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Austin Lein

Cat got your tongue?

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a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week Begins”, as played by Anraee



"I don't mean to be rude butttt, do you need ice? You look quite hot"

Austin Nicole Lein
Cookie, Button, and Lee
Birth Date:
Sept. 18th


Austin was born into a middle class family. They didn't he everything they wanted but they had enough to survive and afford a few extra things from time to time. Austin as a child grew up with her Grandma since her mom didn't make enough money to support her. Although her mother did keep her older two children with her because she could just barely afford for them to live with her. Austin was too young and that meant she would need to have a baby sitter all the time in order for her mom to actually be able to take care of her. But her mother didn't have that kind of money so it was impossible for her to live with her mom for the time being. Although she grew up with her grandma she liked it a lot. She lived in a country type place and she would always go on adventures into the woods and around town with the other kids she had as friends. It was one of the things she adored to do as a child. So she grew up basically being free and not having to worry about anything really at all. It was a peaceful time for her and she liked it a lot.

But then once she moved in with her mom as a teenager she didn't quite adjust to that type of life so easily at all. She used to have good grades and had fun. B it now she lived in a bigger city and had to actually stay close to home and always watch out for others. She got there and had a really hard time adjusting for the first few years. Those years she got into a lot of different things with others. She started to drink and do drugs to try and fit in with others. That wasn't really the type of thing she really enjoyed at all. She just wanted to fit in with the others so she ended up doing it and giving into the peer pressure! That path lead her into a really bad direction. She started to do horrible in school and didn't even want to go to school. She had a lot of pregnancy scares and she finally realized what she was doing to herself. She was just a freshman and getting into this type of stuff was crazy. Austin ended up getting therapy to turn her life back around from that point.

When her parents found out about the drugs and such they said she wouldn't have anything in life. She wouldn't have a good job and wouldn't go to college either. Austin was so upset she decided to prove them wrong. Over the years of high school she had left, she got try e absolute highest grades she really couldn't. She didn't let things bring her down so easily and actually began to work hard! She hated how her family would say those things to her and it had a huge impact on her in general. She kept her grades hidden and it wasn't till she was accepted to the University that she showed her parent her report cards, progress reports, and SAT scores she actually felt proud of herself. Their faces were shocked and amazing and she felt so happy knowing her past what she thought was impossible for the. It was the best thing in the world for her. Actually going to college was one of her dreams and she was finally making it possible.


Austin has a lot of these you would not like to bore your minds out to read and such. To spare you the time you'll get to know the simple ones that she tends to do a lot of the time. She always had a weird habit of asking people are you sure? She tends to ask it a lot of time, until she feels like they really are okay or aren't okay. Its more of a way to know when people are okay or not. Its pretty simple, but some people think its weird since she does it a lot and to everyone. Another one will be that she always carries around a squishy ball. There isn't much logic in this one, but every time she leaves her house, she has to have on with her. Its weird but true. An also bites her nails, but a lot of people do so its nothing that's new around these parts. Austin always winks. Whether its for fun or as a typical, she even does it in pictures, She loves to wink and its more of a playful manner when she does wink to others. Her last and final one that is the strangest, is her mouth twitching. Her mouth wants to always twitch at the wrong moments and it appears as she is trying to hold in a smile or a laugh. She cant keep a straight face when she feels her mouth twitching, it just gives you that feeling.

Good personality traits:
Assertive ||Attentive ||Ambitious ||Charismatic| |Courageous ||Easygoing ||Friendly ||Honest ||Humorous ||Loving ||Loyal ||Self-reliant ||Resourceful ||Spontaneous

Bad personality traits:
Absentminded ||Anxious|| Callous|| Childish||Dubious || Fools Love||Frail ||Incompetent ||Lazy||Liar||Infamy||

Austin in general is a really active person. she isn't always really the normal-est person you will meet and quite frankly she is probably not the first person you would talk to on your own free will. She is the type to go up to others and start to socialize with them. She likes doing it since you make new friends and its also fun to do. When someone is sitting out on a desk all alone you don't just wave them off, no you walk up to the and start to socialize and get to know them a little. You never know, you may have just met your future best friend for life.All the possibilities of not taking chances overwhelm her and she in general just does it to make new friends. She really likes to have friends to talk to hand hang out with when she is bored. Its easy for her to socialize so why not give it a shot, its not going to kill you for not even trying. Most of the time when you're around her she will make some type of joke. Its one of the things she is known for. She laughs too hard at her own jokes when it really isn't necessary, but she likes to do it. Even if the joke isn't funny and you see someone laughing really really hard about it I'm sure you would want to laugh about it too. Don't be dumb and say that you won't, unless you have a cold stone face and don't show your emotions, that doesn't count here at all. Buy you get the point now, Austin knows how to have fun and she likes to have fun. She doesn't really have a problem talking to others as far as the eye can tell.

