Dustin Cooper

The Kinetic Alchemist

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a character in “Fullmetal Alchemist: Saga”, as played by Midnightclub


Name: Dustin 'The Kinetic Alchemist' Cooper

Age: 32

Country of Origin: Amestris

Physical description: A handsome soldier standing at 6'0'' and well built, Dustin has short cropped black hair and sharp blue eyes that he hides behind dark sunglasses. He has a relaxed air about him and his Amestrian Major's coat can usually be seen hanging open. He often stands with his hands in his pockets but when they are out, it is obvious that he has Alchemical arrays tattooed on both of his palms that spread to the middle of his forearms.


Personality: Cool, calm, and collected, Dustin is a ladies man and every guy's best friend. Many people find it hard to dislike him once they get to know him. It was his personable manner that got him to be selected to lead such a diverse group in the first place.

Equipment & Abilities: Besides the standard issued Walther PPK and a simple pocket knife, Major Cooper carries little in the way of weapons. Instead, he carries a plentiful supply of chalk for simple alchemy when he cannot rely on his Kinetic alchemy to do what he requires. His Kinetic alchemy focuses on the change in energy from kinetic, chemical, or heat energy into potential and then back into the other forms. His right hand's array focuses more on kinetic energy and his left on heat. When pressed together they can change potential into chemical or chemical into potential.

Historical Background: Raised in a little town in the western part of Amestris, Dustin grew up under the watchful eye of his father, a scientific alchemist in his own right. It was his father who devised the technique behind Kinetic Alchemy. It wasn't until his father's death that Dustin took an interest in Alchemy and uncovered the hidden notes that the older man had made. He spent years deciphering and rediscovering the principles of the specialised technique. When he took the Alchemist test at 28 he was accepted immediately and granted the title of state alchemist. He has been working directly under King Fuhrer Bradley ever since.

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