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Elizabeth Lanae Richards

"I can smell an ugly from a mile away."

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a character in “Fulton University number 2”, as played by FiresOwnWeakness



Name: Elizabeth Lanae Richards
Nickname: Liz
Age: 21
Major:Dance and Theater Arts

House: Alpha Theta Pi
Thoughts on being a [Alpha]:
"Well as you can see, being an Alpha gives you major pops or popularity, and you always get the cute boys Like duh how stupid can you possibly be? But being and Alpha is freaking dangerous, I mean their a bad bitches everywhere acting like hungry sharks and they will totally tear you apart, that's why you gotta play the bitch or be played. Pft, you those who taught being an Alpha is all about fancy clothes and make up, you were damn wrong."

+The word bitch
+Being in power
+Reading surprisingly

-Sharks and not the real ones
-fake fur
-feeling left out
-not being important
-Losing a fight
-Not having friends
-Someone not caring about her

-Being stabbed to death
-Dying and being forgotten forever.

Liz is what you called a first class bitch, it's all about her, her and her and nobody else, yes she is extremely conceited and self centered, but that's all part of the first class bitch package. Liz is a gossiper, no doubt in the world that she can make up some crazy lie and the whole school will believe it, No Liz isn't all that scary behind the beast there's a heart right? Liz can be nice when she wants to. But like all the other Alpha's she likes power and nothing else, she's polite at times and cracks a few jokes, she's really into poetry and writing and books, Liz is living a double life, she can't always be the best of both worlds. Liz is an amazing actor, she loves to pretend to be friends with someone or pretend to hate them when she really can't stand them or is secretly there best friend. Liz is cute, funny and dramatic. It's not her fault that rumors all spiral around like crazy, and she ends up in the middle, Liz hates being left out, like not being invited to a sleepover can be the start of a very dirty war with Liz, and there's nothing more than Liz hates than losing a battle, wether it be verbal or physical. Liz hates not having power, if she doesn't have power she doesn't have anything and nothing makes her more angry than that.

Elizabeth Lanae Richards gasped for air in the crisp cold Canadian air, her father Mark Richards was a international business man looking to expand his business, her mother Livia Richards was a housewife who sold cosmetics that soon launched into a successful industry. Her father industry was a powerhouse, it created many jobs and her father became very rich in the process, little Elizabeth was incredibly spoiled due to that fact. Elizabeth did not get attention from her parents due to their busy lives, instead her maid as her guardian, her parents even missed her prom and even her highschool graduation, it was a sad life.

Elizabeth was always a needy girl growing up she got everything but the thing she wanted most she couldn't get and that was love.

Anything else: Put any other information you deem necessary.

So begins...

Elizabeth Lanae Richards's Story


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#, as written by Haas33
Casey thought over her notes one more time and made a few edits. She checked the watch and left with all the others. She would have to review the notes with the other members of Theta Chi. Her next class wasn't for another hour, so she had time to spare. She could stop by the library today to finish her biography on the Yangtze River Dolphin. She flicked back her curly hair and took out her notes again, as she walked down the hallway. Her converse sneakers squeaked against the floor and she flipped the page of her notes. Suddenly she smacked right into somebody. Her books splattered all over the place and she scrambled to pick them up. She stood up and swiped her hair out of her face again. "Sorry about that," She said. And then she noticed who it was. Elizabeth. The bitchy whore from the Alpha's. She gave a fake smile and shifted the books in her hands, her head up high.


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Character Portrait: Casey Burton Character Portrait: Elizabeth Lanae Richards
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