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Yana Amsel

Nagato's 14yr old sister, side character

0 · 806 views · located in Fukushima High School

a character in “Fukushima High 3.0”, as played by Lolkatlove


Name: Yana Amsel (‘Amsel’ is German from father’s side)
*Role: Athletic boy’s younger siste
*Gender: Female
*Sexuality: straight


*Nationality: 50% Japanese on mothers side, 40% German and 10% English on fathers side
*Age: 14
*Birthday: 2nd February 1998
Measurements: Height 5’4. - Weight 33b – boob size 32A –
*Year and class: Middle School 3c
  • Cats
  • Crepes
  • the colour blue
  • swimming
  • Nagato her brother
  • Bug collecting
  • Bitter food and drinks, i.e coffee
  • dogs
  • school
  • karaoke
  • Math


*Appearance Description: She is quite short at 5’4 and has the same thin smooth black hair as her brother Nagato. Her eyes are the same blue as her german father and her skin is pale.
*Personality: She is a very shy girl who is timid around new people. However she is very optimistic and always tried to see the better side in things despite her troubled time at school. She loves cats and has always wanted one but knows she cant have one has her landlord doesn’t allow pets. The only person she truly trusts is Nagato her brother as the friends she did have no longer talk to her too afraid to speak to her in case they get bullied at school too.
*Story: Yana’s father Alof is German who is part British. Alof moved to Japan for his job as a construction manager. Not long after moving Alof met Yana’s mother Yuki, sadly Yuki died when Nagato was only seven years old and Yana was five from terminal cancer. Ever since her death Yana has been raised by Nagato growing up seeing her father a drunken mess. Now she is at middle school she is horribly bullied always physically assaulted her belongings destroyed making her depressed but her brother Nagoto always walks her home and is helping keep the bullies away.


So begins...

Yana Amsel's Story

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Nagato Amsel

Nervously Yana tightened her grip around Nagato's hand as the approached her middle school, it was her last year there just as it was Nagato's at his. "I - I guess this is it " she stumbled over her words her fear getting the best of her when two girls passed by through the schools entrance with a sneer. Nagato scowled at them his 6'1 height intimidating enough making them scurry away faster into the cover of the middle school. Bending down to Yana's height Nagato smiled to her calmly "It'll be fine, I promise. If anything happens just call me okay? I'll be here in less then ten minutes" he brushed a stray hair out of her eyes as she meekly nodded a small smile forming on her face.
"I know, your always there for me" her smile brightened a little more. "Maybe I can make some friends this year, someone who isn't afraid to be around because... well you know.." she faded off a little bit. All of her friends had abandoned her afraid to be bullied herself last year when it all began. It had driven Nagato insane with anger at the injuries Yana had often come home with. He couldn't stand people who looked down on others in such a way.
"I'm confident you will Yana." he stood up releasing her hand as she needed it to readjust her backpack. "You best get going, don't want to be late on your first day back" he grinned at her as she tried to return but couldn't quite do it.
"Your not late are you?" she asked as she was heading towards the school gate.
"Of course not, nothing a little running wont solve" he winked at her making her shake her head with a small giggle.
"alright, alright. Well, have a good first day back too Nagato!" she called over as she walked further away now into the grounds of her middle school.
"I will !" he shouted back beginning to head off himself though his mind was actually replying to that question with 'doubt it'. He hated school just as much as Yana did but for different reasons. He couldn't tell Yana that though, he had to encourage her. He was running late though, but like hell he was actually going to run to school. He would rather wonder in late, not like anyone would really care, he got good grades and did his homework. It was the students that irritated him, their immature way of thinking, their selfish habits and just plain annoying. He had no time for other people.

After a casual stroll up the road Nagato eventually arrived to his school, the yard was still quite busy. "Oh yeah" he mumbled to himself. "fresh meat today" he referred to new comers as fresh meat, at least that's how he knew every other male student pretty much saw them as. He has taken a fancy to the reference. With a heavy sigh he pulled his hand through the thick black hair that lay on his head mentally preparing himself for the day, "guess I better get on with it" he sighed again returning his hand from his head to his trouser pocket after pulling on his white shirt slightly. He never had all of the buttons done up, it felt too constricting, his shirt was also un-tucked and appeared messy though at least it was ironed.

I hope no one will bug me today he thought to himself as he began to wade his way through the crowd annoyingly. Looking around he noticed the usual obvious, a couple of girls giggling to them-self no doubt over some boy. Some poor newbie having to awkwardly wave goodbye to his parents on his first day, an obvious freshmen. Some more newbies appearing lost or taken back by the size of the school just sitting around. It couldn't have gotten less predictable if it wasn't for Matsunaga's gods forsaken broadcast. That guy was far to 'preppy'.

SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! Go ask the upper classmen about it. Come on, people... (presses "cybernetic echo" effect button) ...tell me I'm lying!"

That stupid effect button, it made Nagato scowl rather than wince. It was just an irritating pointless noise. What annoyed him worse that he had openly announced for the newbies to ask upper classmen questions. He was an upper classmen, not something he wanted. "He better stop doing that" again Nagato muttered to himself as he headed through the crowd of the yard. It was then that he noticed there was one girl sat under a tree, a spot which Nagato had a liking too, it was a nice place to be alone to read a book. "hope she doesn't get too comfy there" he mumbled looking in her direction whilst other students clearly and obviously took the time to avoid going near him. He liked to be intimidating sometimes, made it easier to walk around. That was his favorite spot though, a frown began form on his face as he thought of the possibility this girl may grow to like to it too. If that was the case should he scare her away or just find a new place?