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Suki Angelvine

"No cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through in the end."

0 · 352 views · located in Japan

a character in “Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds”, as played by Horseygirl


Suki Angevine


❝No cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through in the end❞

❝The Basics❞

| Full name |
Suki Rose Angevine

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role |
Human female

❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |
Bright, spring green

| Hair Color |
Warm, honey chestnut

| Height |
A mere 5'1"

| Weight |
105 lbs

| Skin Tone |
Gentle ivory

| Distinct Markings |
A jagged round scar between her shoulder blades

| Physical Description |
Suki has a very gentle, her inviting look to her. With her long honey curls that spiral down to her elbows and bright, light grassy green eyes she looks like spring. She is very slight, with her short stature, although she is rather delicate and graceful looking. She has full lips, and a so,reheat elegant look to her face, but her smile is bright enough to light up any room.


| Special Skills |
✔Working with animals

| Likes |
♥Helping others
♥Being with people

| Dislikes |
✖People not letting her in
✖Impatient people
✖Her father
✖Seeing others hurt

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |
Suki is is a soul that is full of beauty- inside and out. She is very quiet and sweet, always keeping up a cute charm about herself without really meaning to. While she is quite shy and tends to keep to herself, she has a way of lighting up the room when she smiles or laughs. Suki looks like she'd be very rebellious, but really she's very passive, always playing the little peace-maker. She's the kind of person that can melt the coldest of hearts, making it hard for people to hate her. But that also makes her seem easy to break, like a little kitten. Suki is very mother-like and accepting, but sometimes she's easy to scare. She is very protective and wouldn't hesitate to jump in front of someone she doesn't even know.
Sometimes she is a little too open, and gets hurt because of it. She sees the best in people, and doesn't think anyone can really be a 'bad' person. This makes it easy for people to take advantage of her. While she is still very passive, she will give up anything for those she trusts. Even if it means the end of her. Without even meaning to, she can melt the coldest of hearts. She tends to get attached to the people that she thinks need her the most, and most of the time ends up getting hurt. Despite this, her loving heart knows no bounds. Suki is also somewhat flighty. If you begin to get under her skin, get her too care for you more then she is comfortable with, don't expect her to stay long. Something about her holds a hint of mystery, like there is something that she refuses to tell anyone.

| Theme Song |
Lightweight - Demi Lavato

❝Who I Am❞

| History |As you have probably noticed by her name, Suki's father was French. Her mother was a British sweetheart, living in Japan doing veterinary work. Her father fell so in love with her gentle, loving spirit and only a year late they were engaged. Another year later, Suki was born. They raised her in England, but French was her first language. For a while, everything seemed perfect. Her parents loved each other, and loved Suki even more. They gave her more love and affection than she could've ever asked for.
When little Suki was nine, everything changed. Her mother had been riding her bike, and was hit by a truck. She suffered for a few minutes, before giving in and letting go. They were both so distraught. Without his one love and supporter, he broke. At only nine, he took Suki back to where he met and married her mother, in Japan. She struggled, and was constantly picked on for her accent and somewhat awkwardness. Her father began to drink, just to top it all off.

Her father began to beat her, in drunken rages. He screamed at her, blaming her for her mother's death. That, paired up with constantly being picked on, brought her self worth down to zero. She barely made it through school, without a single friend. Nobody ever asked her about the bruises, or the occasional broken limb. Nobody cared, and yet she still smiled at every one of them in the hall and picked their books up for them if they fell.
As soon as she turned eighteen, she tried to leave her father. At first he cried and begged, but when she didn't even turn to look at him, he broke a beer bottle and stabbed her in the back. Literally. Instead of taking her to the hospital, he just dumped some alcohol on her and dragged her to her room. He then took her cat, and stabbed it in its side. Not enough to kill it, but enough to warn her. If she tried to leave, there would be consequences. The beating eased up slightly, but not by much. She still constantly has bruises she has to cover, and he always reminds her that she had nobody except for him. Nobody cares, except for him.

So begins...

Suki Angelvine's Story


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#, as written by Laseu
Nozomu Sohma

Nozomu frowned at the parade of giggling teenage girls and glared at one that happened to look his way. 3 o'clock was definitely not his favorite time of day; crowds of relieved students would overwhelm the streets, filling them with loud and unnecessary shrieks and shrills of laughter. If there was anything he needed most, it was most definitely not that. He reminded himself for the thousandth time that day that yes, others were as bad as he thought they were. He had spent the majority of his day up until now, taking a nap, or entertaining himself with the stray cat that visited him every once in a while. His hair was still a sloppy mess from when he woke up from his nap before going out to buy some cat food just thirty minutes ago, and in those thirty minutes that had gone by so far, he was already thoroughly disgusted by the world.

Nozomu swore to himself, the new shortcut he thought he had found had led him to a dead end. He impatiently combed a hand through his tangled hair, and swung the plastic grocery bag over his shoulder before proceeding back towards home.

