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Hisako Sohma

Cursed with the Monkey zodiac

0 · 404 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds”, as played by Manic Creator


Hisako Ai Sohma


❝Everything changes but I know I am not alone in this.❞


❝The Basics❞

|Full Name|
Hisako Ai Sohma

Ai or Monkey

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role |


❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |
Green, though the shade depends on her mood

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |

| Skin Tone |
Light creamy pale.

| Distinct Markings |
she has a tattoo of a monkey doll on the inside of her right wrist

| Physical Description |
Hisako is a rather small girl who stands only 5'5 and has a small frame. Being young, she had a tendency to dye her hair a lot, however she has been keeping it black for the last few months. Her hair is short in the back but she keep her bangs long, so if she feels the need to 'hide' she can by pulling her bangs into her face. Her clothes usually consist of tank tops and pants, but she also loves her school outfit, which she normally wears a lot. Another thing she loves is a hoodie and accessories. She usually is seen wearing many bracelets and rings, two on her middle finger on both hands. She has been cursed with the Sohma family curse, however she tries to make the best of it. One way of doing this is her tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, which is a monkey doll. Another thing that she is usually seen with is a cigarette in her mouth.


| Special Skills |
✔ drawing - She has an amazing talent to draw anything she sees
✔writing fiction stories
✔Causing trouble

| Likes |
♥Music (mainly American rock music)
♥Writing short stories/ fiction
♥Menthol cigarettes

♥ Coffee

| Dislikes |
✖Rude people
✖Huggy people
✖Old Rap music

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |

Hisako is a very playful and flirtatious person. She loves to talk to others and socialize. She can be very friendly, however it is easy to offend her or make her mad. She has a short temper and is very vindictive. She hates being quiet and often will annoy anyone who tells her to be so. There is also a darker side to Hisako. She often gets into deep depressions, in which she shuts everyone out. These depressions can last hours or up to months. However, if anyone was to be very close to her, they could possibly help her out of her depression. Hisako also have mild anxiety problems that are genetic from her mother. However, she controls her anxiety with cigarettes, for the most part. They also help with her depression.

| Theme Song |
[url=LINK TO SONG]Song Title[/url] - Artist

❝Who I Am❞

| History |
Hisako was born into the Sohma family and in the year of the monkey. She was curse to forever change into a small red monkey when anyone of the opposite sex hugged her. This was a problem for her father, who as soon as he found out left, fearing she was some kind of demon. Her mother raised her the best she could, however she kept in contact with the other Sohma family members so young Hisako would always have other who were like her. Growing up with this cursed always pledge her mind, but her mother taught her to be strong and still live her life as she wanted. She always seemed to be a trouble maker though. She was a child who was curious about everything and always got into fights in school.
In middle school, she got into the wrong crowd and starting trouble and got into even more fights. This is also the time when she started smoking to control her anger along with her anxiety, which she inherited from her mother. However in the middle of High school, she started to focus on her art and writing skills, along with straightening out her life to help her mother. In her last year of high school, her mother passed away from a long term illness she did not let anyone know of. Hisako was devastated, but promised her mother she would stay straight in life and pursue her dreams of becoming and author or artist.

|Thoughts on Other Characters|
**Masa-sama/Snake/: Ai has a very close bond to Masa-sama. She always turns to him when she is in need of someone and trust him with all her being. She also enjoys going to parties with him!
**Kutaki/Goat/: Ai doesn't understand why she is so distant and sometimes even seems to avoid her, however she tries to remain friendly.
**Koji-Sama/Dragon/: Ai sees him as a good friend, however she often feels a little weird around him. They hang out a lot, however she often tries to get Masa-sama to come with her, to ease her nervousness. It not a trust issue at all, it is simply because she gets nervous around him.




So begins...

Hisako Sohma's Story