On the other side, there are a lot of things you really don't know about her and she doesn't tend to show most of the time. In fact its either that or you don't want to see those sides come out of her at all. The sides you regret to want to see at all costs at times. But Austin tends to be really absent minded most of the time. She is thinking one thing while you're talking to her and it goes right out of the other ear. She doesn't mean to do it, most of the time it just happens. But have you really heard of a person purposefully trying to be absent minded around you. That is called ignoring someone that that's bone of the things she does when she doesn't like you at all. She doesn't find it useful since all you end up doing is getting provoked and having to say something to lash out at that person. Well that how she view it to say at the least. he is also really childish when it comes to certain things. When she is suppose to act mature about some things, she acts like a child and that annoys a lot of people when she does that. But she does it and everyone has that tiny spark of childishness in them, It comes out from time to time. But a lot of people point in out in her since it come out more often that it come out in others. But she blows it into the dust since it doesn't matter all that much in the long run.

Like a lot of people her age Austin is really lazy and at times you will literally have to drag her out of bed in order to get her to come out of her room. the mornings aren't her best times so she will most likely threaten you in some type of way so she can sleep more. Even though she won't hurt anyone she still does it cause its one of the things she just does. If anything she also falls in love easily. When she likes someone a lot she automatically thinks its love and gets excited only to end up hurting herself in the long run. She can't really help it, it just happens when she least expects it to. Guys are something she does pay much attention to, unless you really grab it. She isn't the type to go all gaga for a guy when she sees them once. Sure they look cute but, why should I just start going crazy about them right then. She doesn't show much attention to them besides friendship, but when she starts to fall for a the guy really hard. She will easily lie to you about it but she really does fall hard over that person. Another thing is that she lies. Not just tiny lies she'll tell people big lies when she finds it necessary for that time. She knows it wrong but she does it anyways. Even though she lies, she is loyal to the people she loves. She won't ever betray them in the slightest at all. She will lie to protect them and that's the only time she would lie to them about things. There are a lot of things you won't really understand unless you get to know her. Her personality goes far beyond just a description of it. Make contact with her and you will understand and know her better.

Greatest joys in life:
For Austin it doesn't take much to make her happy. She likes when people show her affection and knowing she is wanted. When she doesn't have someone pushing her and wanting her to stay she gets driven away. Awkward situations and such aren't her thing and she would rather not like to deal with it. She also gets really happy when she has someone who is close to her. It doesn't mean physically, but she likes to have someone to talk to. There isn't any fun talking to yourself and she would rather not have to deal with that at all. Austin would rather talk to someone to talk to over looking crazy and having a full blown and humorous conversation with herself. People would really think she would have officially lost it at that moment.

Greatest fears:
Austin likes to pretend that nothing hurts her at all. She won't just willingly tell you what's upsetting her at that moment. What things she fears the most. Those things she likes to keep hidden to herself. You won't know so you won't be able to manipulate her with her worst fears at all. She likes to keep it that way and to make things a lot simpler than if people knew what she was afraid of. But she has a absolute fear of the darkness. Not what lurks in it, the dark. She doesn't like to not be able to see things. It creates a lot of things to rummage through your mind and you have to really think about it. Its something really weird and you won't be able to understand well enough. Mentally she is afraid of losing herself to insanity. She always felt like she was a bit on the other side when she really wasn't t all. But that's something she tended to think about a lot of the time.
Life philosophy:
"As life goes on, you go on with it"

✘ Yelling
✘ Pictures
✘ Ants
✘ Reading/Writing
✘ KIds
✘ T.V.
✘ Texting
✘ Drugs

Thoughts on Greek Life
Austin really doesn't knows what to think about the school or anything related to Greek. She came here on a complete Welm and ended up getting in. It was a miracle itself and she couldn't even believe it. But she is excited to figure out which house she wants to belong to. She had only heard tiny little whispers as to which ones where the best and worst. But she couldn't really just judge based off of that. Its a bit confusing and frustrating to figure out but that's how she feels. This school is a mystery to her and she doesn't know how well she is going to do in it. Or which house will like her. And all those good old things!

