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Nathan Cohen

"I'm already halfway there". (editing)

0 · 712 views · located in Miami, FL

a character in “Fulton University: Greek Life”, originally authored by purpletorment, as played by RolePlayGateway




becoming is superior to being


Nathaniel Robert Cohen

Nate, Nathan, Robbie

cisgender male

january 14th capricorn


chemical engineering | biochemistry


very very confused heterosexual male

his parents advised him to not get a job while in school and focus on his studies, they would cover whatever he needed

6' 2'' | 191lbs


tawny blonde

Nathan has always been described as very cheeky, and the 'guy next door' when it comes to looks. His smile is enough to light up an entire room, and paired with his dimples it's practically infectious. He has a rather kind and open face, even though his rather defined jaw line and imposing brow. His tousled blonde hair is very unassuming and very boyish, however on occasion he does take the time to style it in a rather modern updo in the morning.

Nathan likes to dress up, he finds it makes him look presentable and classy which is something he always wants to give during first impressions. You never know who you're going to meet. However, he is one to dress like a traditional frat boy with khakis and a knit sweater.

x x x x

He constantly bites his lip when he is in deep thought or nervous. A conscious place for him to always place his hands is in the pockets of his pants, when he gets nervous he will subconsciously do this. When he sees a flower he really likes he always has to pick it, he's done this since he was a child. Nathan is also oddly superstitious something he got from his grandma.

One of Nathan's greatest joys has always been his apparent success, he loves when things go his way and especially when he impresses his parents. Nathan is also super close to all of his sisters, and would do anything for them.

Failing his parents was always a big fear for Nathan even when he was super young. Nothing was ever good enough for his parents and that thought truly scared him. He also has an irrational fear of relationships, he's afraid to fall to hard for someone and have that get in the way of his path.

"There is a reason you were born and a bunch of things you've got to do today regardless." - Robert Brault

Golf, smoking (ironically), mini golf, fun dates whether it be with a friend or potential partner, watching noir films, going to amusement parks, cooking

the smell of show polish, organized people, intelligence and passion, dogs, cotton candy, black coffee, roller coaster, croquet, TIMES magazine, rainy days, solitude, loyal friends

Liars, vodka, obnoxious people, cats, tea, the zoo, ice skating, the smell of freshly mown grass, enclosed spaces, haunted houses, cheesy movies, popcorn, museums


charming ; pretentious ; ambitious

practical ; cold

Nathan is a natural charmer, he can't help it with his smile he simply just draws people into him. He easily adapts to each person he meets instantly, by automatic reflex. First he has to instantly read the person, then he calculates the moves needed to win over that person.

Coming from a wealthy family and having the confidence Nathan can sometimes come off as quite pretentious. Going along with his charming persona it can seem like an attention-seeking maneuver. He presents himself on the surface as being intelligent, provocative, and important but underlying it's simply a self-gratification for his reassurance of status.

One of Nathan's more attractive traits is his unwavering ambition. He refuses to accept anything less than he deserves and has such a passionate drive within himself. It can seem quite effortless on the outside which turns some away almost out of jealousy, but Nathan never notices that his own personal gain can have such a negative effect on others.

He has a very practical mindset when it comes to making decisions. He definitely isn't a dreamer and sometimes he can almost seem pessimistic with his stern way of looking at the world.

When Nathan is upset he tends to turn off the part of him that is social and he becomes rather withdrawn from society and his friends. He becomes snappy and irritable, often throwing himself into his homework and intangible things until he the phase passes or resolves itself.

[b]"I found some of my best friends in Beta, without Greek I'd be a little lost".


"Honestly, I'm still a bit unsure. There are so many paths I could go down at the moment it's so hard to just pick one of them".



Nathan grew up in a rather wealthy family in Long Island, New York. He was the youngest of five children, his four sisters, Rose, Jessica, AJ, and Janet. His dad, Robert Cohen, was one of the leading plastic surgeons in Long Island and made a considerable amount of money, so much so that his mother, Daphne Cohen, merely worked as a receptionist on the weekends for fun. Nathan and his family lived in a very large, antique mansion on the west side of Long Island

Rj King




So begins...

