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Jasmine Mendoza

"Sassy since birth" (Editing)

0 · 1,428 views · located in Miami, FL

a character in “Fulton University: Greek Life”, originally authored by purpletorment, as played by RolePlayGateway




quote here

Jasmine Rae Mendoza

Jas , J , Baby Rae

cis female

Sept. 25 libra


Political Science | Psychology

Filipino - American

openly bisexual & biromantic


5' 5'' & 135lbs

dark brown

originally a dark brown, but since she highlighted it an ashy brown

Jasmine is a very petite and cute when it comes to her looks and style. Ever since she was little she was blessed with soft and unblemished features allowing her skin to look practically airbrushed. Her fuller lips tend to almost always leave her in a pouty look which compliments her bright, chocolatey eyes. Jasmine doesn't have as much of a fuller figure than some of the other girls but she has a very cute figure for her small stature.

Overalls, pastels, vans, Jasmine is very modern but cute. She adores oversized shirts with leggings, anything she can feel comfortable and cute in. Her closet almost consist of everything Forever 21 and H&M. She also likes to dress sporty (everything Adidas) and sometimes rather classy with her collection of Urban Outfitter apparel.

x x x x

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

Jas has several small tattoos a small heart on the side of her pinky finger and a simple tattoo in Chinese on her forearm which means 'unlimited emptiness'. When she does wear her glasses she always has the habit of subconsciously pushing them up the bridge of her nose. When she is nervous she will bite the inside of her cheek and aimlessly tap her finger on her thigh.

Jas has always had to rely on herself for the majority of her life so graduating college and finally achieving her goals ever since she was a child is her passion and drive.

Jas has always been afraid of losing the family that she has, she already lost her original family and she's deathly afraid of losing everything again. She is also terrified of failing, she has worked so hard in her life for everything that if it all fell through she'd be lost.

"Life's short. Buy the shoes. Drink the wine. Order the dessert."

Shopping, Skiing, cuddling, go karts, mini golf, seeing musicals, people watching, reading, debating

oversized sweater, musicals, politics, pumpkin spice anything, the smell of lavender, warm bed sheets, socks, cat themed clothing, 80s movies, caramel corn, good deals, halloween, parties, good wine, purple, boys & girls, rock music

chipped nails, bad winged eyeliner, a fake brand, six-inch heels, faux fur items, people who really overdo it, people who are smarter than her, bugs, feeling dirty, boring people, classical music, mathematics



outspoken ; spitfire ; caring

jealous ; witty

Jasmine is a very outspoken individual. She is not afraid to speak her mind no matter what the occasion is. Some really hate her for being a little to honest, but some truly appreciate it. She's not trying to be mean but if that pattern simply isn't working she'll let you know.

Even with her small stature she is not a woman that you can forget. Jasmine will have you listening to every word she says in a matter of seconds, she has one hell of a bark and bite. A little intimidating but all in good nature. Her brother loves to tease her about her shorter height, and that just sets her aflame, it really doesn't take much to get her going. She''s very loyal to her friends, and backstabbing is one of her least favorite things. She'll stick with her best friends until the day they die and stand up for them in any situation.

Jasmine may have a little bit of a mean girl exterior but on the inside she has good intentions. When she sees someone in need of comfort she'll always try to offer a comforting bit of help, maybe a little discreetly if it's someone that her other sisters don't like.

Unfortunately, Jasmine has a bit of a jealous streak that she is still trying to work on. In a sense Jas is a vengeful bitch that hates getting things taken from her, and she's not afraid to pull some strings to set things back in her favor. Since she was born with such an unfortunate life it has almost given her somewhat of an unruly determination to truly seek out the best path for herself. For anyone that's in her way, well they better keep a close eye on her dangerous smile.

One of her best qualities is how witty and clever she is. Sometimes she knows just the right thing to say, and that makes her character quite infectious for others. She's just a fun person to be around and she makes sure it stays that way.

"I love my sisters with all my heart, and I'd do anything for them no doubt. I know Greek Life can get a little ugly sometimes but that's just a part of it. It's kind of like high school all over again, you know? Considering I'm at the top of the social chain I'm doing just fine."

Jas has nothing against Greek Life, if anything it's benefitted her the most. Her status was boosted and she became friends with some of the most powerful girls on campus. She wouldn't regret it or trade it for anything. Of course theirs always going to be petty fights and a bit of backstabbing but that's just a small consequence when she weighs it with the things that have benefitted her.


"I really want a job in International affairs. If everything goes well this year I'm submitting my internship application with United Nations so fingers crossed. Besides I look great in a suit, so who wouldn't want to see that?"

