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Hollie Smith

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a character in “Fulton University number 2”, as played by ChristyLovesYou



Name: Hollie Amy Smith
Nickname: Holl, Holls
Age: 21
Major: Graphic Design
Sexuality: Bisexual

House: Zeta Nu Delta
Thoughts on being a Zeta: "It's fucking awesome."

-Loud music
-The beach
-Expensive things

-Boring people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being left out

She has an irrational fear of fish, alive of course, just because she thinks they're creepy and they're going to attack her. This fear started when she was young, and she was in a clear water ocean, and fish started swimming around her in a circle. Ever since she's been afraid, and hated fish.
She is afraid of elevators, maybe it's the enclosed space, and slight claustrophobia, or maybe its the damn creepy elevator music..

Personality: Hollie is a crazy girl. She loves taking risks, and especially enjoys play truth or dare. She's taken the game to an extreme, like streaking across a high school football game, wearing a mask, so at least she wasn't arrested. She's done many worse, but we won't go into detail. The point is, she's one fearless bitch. She doesn't give a damn what others think of her, she lives life for herself, and her own enjoyment. You wouldn't exactly call her the most open person though. If you came up to her and told her to do something crazy, she might slap you in the face, or just walk away. She's bold and careless, never thinking of consequences. She does what she wants, and not what anyone else wants her to do. She feels you're an independent individual, and you can make all of your choices yourself.
She may come off as rude, because she speaks her mind with a bit of an attitude. She's blunt and completely honest, getting right to the point. This doesn't necessarily mean that she is mean, it depends what she thinks of you. Simple fact is, if you're shy, You have no backbone. If you're preppy You might as well hop on the I don't give a fuck plane. If you're smart and geeky and point out that she's not, go to hell. If you're hot and not annoying, You can hang. If you're like her, and love to party, You're not so bad.
Now as much as it seems, she's not very coincided. She doesn't think of herself better than others, she just doesn't agree with a lot of things other people do. She doesn't like to judge people, but when you so obviously flaunt the one trait that you usually show, its hard for her to see beneath that well. She sometimes stereotypes too quickly, but she can't help it, and sometimes she finds out later she's made the wrong stereotype, which she feels bad for, if she'll admit it or not.
Though she likes alcohol, she doesn't get drunk too often. She'd rather watch other people drunk, and be able to remember it. She likes to have a good and be aware of what's going on. Not needing liquid confidence, she doesn't use drugs either. Usually, she's the girl walking around in her underwear. Drunk or not, she knows she has a body to kill, and enjoys showing it off. She is called a slut often by other girls, but she takes it as jealousy towards her. She usually ends up with boys or girls in her bed, if she was in a flirty mood.

History: Hollie grew up an average life. Her mother had her own interior designing company, and her dad worked with computers or something. Her mother was somewhat strict, and they got into arguments often. Her dad was more easy going, so she could get away with a lot of things, on top of the fact that she'd live every weekend so she could go to some party. She has a sister that is four years younger than her, who she strongly dislikes, because she's somewhat of a brat. They were always pretty well off, they had a lake house and a boat, and nothing seemed too expensive for Kiersten.

Hollie did okay in school, but ever since Junior high she lived for parties. She could never really have any of her own, (besides birthday parties) because of her mother, so she went to as many as she could, telling her dad she'd be at a friends house. Now because her parents were only present for half of her life, they didn't know anything of her reputation. She did have a couple boyfriends, but none lasted too long. Mostly she just got with people at parties.

Anything else: 'And the four right chords can make me cry, when I'm with you I feel like I could die, and that would be alright, alright.' <- theres my song lyric. Forgot it in the reservation.

So begins...

Hollie Smith's Story