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Dori Knight

"New year, new me..."

0 · 686 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week Begins”, as played by Whatsername



"I don’t think people love me. They love versions of me I have spun for them, versions of me they have construed in their minds. The easy versions of me, the easy parts of me to love."


Dorothy Isabella Knight




Birth Date:
October 27th



50% African-American (father) / 30% English (mother), 10% German (mother), 10% Irish (mother)



Childhood/Family Life:
Dori's upbringing wasn't traditional and certainly wasn't the white-picket-fence dream, but she made it out alive and that's all that counts now. Her parents were teenagers when they conceived her and neither were responsible or wealthy enough to care for her at that age. Her mother was too far along in the pregnancy to get an abortion when she actually discovered that she was pregnant, so after giving birth to her, she was promptly put up for adoption. A young couple who believed that they couldn't have any children adopted her when she was a few weeks old and she remained in their care for two years. When the woman suddenly became pregnant, as bad as it was, they no longer wanted Dori. She was half-black which wasn't acceptable in their tight knit, upscale community and although she was still young, she was exhibiting signs of mental delays. As if she was a malfunctioning toy, the couple returned her to the agency she had been adopted from and claimed that they wouldn't be able to provide sufficient care for a child with disabilities. It turned out that she wasn't mentally disabled but was just a developing at a slower rate than her peers. By the time she was four, she had finally learned to walk and was beginning to speak and at age six, she had caught up with other children her age.

Despite being a healthy child, she was never adopted again and spent the next sixteen years in three different foster homes. She was treated well in all of them so unlike many kids in the system, she can't complain about poor treatment in that respect. The three families that took her in were all decent people who did think that they were making a difference in her life by taking her in. Despite their kindness, Dori always recognized that they weren't really her family. If they weren't getting government checks to support her, would they still want her in their home? None of them ever went to the extent of adopting her and making her a permanent member of their family, and once she grew old enough to understand that, it spoke volumes to her.

She was always an average student in school, so it took a lot of work for her to get scores that would qualify for her to get into Fulton. Luckily, being a foster child allowed her to get a lot of scholarships and government aid that would cover all of her tuition and room and board costs. If it hadn't been for that, there would be no way that she would be attending the school, or any, probably. As of now, she's still receiving government benefits from Kansas but when she ages out next month, she's essentially going to have no "home" to return to when she's not at school. Although her current foster parents are good people, with three other children to support, they won't have the finances to house and raise Dori without the checks they've been getting for her from the state.


Looking people up and down: It's an act most often associated with bitchy girls trying to intimidate another, or show that they clearly disapprove of someone's look. Dori doesn't mean it in this way. She's just kind of a visual learner and finds people's appearances to be an important part of who they are.
Drinking water: She's almost always carrying a bottle of water with her. There's no real reason behind it, but besides alcohol in social settings, it's all she drinks. She's not a fan of coffee, juices or sodas.
Praying: All three of her foster placements happened to be conservative Christian families, so praying every night has become a habit for her.
Judges people: She hates it when people do it to her, but she can't help judging people sometimes. In her defense, it's always just kept in her head as a caution to her when dealing with certain people. She gives people fair chances and hopes that they prove her wrong, but when she suspects someone to be a bitch, her instincts are usually right anyway.

Good personality traits:
Ambitious || Sincere || Team player || Realistic

Bad personality traits:
Impatient || Proud || Spiteful || Unapologetic

Just like most people, the way that Dori acts depends on who she's interacting with. Most people meet the fiery, spunky and shamelessly honest side of her. She speaks her mind and is sincere in everything she says, regardless of whether it's good or bad. She doesn't actively try to bring people down but if you ask for her opinion, she's going to give it to you. She's never seen the need to refrain herself or censor her thoughts to comfort other people's ignorance or naivety and definitely is far from being prim and proper. She absolutely hates being called "ghetto", which is something she frequently got growing up simply because of her skin color, but she's much more informal than she is formal. When it comes to this, she's unapologetic though. If her dialect, sense of humor or way of interacting with people offends someone, she sees it as being their problem, not hers.