Jas has always been interested in international affairs ever since she was small. Last year she tried for an internship program and advanced to the final cuts of the process which has made her quite ancy this year seeing as it's her dream.




lily mac




So begins...

Jasmine Mendoza's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year has begun and for some, they are moving onto campus for the first time. They've looked at DIYs on Pinterest to decorate their new dorm rooms, managed to find the contact information for their prospective roommate so that they could figure out which one of them was going to bring the television or the small fridge, and prepared themselves for the over-dramatic goodbyes they're bound to receive from overprotective mothers and fathers. For some, they are arriving at Fulton or even Florida in an entirely new environment with a set of people they probably never encountered in their hometowns. Others are simply moving on campus from down the street. For a select few, they not only have done this before - this move in process - but they aren't as enthused. Not unless, of course, you are a part of the Greek life system. For these groups, some are older members awaiting the arrival of the new members they inducted just before the summer, little brothers and sisters they can't wait to fully ensnare into their individual fraternity culture. The others are these new members, eager to move away from the communal dorms and into their respective houses for the first times, eager for all the fun and belonging this new year is bound to bring them. This year means exclusive invitations to parties that other students wouldn't get. Hopefully, they're just as prepared for the drama this year is bound to bring as well.

_____ T H EXD A N C E R_____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Fulton University - Theta House
Dialogue Color âœĻ #E8ADAA
Thought Color ✧ #985D5A

Some upperclassmen were allowed to move on to campus earlier for various reasons. For instance, Katiana returned to campus on Monday because the dance team began conditioning before the school year even started; because her sister and father were helping her in (her mom couldn't take off), she ended up staying at the hotel with them and getting rides to campus during the day. Plus, Professor Lang - Tricia, now that Kat was allowed to call her that - had wanted her there earlier so that they could shape Katiana's schedule around Tricia's. There was no point in her having classes that would put her on one side of the campus when she would have to be in Tricia's class, helping, five minutes afterwards. The last four days had been grueling. The Fulton University dance team earned their stripes by strenuous hours of exercise and maintaining their flexibility, and while Kat was experienced in all of that, she was still human and was sore afterwards. Even now. It probably didn't help that she hadn't exactly spent as much of her summer as she normally did dancing.

"Why are they working y'all so hard? Ain't y'all already on the team?" Aja inquired, thumbs digging into the still slightly tense muscles in Kat's right calf, taking up a soothing rotation as she tried to massage the ache away. It wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday when Kat returned to hotel, but she knew it was going to bother her for the rest of the day. Luckily, Kat wasn't a novice to this. It was her own fault for not being as vigilant this summer. "Not really," she replied after a wince. Aja had struck a particular tense spot and after a few harder rubs, Kat relaxed onto the sofa they managed to make into the space under her bed. Even though Fulton happened to renovate the Greek homes, it didn't stop them from being cheap to an extent and putting beds that would've belonged to bunk beds in the shared bedrooms. It just so happened that Aja already had a plan for her because of that knowledge.

"Everybody but the captain and co-captain gotta audition to get their spot back on the team. Those of us who were, get to do the conditioning and learn the routine ahead of the newbies so that by the time auditions actually go down, we get judged - not just by how well we do the moves, but how much we add a lil somethin'-somethin' to it." Aja sucked her teeth, wincing in sympathy as she eventually stopped her ministrations so that Kat could fully lay back, legs on her big sister's lap. "Sucks, kiddo," she remarked. Kat was busy texting Jake, Kory, and Annabelle before she responded. "Tis life, babe," she replied, taking in her side of the room, hand in her hair. She'd been hit all over again with the giddiness that came with having Annabelle as her roommate and she couldn't wait to see the redhead. Their names had been on the bedroom door in the Theta colors. But she also couldn't wait to see Jake and Kory, even though she had seen both several times over the summer.

To: Jake, Kory
Dad & AJ wanna kno if u both need help?

To: Annie <3
Just moved in. Where r u roomie?

"Let's go. Dad's probably taking up your new sisters on crushing those pasties and coffee," Aja commented and Katiana slid her feet off the older woman; the petite dance rose to her feet and stretched, ignoring the near silent pop in the base of her spine. She needed to do another stretch before the day was over, a longer one at that. "Shit, I might take 'em up on that," she said with a grin, scooping up her phone and keys as she followed her sister out. The older Thetas made decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee that they had freshly ground in the morning with an assortment of scones, danishes, and pastries, with a few savory treats Kat's fast metabolism was ready to take on. Hopefully, they also had tea. Kat didn't feel like coming back upstairs to get her stash of loose-leaf just yet.


