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Shu Feng Eckhart

The half-Xingese Second Lieutenant from Eastern Command: Searching for the truth behind the lies.

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a character in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Mind and Soul”, as played by ZombieGil


Personnel File

{Name} Eckhart, Shu Feng Second Lieutenant {Rank}
{Age} 23 Male {Gender}
{Birth Date} October 7th, 1911 March 10th, 1928 {Enlistment Date}

Physical Description

Height: 5’11”, Weight: 148lbs, Hair: Musty Black, Eyes: Red. Shu Feng is right handed. A lean build hidden behind a generally thin persona. The only clear muscle definition is in Shu's forearm, refined through mining. Somewhat albino, considering the naturally red eyes, but is unusually tan due to his naturally dark hair. Shu has a heightened sense of sight and hearing that stemmed from his mediocre "sixth sense"; formerly known as Dragon Pulse. Shu has worked with his father in Youswell since his youth and has gained proficient strength in mining, melee weapon combat and specifically martial arts. These physical rigors have enabled Shu to maintain a rather weak demeanor while boasting a tough persona.

Simplistic yet refined, Shu wears a unique version of the typical military uniform. After reaching a point of minor authority, Shu enacted a change to become more individual among the mass. His jacket has been edited to suit his needs while his pants haven't changed greatly. A noticeable adornment of Shu is his custom blade; the sheath sits almost perfectly horizontal at his waist. Another customization was his belt, containing three separate pouches, each holding their own stash of traditional Xingese explosives. Shu also is known to wear black gloves.

Personality Profile
{There is a label taped overtop the name}

2nd Lieutenant Shu Feng Eckhart prefers to be addressed as 2nd Lieutenant Shu, as opposed to 2nd Lieutenant Eckhart. Please take this as a warning.

This 2nd Lieutenant was one of a specially selected few that Lieutenant General Hakuro favored in East Command. It has been recorded that 2nd Lt. Eckhart has specifically worked with the Lt. Gen. on multiple operations. Often described as open, loyal and selfless, -Excerpt Personnel Colleague Report- 2nd Lt. Eckhart has rightfully earned his rank despite his mere five years of active duty. It is notable that the young boy has earned multiple grants from the Military for education but turned them down as to remain by the Lt. General's side.

In 1932, there was debacle on the validity of 2nd Lt. Eckhart's eligibility for promotion and his very enlistment in the military. A fellow Military Soldier attempted to rat out, at the time, the Sergeant Major by claiming he was a spy from Xing. The case didn't last, although it was proven that the boy was, in fact, half Xingese on his father's side. Shortly afterwards, the case was dismissed due to Shu Feng Eckhart's legitimate birth certificate from Youswell.

{Case Notes}

The defendant appeared to know of his Xingese roots and openly admitted it as fact. It was also brought up that the defendant had removed himself from his parents in order to join the Military.

{Back to the File}

As a man behind the Military cloak, Shu Feng has been quoted as studious and hard-working. It appears that he has logged many hours in the Eastern Command Library. Through various psychiatric exams; Shu Feng has been reported as "Reserved man of a conflicting past." His general psych portfolio has small notes that address the direct approach that Shu Feng takes to life. Multiple margin notes also bring into perspective the self-removal of Shu Feng from his home.

The last recorded leave from duty for the 2nd Lieutenant was dated December 20th, 1932. Though it is none of the State’s business, slight concern has been raised as to why the boy hasn’t taken time away for himself. It has been duly noted in the psych exams succeeding the Court Case that Shu Feng didn’t show concern, or much emotion altogether. Although, one emotion that was repetitively underlined is anger. It appears as though 2nd Lieutenant didn’t take the betrayal of his peer(s) well. As of now, no incidents have occurred that have aroused suspicion with 2nd Lieutenant Shu, we of the military know that bottled anger within a subordinate only leads to their downfall. We intend to watch him particularly close, checking his psychological well-being, just to be sure the he won’t erupt.

