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Keiko Sohma

Is it not my job to be deceiving?

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a character in “Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds”, as played by THESexyMaid_001


Keiko Ruki Sohma


❝Is it not my job to be deceiving?❞


❝The Basics❞

| Full name |
Keiko Ruki Sohma

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role |


❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |
Golden Yellow

| Hair Color |
Silvery White

| Height |

| Weight |
118 lbs.

| Skin Tone |

| Physical Description |
Keiko is about normal height for her age, standing at 5'5" and weighting 118 pounds. She has pale skin, but beneath her eyes is a purplish hue. The only reason for this is, like all the previous Rat's before her, she gets very sick easily and often. Keiko has long silvery-white hair that runs down the length of her back and bangs that stop right before her eyes. Her eyes themselves, are a beautiful honey color that have been known to turn red. Keiko always has a smile on her face when she is around anyone, and I mean anyone. She is very polite and well behaved, something she had learned from her grandmother. She is often despised by the other members of the Zodiac for her 'perfection' and 'position' among the rest of them. All in all, Keiko is a very attractive young lady, like most the other Juunishi.


| Special Skills |
✔ Can Play Any Instrument
✔ Extremely Smart
✔ Can Eat A Ton

| Likes |
♥ Food
♥ Warm Weather
♥ Cats (Secret)
♥ Studying
♥ Music

| Dislikes |
✖ Being cold
✖ Head Being Cross With Her
✖ Small Places
✖ Thunder
✖ Being Sick/Missing School

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |
Keiko, like the previous Rat's, is quick-witted, clever, charming, sharp and funny. She has excellent taste, is a good friend and is generous and loyal to others considered part of her 'pack'. Keiko is ever curious, seeks knowledge and welcomes challenges of any sort. Some are even intimidated by her presence and spunk, but she never turns down a person in need and will do anything to help. But around the other members of the Zodiac, Keiko tends to be apathetic, keeps her distance, and never makes eye contact. This is mainly in front of the Head of the Family, whom she wishes to never disappoint or anger. When she does, she spirals into depression until the 'kind' words of the Head bring her back up. When she is around the other Juunishi at school though, if they are willing to speak to her, she's darn well going to speak back.

| Theme Song |
Stand in the Rain - Superchick

❝Who I Am❞

| History |
Keiko grew up in a household where everything was perfect. She was forced to walk a thin line by her parents, but she didn't know that. Keiko felt as though she was the luckiest person in the world to have a beautiful house, a loving family and an unbreakable bond. She was always confused by the concept of sadness and hatred. Until she felt sadness first hand. When Keiko was 6, her mother and father wanted to have another child, make a sibling for Keiko to play and bond with. But when they went to the Head, the Head took it out on Keiko, accusing her of wanting someone else to bond with. Keiko took the beating, and worse, believed it was all her fault. It took several weeks for her to recover fully, and even longer mentally. Once Keiko started up school, she was having issues, not only at home, but in classes to. Her parents had forced her to start learning everything out there, all the musical instruments, all the words in the dictionary and more. It wasn't till about Keiko's last year of elementary school that they found out she was slightly dyslexic. Her parents blamed it all on her, which she believed, but pushed for her to over come it. Keiko still has troubles with it, but keeps it to herself and deals with it the best she can. Keiko had a grandmother whom she was very close to, but died when Keiko started middle school. It was a very hard time for her, but that was when she started being more like her grandmother, polite and caring. In both middle school and high school, Keiko was elected Class Rep., giving her even more work and less time to relax. During middle school, she formed a case of Insomnia, making it impossible to sleep or sleep only for short periods of time. This only made her physically weaker and she got sick more often. When you look at her from a glance, she looks like the strongest person in the world, but underneath it, even unknown to herself, Keiko is at her limits. Because Keiko is the Rat, she appears to have the closest bond with the Head. She loves this because she just may be the only member of the Juunishi that doesn't want the curse lifted. Because of what the first Rat did, she feels obligated to make the others hate her, as punishment for 'her' cruel and selfish act.

|Need To Know|
-Has an odd obsession of wings, birds and angels. Her room is full of angel statues.

|Thoughts on Other Characters|
"I don't know her to well ... but I have a feeling she isn't to hard to get along with ... I'm not fond of monkeys. That might give a little bit of reason to why I don't talk to her as often as I should."

"The horse is very entertaining, a sweet person. I wouldn't mind if we talked more. But I'm sure she doesn't have time for me, just as everyone else. That's okay. She leads her life and I lead mine."

"I think she is nice, and funny. I don't talk with her often, but when I do it is nice. I feel like I can be more of myself around her too, like I an naturally smile around her. I don't though ... you never know when someone is to good at pretending."

"Masaru ... um ... to be honest, I don't go around him to often. I find it difficult to talk with the men of the Zodiac. Besides ... he's like the Cat when it comes to me. He doesn't seem very ... partial towards m whatsoever. But being the Rat, I deal with that, and it's okay. I think it would be better they all hated me."

