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Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds

Sohma Estate


a part of Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds, by THESexyMaid_001.

You are in the Sohma Estate.

THESexyMaid_001 holds sovereignty over Sohma Estate, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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You are now in the Sohma Estate, where many Sohma, including some Juunishi, live and thrive. Please make yourself at home, but please, not trouble.
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Sohma Estate

You are in the Sohma Estate.


Sohma Estate is a part of Japan.

3 Places in Sohma Estate:


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Character Portrait: Raiden Sohma
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Raiden sat at his desk about half awake. It was about three o'clock so the school should be letting kids out. For some reason he thought he forgot something, so he went over his day.

Well it started at about eight in the morning. He was awoken by the sound of the curtains being pulled back and the bright light of sunshine. It of course was spring and it was suppose to be a nice day today. He started to sit up using his hand to shield his eyes from the light a bit. It would be another boring day, becasue wasn't every day boring?

After getting out of bed and putting his clothes on, or rather having people put on his clothes for him, he walked over to the dinning room where breakfast would be served. It wasn't a large breakfast, but it was elegant. Not like there was gold on it, but it did use the best ingredients. Today's breakfast was a poached egg on some rye toast. Served with green tea and assorted pastries. Well he wasn't really hungry today, but he did eat some of the pastries.

Now going on to the rest of his day, the first part was the boring lessons he always had. Since he was the Head of the family he never went to school, but he did get home schooled. It was one of the most boring things in the world, of course he constantly talked back to the teacher. It's not like they could fail him or anything. In the end he usually went through a couple teachers a month, since they all seemed to quit.

Next up was lunch. Again it has the same principles of breakfast. He still wasn't that hungry though, so he didn't even eat, but instead just drank some tea. And after that it was to the desk. He didn't really do any paperwork, but he was suppose to sit there for the afternoon until dinner, at least that's what he was always scheduled to do.

So lets see that was Raiden's morning, and he still couldn't figure out what he was forgetting. Disregarding the thought he just dragged a pen down a piece of paper, causing a thick line to form. Listening to nothing but his own steady breathing.


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Character Portrait: Keiko Sohma Character Portrait: Choko Sohma
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#, as written by Poise
Choko Sohma

The Analytical Rooster

Choko grumbled a few swears under her breath and wiped beads of sweat from her forehead, preparing herself for one last attack (hopefully) on her mortal enemy. Weeds. Weeds, what more can she say about weeds other than the fact that they are greedy and selfish, widely known for their parasitic relationship? Choko adjusted the thick gloves on her hands and wrapped her hands firmly around the determined weed. She would have to hurry if she was to attend the family gathering taking place today. Alas, the time has come for you to face your doom, Mr. Weed!, chimed Choko in her head as she began to slowly, thoroughly pull out the weed from its place. Her chocolate brown eyes took on a determined look- a classic look of hers- and suddenly pulled on the weed with such force and speed, she fell on her bum, sliding along the ground for about a foot. Choko, wide-eyed at her sudden burst of strength, stood up and rubbed her lower back. A triumphant smile played on her lips at the sight of a clear and crisp garden,no weeds in sight, all thanks to her. Choko slipped the gloves off her long hands and gently stuffed them into her apron pockets.

As soon as the sense of accomplishment, soaked in Choko's skin, she began her next task: Prepping up for the family gathering. She rushed into her home, located nearest to the garden, and quickly replaced her worn out clothes used for gardening into a long yellow silken dress and matching heels. Just as she was exiting the residence, she paused to stop and think for a moment. She hadn't payed her respect to the Head in quite a while, and perhaps now would be a good time. The weather was quite well today. He might be a good mood, for once. And so, the young woman headed back, towards the garden to pick out some fresh flowers. Roses, this time. She carefully picked them and arranged them into bright and lively colors.

After a rather peaceful walk towards Raiden's home, Choko arrived at the door. She spotted Keiko's unique hair, and smiled a bit. She's never really interacted with Keiko and a few others, and now wouldn't be a bad time to get to know her fellow relative. Choko gently walked up behind Keiko and gently tapped her shoulder. "Good afternoon, Keiko." She nodded at the bouquet of roses in her hand, to show her reason for arrival at Raiden's home. A hint of boasting could be seen her eyes. After all, when visiting someone of higher power, it is only proper etiquette to present a gift. Or in this case, a possible peace offering.