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Casey Burton

Sure, I may not be as much as a whore as you, but I am way smarter. Think about it, if you can.

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a character in “Fulton University number 2”, originally authored by Haas33, as played by peace_love_dance



Name: Casey Witt Burton
Nickname: Some people (only her really, really close friends) call her Cas
Age: 21
Major: Animal biology
Sexuality: heterosexual (straight)

House: Theta Chi
Thoughts on being a [Alpha, Beta, Theta, Kappa, Zeta, Sigma, Pledge]: She is very proud to being a Theta Chi, because in her opinion, it is the only house that isn't a whore. She is top of her class and feels like she belongs in this house.
Likes: Reading, Thinking aloud (She tends to say what she is thinking), researching, surprisingly being leader, She absolutely loves Brownies (if you want to get on her good side, get her some brownies), animals, people who are confident (She sort of is, but she really looks up to people who are confident), swimming
Dislikes: Whores, drugs, parties, procrastinators, The Alpha Theta Pi girls, cheaters (Both those who cheat off of her, and guys who cheat on her), people who are stuck up (even people from her house that think they are too smart for everyone.), fighting
Fears: Getting kicked out of college, anybody with a weapon, axe murderers (who isn't?)

Personality[b]: Casey is shy, like all Theta Chi girls, but inside, she is a confident, natural born leader. She is too self conscious though, and often times awkward when it comes to guys, but she does want to love. She is very understanding, and caring. She is an animal lover, which is why she is majoring in animal biology, no mater what the other people in her house think. She has gone to one or two parties, but she didn't really enjoy herself. She doesn't like to fight, or cause drama, but when somebody dishes it her way, she uses her wit and cleverness to outsmart them. She knows her priorities, and is determined to fulfill them.

: Casey grew up with her divorced mom all her life. She always wanted to make her mom proud, but her mom was to depressed to notice, after the breakup. Casey thought she would try to be at the top of the class to make her mom proud. It turned out, she was actually very gifted, and was bumped ahead a grade, and put into a gifted program. She started taking college classes in middle school, and ended up getting accepted to one of the highest colleges around: Foulton University.

Her mom grew away from her, and ended up committing suicide. Her dad came in an lived with her for the last few years of high school, and then shipped her off to college, also depressed. Through all of this, she has learned how to be strong, making her confident inside. Yet she is to shy to let her emotions out. Being as smart as she was, she joined Theta Chi and started anew, hoping to forget her past. In Freshman year she dated, and was cheated on. This left her broken hearted, reminded of her parents. So now she doesn't date barely ever, in fear of getting hurt.

Through thick and thin, she made it to the top, and was elected President of Theta Chi, a great honor. She has assumed the leader role, and is taking charge, but will it all backfire?

Anything else: She always wears a necklace her mom gave to her: a blue sapphire pendant in the shape of a star (Not five pointed, one of those stars that have several points)

So begins...

Casey Burton's Story


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#, as written by Haas33
Casey thought over her notes one more time and made a few edits. She checked the watch and left with all the others. She would have to review the notes with the other members of Theta Chi. Her next class wasn't for another hour, so she had time to spare. She could stop by the library today to finish her biography on the Yangtze River Dolphin. She flicked back her curly hair and took out her notes again, as she walked down the hallway. Her converse sneakers squeaked against the floor and she flipped the page of her notes. Suddenly she smacked right into somebody. Her books splattered all over the place and she scrambled to pick them up. She stood up and swiped her hair out of her face again. "Sorry about that," She said. And then she noticed who it was. Elizabeth. The bitchy whore from the Alpha's. She gave a fake smile and shifted the books in her hands, her head up high.


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Character Portrait: Casey Burton Character Portrait: Elizabeth Lanae Richards
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