Her childhood definitely shaped who she is today, too. Dorothy was never given anything without having to work for it, so she knows the importance of hard work, dedication and motivation. She's usually flexible and a team player when it comes to compromising with other people, as long as they're willing to make leeway too. Although she can become defensive when she feels insulted and she definitely has her own first opinions on people, she generally is friendly and easy to get along with. She's realistic and even though she has fantasies in the back of her mind of what she'd love to happen, she knows that she isn't going to win the lottery, no one is going to adopt her, and she'll probably never find her birth parents. It's disappointing but Dori finds it important to keep her head out of the clouds and in reality. There's no point in wasting time dreaming when she can use that energy to improve her own life.

Greatest joys in life:
Feeling wanted: Everyone wants to feel wanted. It's an obvious joy, probably, but for someone who's grown up knowing that they're only worth the check the government sends with them, having people actually appreciate her presence means a lot to her. More than it does to most, probably.
Chocolate: It's her guilty pleasure and a surefire way to her heart.
Money: Money might not make you happy, but Dori is convinced that her life would be a lot less stressful if her wallet was fatter than it is.
Sex: Don't confuse this with her being easy, because she isn't. She just really enjoys the passion and energy associated with sex and if she has the right connection with someone, she's totally down for a fun night with minimal strings attached come morning.

Greatest fears:
Aging out of foster care: She knew it was going to happen eventually, but there was a little part of her that always hoped that some rich family would come along and adopt her. Apparently she watched "Annie" too many times. Even though there are supposedly resources available for kids like her who age out of the system, she knows that it's going to be a much more difficult start for her in life than her peers.

Life philosophy:
"There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself."
— Laurell K. Hamilton


❤Ice cream
❤Warm weather
❤Amusement parks
❤Italian food
❤Good finds at thrift shops
❤Flying ~ her flight to Fulton was her first time
✘"Mean girl" types
✘Bad hair days


Thoughts on Greek Life:
Honestly, Dori is hesitant about joining Greek life. She knows that she doesn't have enough money to participate in all of the lavish events they seem to partake in and is scared of being rejected because of that. However, her desire for close relationships is coming before her pride and she's promised herself that she's going to at least try rushing. If no one wants her or if it seems to expensive, she simply won't pledge to a house. It'll certainly be a bummer, but at least she won't completely embarrass herself by joining one and having to drop out. She doesn't know much about the houses, especially the fraternities since she obviously isn't looking to join one of those. From what she's heard of the sorority houses, the Alpha house seems the least likely option for her. Apparently it's a bunch of rich girls who think that having unlimited access to Daddy's credit card makes them higher than everyone else. She doesn't find herself to be extremely smart so she's unsure if the Theta's will want her, and even though she loves a good party, she's scared that she isn't wild enough for the Zeta house. So, as of now, she really has no idea on what she's doing and which house to focus on.

Plans for after college:
The only thing that she's certain of is that she wants to adopt kids at some point in her life. She knows that she desperately needs to find a steady job as soon as she graduates since unlike many kids, she doesn't have Mom and Dad's house to crash at until she's ready to enter the workforce. However, she's scared of just settling on some boring major and career and realizing in twenty years that she's not happy with her life.


She's on the low side of the healthy BMI category, weighing approximately 130 pounds and standing at 5'10. She appreciates her height and figure which is more than many girls her age can say about themselves.

Hair Colour: Remember to find a face claim who has gifs with the same hair colour.
She currently wears her hair in its natural brown hue, but did test out honey highlights last year.

Eye Colour:

Distinguishing Marks:
She has the normal ear piercings, but nothing more exciting than that. She desperately wants a tattoo but between being underage and broke, hasn't had a chance to go through with it yet. It's definitely on her to-do list for when she turns eighteen, though.

