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Chayme Reed

"Look at me. Do I look like I care?"

0 · 401 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds”, as played by Laseu


Chayme Reed

❝Hmm? Oh sorry, could you repeat that?❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name | Chayme Reed

| Gender | Male

| Age | 15

| Role | Nothing Special

❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color | Golden Brown

| Hair Color | Steel Blue

| Height | 5'1''

| Weight | 56kg

| Skin Tone | Tan

| Physical Description | An incredibly high metabolism rate makes up for Chayme's lack of exercise, resulting in a lean and slim body with the absence of any ripped muscles. Not that he cares. He's fine with the way he is, in a way. It's more likely that he's simply too lazy to change anything.



| Special Skills |
✔ Ignoring People
✔ Listening in on other peoples' conversations
✔ Eating

| Likes |
♥ Attention
♥ Being the best
♥ Manga/Anime
♥ Eating
♥ Doing a minimal amount of exercise

| Dislikes |
✖ People pointing out his flaws
✖ Being Wrong
✖ People calling him short
✖ Touchy Feely moments
✖ Girly Guys

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality | Chayme views the world with a critical eye. First impressions are everything, and he's quick to 'judge a book by its cover'. He spends his time wishing good things would happen to him, without ever taking action. He doesn't show very many sides of his personality, other than the blank and spiritless face he typically wears.

| Theme Song | - Imagine Dragons

❝Who I Am❞

| History | Chayme was never really close to his mother or father, nor were they ever close to each other. They divorced when Chayme was a toddler, and he's never met his father since then. He lives with his mother in a small apartment with no brothers or sisters, and does near nothing to help out around the house. His mother spoiled him and did her best to be there for him, though she already had her hands full with two jobs.

|Thoughts on Other Characters|

Hisako Ai Sohma : Who?
Kutaki : What's with all these random people?
Choko Sohma : No.
Suki Angelvine : Sorry, but no.
Seiki Aito Sohma : For the hundreth time, no.
Mei Narumi Sohma : NO.
Masaru Sohma : NOOO.
Eiri Sohma : NO!
Ichirou Suoh Sohma : Really, who are these people?
Raiden Sohma : Nope
Koji Sohma : Nope
Keiko Sohma : ..and NO.
Satoshi Sohma : "And once again I'm the world's greatest idiot for thinking that gym couldn't have gotten any worse. The Beast? My Tutor? I always knew my stupid jerkface teacher hated me...."


So begins...

Chayme Reed's Story


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#, as written by Laseu
"Oww...Why do these things always have to happen to me?"

Chayme sat comfortably spread out across a park bench, nursing his bruising eye with one hand and supporting the Popsicle in his mouth with the other. Chayme was somehow a sports-inflicted injury magnet - and he wasn't even in a sport. Sports. Chayme didn't even want to think about the horrifyingly dangerous subject. Who the hell was it that decided to add sports to the already numerous requirements for college? If having to meet face to face with The Beast meant graduation, forget college - a job at McDonald's after graduation wasn't looking like a bad idea.

Chayme swung himself off the aged bench, and dumped the remains of his cold treat on the solid ground beside him. There was already a decent amount of trash and litter spread out throughout the place, and one more thing to clean up wouldn't hurt. Or would it? Chayme looked solemnly down at what he had discarded, and contemplated whether or not to clean it up. He had two choices; save the world by throwing it away and all the usual crap, or spare himself the effort of getting his hands dirty and walk away feeling perfectly fine.

"The Jury has come to a conclusion, and choice two it is! A very intelligent choice too, I might add."

He pivoted around and began his walk home, giving himself a mental pat on the back.


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"...So, you see, if you follow this formula, the result is eight because..." As the last class on Friday afternoons, the last thing that a student wants to deal with is math class, especially a math class where the teacher insists on teaching right up to the bell. Students were already fidgeting, no longer taking down notes, slowly zipping up their bags, eyes trained on the slowly ticking clock right above the door. The last person one would expect to still be diligently writing down the lecture, pencil making neat work of the formula in their notebook would be one of the school's sports players. It was a bit of a stereotype, yes, but true often enough to be a fact. Unless, of course, the athlete happened to be Satoshi Sohma whose concentration was fully on the teacher as he scribbled more numbers on the board.

The bell finally rang, a wave of relief hitting the class as they all rushed from their seats, making a great ruckus as they rushed out the door, all but ignoring their teacher's exclamation about a quiz Monday. In contrast, Satoshi was almost reluctant to put his school work away, taking his sweet time packing everything neatly in his bag. It wasn't that he adored school or anything, but it was much better than the alternative. With no games this weekend, no practice, no school work, he had no excuse to stay away from the Sohma compound. The very thought was almost painful, casting a dark cloud over his weekend. Satoshi slung his bag over his shoulder, making his way out of the classroom.

As he began to walk through the sea of students, a familiar, tiny blond bumped into him, almost tumbling over at the impact. Eri Sohma squeaked an apology, a look of pain painted on her normally sweet, cheerful face(that was not an opinion, it was a statement of fact. No one could deny that the Sohma girl was sweet) before running off to parts unknown.

"Ah..." He paused, watching her disappear into the crowd of students. Well, all right then.

"Hey, Satoshi!" He stopped in the middle of the hall, turning his head to face the person speaking to him. Far from being jostled as he stood by students trying to leave, they parted around him. Whether it be out of fear due to his old reputation or respect for his new one, he couldn't be sure and didn't bother to wonder about. It's not like he cared about any of these people

It was the gym teacher, Endo-Sensei, waving eagerly at him as he jogged over, a broad grin on his face. Endo wasn't the atypical gym teacher; he was overly enthusiastic about his job, eager to help students(especially those who didn't want any), and had a perpetual almost obnoxious can-do attitude.

"Have you set up a tutoring session with Chayme yet?" Ah, yes, Chayme Reed, the newest cause of Satoshi's irritation. He wasn't quite sure how someone could be failing gym class, but Chayme had managed it. Which was why Edo-Sensei had suggested extra-credit in the form of tutoring sessions(gym tutoring sessions. It was almost enough to make Satoshi laugh. Almost) with the school's resident athlete extraordinaire; Satoshi "the Beast" Sohma. Who, of course, had agreed because he was getting some extra credit out of it as well. It wasn't that he needed it, but the temptation of doing even better, giving his grades even a little bit of a boost, was too much for the perfectionist to ignore.

"Not yet, Endo-Sensei," He admitted, voice deep and stoic as always, face pulled into its typical emotionless mask. Oh, they'd talked before, if you could really call it talking. It had been extremely awkward, neither wanting to really talk to the other except a quick acknowledgement that they had to work together some time in the future. "I can go do that now." It was apparently what the teacher had been hoping for, given the wide grin covering his face.

"Excellent! Have a great weekend, Satoshi!" With that, Satoshi was left alone in the halls. Well, at least he didn't have to go straight home...

Finding out where Chayme was was a bit of a hassle. Apparently he'd already left, nursing an injury from gym class. Satoshi mentally snorted. He had his work cut out for him between Chayme's reluctance to do anything that required effort and his apparently inability to do anything exercise related. However, he did find him eventually, walking away from the park near the school.

"Hey, Reed," He called out, voice blunt and almost harsh as he caught up. "We need to talk." Ugh, talking to people. This was someone more socially inclined than Satoshi.