Plans for after college
Austin has a lot of things planned for when she graduated. She wants to go travel around the world and meet new people. See different culture's and figure out where she really belongs in this world. She plans on helping people in the future but she can't decide how or what career path she is choosing to go through. She honestly doesn't know and is a confused mess when you ask her. Austin won't be able to give you a straight answer about anything that involves her career and such since she hasn't officially decided on what she wants to do just yet. It sounds really confusing since it really is. But she hasn't chosen yet. Maybe the health care career? Or teaching? She really has no clue just yet. But she will probably decide at one good point in time. Her goals for college is to pass every class with a B. For her that seems impossible but she plans on keeping to realist and making it possible. She wants to do something with her life. Another one of her goals is to volunteer somewhere all four years she is in college too. She has a lot of tedious goals she wants to follow through. But will she actually follow them is the questions that gets asked around now a days.

Austin has more of an athletic type of body. Its not all that tiny and petite although she is on the smaller size. She tends to workout to gain a bit of muscle so she doesn't look that tiny. She refers to herself as a box. She doesn't have too much of a bust or a body at all. Front get her wrong, she does have a bit of curves but its not your average over the top kind of curves. Like the sickening ones you see at the movies. Its not like that at all. Austins stands at 5'8 which is pretty tall for a girl if you look at her family. She's taller than her whole family except her uncles. She's even taller than her own dad which is a big surprise. She also weighs around 125-130lbs. Not too bad. Well its actually not bad at all.
Hair Colour:
Austin's hair a complete mess so you can say. She dyes it different colors all the time so not a lot of people get to see what her natural hair color looks like at all. But naturally it's a dark brown. Its not super long but ends at the bottom of her chest in waves. She likes her hair a lot because of that. It doesn't stand out too much when its natural. Its a bit different when she dyes it different colors. Throughout the year she dyes I at least two different colors. She likes to mix it up a lot of the time so it won't be so boring to look at all the time. This year she decided to dye it a hot pink color. Pink isn't normally her thing, but this time it seemed different so she just decide to go with it this time. Austin ended up actually liking how it turned out so it's not that bad at all.
Eye Colour:
According to others Austin has a light brown eye color that looks hazel at times. In her opinion that's just how it simply looks on its own and it isn't light at all. Its a shitty brown if you ask her. And she'll just shrug about it in the end.
Distinguishing Marks:
, Austin has a lot of things people would probably find different on herself. The first and pretty obvious one is that she has a nose piercings. She likes it a lot and most of the time she had a gold hoop going through it. She got the piercing when she was only 12 but it wasn't until recently she actually felt like changing the ring. She just got stuck with the gold hoop not that she would complain about it at all. She also has a tattoo on her chest of butterflies. Its really pretty and she adores it a lot of the time. She had gotten it the previous year as a senior. It was her birthday gift and she thought that it was pretty cool too. Besides that she doesn't look too different from the people around her at all
She doesn't exactly have a type of style. She knows what the different styles are but she doesn't exactly fit into any of them. She is a freely diverse person. She likes options of choosing tons of things and she likes to choose what she wears. But its not like she goes for one type of style. Austin may like a bit of band type shirts, floral, girly. She ranges I'm different areas and likes to keep it that way. It's another way she tends to mix things but quite a bit. Its fun and doesn't get boring when she simply stick with one thing.

So begins...

Austin Lein's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year had begun the second students began moving back onto campus, but now, it finally seemed to hit them. For some, it was their final year at the beloved Fulton University, one of the top universities in the country. For others, it was their first year. Either way, there was a sort of buzz all around campus, a tingle each and every student felt as they greeted this year of opportunities and adventure. And what better way to start it all off than with the one thing on everybody's mind - Rush Week. Granted, these would only be the preliminary rounds, but who knows what could happen on the very first day...