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Annabelle Everett
Outfit: here
Location: En Route to Fulton
Dialogue Colour:#c41b56
Thought Colour:#9e0339

Annabelle twitched her foot in the well. Her dad was singing Africa by Toto for the tenth time. The already eleven hour drive was taking even longer. It took her a moment to realised that not everywhere was as small as East Ridge. The 20,000 strong population had always seemed huge when she was a kid, but now she spent her year in Miami and suddenly East Ridge felt even smaller. She looked out the passenger side window at the cars crawling by. There was more than one university in Florida, but Annabelle still couldn't help but wonder how many of them contained students bound for Fulton. She might be biased, but it was the best in Florida.



"Do you think everyone had the same idea as us?"

"Looks that way."

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she wriggled it out from beneath her seatbelt.

From: KitKat
Just moved in. Where r u roomie?

On my way. We hit traffic :( Save me some food if you can

"Who you texting sweetheart?"

Annabelle looked up from her phone to her dad. Richard Everett was a good dad, she realised. A really good one. And he got bonus points for still being around. There were a tonne of kids back in East Ridge who didn't have one parent or the other. She was lucky she still had hers, even if she had to endure the girls at high school declaring him a DILF. "Just Kat. She's my roommate. You'd like her."

The traffic had finally started moving again as they rolled along the Florida roads. "Kat, huh?" Annabelle braced herself. She knew that tone. "Sure it's not a boy?" he teased.

"I have plenty of guy friends, dad, just no boyfriend. Or girlfriend. You know I'd tell you and mom if there was."

Richard reached over and squeezed her hand. "I know sweetheart, we just want you to be happy."

Annabelle smiled and squeezed his hand back. "I know. Besides, I won't get hurt. There's too many people wanting to protect me. Apparently I'm adorable and innocent and that makes people wanna look after me. You don't need to worry about anyone getting close enough to hurt me. Nick sieves out the creeps anyway."

"Nick's the gay kid, right?"

"Yes dad. Nick is the gay kid." Annabelle had to stifle a laugh. Nick wasn't the only gay student she knew, but it had been the first thing she blurted out when her dad had asked if they were an item. The revelation that Nick was only into guys had seemed to put her dad's concerns to rest.

They finally rolled onto campus, albeit a lot later than they anticipated when they had set off. Annabelle staggered out of the car, just grateful for the opportunity to finally stretch her legs out. She popped the trunk open and dragged a suitcase out. Annabelle practically skipped up the path and left her case in the hallway. The living area was filled with the aroma of coffee and fresh baking. Annabelle inhaled deeply. This felt like home. She spotted Kat across the room and ran up to her. "Kat!" Her squeal was the only warning the girl got before Annabelle threw her arms around Katiana.

Harry Robertson
Location: Kappa House
Dialogue colour: #03845b
Thought colour: #025138

Harry pinned the final poster on his wall and stood back. He looked around the room. After years of sharing, it felt weird to have a room to himself at university. Nice, but weird. He ran a hand through his hair, dishevelling it even more. This was his final year. He was president and all this would be over very soon. A few of the older Kappas were already here and Harry figured he should probably go down and get things ready for the newer members arriving.

"Get down off the counter James," he said as he came into the kitchen. He tapped his phone screen. "Save that behaviour for when you're drunk." Despite what the other presidents might think, he wasn't a complete killjoy, but people did have to eat off there in the next few hours. Harry curled his toes under his feet as he fired off a few texts.

To: Nick
Do you think anyone knew that James liked to dance on counters before he joined? Also, where are you? I need my right hand man.

To: Arden
You doing ok?

Harry flicked on the coffee machine, smiling as the machine gurgled into life. They needed a new one. A better one, like an industry standard one. His boys deserved it. "Guys, how would you feel about a new coffee machine?"

"Can we get an X-box?"

Harry sat on the edge of the counter, his bare feet swinging. "You coulda brought your own kidda."

"Then yes, we would like a coffee machine."

To: Nick
Also I have made an executive decision as president. We're getting a fancy ass coffee machine. It shall be our legacy

Katrina Amberly
Outfit: here
Location: Alpha House
Dialogue Colour: #e2243a
Thought Colour: #9b0314

Katrina brushed her hair over her shoulder and took a sip of her coffee. There was buzz about the campus as she strutted across the courtyard, and it wasn't just from the caffeine. Freshman were moving into halls. She tilted her head as she observed them. Was I really that skittish? She probably was. She would have to ask Jasmine. Katrina spotted Jax across the way and had to suppress a laugh. She didn't giggle over boys, but poor Jax looked like he was about to kill one of the freshman.