"He's a rather upbeat individual ... but like I said ... I don't stay around the men to often ... He doesn't mind talking to me either. It's nice, but I just feel an awkward sense around men, even Ichirou who I love dearly. Ichirou and Koji remind me of each other actually. If I didn't know better, I would say they were twins."

"I would love to talk more to her! Ask her what it is like to be a bird ... but it's rude to pry, and I don't wish to upset her in any way at all. I do really wish I could see her in her bird for though. I'm sure she makes a beautiful bird."

Chayme Reed
"Being Student Council President In Training, I find it my job to know most everyone. But I don't know much of him. I might have walked by him once or twice ... I think he is the strange hair? Who knows."

"I am utterly grateful to have such an amazing person as the head of the Sohma's. I honestly couldn't think of a greater person. I would do anything to please him ... he doesn't deserve such a horrible person such as myself to be in such an honored position as the Rat."

Suki Angelvine

"We're in the same class, so I see her more than most the other Zodiac. She is absolutely adorable and energetic. I really admire that about her, being able to do so much. We may be the same age, but she looks so much younger than me, it's cute."

"I feel like he's my second Ichirou, like I could talk to him if I really needed too. But I wouldn't want to burden him with unnecessary stress. I feel bad enough telling someone about my day ..."

"Um ... we never talk ... at all. I know it's because of what I did ... I would apologize if I had the chance to though. But I try and keep my distance, I don't want to make things unnecessarily worse."

"I like her, cause tigers are like big cats ... but that's not the only reason! She's a nice person too. I feel somewhat responsible for her since she's the only member of the Zodiac that's younger than me and female."

"He's the Cat, what am I supposed to say? He's rude and I've been taught better than to talk to him. If we ever did talk it would end in a fight anyways. I hate that he's the Cat. Kittens are so cute and cuddly! And he's so ... ugh."




So begins...

Keiko Sohma's Story

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Keiko Sohma

Keiko looked at the clock, a rare habit for her, but it had been more than a week since she was even remotely able to see Raiden. She glanced behind her, wondering if the smaller girl, Eri, was going to visit as well. "And with that," the teacher finalized, "have a safe weekend. I expect you all to be ready on Monday for any possible quizzes." There wasn't much to worry about in terms of quizzes for Keiko ... but she figured it would be safe to study everything they did this week again ... just incase.

The bells sounded, and Keiko quickly, but gently, gathered her things and put them in an organized order in her bag. A tap on the shoulder startled her and a glance behind her revealed it to be Shou, one of her good male friends ... also gay, the main reason she was okay with him being near her. He was quickly followed up by Arisa, Kimmi, Lee and Kito, all people who hung out with Keiko cause they were her friends, not people who did everything she asked. "I'm working at my uncle's place for a but tonight," Shou said, grabbing Keiko's arm gently. "So I can walk you to the gate of your place if you want."

"That's sweet, Shou. I would love that." Keiko smiled, actually leading the way for once. "I'm in somewhat of a hurry, so sorry if I walk to fast." The two, including the other four kids, walked to the front gate where Arisa, Kimmi and Kito went one way and Keiko, Shou and Lee went the other. Lee was Keiko's walking partner usually, but it was nice to have Shou tag along once in a while.

Keiko waved as the two boys walked away. They were almost tripping over one another trying to wave and walk backwards at the same time. She pushed the button then opened the gate, after they identified her of course. "Welcome home, Miss Keiko," a maid greeted her a little further down.

"Hello. I'm going to see Raiden, so ... if it wouldn't be to much to ask ... can you have my bag taken to my house? I know mine and his houses are close, but I wouldn't want to forget." The maid simply nodded before turning off with Keiko's bag. Keiko followed her until the path branched off to Raiden's or other houses.

Once again, she was greeted at the door by more maids. "Is he in? I came to visit." One older one nodded and took Keiko towards a door she had known all to well.

"Wait here, I'll announce you." The maid slipped in, and closed the door behind her. Keiko could hear a muffled, "Keiko is here to see you sir," from inside.

I hope he's well enough to see me today ...

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Eri Sohma

Eri stared at the clock blankly, willing it to move faster. There was no trace of her signature bright smile, that could light up a room. She had been off all day, and could feel it getting worse. It was rare that she felt like this, and didn't want anyone to see her this way. She didn't want to bring anyone down with her. Unlike Keiko, she had no intention of visiting the head of the family. Right now, she planned on isolating herself as much as possible.
As soon as the bell rang, she quickly stood up and hurried out of the classroom. Usually, she would linger and happily socialize with her peers.

She hurried out of the school, her ocean blue eyes glued to the floor and her stomach churned. Not paying attention, she bumped into Satoshi in her rush to leave the high school. She was almost knocked right onto her bum when her small body hit the solid wall of a male. "Sorry, Satoshi." She told him quickly, glancing up at him for a moment and hoping he didn't catch the growing distress and terror growing in her eyes as she practically ran into the woods that were the opposite way to the house.
Not even paying attention, she hurriedly walked until she couldn't hear people anymore. Throwing her bag against a tree, she slid to the ground and tucked her knees against her chest.