{Hidden behind the psych portfolio lies a piece of paper}

The True Personality Portfolio for the Newly Appointed Second Lieutenant, Shu Feng Eckhart

“A true loyal dog of the Military. I find his surprisingly boldness and undying loyalty to be a refreshing change among the typical military recruits. It appears that he doesn't see the negative side of many situations. I could almost say myself that he has the optimism of a small boy. But, among the highlighted qualities, I can see the conflict within himself. I will share some concerns that I have as he is transferred to Central.
I find his likeness of reading and history to be something of great use and concern. The same goes for his vast respect for Führer Mustang. Shu Feng appears to be striving for promotions; possibly in search of obtaining vast power through high rank or the ability to gradually access more and more of the various Military Libraries. The 2nd Lieutenant also shows a great interest in Alchemy, particularly the practice of Alkahestry. Although many people find these topics intriguing, I will address a deep concern with Shu’s spiked interest with Xing. I do not wish to cause fret since this soldier is very respectable, but I do suggest you watch him...”

Lieutenant General Hakuro

    oNature's Flow (Dragon Pulse)His Fatherx
    oAlchemy/AlkahestryOfficial State Alchemistsx
    oRoy Mustang (Deeply Respects Him)Propagandax

Military Record

Enlistment Date: March 10th, 1928

Date Stationed in East City: March 11th, 1928
Branch: Amestris State Military, Eastern Command Reserve Forces
Enlistment Rank: Private-Second Lieutenant

Date Transferred: August 2nd, 1935
Branch: Amestris State Military, Central Command Armed Forces
Enlistment Rank: Second Lieutenant

Current Status: 2nd Lt. Central Command Armed Forces

Personal History

Shu Feng Eckhart was born in the East Amestrian Mining town of Youswell. His parents were Shao Qia, the ninth crown prince of Xing and Amelia Eckhart, the only daughter of a miner. Shao found himself in Amestris in an attempt to escape the brutal war for the crown of Xing. He had planned on starting a new life to avoid the conflict surrounding the Emperor’s Crown. His first stop after crossing the desert happened to be Youswell. There he met Amelia and decided to stay in Youswell.
After some time, Shu Feng was born. During his youth, the boy helped his dad with the Eckhart family mine. Along with that, Shao figured that his son would benefit from training in the martial arts. From there, the young Shu Feng spent a majority of his time with his father; figuring the tricks of mining while learning traditional Xingese martial arts. The martial arts included hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat. After reaching the ripe age of fourteen, Shu was taught of the Xingese’s greatest weapon, explosives. He was shown how dangerous and how useful they could be. An issue was that Shao claimed the craft as his own genius.
It wasn’t until Shu Feng reached the age of sixteen that he truly noticed the distinctive differences his father (and himself) held from the other townsfolk. Having noticed these physical differences, Shu approached his father. Shao was surprised with his son but avoided revealing the truth about their Xingese roots. Shu Feng was easily able to discern his father’s claims to being normal Amestrians. Shu couldn’t bare the fact knowing his father had lied. Ironically, Shu had also kept something to himself. He couldn’t decipher what exactly it was, but he could feel the pulse of the land and everything in it. Knowing of his father’s lying, Shu decided to keep his “talent” to himself. It took about a year for Shu to feel confident with himself; he fled his home in hopes of joining the Amestrian Military. His goal; find the truth about himself.
Shu Feng spent his time in Eastern Command under Lieutenant General Hakuro. The man took serious liking to the determination and drive of Shu, hoping to make him a loyal soldier. Shu worked closely with Lt. General Hakuro, taking covert missions usually handled by higher ranked soldiers. It wasn’t long before the Lt. General promoted Shu, but the promotions kept on coming. It wasn’t until Shu became a Sergeant Major that he revealed his true intentions of joining the Military. He told Hakuro that he wanted to learn more about the foreign nations surrounding Amestris and of Alchemy in general. Digging deeper into the truth, Shu knew he wanted to figure out exactly where his father came from and where his family was. He also wanted to learn alchemy, maybe even become a successful state alchemist on the side, just to aid with accessing restricted sections of the Central Command Library.