Nathan Cohen's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year has begun and for some, they are moving onto campus for the first time. They've looked at DIYs on Pinterest to decorate their new dorm rooms, managed to find the contact information for their prospective roommate so that they could figure out which one of them was going to bring the television or the small fridge, and prepared themselves for the over-dramatic goodbyes they're bound to receive from overprotective mothers and fathers. For some, they are arriving at Fulton or even Florida in an entirely new environment with a set of people they probably never encountered in their hometowns. Others are simply moving on campus from down the street. For a select few, they not only have done this before - this move in process - but they aren't as enthused. Not unless, of course, you are a part of the Greek life system. For these groups, some are older members awaiting the arrival of the new members they inducted just before the summer, little brothers and sisters they can't wait to fully ensnare into their individual fraternity culture. The others are these new members, eager to move away from the communal dorms and into their respective houses for the first times, eager for all the fun and belonging this new year is bound to bring them. This year means exclusive invitations to parties that other students wouldn't get. Hopefully, they're just as prepared for the drama this year is bound to bring as well.

_____ T H EXD A N C E R_____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Fulton University - Theta House
Dialogue Color âœĻ #E8ADAA
Thought Color ✧ #985D5A

Some upperclassmen were allowed to move on to campus earlier for various reasons. For instance, Katiana returned to campus on Monday because the dance team began conditioning before the school year even started; because her sister and father were helping her in (her mom couldn't take off), she ended up staying at the hotel with them and getting rides to campus during the day. Plus, Professor Lang - Tricia, now that Kat was allowed to call her that - had wanted her there earlier so that they could shape Katiana's schedule around Tricia's. There was no point in her having classes that would put her on one side of the campus when she would have to be in Tricia's class, helping, five minutes afterwards. The last four days had been grueling. The Fulton University dance team earned their stripes by strenuous hours of exercise and maintaining their flexibility, and while Kat was experienced in all of that, she was still human and was sore afterwards. Even now. It probably didn't help that she hadn't exactly spent as much of her summer as she normally did dancing.

"Why are they working y'all so hard? Ain't y'all already on the team?" Aja inquired, thumbs digging into the still slightly tense muscles in Kat's right calf, taking up a soothing rotation as she tried to massage the ache away. It wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday when Kat returned to hotel, but she knew it was going to bother her for the rest of the day. Luckily, Kat wasn't a novice to this. It was her own fault for not being as vigilant this summer. "Not really," she replied after a wince. Aja had struck a particular tense spot and after a few harder rubs, Kat relaxed onto the sofa they managed to make into the space under her bed. Even though Fulton happened to renovate the Greek homes, it didn't stop them from being cheap to an extent and putting beds that would've belonged to bunk beds in the shared bedrooms. It just so happened that Aja already had a plan for her because of that knowledge.

"Everybody but the captain and co-captain gotta audition to get their spot back on the team. Those of us who were, get to do the conditioning and learn the routine ahead of the newbies so that by the time auditions actually go down, we get judged - not just by how well we do the moves, but how much we add a lil somethin'-somethin' to it." Aja sucked her teeth, wincing in sympathy as she eventually stopped her ministrations so that Kat could fully lay back, legs on her big sister's lap. "Sucks, kiddo," she remarked. Kat was busy texting Jake, Kory, and Annabelle before she responded. "Tis life, babe," she replied, taking in her side of the room, hand in her hair. She'd been hit all over again with the giddiness that came with having Annabelle as her roommate and she couldn't wait to see the redhead. Their names had been on the bedroom door in the Theta colors. But she also couldn't wait to see Jake and Kory, even though she had seen both several times over the summer.

To: Jake, Kory
Dad & AJ wanna kno if u both need help?

To: Annie <3
Just moved in. Where r u roomie?

"Let's go. Dad's probably taking up your new sisters on crushing those pasties and coffee," Aja commented and Katiana slid her feet off the older woman; the petite dance rose to her feet and stretched, ignoring the near silent pop in the base of her spine. She needed to do another stretch before the day was over, a longer one at that. "Shit, I might take 'em up on that," she said with a grin, scooping up her phone and keys as she followed her sister out. The older Thetas made decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee that they had freshly ground in the morning with an assortment of scones, danishes, and pastries, with a few savory treats Kat's fast metabolism was ready to take on. Hopefully, they also had tea. Kat didn't feel like coming back upstairs to get her stash of loose-leaf just yet.


