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Theo Hoang

"Failure is never an option."

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a character in “Fulton University: Greek Life”, as played by burning


super rich kids // frank ocean | ferrari // the neighbourhood


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Theodore Chin-Hwa Hoang

N I C K N A M E (S)
Theo | Used by everyone | Preferred
Teddy | Used only by his mother | Loved

June 14th // 22 // Gemini

Heterosexual // Hetero-romantic

50% Korean // 25% Caucasian // 25% Cherokee

M A J O R & M I N O R
Justice & Law Major // History Minor

Theo has a trust fund so full that he need never work a day in his life, meaning he'd never take up a silly little part-time university job.



ImageS T Y L E
Theo thinks looking good is one of the most important things a person can do. As the president of Beta house, Theo especially feels like it is his duty to represent them, and therefore, always be looking presentable. Even on casual days, it's rare to see Theo not wearing a shirt of some kind, he just feels as though they are capable of making even the worst outfits better. Formal occasions, however, are what Theo lives for. Suits have always been a passion of Theo's and he makes sure that his is always the best there can be, paying any price to make sure that he looks amazing. You'll often see him in designer brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren & Chanel.

H E I G H T & W E I G H T
6'0 // 163 lbs

While Theo takes after his Korean father mostly, he also possesses some features given to him by his mother. For example, he got the thickness and shape of his lips from his mother, the kind of lips you can't help but glance at while he speaks. Theo's eyes are very much like his father's as is his complexion, however slightly more tanned, which Theo attributes to his mother's Cherokee heritage. Being the perfect blend of both his parents, Theo knows he looks good. Keeping his hair short on the sides and longer on top, Theo has a very clean-cut appearance. He is definitely a pretty boy, and that's not something that bothers him. The only flaw Theo would admit to is his poor eyesight, another thing he got from his father. Typically he wears contacts, but if he wants to look extra smart he'll wear his tortoiseshell glasses.


Image Image
Image Image
Manipulation || Theo has such a way with words that he's often able to persuade people into doing whatever it is he wants - in reason, of course. It's mostly how he became president, manipulating everyone into backing him.

Academics || Always having been a particularly bright kid, Theo is one of those people that's never struggled with keeping his grades up. It's most likely from all the pressure his father put on him to succeed.

Leading || His mother always said that Theo was born to lead; be it by being the head boy, graduating as the class valedictorian or taking over as Beta's president - Theo's always felt a burning desire to be in charge and on top. Never having been a good follower, if he wasn't always the leader there's a good chance that Theo would have rebelled.

Lack Of Compassion || Theo has never, and will never, be the person someone goes to in tears and confesses all of their issues. He's never experienced that kind of compassion in his own life, even from his parents, so Theo doesn't know how to handle other people's strong emotions very compassionately.

Disappointing His Father || Having been someone he always looked up to, disappointing his father is perhaps the worst thing Theo could imagine.

Losing || Never having really experienced losing or not getting his way, Theo has found that he doesn't handle it very well.


Manipulative | Intelligent | Dominating | Charming

( i )
Theo always finds a way to get what he wants. Be it through underhand tactics, sly blackmail or just straight up manipulation and lying, he'd do anything to have his way which is why Theo is such a good president; and not such a good person. Now it's not that Theo is a bad guy, and he definitely isn't inherently evil, it's just the way that Theo was raised - if he wanted something and couldn't get it through legitimate means, it was always ok to take it illegitimately. This was the way his father did business, and the way Theo learnt how to always get what he wants. There is a line Theo draws however, at using these tactics with his own brothers, unless absolutely necessary; the same can't be said for any other house, not even the Alphas, despite the need to keep things sweet with their sibling sorority, Theo by no means has an issue at laying down the law when it is needed.

( ii )
Unlike most rich kids, born with silver spoons in their mouths, Theo was pressured to excel in his studies. Of course, he could have bought his way to the top of the class, and his father did shell out big time for his high class education but there was always the precedent that if his father was going to pay this much, Theo was going to work hard. Most people in his social circle are either dumb jocks or airheads but Theo's father always knew he could never raise a child like that, being a man that build his empire from the ground up. Theo was from day one, told that if he did not succeed then he would only ever be a disappointment and bring shame to his family. One thing that infuriates people most about Theo is his natural intelligence - unlike all of his classmates Theo didn't need to work hard to achieve, but he did work hard to excel. Being above everyone in his grade, Theo found schooling boring and so took to messing with and controlling people as a hobby that would keep him occupied.