As the track slowly moved to its conclusion and after receiving a nod from one of her favorite radio partners, Naomi officially turned the dial for the sound down, speaking into her microphone clearly with her ever present and rich British lilt. "That was 2 On by Tinashe, the best song of Summer 2014. You heard it here at Fulton U Hot 103.4." Ronnie, or Ronald when he was in their political science class with Dr. Skarsgaard who truly did not care for pleasantries or students, much less, grinned at her making a face at him for pressing one of the controls, which caused a squelching sound appear just after she finished her sentence. He played too much sometimes and she had half the mind to reach over the table of controls that separated them just to swat him on the head, but opted against it. She had to go soon anyway. She rolled her eyes at him before continuing, "This is your girl Nomi, NomiIzMe, and I'm about to turn everything over to my co-host, RonnieB. Don't get forget to holla at your girl at the beautiful Zeta Nu Delta House stand at the 2014 Fulton University Activities Fair. Hope to see you all there." With a mock salute and her favorite mix of India Arie and a beat from DJ Mustard, Naomi spelled her own exit and turned everything over to Ronnie, nodding to him as she set down her headset before exiting the large recording area.

Once outside in the busy hallway, she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and made her way through the crowd, the gold of her Zeta Nu Delta custom-made bracelet catching a glint from the sun, which peeked in through the barely closed blinds of one of the hallway windows. Smirking to herself as she saw a few noticeable freshmen males whispering to themselves and glancing over at her, she twirled a few strands of hair with her pointer finger, shooting them a sultry grin accompanied by a wink before turning the corner. The move was harmless and judging by an exclamation followed by a quiet roar of excitement from where they had, it had the desired effect. She didn't mess around with freshmen guys and never would, but it definitely was fun toying with them. Not that she would ever lead them on or anything of that nature, but flirting was harmless. Besides, she wouldn't be a true Zeta if she didn't have a bit of a flirt in her. A more genuine smile flitted across her face at the thought of her girls and without hesitation, Naomi whipped out her phone to text them just as she pulled into one of the many bathrooms on the first floor to simply check on her image.

To: Zoey, Amelia, Sierra
Omw 2 the booth. 1 of u better b there

Naomi wasn't particularly worried about any of the girls showing up late, she decided, as the text was sent. She had already specified that one of the other sophomores would set up with some of the baked goods Naomi had made the night before. She slid her phone into her back pocket before primping her hair. She had chosen one of her more fun outfits for the day. It was eye-catching enough to remind everyone that she was a fashionable woman, but simple enough to not do too much in. Naomi could be a lot of things, but she wasn't that much of a show-off. Besides, that tomboyish edge was her thing and she always had to make sure it was on point. After reapplying the natural-looking shade of pink lip gloss on her lips and that her hair was still on point, she gave herself one more appraisal before leaving the bathroom and heading out to one of the larger grassy areas of Fulton University, where the Activities Fair was to take place. Every year, the location changed and she actually preferred the area they chose for this year. It was spacious and open, and left room for some of the campus' more physically active organizations to show off. It was like a tame Zeta/Sigma party, except without the booze and heavy grinding. Just a paid DJ and everyone weaning out their favorites.

Once outside, it didn't take her long to get to her booth, which was closer to the Sigma table. She frowned a bit when she didn't see Miles yet and decided to find her favorite Sigma, setting her bag down beside her chosen chair and taking a seat. Folding one smooth leg over the other, she grinned at the Zeta who had watched the table in her absence before pulling out her phone to text Miles and her other best friend.

To: Miles
Slacking on your pres duties?

To: Sam
U better not b sleep


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"Pretend it never happened and let bygones be bygones" Alexandri had to let out a small sigh of relief. Of course Naomi's body language didn't exactly tell him that she believed him at all, neither did the sort of smug look on the extremely tall girl standing next to him, but nonetheless Alexandri was pleased by how things had gone. ""You should go check out the other booths like all the other freshmen. It'll be fun and I'm sure one of them have free booze." That comment made him laugh a little. Something in Naomi's tone told him that the last part probably was more meant for herself and he couldn't help made an ironic comment followed by a little wink. "Little early for a drink don't you think?"

As none of the ladies seemed interested in continuing talking to him, Alexandri said a quick goodbye to the ladies just as Austin walked over to him. [color=#ff2400"]"Dobroye utro, Austin"[/color] He greeted her with a smile before leading her away from the two blondes. "Yeah, we are supposed to check out organizations and stuff. Especially the Greek houses with those ridiculous names" He said with a little laugh. Why the housed had such complicated names was really beyond his comprehension. They could easily have done with just a third of the Greek alphabet they used. Well well, not really anything he could do with that. Then he heard a 'pling' from his phone. "Two seconds" Alexandri said as he pulled his rather ancient HTC out of his pocket only to discover a message from his uncle ordering him down to one of the projects Evans construction was currently doing. If he had the time of course. "Sorry, I got to go. Try to enjoy the booths okay? See you at the jamboree later. Do do svidaniya" With that he spun around on his heals and headed towards the parking lot where his not-quite-so-beautiful BMW 3-series was standing.