It was a semi-sunny day; the it wasn't extremely cold nor warm, and it wasn't completely cloudy or sunny. They weather was simply neutral, and it wasn't exactly lifting Nozomu's spirits much. Then again, it would have made no difference to him if the sun had been shining or if the weather was dark and dreary. A genuine smile was a rare occurrence - so rare in fact, that he wasn't even sure if he knew how to make one anymore. He couldn't remember the last time he actually smiled. Was it ten, thirteen years ago? He wasn't sure.

He had been lost in his thoughts, and set the plastic grocery bag down for a quick stretch when he heard a familiar squeal coming from behind him. Turning just at the last minute, Nozomu hurriedly caught the airborne cat that had come flying at him. Completely caught by surprise, he let out an awkward mix between a cough and a laugh, giving the small cat a quick peck on it's head. "And where did you come flying from," he questioned.


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Character Portrait: Suki Angelvine Character Portrait: Nozomu Sohma
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Suki Angevine

Suki woke up, curled up in a ball, to the bitter scent of alcohol. Her spring green eyes fluttered open, and flicked over to her shoulder, where her cat laid. Chuckling softly, she gently moved the cat to her bed and stood up quickly- wincing when pain shot through her. She had gotten home late last night, to find her father drunk as always. He screamed at her, and beat her. It wasn't too bad this time. If she wore long sleeves, she could cover most of it up.
She took a quick shower, having to scrub her achy body until every hint of alcohol was erased, and replaced with gentle lavender. She had slept in late- it was already noon. She had already missed her only morning class for today, so there was no reason to rush. Careful not to cause any unnessesary pain, she slipped on her clothes, collected her cat, and hurried out.

Suki paused for a moment when she passed by her father. He was on the couch, a beer bottle still clutched in his hand as he slept. The love and respect she felt for him was gone, and yet she still felt obligated to take care of him. With a heavy sigh, she took the beer bottle, emptying the rest of its contents. She then shifted him into a more comfortable position, and covered him with a blanket.

Aimè, her cat, was an odd looking thing. He was black with a spattering of white, like he had been splashed with paint. Not only that, but he was abnormally small and only had one ear. Suki loved him though- she had never been one to find her affections with the most normal of things.
With Aimè on her shoulder, Suki made her way through town and avoided catching anyone's gaze. Her shift covered most of the bruises, but it was loose enough that if she lifted her arm the sleeve could roll up and reveal the purple marks.

Out of nowhere, her little cat suddenly jumped off her shoulder and dashed down an alleyway. "Aimè!" She called, chasing after the little thing. When she caught up to him, she saw that a red haired boy was holding him. "And where did you come flying from," He asked, looking over the cat.
"I'm so sorry! That's Aimè. He just jumped right out of my arms and came running down here. I'm Suki, by the way. Thank you for not being terrified- he can be a little exuberant." Suki shyly stood a few feet away from the male, smiling softly.

Suki reached for her cat, accidentally making her sleeve slide up her arm. Dark hand prints and a few untreated shallow wounds covered her thin arm, and it would be impossible to say it was from some sort of accident like falling down the stairs. She quickly jerked back, but knew he had already had a perfect view of the damage done to her. If one were to look closely, they could see that a few other dark bruises were peeking out from under her shirt.
She took a quick step back, stepping in a puddle and causing murky water to splash all over her and a little on him. "I'm sorry." She quickly apologized again, biting her lip.


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Character Portrait: Suki Angelvine Character Portrait: Nozomu Sohma
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#, as written by Laseu
Nozomu Sohma

Nozomu confronted the stranger with a cold stare, tightening his grip on the cat newly identified as Aimè. Cats he had no problem with, people on the other hand were an entirely different topic. He hated the complexity of humans. A smile, a frown, a laugh, a cough, a gasp. They all had over a hundred meanings. A cat on the other hand, was simple. Purring equaled happiness, hissing equaled aggression. There wasn't much to it. People were deceptive - cunning and skilled liars by nature. There was no denying it.

"Ugly," he murmered to himself, noticing the smile that had formed on Suki's lips.

Nozomu flinched as the girl advanced her arms towards him, her sleeve rising, revealing a gallery of injuries and spots of blue and purple. "Are you--," he began. The girl glanced up at him and threw herself backwards into a puddle, her sweater and pants soaked. The girl apologized over and over again, her face flushed and nervous. As if to consult her, Aimè sprung herself (was it male or female?) out of his arms and padded over to the flustered female.

The sky was empty and motionless, other than the several gradually moving clouds and several birds. In all truthfulness, Nozomu was lost as to how he should react. This was the most time he had ever spent with someone else, nevertheless a girl. The silence was awkward, and he proceeded to fill the emptiness in the only way he knew how to.

"Got a drunk living with you?" Nozomu smirked, unaware of how close he was to the truth. "Awww, poor baby. Mommy and daddy don't love you, do they? But then again, who would love an ugly worm like you?" He laughed, and waited in anticipation for the girl to break out into tears and pathetically run away.