Katrina soon lost interest in Jax's suffering and headed across campus to the Alpha house. She had scouted a few girls who looked like they might be Alpha material with a little time, but it was far too soon to be worrying the newbies about rush week, That would all come in time. A few of the girls were already around the house when she arrived. She waved to them and said a few polite hi's before she went into the house. Her heels clicked against the floor as she bounced up the stairs. It was a skill that had taken years of practice, moving quickly in heels without spilling her coffee. She had nearly perfected it.

Katrina smiled as she saw her door sign again. She was sharing with Jasmine, which she was fine with. She would have been happy with Abigail as well, but she was closer to Jasmine, the elder girl having been assigned her big sister when Katrina rushed. She threw her bag on her bed and kicked her heels off. She sat down elegantly and tapped the screen of her phone.

To: Maddox
Hey handsome, how was summer?

Please tell me you didn't kill any of the freshman. It would look terrible on your record.

To: Jasmine
Please tell me you're arriving soon. No one exciting is here yet :(


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AʙÉĒÉĸᴀÉĒʟ Cʜᴜ
Location: Alpha House
Hex: #DED16A
Outfit: Outfit
Abigail was filled with excitement and so ready for another start of the school year at Fulton. She survived her Freshmen year and the pledge initiation for the Alphas, which she was now apart of the sorority, and now she was moving in to house finally and that made her even more excited. While many people knew that Abigail was different from her sisters, she did not let that stop her from pledging Alpha anyway as their legacy is what really impressed her to join and not their attitudes. But that was neither here or there as Abigail walked around campus until she made it to the Alpha house, standing there and let out a small squeal before she walked up the stairs placed in front of the house and opened the door. It wasn't like she hasn't seen the inside of the home already but still her eyes widened as if she was just now laying eyes on the facility for the first time ever.

As she moved around the house now, she could not really hear any movement so she just decided to see who she was rooming with and with that thought, she ran up the stairs and towards the rooms. Her eyes came across a door that said Katrina and Jasmine as she made a face because now she was really worried about who she was rooming with but was very ecstatic to find out that it was her Alpha big sister, Adele, who was also the president of their sorority. While Adele wouldn't have been her first choice, she really couldn't be upset because she was much closer to her, along with Jasmine and Katrina than any other Alpha girl. She jumped whenever she heard movement happening and turned heel to go in the direction of where she heard the noise, just to see who was here with her.

Once Abigail turned the corner from her room towards Katrina's and Jasmine's, she let out a small scream as she saw Katrina on her bed, staring down at her phone. "Hey there, girl!" Abigail practically shouted with excitement as she walked further into the room now and stood at the foot of Katrina's bed now. "Seems like we're the first ones here. I wonder where everyone else is, honestly." Abigail shrugged her shoulders at the words that she had just spoken before turning her gaze back towards Katrina now before she looked down at her own phone and sent out a few texts to people.

To: Maddy :)
Are you on campus yet? I might need your help with my luggage. lol

To: Jas :D
Where are you at, girlie?!

To: Nate <3
So, I am already thinking of a pizza eat off later on. Do you accept?

To: Adele :D
Where are you, big sis? I'm at the Alpha house for now.

Abigail sent those messages out then went over to sit onto the opposite bed while her eyes were locked on Katrina. "So, how was your Summer? Anything new or exciting?" She asked her with a smile while she waited for her response.


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The significance of the Fulton University Back-to-School bonfire was that it was originally meant for one to cast into the flames the troubles of the year before; whatever it was that one felt was holding them back, whether it be a relationship they couldn't let go of on their own or anxieties that crippled them academically when all one needed to do was have faith, it needed to be thrown into flames. It was supposed to bring relief and that relief was found in throwing away the jacket an ex gave you or even a bracelet from a friendship you thought would never end. Don't let the alcohol and tomfoolery fool you. It was supposed to mean something and to some, it still does.

Nevertheless, each year the bonfire is hosted at the estate of an undisclosed sponsor - some believe it is an alumna, but until proven otherwise, take advantage of being in a mansion that most won't ever actually afford, #sorrynotsorry - where the beach property is mostly used for celebrations. Students also like to occupy the spacious home as there is a DJ inside, as well as inside, and food. Most have already arrived at this annual festive event filled with drunken hook-ups, wild dancing, tricks and the like while others are still on the way. At the end of the day, though, it's very rare that a night like this doesn't end in a fight or two, especially with the Greek organizations in attendance...