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Fukushima High 2.0

Fukushima High School


a part of Fukushima High 2.0, by xLevesquex.

Welcome to Fukushima High School!

xLevesquex holds sovereignty over Fukushima High School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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based off of my first roleplay:


This is where you spend most of your time. Here you learn, do activities with your club, or socialize with friends!
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Fukushima High School

Welcome to Fukushima High School!


Fukushima High School is a part of Tokyo, Japan.

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Character Portrait: Kanade Aya Character Portrait: Izanagi Yukimura Character Portrait: Taura Tsukino
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"Yukimura-san! Thank you so much for the announcement." No need to get so excited Taura, it wasn't like you changed at all like last year. "Did you recruit some first years for the Broadcasting Club?" He couldn't really say anything, as he didn't want to lose face at this particular moment. He was wondering who else would be in class 2B with him. Hopefully he wouldn't have to make new friends in the class.

A girl walked up, apparently she already knew Taura, which was good for her. Perhaps she would join the swim team. If only he could get someone as pretty as her to join the broadcasting club. That'd be the day. He wasn't listening at all to there conversation, instead choosing to stand back to the side of the sign-up sheet. Maybe somebody else could just walk on up and give him something to work with at least.

"join our team besides Yukimura-san here? Maybe a friend?"

"I have friends too you know" Izanagi whined. That was of course a complete lie, he had just been friends with the other Broadcasting club members, and most of them had left. What a sad way for the Broadcasting club to end.

No. It wouldn't end here.

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Character Portrait: Izanagi Yukimura Character Portrait: Taura Tsukino
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Taura Tsukino

"I have friends too you know." said Izanagi and Taura focused her intense eyes towards him. She never really got to know him that much last year so she couldn't tell for sure if Izanagi was telling the truth or not. He seemed to get along well with the past members of the Broadcasting Club, but most of them were gone now and Taura began to think that she was the only one he knew above a stranger level.

"Well please tell all your friends to join the swim team. I'm desperate at this point, Izanagi." said Taura, her eyes focusing on Izanagi's pupils. From the way she looked, Taura looked like a living statue with no smile. "I can also help you get some people to join the Broadcasting Club. Maybe a few cute girls." Taura tried an emotional wink, but failed horribly. It just looked like something had gotten into her eye and closed it to get it out.