( iii )
Much like his reason for being manipulative, Theo was taught to be dominating in whatever circles he ran in; and in order to be the leader of a group, one has to assert their dominance which is something Theo has never had any trouble doing. Be it getting the current leader kicked out and shunned, or getting all the weaker people wrapped around his finger, Theo has always been and will always be a true leader. He's not afraid to do what it takes to get to the top, and has no issue with putting people in their place if they step out of line. It may not seem like it, but Theo deeply enjoys competition, because he loves the power he exerts over people and what better time to do that than while ripping down someone else. It's as though his two favourite hobbies combine into one. His heart is as cold as his exterior, but this is not something that he lets anyone know. To the outside world he is the painfully beautiful and charming, if slightly unapproachable heir to the Hoang fortune.

( iv )
For most, the culmination of these three personality traits would never equal a charming, deeply loved by many, man. And yet, Theo is adored by most of his peers. People would argue people only pretend to like him out of fear, and while that may be true for some, most admire the strength Theo puts forward as his ability to stay afloat in whatever situation he is placed in is truly remarkable. It's clear that Theo has learnt almost all he knows from his father, and the stern CEO of a multimillion dollar company was not about to raise a weakling. Theo is bright, he is brave and most of all, he is indestructible. Or at least, that's how he appears. No one knows what insecurities lie behind that cold exterior, not even Theo is strong enough to allow his mind to wander those dark places for fear of losing his balance, and plunging into a black hole of self doubt.


Image Image
Image Image
Mother | Eleanor Hoang | 55 | Magazine Editor
Jihun and Eleanor could not be more different, he is an icy, unapproachable snob whilst she is a down to earth, compassionate activist. In fact, many have question how or why they ever even met - let alone got married and had three children. But as the saying goes, opposites attract, and Eleanor always knew there was something more to her husband than meets the eye. Theo and his mother get along amazingly well, and she is the only person in the world he allows to call him 'Teddy', a nickname he has had from Eleanor since childhood.

Father | Jihun Hoang | 60 | CEO of Hoang Industries
Building his company from the ground up, Jihun has always had a strong work ethic. Something that he has passed onto both of his sons. His demeanour is as cold as ice, and he lacks what most people would call basic human emotion. Or at least, that's how he comes across. Deep down, his children know he loves them, but it's clearly hard for him to put that across and so instead he just pressures them to excel. Theo admires his father greatly and even if they only speak when Jihun is telling him what to do, or asking him about his grades, Theo still has a deep love for him.

Brother | Damien Hoang | 27 | CFO of Hoang Industries
Damien and Theo have always been competitive with each other, both vying for their father's attention and respect. Due to this, they've never liked each other, and in fact would do anything to smear the other if it meant gaining acknowledgement from Jihun. Currently, Damien is 'winning' in the competition for Jihun's approval as the Chief Financial Officer for Hoang Industries.

Sister | Lydia Hoang | 19 | University Student
Perhaps the only person in his family Theo truly feels understands him, Lydia is the 'wild card' of Jihun & Eleanor's three children. She has never wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father nor her mother, in fact, Lydia dreams of being a broadway actress. Of course, her father always talks about how she'll never make it, and how he wishes she would study something 'useful' rather than chasing frivolous dreams with her drama major. While Theo would never outright tell his father to leave Lydia alone, he does encourage her in private, truly believing in her abilities as an actress.


So begins...

Theo Hoang's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year has begun and for some, they are moving onto campus for the first time. They've looked at DIYs on Pinterest to decorate their new dorm rooms, managed to find the contact information for their prospective roommate so that they could figure out which one of them was going to bring the television or the small fridge, and prepared themselves for the over-dramatic goodbyes they're bound to receive from overprotective mothers and fathers. For some, they are arriving at Fulton or even Florida in an entirely new environment with a set of people they probably never encountered in their hometowns. Others are simply moving on campus from down the street. For a select few, they not only have done this before - this move in process - but they aren't as enthused. Not unless, of course, you are a part of the Greek life system. For these groups, some are older members awaiting the arrival of the new members they inducted just before the summer, little brothers and sisters they can't wait to fully ensnare into their individual fraternity culture. The others are these new members, eager to move away from the communal dorms and into their respective houses for the first times, eager for all the fun and belonging this new year is bound to bring them. This year means exclusive invitations to parties that other students wouldn't get. Hopefully, they're just as prepared for the drama this year is bound to bring as well.