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AʙÉĒÉĸᴀÉĒʟ Cʜᴜ
Location: Alpha House
Hex: #DED16A
Outfit: Outfit
Abigail was filled with excitement and so ready for another start of the school year at Fulton. She survived her Freshmen year and the pledge initiation for the Alphas, which she was now apart of the sorority, and now she was moving in to house finally and that made her even more excited. While many people knew that Abigail was different from her sisters, she did not let that stop her from pledging Alpha anyway as their legacy is what really impressed her to join and not their attitudes. But that was neither here or there as Abigail walked around campus until she made it to the Alpha house, standing there and let out a small squeal before she walked up the stairs placed in front of the house and opened the door. It wasn't like she hasn't seen the inside of the home already but still her eyes widened as if she was just now laying eyes on the facility for the first time ever.

As she moved around the house now, she could not really hear any movement so she just decided to see who she was rooming with and with that thought, she ran up the stairs and towards the rooms. Her eyes came across a door that said Katrina and Jasmine as she made a face because now she was really worried about who she was rooming with but was very ecstatic to find out that it was her Alpha big sister, Adele, who was also the president of their sorority. While Adele wouldn't have been her first choice, she really couldn't be upset because she was much closer to her, along with Jasmine and Katrina than any other Alpha girl. She jumped whenever she heard movement happening and turned heel to go in the direction of where she heard the noise, just to see who was here with her.

Once Abigail turned the corner from her room towards Katrina's and Jasmine's, she let out a small scream as she saw Katrina on her bed, staring down at her phone. "Hey there, girl!" Abigail practically shouted with excitement as she walked further into the room now and stood at the foot of Katrina's bed now. "Seems like we're the first ones here. I wonder where everyone else is, honestly." Abigail shrugged her shoulders at the words that she had just spoken before turning her gaze back towards Katrina now before she looked down at her own phone and sent out a few texts to people.

To: Maddy :)
Are you on campus yet? I might need your help with my luggage. lol

To: Jas :D
Where are you at, girlie?!

To: Nate <3
So, I am already thinking of a pizza eat off later on. Do you accept?

To: Adele :D
Where are you, big sis? I'm at the Alpha house for now.

Abigail sent those messages out then went over to sit onto the opposite bed while her eyes were locked on Katrina. "So, how was your Summer? Anything new or exciting?" She asked her with a smile while she waited for her response.


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M A D D O X ♤ I Z U M I
location: Craft Social Club -> Beta House
outfit: X
dialogue color: #4C0000

A whole summer away and the city of Miami hadn't changed one bit. It was still entirely too crowded, annoyingly humid, and still held some of the worst traffic in the country, second only to New York. Still, it felt good to be back, for the most part. Not to mention Maddox had been able to avoid the chaos of moving day by making an executive decision to come early. It may have been an interruption to his precious sleep, but by now his bags were unpacked, his half of the shared room with Nathan was set and decorated to fit the Beta lifestyle, and he was currently on his third cup of espresso, possibly planning a fourth. He sat in his car, in a half-empty parking lot, his dark eyes fixed on the large sign in fancy cursive letters that read Craft Social Club over the glass doors. It had taken a while, several hours to be precise, for the Beta to convince himself to come here. Not that he had anything against the place in particular, but the reason for his visit left somewhat of a bitter taste in his mouth. No one was forcing him to do this, really. No one aside from his guilty conscience, which Maddox had long since given up on, but was somehow restored over the course of the summer. Now said conscience was putting him to work.

A couple more seconds of gawking at the neon sign crawled by before he finally left the comfort of his vehicle, with a heavy sigh of defeat, and made a grand entrance through the cafe doors to be greeted by a Colgate smile. "Welcome sir, can I set you up with a table?" the small girl chimed, her hands reaching around the podium to grab a menu. "That's alright, I'm staying.". His response pulled the girl's attention, and the charm switched flipped to the "ON" position, capturing her with a fabricated smile. "There is something you can help me with, though." The poor girl stood, stock still, as the Beta inched closer to rest his elbows on the low podium. "I'm looking for one of your waiters." he affirmed, his hands matching his words as he spoke. "About yay high, kinda cute, wears glasses, pretty Asian last I checked." The girl responded with a soft giggle, her eyes flashing to the restaurant scene behind her before turning back on Maddox. "If you mean Nick, he's not working today.".

If Maddox said no part of him expected the Kappa not to be there, he'd be lying. In fact, a good percentage of him imagined he wouldn't be, which was probably a big part of why he'd chosen to come by precisely on this day. And then there was the part of him that told him to leave with an "oh well, you tried" ans a pat on the back, but that just wasn't good enough. "Do me a huge favor? When he does come in, give him this for me." The small girl took a moment to eye the piece of paper she had just been given, a curious smile taking over her features. "Will do"

So maybe his plan hadn't been as successful as he'd hoped, but Maddox would be fibbing if he said he wasn't glad that it didn't. At the very least, he could check something off of his to-do list for the day and head back to the house. Most of the sophomores had probably arrived by now, Nathan included. He took a moment behind the steering wheel, while the car engine was still turned off, to reply to the messages that had come in before taking the route back to the Beta residence.

