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Mitsuki Sohma

Hi there, umm how does the dress look on you? I dont think i can answer that..sorry

0 · 359 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: The New Generation”, as played by Luna Star


Mitsuki Sohma

Animal Form

Zodiac Animal?



Mitsuki is quiet like the snake. She is sly and quick witted. Though she is protective over the ones she cares for, like a snake and its eggs. She will hunt the person down who hurt her love one, even if she would die. Mitsuki is not as judgmental, she always gets to know the person first before she makes the final conclusion of them.

Brief Description
She has blue eyes and silver hair instead. [her eyes are usually closed] Also no wings.

Mitsuki can move around without seeing, she uses her super natural heat senses. So before she hits a wall she feels the coolness coming from it and she moves, just like snakes does with its tongue. Also she can move very quietly and is quiet sly. She can sneak up on many with ease. As well as moving quietly, she can move fast as well.

Sweets, Plushies, the cool breeze, her family, and animals especially snakes.

people taunting her because of her blindness, anything with snake skin, being tricked, her blindness, getting lost and extreme heat.

she has extreme phobia of getting hurt by a fast moving object, being alone.

Mitsuki had a harsh past. She was born blind and it was hard for her to go to place to place, especially when her parents are very busy. She got taunted when she was a child, and her parent knew yet couldnt do anything about it, because she didnt know who did it to her. One day, she finally told her parents and then they hugged her feeling sorry for her. Poof, she transformed into a snake. what made it worse is that her mom had a horrible phobia of snakes. Forgetting that the snake was her daughter, she started to attempt to murder the snake. Mitsuki was horrified and fled using her newly discovered heat senses.Her father found her and told her they couldnt take care of her no longer. Mitsuki was shocked yet confused at the same time. "why, why i am your daughter!" She was then taken into the sohma house hold realizing that she was cursed with both blindness and being the snake.

Who is their parents?
Their names will be added. Her father did but not her mother.

Makoto but she is not sure.

What do they desire most?
To see her mother, stop snake hunting and to get rid of the curse.

Just to make sure you know, she is blind and incredible short.

Deep Sea Girl
Sinking deeper and deeper in the sea of misery,
I don't even feel like opening my eyes anymore.
At this rate I could just sink all the way to the bottom,
without ever being discovered by anyone.

Where am I going, and what am I doing?
Suddenly a ray of light shot past me.
I might be able to reach it if I reach out my hand,
but it was swept away by the waves and out of my sight.

Just what exactly was that?
It was so warm and dazzling.
Subconsciously I use counterillumination for camouflage;
what a liar I am, huh?

As a girl of the deep sea, I'm still sinking deeper,
shutting myself away beyond the darkness.
I'm a girl of the deep sea, but I want to know now,
because I've found the person who's attracting my heart.

Although this place has no day or night,
my insomniac night continues on and on.
As you spread your wings of freedom and swam,
you looked magnificent.

Then, that light starts raining down again.
As I watched in fascination, our eyes met.
You noticed me and started to swim,
towards me, who had been tricking you.

As a girl of the deep sea, I'm sinking at my own will.
My cheeks are burning red in the middle of this darkness.
As a girl of the deep sea, I want to show my NAKED heart,
but the black sea does not yet allow that.

My clothes are so dirty,
and my smile is starting to become distorted,
not to mention that I don't have a face worthy of showing to anyone,
so just leave me alone already!

My inexpressible feelings overflowed and melted completely.
Then suddenly, you hid yourself away.

That worrywart of a girl starts to panic:
darkness has hidden him away, and she's all alone again.
Unable to bear it any longer, she finally stretches out her hand.

"Look! You actually have some wonderful colors hidden in you!"

As a girl of the deep sea, I'm being led by my wrist,
with the marine snow singing a song of blessing.
I'm a girl of the deep sea, and I want to know more,
because I've found the person who's been attracting my heart.

Having left this sea, I now take off!

So begins...

Mitsuki Sohma's Story