So begins...

Shu Feng Eckhart's Story


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0.00 INK

“Well. Sir, what do you think?” Carla asked as they walked through the large home that was currently having an open house. The Huge white marble structure was unfurnished and move in ready. It was actually a surprise to find, as Carla hadn’t expected such a home to be for sale really. But it was always like the Major to have impeccable timing.

Desmond had moved into the kitchen and was running his hands over the grey granite countertops, “I must admit, it’s very nice, I’ll have to contact the realtor.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little much? I mean it’s not like you’ve got a bunch of other people to stay in the other rooms.” She reasoned with something she’d mentioned a few times.

He chuckled, “You obviously don’t hang out at Alchemist’s homes very often, Carla,” he pointed down the main hall, “Those rooms would be a library, and the lower hallway would end up with several labs.”

“You’re right, I’ve not been to many alchemic homes, however I still think it’s a little big.”

“Well what else will I spend my Research budget on?”

“What? Can you do that?”

“Normally no, but I’m a Combative Alchemist, my job is to fight, I don’t’ turn in reports on my yearly progress for my Inspections.”

“Lucky you.”

“Not really, instead I have to turn in reports from all the battles I’ve fought and all the operations I’ve completed… no lab work, but a lot more dirty work.”

Carla understood that as his face had change from the gentle smile to a more forced one she’d brought up something uncomfortable. She started to contemplate saying something to cheer him up when her stomach intervened and rumbled loudly. “Oh… uh,” she tried giggling it off.

That did the trick as he laughed with her, “Hungry are we?”

“A bit.”

He took out his watched and checked the time, “Well, its lunch time, what do you say we grab a bite to eat. On me.” She graciously accepted and the two left the house and drove back toward the train station.

They parked in front of a small and quaint bakery and as he got out he grabbed a briefcase and his cover before beating her once more to her own door and opening it for her. As they got to the door a young man was exiting and while Desmond was prepared for him to just move on he showed some manners by holding the door for them. “You guy’s picked a good one, this place is great!” he told them as they entered.

“Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind.” He replied with a smile and Carla waved to the young man as he headed off. As Carla looked around Desmond glanced out the window and into the streets before the station. There was another demonstration going on, the Ultranationalist. But so long as no one else came around it would be fine. The Fuehrer often let these demonstrations pass, siting that “free speech is an important part of the democratic process.” Though Desmond was unsure of what Mustang was thinking. But as Carla called him he shook it off and they took a seat in the attached Café and got some bread, cheese, and a few small pastries for a typical Central City Lunch.

“That boy was right, these pastries are amazing.” Carla commented as she took another bite, chewed and swallowed, “What are those?” she asked informally. Desmond had opened his briefcase and was looking through some files which he was placing into several piles. “Or is it one of those State Alchemist’s ‘I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you’ things?” she was joking and made a comical voice at it but he just stayed stoic, making her turned stunned.. Until his baring broke and he smirked so she knew he was messing with her.

“They’re personnel files… I’ve still got to distribute my officers among the company.” He picked up the center pile and place three open files atop various other stacks, “Let’s see… Lieutenant Hauls, Lieutenant Olic, and Lieutenant Eckhart... huh, says here he prefers Lieutenant Shu.”

“That’s a strange name.”

“True… and what’s more is that he’s got the shortest record of all of them…”


“Yeah… well, I guess that’s it… I’ll stick to my guns… Lieutenant.” He was speaking to her more professionally as he put the files away.


“I need you to get these orders to these men please, and get those officers I mentioned to report to my office at Central Garrison in one hour please.” He stood and left a tip after paying, putting his blue officers cap on.