To: Miss Kitten (Katrina)
MSG: Annoying as hell -.- enough to make me miss you.

To: Honeybee (Abby)
MSG: On my way back. I volunteer Nate to help too, we'll be there soon to save the day!


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_____ T H EXM U S I C I A N____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Father's House - Fulton University - Kappa House
Dialogue Color âœĻ #8DA399
Thought Color ✧ #0093AF

To : Mama Kori <3 ( Korinna )
Unless you count me for getting almost arrested over the summer, then there's nothing to worry about :D

To : The Guy I Was Assigned To By Fulton ( Harry )
Yeah, bout to head out for Fulton any minute now. See you at the house?

To : Princely Charming ( Nate )
Yo, how was your summer Charming? Haven't seen you in a little. When you're not hanging with the Fresh Douches of Fulton (and I say that lovingly) we should get some coffee or tea.

All in all, Arden probably shouldn't have told Korinna he almost got arrested. It wasn't his fault, more like his friend Alex's fault. But that's a story for later. The brunet looked at himself in the mirror, dressed in nothing but Scooby-Doo pajama bottoms, and his beanie, he would shrug and walk downstairs to see his father before getting ready. Walking downstairs he could hear his father talking on the phone to someone....his mother he guessed. "Listen Amelia, I already told you Arden doesn't want to speak to you. You have another child to daunt and bicker over, you don't need the one you almost ruined," yeah definitely his mom. He shrugged, his father wasn't exactly wrong.

Arden and his mother didn't see eye-to-eye on several things. One thing being, Arden wasn't fond of her just moving on to a new family like it was nothing. Sure, he got over it, but he didn't have to like it. She made big deals about his younger half-sister,
Rebecca, and made time for her. So he was a tad bit jealous.

Clearing his throat his father saw him now standing by him and hung up the phone. "You wearing that to your first day of your sophomore year? Not judging, just asking," the older man asked with a laugh. Arden shrugged, it wasn't exactly unlike
him to do such a thing. But he stared at his father and spoke. "Um, nah, I have an outfit planned out. What Amelia want?," he would turn to the cabinets and get a box of cereal down. Pouring himself a bowl, without milk. He despised it. Eating his dry cereal his father, laughed and walked away getting his things ready for work. The twenty-year-old waved a goodbye with a full mouth and finished his cereal.

To : Corn Dog ( Cornelius )
So....uh Kori might kill me. If I die, my favorite beanie goes to you <3. See you at the house. And nah, I'll be there in a few.

After sending the quick text to Cornelius, he walked back upstairs and would proceed to get read. Getting dressed, he would put his beanie of the hair he should have brushed, but chose not to. Grabbing the keys to his own vehicle, and sat down in the driver's seat. Starting it, he would begin to drive to Fulton, playing a song at the loudest volume. As he did he would begin to sing. "So I'm sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really, starts to fall in love with me." As Halsey's song played on, his mind lingered on a fling from last year, Maddox. Despite how angry the male had made Arden, he held this soft spot from him. Not deleting his phone number, he would silently ignore his urge to text the male and pull into the Fulton University parking lot.

The energy around here had been crazy, taking his two suitcases, his guitar case, and his laptop bag, he would walk to the Kappa house, not a very far walk from where he parked. Walking up to the door he'd open it and scream.

"I'm home bitches!"


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M A D D O X ♤ I Z U M I
location: Beta House
outfit: X
dialogue color: #4C0000

The good ol' Beta residence. Somehow it looked much bigger this time around. Maddox sat in the driver's seat of his parked car, one hand wrapped around the steering wheel while his free hand reached for the cell phone propped inside the cup holder. It was barely the first day back and he already felt overwhelmed, though part of that could have a lot to do with his not-so-relaxing summer. Between his job, a new internship and avoiding his family (especially his father) at all costs, he didn't exactly have the time to take a summer for what it should have been. And going by all the formulated plans he had in mind for the upcoming school year, it was going to be anything but relaxing and uneventful.

