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Russ Desmond

0 · 196 views · located in Earth

a character in “Fulton University number 2”, as played by ChristyLovesYou



Name: Russ Eric Desmond
Nickname: Russ
Age: 21
Major: Journalism
Sexuality: Straight
House: Beta
Thoughts on being a Beta: I enjoy it. I like fitting in somewhere, even if I'm still a little different.
The smell of new books
Girls with a bold attitude
Outgoing people
Sleeping in

Careless mistakes
Big cities
Unreasonably loud people
People who care too much about something unimportant to him
People who come to college to just party
Fake girls
Annoying noises (tapping a pen, chewing loudly, ect.)

Fears: Not get over his drinking problem, and never being able to do what he wants.

Personality: Russ is the witty intelligent type. He's very clever, and quick with smart comments. He can be charming and friendly, but mostly he doesn't care too much about anything really. Though he's incredibly adept, he doesn't try much in school. He likes to do his own thing as much as he can, even if it means pissing off his parents a bit. With that being said, his parents want him to succeed in politics, or business, but he's more focused on journalism. He enjoys literature, and loves to read about anything and everything.
He's a bit cocky, thinking he's right all the time, or knowing he's right, because he probably is. Being arrogant almost, his parents are very wealthy so he's had almost everything handed to him. He doesn't understand the value of things sometimes, seeing as money isn't an object for him.
He's somewhat of a serious person, he doesn't show much emotion. If you do know him well, you can tell how he's feeling, just by looking at him. To others he's somewhat of a mystery, you can tell however he's acting is somewhat of an act. He has somewhat of a dazed look to him, he over analyzes everything, leaving him in his own world. Sometimes he seems far away though he may be right next to you, he has a distant look to him, like he's look through you at something far more interesting. You can never tell if you have his full attention. When he looks at someone, it can feel like he's looking deep inside of you, trying to pick at your brain, which is what he's trying to do. Study people. He wants to be good with empathy, that way he can see through the eyes of almost anyone.
He's a bit random, and will surprise you when you think he wasn't listening. If you mention you like something in particular, he may go out of his way to get it for you, and may amaze you by randomly giving it. He enjoys picking up on little details, he finds reading between the lines is most important though.
He tries to be easily approachable, and is often trusted with secrets, because he's not much of a gossiper, and keeps most of his life extremely private. He keeps to himself somewhat, but occasionally reaches out to others.
He's somewhat flirtatious, but compared to the other boys in the house he's less of a go-getter, because he'd rather find a girlfriend, than find a bedmate for the night. He's quick with a smile, and always polite. He speaks his mind, and when he gives compliments he's always honest and sincere. He's had a few girlfriends, a couple serious, others not so much.
He's a cross country runner. Long distance, anywhere, pretty much anytime. Running clears his head, and lets him get away from things. He often runs late at night, sometimes early morning. Though he could easily win competitions and races, he's not in it for the sport, he does it because he loves it. He runs in any weather, and goes until he wants to come back.
His problem he has is his drinking problem. He often drinks any troubles he has away, or just because he's feeling off. He often drinks to the point where he can't remember everything that happened, and wakes up remembering bits and pieces. He usually doesn't drink as much during parties, trying not to get too carried away.

History: Russ grew up with his father, after his mother left when he was seven. He wasn't affected much by this, she was somewhat high maintenance, and he never felt like he did anything right for her as a child. He later regretted that he wasn't close with her, but it was her fault for leaving. He often wondered where she'd run off to, and why. He didn't ask his father until his Junior year of high school. His father then explained the story, of how she tried to sweep the bank accounts, and pick up and leave. Luckily, they caught her, and he got the money back, but because he still loved her, he didn't press charges, and let her go. She was probably feeling embarrassed, he wasn't even looking at her.
Now for his father, this isn't a 'drunk dad is abusive' story. His father was a great man, and always looked for the best for his son. He was somewhat disappointed when he found that Russ was more interest in running than another sport, only because he didn't really know how to help train him for that. Nevertheless, he supported him in every way he could. Ever since his wife had left he'd been saving a college fund, but since Russ had gotten a scholarship as well, he was pretty set up in money.

Anything Else: His father was a beta, so he was a legacy.



So begins...

Russ Desmond's Story