Dori definitely values her appearance and is obsessed with fashion, even if she won't admit it. Coming from a humble background means that if she wants to afford brand name clothes, she's going to have to find it at a thrift store. She's completely fine with doing that but since most of her designer items are usually from past seasons, she would never strike up a fashion-related conversation with someone who she knows can afford her weight in gold. She likes putting together unique outfits but also knows that she isn't as designer savvy as some of the people she's sure to meet, now that she's leaving her small town life.

So begins...

Dori Knight's Story


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Her freshman year was off to a shaky start. Dori was scheduled to move in with the rest of the freshman yesterday, but she didn't make it to the school until the early hours of this morning. The first hitch was expected: her foster parents couldn't afford (or didn't want to front the cash, as Dori would say) to have her fly straight from Kansas City to Miami, so she was put on a multi-stop flight that was supposed to land in Fort Lauderdale around three in the afternoon on Monday. She would then have to take an hour long bus ride to Fulton. It was an inconvenience compared to how simple things could have been if she had just flown into Miami or had parents who would drive her and her luggage down, but had things gone as planned, she would have been fine with it. In a perfectly "just my luck" fashion, however, things didn't. Her flight left Kansas an hour late due to storms, and was delayed once again for two additional hours during her layover in Detroit. When she finally landed in Florida, it was nearly seven o'clock and to make matters worse, two of the three bags of luggage she had brought were missing. After three hours of dealing with customer service and hitting dead end after dead end, the bags were discovered in a different terminal. By now, no buses were running the long route to Miami and Dori was forced to spend the night in the airport hotel, which luckily, was complimentary as an apology for the luggage mishap.

This morning, she took the first bus to Miami and after a bit of rush hour traffic, arrived at the university at around eight-thirty in the morning. She was flustered from the previous day's chaos but consistently reminded herself that she needed to remain positive. She was finally doing something with her life and if she started on a bad note, there was no way that she was going to excel here. If nothing else, at least the weather in Miami was delightful, she considered. After hauling her luggage to the wrong dormitory and then finally to the correct one, she managed to check-in and get all of her paperwork sorted out before finally arriving in her room for the year. She had been lucky enough to be placed in one of the newer dormitories so while she shared a common room and bathroom with two other girls, they each had small, but separate bedrooms. The girls' names were listed as Jessica and Karma, but when Dori got to the dorm room, neither girl were there. She helped herself to the only unclaimed bedroom and although it was certainly a step up from some of the dorms she had toured last year, it was still your typical barren dormitory. Her first step of the day was making her bed, which consisted of putting on a simple set of white sheets and a purple comforter that brought a pop of color to the room. She hadn't brought any posters or photos to hang on the wall, so besides setting up some of her school supplies on her desk and plugging her phone in to charge, there wasn't much left to do. She wasn't satisfied with the room's look, but she didn't have much time to fret over it anyway. She realized how hungry she actually was and after fingering through the folder filled with papers that the dorm adviser had given her, she saw that there was an activities fair scheduled to start within the next few hours.

After changing out of the casual tank top and gym shorts that she had arrived in and into a more presentable outfit, she left the dormitory and navigated her way across campus to one of the dining halls. She was on a limited meal plan but after such a painful commute, she wasn't about to skimp on some comfort food. A bagel, blueberry muffin and cup of yogurt later, and she was finally on her way to the Activity Fair. For once, this destination wasn't hard to find. The entire grassy air of the courtyard was filled with different stations representing different organizations. Dori was definitely interested in getting involved with clubs on campus so she took her time as she moved from booth to booth. She put her name and email address own for a fair amount of clubs: the Spanish club, study-abroad program, fashion club, African heritage club, community service leaders, and intramural basketball to name a few. Although she didn't plan on actually dedicating herself to every one of them, she was interested in at least going to the first meeting for each of them and figuring out if she wanted to be involved after giving it a shot. Plus, nearly everyone she spoke to at the booths seemed outgoing and kind. Even if she didn't plan on joining every club, at least she was making friendly acquaintances along the way.