20 minutes later Alexandri was down at the office so his uncle could tell him what the emergency was. And 30 minutes later Alexandri was down at the beach-line in the iconic cargopants-ish pants any type of construction workers use, helping one of the polish carpenters building a terrace for some rich fuck who couldn't do it himself.


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#, as written by Anraee
Austin had smiled as he greeted her. She found him a bit odd but she still liked him for being that one odd person. She didn't mind it at all though. It was pretty nice in her opinion. Everyone had that bitr of oddness in them and they coukdnt be able to deny it? Unless they want to lie about it. But that's up to him, she wouldn't worry about it at all. They will be who they are and she could do nothing to stop them at all. Austin was just about to ask Alexandri about going with her to the beach when she was interrupted. She simply nodded at him waiting til the call was done. She hadnt even gotten a chance to say anything and he was already off.
Sutin wouldn't be able to lie to herself, that hurt a lot in her opinion. She waved goodbye doubting that he would even see it before ealking around a bit. She saw a similar girl that seemed to be walking around table to table. Maybe she would be able to talk to her. From behidn GH e girl looked pretty. She walked over to her thinking as she walked. The girl seemed to be more so in her own word. Her brown eavy hair looked really pretty and she smiled to herself thinking about it. A cute little friend would be nice to have. So she slowly walled over trying to find the perfecr time to actually begin to talk to her. She didn't want to just barge into a conversation with her, since it would be pretty rude in her own case.
She fixed her hair slightly as the girl was left alone as the other girls chatted with each other. She took the opportunity to walk up to her and introduce herself. "Hey, sorry if I seem too jumpy, but do you want to hang out? I'm still looking around the place. Plus I know no one around here" she told her with a soft smile hoping not to scare the poor girl away from her just yet. Not that she was planning to. She just wanted to have a simple and fun time, maybe he to know a few people too. It kind of sucked only knowing one person at the moment.
She overheard them talking about the beach and she honestly liked the idea a lot. That means she could make new friends and be able to know people from different houses or whatever they called them. She honestly had no clue with the whole different names of houses and the word that starts with an s.
Just thing she started to feel really rude as she was with the girl. "Sorrym my name is Austin." She asked with a laugh? Of course Austin would forget to introduce herself to others. This was a bad habit of hers but it !made her laugh quite a bit at times. Since she expected to know everyone name and them know hers, so when she doesnt remember a name she feels really awkward and weird about it. So let's not really talk about it at all. She sent a text to Alexandri. "Hey, you should stop by the beach when you're free" She sent him looking up at the other girls. "So did you?"


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The Zeta girls seemed really nice which was reassuring. If she did decide to rush, at least she had an idea of which house might be best for her. Naomi, the president, had invited her to the beach but besides not having a ride, Dori wasn't sure if she wanted to tag along when she didn't know anyone. Plus, she had spent most of her summer working at a local pizzeria and was feeling especially pale compared to all of the sun-loving Miami residents.

After finishing her food and thanking Zoey and Naomi for the information, she turned to head back to her dormitory. She still had some unpacking to do and was interested in meeting her roommates, Karma and Jessica. Just as she turned around though, a girl with bright pink hair began to talk with her. She spoke quickly and although she didn't explicitly say it, the way that she claimed that she didn't know anyone made Dori assume that she was also a freshman. She laughed a little when the girl remembered to introduce herself at the end, but smiled. Her first impression of Austin was that she was a little bit out there, but in a good way. She seemed friendly and authentically nice and after spending the past few hours alone, it was nice to have someone approach her and want to talk. "Hey! I'm Dori. I heard that a lot of people are going down to the beach but I have to stop by the financial aid office," she said with a frown. "I would love to hang out later though! Here, put your number in my phone and I'll text you later," she said, pulling her phone out of her pocket and handing it to Austin. Once the girl handed it back to her, she slipped it back into her jeans. "See you later, Austin!" she said as she headed away from the fair.

Until Austin had asked her to hang out, she hadn't remembered that she needed to stop by the financial aid office but that was now her first stop. Her financial aid and scholarships covered most of her tuition, but she also needed to get a work study job to support her living expense over the year.