Her second curse, she called it. The curse she earned for not being good enough for her mother. She would have flashes of the woman's face, and relive the trauma of her trying to kill the little bunny over and over again.
Eri's hands wrapped around herself, digging into her skin, grabbing at her hair as her breathing sped up. She could see her mother's face- the hate in her eyes. Her hand slid under her shirt, to the scars on her stomach as a soft, painful noise escaped her. Her eyes shut tightly, as she trembled. Her nails dug into her skin, as she buried her face in her hands and heard her mother's hateful cries in her mind over, and over again.

The setting changes from Yukigaya High School to Sohma Estate


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#, as written by Poise
Choko Sohma

The Analytical Rooster

Choko grumbled a few swears under her breath and wiped beads of sweat from her forehead, preparing herself for one last attack (hopefully) on her mortal enemy. Weeds. Weeds, what more can she say about weeds other than the fact that they are greedy and selfish, widely known for their parasitic relationship? Choko adjusted the thick gloves on her hands and wrapped her hands firmly around the determined weed. She would have to hurry if she was to attend the family gathering taking place today. Alas, the time has come for you to face your doom, Mr. Weed!, chimed Choko in her head as she began to slowly, thoroughly pull out the weed from its place. Her chocolate brown eyes took on a determined look- a classic look of hers- and suddenly pulled on the weed with such force and speed, she fell on her bum, sliding along the ground for about a foot. Choko, wide-eyed at her sudden burst of strength, stood up and rubbed her lower back. A triumphant smile played on her lips at the sight of a clear and crisp garden,no weeds in sight, all thanks to her. Choko slipped the gloves off her long hands and gently stuffed them into her apron pockets.

As soon as the sense of accomplishment, soaked in Choko's skin, she began her next task: Prepping up for the family gathering. She rushed into her home, located nearest to the garden, and quickly replaced her worn out clothes used for gardening into a long yellow silken dress and matching heels. Just as she was exiting the residence, she paused to stop and think for a moment. She hadn't payed her respect to the Head in quite a while, and perhaps now would be a good time. The weather was quite well today. He might be a good mood, for once. And so, the young woman headed back, towards the garden to pick out some fresh flowers. Roses, this time. She carefully picked them and arranged them into bright and lively colors.

After a rather peaceful walk towards Raiden's home, Choko arrived at the door. She spotted Keiko's unique hair, and smiled a bit. She's never really interacted with Keiko and a few others, and now wouldn't be a bad time to get to know her fellow relative. Choko gently walked up behind Keiko and gently tapped her shoulder. "Good afternoon, Keiko." She nodded at the bouquet of roses in her hand, to show her reason for arrival at Raiden's home. A hint of boasting could be seen her eyes. After all, when visiting someone of higher power, it is only proper etiquette to present a gift. Or in this case, a possible peace offering.

The setting changes from Sohma Estate to Japan


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The door to his office slowly opened without Raiden noticing. Then he heard a distinct phrase. "Keiko is here to see you sir."He rather liked Keiko. Maybe it was because she was nice to him. He was the head, but almost every member of the family was older than he was. He really hated them all. He did. They were just so mean to him, they wouldn't follow orders, and some tried to go against the rules. Never minding them, they would get a punishment, they always did.

He smiled slightly. "Please bring her in"

After a couple minutes of waiting he noticed that what was before him was not Keiko. Well it was actually Keiko and Choko who was holding some flowers. Raiden frowned a bit. He didn't especially want Choko to be here at the moment. Nonetheless he would need to see what she wanted. He then sat back in his chair a bit and looked at the two girls. With a careful check on his voice he said, "So how may I help you today?"

At this point Raiden watched as both girls seemed to take a bit to answer. A bit annoyed he stood up and started walking to a door. "Nevermind We'll do this over tea, coming?"


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Keiko Sohma

Keiko suddenly heard movement on the other side of the door, hoping Raiden would be in a good mood, when a tap on the shoulder interrupted her worries. "Good afternoon, Keiko." The voice was somewhat unfamiliar, but beside her was Choko, the Rooster. Keiko smiled a small smile at her family member and bowed.

"How do you do," Keiko said barely above a whisper. "It's lovely to see I'm not the only one paying a visit." Her eyes flashed at the flowers and a wave of guilt hit her. What kind of person shows up at someone else's home not baring a gift. What an idiot, Keiko scolded herself mentally. But it was to late to run home or to the store ... the door opened and the maid reappeared. "He will see you now." Keiko walked in timidly as usual, but with all the respect she could muster.

"So how may I help you today?" Keiko stood silent. It probably wasn't the case, but if Choko had brought him flowers, she might have wanted to see him first. Before either could speak, though, Raiden stood and started towards the door. "Never mind. We'll do this over tea, coming?" Keiko nodded, tailing behind him. Like always, she kept a good amount of space between them and kept it as even as possible. Thank the heavens he seems to be in a pleasant mood ..., the white haired teen smiled to herself.

"Um ... have you been outside yet? It's a beautiful day ... quiet too."

But he might not be feeling well either! What a stupid question! But ... if I hadn't said anything ... I might have come off as rude. Keiko kept herself rather quiet, feeling of course that she messed up her visit with a simple sentence. But that was just her and it was impossible to change.