_____ T H EXD A N C E R_____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: Fulton University - Theta House
Dialogue Color âœĻ #E8ADAA
Thought Color ✧ #985D5A

Some upperclassmen were allowed to move on to campus earlier for various reasons. For instance, Katiana returned to campus on Monday because the dance team began conditioning before the school year even started; because her sister and father were helping her in (her mom couldn't take off), she ended up staying at the hotel with them and getting rides to campus during the day. Plus, Professor Lang - Tricia, now that Kat was allowed to call her that - had wanted her there earlier so that they could shape Katiana's schedule around Tricia's. There was no point in her having classes that would put her on one side of the campus when she would have to be in Tricia's class, helping, five minutes afterwards. The last four days had been grueling. The Fulton University dance team earned their stripes by strenuous hours of exercise and maintaining their flexibility, and while Kat was experienced in all of that, she was still human and was sore afterwards. Even now. It probably didn't help that she hadn't exactly spent as much of her summer as she normally did dancing.

"Why are they working y'all so hard? Ain't y'all already on the team?" Aja inquired, thumbs digging into the still slightly tense muscles in Kat's right calf, taking up a soothing rotation as she tried to massage the ache away. It wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday when Kat returned to hotel, but she knew it was going to bother her for the rest of the day. Luckily, Kat wasn't a novice to this. It was her own fault for not being as vigilant this summer. "Not really," she replied after a wince. Aja had struck a particular tense spot and after a few harder rubs, Kat relaxed onto the sofa they managed to make into the space under her bed. Even though Fulton happened to renovate the Greek homes, it didn't stop them from being cheap to an extent and putting beds that would've belonged to bunk beds in the shared bedrooms. It just so happened that Aja already had a plan for her because of that knowledge.

"Everybody but the captain and co-captain gotta audition to get their spot back on the team. Those of us who were, get to do the conditioning and learn the routine ahead of the newbies so that by the time auditions actually go down, we get judged - not just by how well we do the moves, but how much we add a lil somethin'-somethin' to it." Aja sucked her teeth, wincing in sympathy as she eventually stopped her ministrations so that Kat could fully lay back, legs on her big sister's lap. "Sucks, kiddo," she remarked. Kat was busy texting Jake, Kory, and Annabelle before she responded. "Tis life, babe," she replied, taking in her side of the room, hand in her hair. She'd been hit all over again with the giddiness that came with having Annabelle as her roommate and she couldn't wait to see the redhead. Their names had been on the bedroom door in the Theta colors. But she also couldn't wait to see Jake and Kory, even though she had seen both several times over the summer.

To: Jake, Kory
Dad & AJ wanna kno if u both need help?

To: Annie <3
Just moved in. Where r u roomie?

"Let's go. Dad's probably taking up your new sisters on crushing those pasties and coffee," Aja commented and Katiana slid her feet off the older woman; the petite dance rose to her feet and stretched, ignoring the near silent pop in the base of her spine. She needed to do another stretch before the day was over, a longer one at that. "Shit, I might take 'em up on that," she said with a grin, scooping up her phone and keys as she followed her sister out. The older Thetas made decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee that they had freshly ground in the morning with an assortment of scones, danishes, and pastries, with a few savory treats Kat's fast metabolism was ready to take on. Hopefully, they also had tea. Kat didn't feel like coming back upstairs to get her stash of loose-leaf just yet.


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The significance of the Fulton University Back-to-School bonfire was that it was originally meant for one to cast into the flames the troubles of the year before; whatever it was that one felt was holding them back, whether it be a relationship they couldn't let go of on their own or anxieties that crippled them academically when all one needed to do was have faith, it needed to be thrown into flames. It was supposed to bring relief and that relief was found in throwing away the jacket an ex gave you or even a bracelet from a friendship you thought would never end. Don't let the alcohol and tomfoolery fool you. It was supposed to mean something and to some, it still does.

Nevertheless, each year the bonfire is hosted at the estate of an undisclosed sponsor - some believe it is an alumna, but until proven otherwise, take advantage of being in a mansion that most won't ever actually afford, #sorrynotsorry - where the beach property is mostly used for celebrations. Students also like to occupy the spacious home as there is a DJ inside, as well as inside, and food. Most have already arrived at this annual festive event filled with drunken hook-ups, wild dancing, tricks and the like while others are still on the way. At the end of the day, though, it's very rare that a night like this doesn't end in a fight or two, especially with the Greek organizations in attendance...