She began o stand as well, “Where do you need me to take you, sir?”

He waved her down though, letting her return to her pastries, “Don’t worry, I’m just going to walk around Central for a bit.” She saluted and he returned the gesture before leaving the café.

He was going to head south towards the barracks but a large ruckus at the rally caught his attention and so he tuned to see the Reds and the Ultranationalist at each-other’s throats. Sighing he started marching towards them, “And here I was thinking I’d get at least one day off… damn” he got to the edge of the two crowds and began to make his way between them.


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0.00 INK

It was sunny out, nothing out of the ordinary. The Ultranationalists were noisy today, as were the Reds. A man stood as the foot of the stairs, having just descended, sighing as he blocked out the rambling of the speakers.

“Ignorance is really bliss, who would’ve thought.”

A sharp grin hid itself behind the man’s collar. His crimson eyes were dead set on Central Command as he approached. The bridges were so delicately made to provide superior advantages on the defensive side.

“Funny how one man made it through them…”

This man knew the story all too well. The current Xingese Emperor was the one who made it across the bridge while being fired upon, although no one quite understands how. That was one of the many things this half-Xingese man, Shu, learned upon his arrival in Central.

‘Honestly… maybe that’s why Hakuro agreed to the transfer… maybe he knew that I could find what I’ve been searching for here…’

August 1st, 1935

There was silence. What exactly was going on? The room was empty given the two men who were supposedly conversing. Supposedly. There was nothing but silence inhabiting the room. The rustling of a relatively thin folder had stopped and it was obvious as to why it was on the desk. It sat there, isolated from everything on the desk, the desk light couldn't even bare to turn towards it. This lone manila folder with its stylish crimson font displaying the name: Shu Feng Eckhart. This sole item was the cause of the tension, but what remained was the response from a certain soldier. His dead-pan stare, red eyes piercing Lieutenant General Hakuro's iron clad disposition.

"I'm what?" The words revealed a sharp distaste.

The Lieutenant General loosened his shoulders, attempting to kill off some of the tension still drifting in the air. "Shu... erm-" The Lt. General paused and cleared his throat, while patting his chest. The somewhat guilty voice returned, this time, veiled with the authority and stern tone of a superior officer.

"Second Lieutenant Shu. In lieu of the recent events involving the well-being of our glorious nation, you are scheduled to transfer." Lt. General Hakuro reposed, cupping his hands and resting his chin atop them. He knew the Second Lieutenant all too well and he wasn't going to rest easy.

"I must apologize... I greatly appreciate your-"

"I'll have none of it!"

The chatter was cut drastically short by the booming pound of a displeased fist. Not only was this action rare, but the voice equally so. It bore a strong sense of displeasure. It was quite an odd scene though; the Second Lt. pulling such an audacious move against a superior officer, more notably Lt. Gen. Hakuro.

“Second Lieutenant!” The man spoke with such fierceness that even the shadows were drawn back.

“This is not of my decision! You, among others, were specifically requested to transfer as direct orders of Central Command. I’m sure you know exactly where those orders typically originate.” The man was short with his subordinate. He allowed no openings between his words for any sort of interference.

“You will follow these orders to the letter, just like every other assignment you’ve received.” The Lt. General rose to his feet, keeping his rigid figure intact as he glared at his subordinate before him.

“Now go.”

That was it. The Lieutenant General made his case and point absolutely clear. It wasn’t before long that a rather loud ruckus interrupted Shu’s quiet contemplation. It was the two public groups; their rallies were suddenly becoming one giant brawl.

“Really?” Shu wasn’t surprised in the least; his blank stare actually gave away his somewhat expectance of such a conflict. “Should I…?” Shu looked at the feuding groups for a few seconds as their scuffle grew. It was only after another second that he saw a man literally leave a nearby bakery and approach the crowd.

“Did he just…”