The notification light continued to flash on the upper left hand corner of his phone until he opened and read the messages. Abby would be waiting for him and whichever one of the boys volunteered to go help her with her luggage, so he decided to put off replying to her, pop in to give the guys a quick hello and a welcome to the new additions, and then take off to the Alpha residence. He decided to let Katrina know in case she needed the help as well. A good Beta isn't anything if he isn't a proper gentleman.

To: Miss Kitten
MSG: I hate that I love you, really :P
MSG: If I'm nice and help you move in will you stop sending me these weird songs?

Maddox couldn't help but smile to himself, thinking of all the arguments he and Katrina have had, always over the same thing. He always knew she was right. He needed, or rather still needs to, man up and confront who he is without giving two shits about what others think. Not that he'll be telling her that anytime soon, otherwise the girl will never shut up about it. After skimming over Brooks' message, finding it pointless to reply when he could just answer that in person, Maddox typed out a quick reply to Cornelious. He may not admit it out loud, but he missed the Kappa's company.

To: Corny
MSG: Well, well, Mr. Johnson, if I didn't know any better I'd say ur flirting ;)
MSG: Rain check? I got some business to take care of.

Now there was just one more message left to send. Something he'd thought over a hundred and one times and, after a bloody mental battle and some minor self-therapy, decided he needed to do. His thumb hovered over the name for
a couple of seconds, somewhat thankful that he hadn't deleted the number after all, before tapping on it. Both thumbs picked at the screen with rapid movements, typing out the full message and hitting the send all in one swift move.

To: Arden
MSG: The Roast, 8 o' clock? Just wanna have a talk.

His dark eyes stared at the phone screen for a couple more seconds and then it was slipped into his jacket pocket before regret, or any other bad ideas, made their way into his mind. Leaving everything but his usual charmind smile behind, the Beta quickly stepped out of his car and made his grand entrance through the Beta residence doors. "Home, sweet, home!"


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The significance of the Fulton University Back-to-School bonfire was that it was originally meant for one to cast into the flames the troubles of the year before; whatever it was that one felt was holding them back, whether it be a relationship they couldn't let go of on their own or anxieties that crippled them academically when all one needed to do was have faith, it needed to be thrown into flames. It was supposed to bring relief and that relief was found in throwing away the jacket an ex gave you or even a bracelet from a friendship you thought would never end. Don't let the alcohol and tomfoolery fool you. It was supposed to mean something and to some, it still does.

Nevertheless, each year the bonfire is hosted at the estate of an undisclosed sponsor - some believe it is an alumna, but until proven otherwise, take advantage of being in a mansion that most won't ever actually afford, #sorrynotsorry - where the beach property is mostly used for celebrations. Students also like to occupy the spacious home as there is a DJ inside, as well as inside, and food. Most have already arrived at this annual festive event filled with drunken hook-ups, wild dancing, tricks and the like while others are still on the way. At the end of the day, though, it's very rare that a night like this doesn't end in a fight or two, especially with the Greek organizations in attendance...


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_____ T H EXM U S I C I A N____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Kappa House
Dialogue Color âœĻ #8DA399
Thought Color ✧ #0093AF

Spending the rest of the evening in his room, silently freaking over the message he received from Maddox, the male decided to play guitar. Eventually posting a cover of Collide by Howie Day on Youtube. Yep, great way to help your feelings.


Arden didn't really sleep. He was known to be a night owl, but sleeping was a thing he rarely did since the middle of summer. He spent the entirety of the night trying to write chords for a project he was working on, but it didn't really work out for him being sleep deprived. He had noticed the dark circle under his eyes, and shrugged, getting dressed into his outfit for the bonfire. He would wave to the few awake Kappas, and visit the Roast as soon as it opened.

After getting coffee, he basically spent the entirety of the day at the radio station covering someone's shift. Getting off around 6'oclock, heading to the roast, he'd send a few texts out towards his friends and a certain someone.

To: Mama Kori, Princely Charming, Surferboy
MSG:So, I'm seeing you at the bonfire right? You know my ass needs social accompaniment.

He would send these texts individually, basically conveying the same messages. His dark blue eyes would look in his messgaes, noticing Maddox hadn't responded. Typical honestly. The male would type a few versions of the messages he wished to say, but decided on a different approachment.

To: Guy I Fell For / Hate
MSG:We can talk at the bonfire, if you want that is, we don't even have to be seen by your Beta buddies.

With that, he would simply wait at the Roast for his probably third cup of coffee in that day.