plucking off a few things, she boxed it, and with the same grace, she returned within seconds. "Here have some desert later." She said, with an innocent face, before handing it to the boar. what a nice thing to do, but if anyone knew Kohaku, it would have appeared strange and almost rare for her to give away a cake, just like that. But maybe she was being nice? "Look at the cake Daisuke, its special.." She teased quietly, her tone barely noticable. Eagerly, she nodded towards the box, and wondered what his reaction was going to be.
A maid entered the kitchen, dropping some dishes on the table, only to see 10 peculiar objects. "Oh its the zodiacs- hm..? Where is the boar and the monkey... ah well...- wait..WHERE IS MY HEART CHOCOLATE!"
The cake was covered in white fondate, and was rather plain, however on the top, laid a ram and a monkey, both close together, maybe too close? And under was a heart chocolate that was gently pressed in the cakes surface.

Tatsou 'Ryuu' Sohma

Ryuu massaged his temples as he stepped outside in the hall. Really. He couldnt think of a damn reason why he had to go to that highschool. He was already a house doctor, and being how busy he was, he didnt know how he'll work this out.. He had no choice anyways..
Making his way to the front of the house, he saw a couple of zodiacs in the distance. "..late for class.." He murmered, but he didnt bother to go to them. ".." Lifting his cell to his ear, he waited a moment then began to speak. "Hi, I was wondering if they're any teacher spots avalabile-"


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Yoshino Mei Sohma

Yoshino woke up during the early hours of the morning, early enough to sit and enjoy watching the sun rise before she thought about preparing for the long day ahead of herself. She was in the shower when she heard her fellow Sohma's, or at least the one's she lived at the Shrine with, get up and begin their own day.

This was her cue to get a move on and she quickly finished up, dried off and got dressed in the high school uniform she was required to wear. By the time she was ready to leave her room she had dried her white-pink hair and placed the long strands in two loose ponytails below her ears and her school blouse and skirt were perfectly creased in all the proper areas. A quick glance in her mirror told her she was good to go and, without another moment's hesitation, the Tiger of the Zodiac grabbed her school bag, shoved her feet into her shoes and confidently strode from the room.

She had a meeting, then school, to attend.


After the meeting, Yoshino tiredly rolled her piercing red eyes as she stepped from the large house the 'God' lived in. How she hated to enter that place, to sit under Rin's cold glare as she made sure that everything in the Sohma family was in order. That thought sent shivers down the confident teenager's spine as she quickly left the porch of the detested building behind her and came upon the group that gathered at the gates though she didn't stop much longer than a moment as she called to the others who would be attending school with her.

"See you at school!"

She kept walking as she half-turned to shoot a cheerful smile and wave at the others before continuing on to attend classes. This was just how Yoshino was; confident, cool yet kind, and determined to always be on time. Sure, she didn't like being alone but being late certainly trumped that any day.


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“But are you sure you aren’t mistaking the monkey for the chicken?” Those words vibrated through her mind as she considered them. What did she mean? 'Maybe she didnt get the point' However the way she voiced those words- it couldnt just mean nothing. 'She's defiantly picking on me.. but what..'
"Ah its Kohaku-Kun!" He blinks and turns his attention towards a pair of girls, who were maybe a year below him. Not sure on how to respond, he allowed his manors to take course.
"Good morning.." They both sqeaked shyly.
A boyish smile pulled at his lips and he nodded a polite greeting. "Good morning." resuming towards class, he heard the squeals of the two behind him. Oh how females react. Why though. Maybe it was because the sohmas were popular, both females and males alike for they all had their charms. However it was him [aka her] that was the only one who can be touched by females, which could be troublesome during valentimes.. He shuddered.
'so females squeal, kya, and blush- why?"- “But are you sure you aren’t mistaking the monkey for the chicken?” '....' His eyes widened in realization and his hand automactically covered his red cheeks . W-what, She thought that! What did he/she ever do to apply that! Not sure on how to feel, she inhaled quietly. Calm.. Smoothly, she regained composure, but couldnt help but fluster at the idea.
Did she like the ram?
Tatsou nodded. "Alright thank you, mhm..good bye." Closing his cell, he sighed. Turns out that one of the teaching roles at the school were open, and now he was officially a nurse and homeroom teacher supposedly. Really the one who picked up was stuttering and chit chatting the whole time, so he had no idea what he gotten into. "...damn.." Slipping out a cig, he tucked it between his lips and lit it. What was he going to do. He had no choice but to follow orders.
He did owe her after all. He was one of the reasons for her misery, and heartless person.
What could he do for her other then serve her///
Besides, he scoffed, this could be a good opportunity to relax.
Laid acrossed the floor, was a dump of fabric, or more specifically, Rin the head. With her dark hair pooled around her, she remained limp against the bamboo floors, her breath almost non existent...
The main house was empty. And It was so quiet. No zodiacs, and most of the maids were gone attending chours, even the birds stopped chirping. This was painful. They're was nothing to distract her from her suffering, and the bearings were even heavier.
"It hurts." She cried quietly, hoping for someone to come to her. No one. And she knew that from the start that no one was going to be for her. Not even the rat. Not even the family she gave her life for.
Oh well.. With an inwardly grimance, she closed her eyes and waited.