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Sohma Shigeru


0 · 287 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: The New Generation”, as played by Limmel



Animal Form

Zodiac Animal?
“I’m a rooster. [/annoyed expression] Of all the things to be, my animal had to be a rooster.”

“Despite my long eyelashes and ultra-fine lips, I’m a dude, ya know. So quit staring at my chest like that, there’s nothing to see. Moving on, moving on.”

“Last year of high school. Nineteen years old. Hallelujah, motherhubbards!”

LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTER. First words that pop into mind upon meeting blonde, fast-talking Shigeru with his bright golden eyes and sweeping gestures. Fiercely arrogant and sure of his position in his world, Shigeru is something of a bulldozer when it comes to other people – he simply mows over them and their opinions, uncaring of their feelings. Stubborn and headstrong, once Shigeru sets his mind on something, you can be sure he’s sticking to it. The people who can make him change his mind are few and far between, and his mother is one of them. He is talkative, and while all that may not come out of his mouth be charming, Shigeru can put on a sweet, lovable character should he need to. And while he may not seem it, Shigeru is fussy and precise. After all, one needs exact specifications and such when one gets around to making small jewelleries and tiny sculptures.

Brief Description
Slim, fine-boned and blonde – Shigeru stands out in Japan with his golden hair and eyes. His skin is milk-pale and easily bruised, and when he blushes – the heat rises up to his neck, face and ears in red blotches. At 160cm, he is of average height – but his weight is most certainly not. Weighing at 43kg, Shigeru is underweight – his ribs stick out of his flesh, and he often expresses a wish to become fatter. And yes. He dresses like a stereotypical hipster. Brightly coloured scarves, ultra-skinny jeans acid-washed, bleached, torn to an inch of their lives, shirts with strange quotes and stranger cartoons, Doc Martens and really – Shigeru is positively laden down with all manner of strange jewellery that he made himself. Yeah. Hand-made. And they sell reallllly well.

Shigeru is good with his hands. He may not look it, but the boy is at home with wielding any number of power tools. When doors are broken, cars malfunctioning – people call Shigeru. He doesn’t quite like to advertise this fact, because damn, all that work. Blech. Nimble with his fingers, Shigeru makes his own jewellery, and he runs a tidy little business selling his creations. So far, he’s been turning a good profit by selling his products through the net. And like all Sohmas, he’s got that weird affinity with the creature he is cursed with. In this case, Shigeru is great with the birds. “A regular Disney princess, I am,” he often says grimly.


- Handmade stuff.
- The 1920s.
- Foreign countries.
- Scarves.
- Birds.
- Mother.


- Cats.
- The curse.
- Obnoxious elders.
- Maps.
- People who are too quiet.
- Insects.


- “Man, I got this weird-ass fear of robots. Like seriously, screw robots. Bleeping metal twats. I’m sure they’re gonna rise up and kill all mankind some day.”
- “Uh, the big D. Yeah, cliché. Don’t give me that look. Death ain’t funny, no sirree, not at all.”

The day he was born, his father died.

Oh, the drama.

Thankfully, his mother didn’t flip out on him and send him packing to the main Estate, refusing to have anything more to do with him – though really, Shigeru would have understood if she did. After all, the birth of her son hailed the death of the man she most loved in the entire world. But she kept him. And she loved him.

And for that, Shigeru is thankful.

They live in a small apartment a few blocks away from the main Estate nowadays, eking out a comfortable existence with his mother’s salary and his profits from his small business. He attends the same high school as the other Sohmas, and visits the main Estate weekly.

Really, life is good. Well, if one overlooked the fact that he turned into a bird every time a girl hugged him.

Which, can really put a dampener on one’s love life.

Who is their parents?
His father was Sohma Kureno, and his mother Kobayashi Kimiko. Due to his father’s previous status as the Rooster and Kimiko being an accepting woman (though frankly, she freaked in fine style when her baby was placed in her arms and poofed into a little animal) – Shigeru had a mother that accepted him for who and what he was. Which, he supposed, was quite exceptional – given the Sohma predilection to have broken homes.

“L. O. L. Nah.”

What do they desire most?

- “Well, I reckon this would be quite obvious. I’d like to have the curse broken. Cliché and all, but eh, it’s the truth.”
- “Become an acknowledged artist and actually earn a living from it.”
- “Get the hell out of Japan. Don’t think I’d be going anywhere if the curse is never broken. Like the God would let me go, pffft.”


Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss

Cracks in the pavement underneath my shoe,
I care less and less about and less about you.
No one else around to look at me,
So I can look at my shadow as much as I please.

So begins...

Sohma Shigeru's Story