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Caydence Wright

"My sisters are my life and I would do anything for them"

0 · 332 views · located in Earth

a character in “Fulton University number 2”, as played by airedeiagrace




Name: Caydence Cayla Wright

Nickname: CC or Cay

Age: 21

Major: Veterinarian

Sexuality: Bisexual

House: Theta Chi

Thoughts on being a Theta: CC’s mother was a Theta and she just wanted to follow her mother’s road. She loves her sisters of Theta and sorta very protective and close to them all.

  • Animals
  • Studying
  • Reading
  • Long walks
  • Her sisters of Theta
  • Country Music
  • Wrapping up in a blanket when its cold
  • Hot chocolate
  • Coffee
  • The color purple

  • People making fun of her
  • Spiders
  • Cocky guys
  • Idiocy
  • The color red
  • Chewing her nails
  • sports (because she doesn’t really understand them)

  • Spiders
  • Being in small places. She is claustrophobic



Personality: CC is very shy, she mostly keeps to her close friends or herself. She doesn’t like being the main focus in a big group and most likely try to avoid it. Whenever she is focusing on her studies or reading a book and someone tries to get her attention she probably will become jumpy because she gets so focused that she doesn’t really know what is going on around her.

In the Theta’s house she is sorta like the mother hen of the group, she makes sure everyone is okay and has everything they need. She doesn’t like to see anyone close to her hurt mentally or physically and if they are she will most likely stay with them until they are better.

If people are mean to her she usually just tries to ignore it, she doesn’t lash out or be mean back. She doesn’t see the point to it or see the point of arguing with someone that drops to that level. Over the years CC has been known to get picked on a lot by other students but she just tries to let it go because she knows once she leaves the school she won’t have to deal with those idiots.

When it comes to relationships CC is not very experienced, she has only been in one relationship and she got very bored with it. She has kept her options open with gender, she likes both female and male but if she likes someone she most likely will keep it to herself, she doesn’t really like to be open about things like that.

CC is very intelligent and does well in school, she takes her studies very seriously and hates if she makes mistakes in any of her work. Some have said she is a perfectionist when it comes to her studies and she looks over her work at least four times before passing it in. Yes you could say CC is a goody good because that pretty much is what she is.

She is not much for the party scene and hardly ever drinks, she thinks it’s a waist of time and becoming drunk messes with your brain. She has never done drugs before and doesn’t plan to, though she almost has when one of the Zeta Nu Delta tried to force her too but she got out of the situation before it got worse. She really isn’t a fan of the other two sororities she feels they are reckless and don’t think about their actions, she has a few friends from both sororities but its because they have shown her that she can trust them.

History: Caydence Cayla Wright was born to Lenard and Sydney Wright, she was an only child. Her mother was a veterinarian and her father stayed at home working on the farm they lived on which was on sixty acres of land. When she was five years old an accident, her mother was coming home from work and it was during a winter storm. Her mother lost control of her car and flipped it three times, she died at the scene. Losing her mother hit CC hard and she became a very quiet, shy little girl. She got lost in her studies and reading. Her father tried to get her to be more active with other students but CC wasn’t interested.

As she got older teachers noticed how smart she was, her dad said she got her brains from her mother. That always made CC happy. She wanted to be like her mother, so she worked hard to keep her studies at perfect grades and she also worked with her father at the farm to get more used to animals.

Middle school and High school was very difficult for CC, she got picked on a lot by other students and only had two close friends that she really could talk to. She tried to stay strong during school but when she got home she did break down. This didn’t slow her down from following her dream, when she got accepted to Fulton she knew things where going the way she wanted to. Her mother went to Fulton and it was CC’s dream to follow the same path her mother did. She graduated from high school at the top of her class and soon was moving herself to Fulton. When it came to the Sororities CC already knew she wanted to be Theta because her mother was a legend, and none of the other sororities appealed to her. She only did get pledges from Theta but she didn’t mind because she knew that was where she was suppose to be. Over the few years she been at Theta she has made some enemies but also has made some great friends, she can’t wait till this year starts.

Anything else: CC wears glasses when she is either studying, in class, or reading.

So begins...

Caydence Wright's Story