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Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds

Yukigaya High School


a part of Fruits Basket: Unwavering Bonds, by THESexyMaid_001.

You are now at Yukigaya High School.

THESexyMaid_001 holds sovereignty over Yukigaya High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This school is coed, making it an amazing experience for every single student! Class sizes are never to large and every one does well! We are well-respected for our sports and other activities. We are proud to say we are one of the top of the country when it comes to intelligence! We have our amazing teachers and studious students to thank for that!
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Yukigaya High School

You are now at Yukigaya High School.


Yukigaya High School is a part of Japan.

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Character Portrait: Keiko Sohma Character Portrait: Eri Sohma
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Keiko Sohma

Keiko looked at the clock, a rare habit for her, but it had been more than a week since she was even remotely able to see Raiden. She glanced behind her, wondering if the smaller girl, Eri, was going to visit as well. "And with that," the teacher finalized, "have a safe weekend. I expect you all to be ready on Monday for any possible quizzes." There wasn't much to worry about in terms of quizzes for Keiko ... but she figured it would be safe to study everything they did this week again ... just incase.

The bells sounded, and Keiko quickly, but gently, gathered her things and put them in an organized order in her bag. A tap on the shoulder startled her and a glance behind her revealed it to be Shou, one of her good male friends ... also gay, the main reason she was okay with him being near her. He was quickly followed up by Arisa, Kimmi, Lee and Kito, all people who hung out with Keiko cause they were her friends, not people who did everything she asked. "I'm working at my uncle's place for a but tonight," Shou said, grabbing Keiko's arm gently. "So I can walk you to the gate of your place if you want."

"That's sweet, Shou. I would love that." Keiko smiled, actually leading the way for once. "I'm in somewhat of a hurry, so sorry if I walk to fast." The two, including the other four kids, walked to the front gate where Arisa, Kimmi and Kito went one way and Keiko, Shou and Lee went the other. Lee was Keiko's walking partner usually, but it was nice to have Shou tag along once in a while.

Keiko waved as the two boys walked away. They were almost tripping over one another trying to wave and walk backwards at the same time. She pushed the button then opened the gate, after they identified her of course. "Welcome home, Miss Keiko," a maid greeted her a little further down.

"Hello. I'm going to see Raiden, so ... if it wouldn't be to much to ask ... can you have my bag taken to my house? I know mine and his houses are close, but I wouldn't want to forget." The maid simply nodded before turning off with Keiko's bag. Keiko followed her until the path branched off to Raiden's or other houses.

Once again, she was greeted at the door by more maids. "Is he in? I came to visit." One older one nodded and took Keiko towards a door she had known all to well.

"Wait here, I'll announce you." The maid slipped in, and closed the door behind her. Keiko could hear a muffled, "Keiko is here to see you sir," from inside.

I hope he's well enough to see me today ...

3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Satoshi Sohma Character Portrait: Keiko Sohma Character Portrait: Eri Sohma
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Eri Sohma

Eri stared at the clock blankly, willing it to move faster. There was no trace of her signature bright smile, that could light up a room. She had been off all day, and could feel it getting worse. It was rare that she felt like this, and didn't want anyone to see her this way. She didn't want to bring anyone down with her. Unlike Keiko, she had no intention of visiting the head of the family. Right now, she planned on isolating herself as much as possible.
As soon as the bell rang, she quickly stood up and hurried out of the classroom. Usually, she would linger and happily socialize with her peers.

She hurried out of the school, her ocean blue eyes glued to the floor and her stomach churned. Not paying attention, she bumped into Satoshi in her rush to leave the high school. She was almost knocked right onto her bum when her small body hit the solid wall of a male. "Sorry, Satoshi." She told him quickly, glancing up at him for a moment and hoping he didn't catch the growing distress and terror growing in her eyes as she practically ran into the woods that were the opposite way to the house.
Not even paying attention, she hurriedly walked until she couldn't hear people anymore. Throwing her bag against a tree, she slid to the ground and tucked her knees against her chest.

Her second curse, she called it. The curse she earned for not being good enough for her mother. She would have flashes of the woman's face, and relive the trauma of her trying to kill the little bunny over and over again.
Eri's hands wrapped around herself, digging into her skin, grabbing at her hair as her breathing sped up. She could see her mother's face- the hate in her eyes. Her hand slid under her shirt, to the scars on her stomach as a soft, painful noise escaped her. Her eyes shut tightly, as she trembled. Her nails dug into her skin, as she buried her face in her hands and heard her mother's hateful cries in her mind over, and over again.