"Nature alchemist."

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a character in “Full Metal Alchemist: A New Story”, as played by Evil But Cute


Charecter name: Anko (last name is unknown)
Character age: Fifteen
What you character is. (Which means State alchemist Homunculi etc): State Alchemist.
Character rank: Colonel
Character Bio (Short history: Anko woke up in the middle of a river on a large rock, she didn't remember who she was or where she came from, all she knew was her name because of a pair of dog tags, well it was her first name anyway. From then on she found out small bits about herself, somehow she remembered one thing, knowing how to use alchemiy, manipulating the nature and earth around her. She eventually became a alchemist and worked her way through the ranks.
(If this applies to you charater)
Charater ability: Manipulating and creating nature.
Charecter name within the military: Nature Alchemist.



She's very quiet and withdrawn wanting nothing but to remember who she was.


She carries only what she needs mostly money to buy what she needs as she goes.

So begins...

Anko's Story