Frustration City

Frustration City


Frustration city was founded by Marcus Demao, a rich trader. Frustration city is located in Rhode Island and neighbors the sea. It has flat terrain and has soil good for farming.

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Frustrion City, Rhode Island.
Frustrion was powerful, the air had an energy in it that no one could figure out. The men of the city had warm homes, but others didn't have homes at all. The city was poor, but it could survive forever. The Frustrion Academy had over a thousand students, and there were many hotels open and many houses for sale. The newer people that were coming to Frustrion were supplied with some money. Sometimes they were rich, sometimes they were poor, sometimes they were average.

Table of Contents.
Frustrion City. (Introduction)- PAGE 1.
ToC. (Completed)- PAGE 2.
Entry Form(s). (Completed)- PAGE 2.
Frustrion Citizens. (Completed)- PAGE 3.
Rules. (Completed)- PAGE 4.

Race ( example,caucasian):

Frustrion Citizens (Your Characters)

1. No Autohitting.
2. No Spamming.
3. Not Too Much Leet Speak.
4. Keep Romance PG-13.
5. No Godmodding unless permitted.

Name: Johnny Coleman
Age: 23
Race: caucasian
Job: Guard
House/Location: Frustration, a small house
Gender: Male
Appearance: short brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, Brown shoes, long brown pants, brown belt, hard leather body, a bronze med helmet, and a musket
Personality: kind, ussualy keeps to himself
Alignment: good
Back-story: He grew up in a city a couple miles away from Frustration city. His father was a merchant and his mother was a teacher. He has one brother that is trader back in the city he grew up in. Johnny left the city he grew up in with little money and the clothes on his back. He found himself as a guard, and he gets paid very well.
Family: In Frustration, none, in the other city he grew up in He has a father, mother, and a brother.

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