As she approached the end of the courtyard, she found the most amount of people and as she got closer, she realized that it was because this was the Greek life area. There were six booths representing the three fraternities and three sororities and although passing the fraternity booths was easy, she wasn't sure where to start with the sororities. Hell, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to join a sorority! Each of them had their own unique look but they all shared the appearance of being well put together, especially compared to some of the club booths she had passed earlier. Between the apparent dress code among the girls and the elegant display of foods, the Alpha Theta Pi booth struck her as being the "royalty" sorority. The girls all looked very prim and proper - the type who Dori imagined would attend débutante balls and take etiquette lessons on their days off. It was probably far from true, but their coordinated outfits and over-the-top food tables gave her the impression that they topped the school's social hierarchy. When she stopped to get a glass of lemonade from the table, the two girls working the refreshment table seemed to solidify that image for her. The blonde and brunette were both gorgeous, as was the boy conversing with them, but their smiles and attitudes seemed superficial. Although Dori didn't engage in conversation with either and continued on her way after grabbing the drink, she got the sense that they weren't in great moods. She wasn't aware of the reasons behind it, but it didn't give her the best vibes. As she continued though, she caught the eye of another Alpha, who was probably of Asian-decent and appeared to be closer in age with her. This girl seemed to be much more pleasant, but still thinking the house probably wasn't for her, she just took one of the pamphlets that the girl was distributing and offered a cheerful, "thanks!" before walking to the next booth.

Despite having a big breakfast, Dori couldn't resist plating a loaded baked potato and slider when she reached the Zeta table. Maybe the smell of the Betas barbecuing had something to do with it, but suddenly, she was ready for lunch. "This is amazing," she gushed to the brunette manning the table, after almost finishing the baked potato in a few bites. In an effort to make it clear that she wasn't just there to mooch off of the free food, she took one of the Zeta fliers off of the table and gave it a quick scan. "So, do I have it right that you guys are like, the party sorority?" she grinned, then eyeing the Jell-O shots on the other side of the table.


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Sam wasn't surprised when Kyle waltzed over with a stunning freshman glued to his side. He introduced her as a friend but Sam was sure that if there weren't already some "benefits" in that friendship, there would be by the end of the week. He assumed that there was already more going on between the pair though. She was only a freshman, so they must have met recently, but living in the room next to Kyle meant that Sam often heard more than he wanted to from Kyle's room. Luckily, the Sigma walls were pretty thick, but he could have sworn that he'd heard a higher pitched, muffled voice on the other side of the wall last night. He gave her a quick up and down look, trying to figure out where he recognized her from more than actually checking her out, before giving up and settling with a polite smile. "Nice to meet you, I'm Sam," he offered before Miles gave her a fair warning on Kyle. As Miles left to get food, Sam lagged behind a bit, only to offer Kyle a quick smirk and thumbs up as he nodded his head towards the young blonde. Miles had good reason to tell Karma to be careful with Kyle but simply judging by the girl's beauty and demeanor, he probably needed to watch his back too.

Sam thanked Miles for the burgers he returned with, but didn't have time to say much more to him, as the Sigma president reluctantly made his way to the Zeta booth. Music had started playing and as he glanced in that direction, he spotted a crowd forming around a few people dancing. He didn't see Zoey in the mix but wasn't going to interrupt the show, so before returning to his girlfriend, he made a pit stop at the Kappa booth. "Is Andy around?" he asked one of the sophomores who stood at the edge of their booth.

"He's at the Theta table with Poppy, I think," the guy responded simply.

Sam nodded but as he turned away, couldn't stop himself from smiling slightly. He should have known. Andrew was his closest friend in the Kappa house and one of the smartest guys he knew at Fulton. It shocked him how someone so intelligent, kind and insightful hadn't realized yet that Poppy wasn't the perfect girl for him yet. The two seemed to click just as well as he and Zoey, and maybe even better since both of them seemed too sweet for the the constant bickering he and Zoey engaged in.

When he returned to the Zeta table, he found the music lowered, Naomi and Amelia gone, and Zoey chatting with a freshman. "A burger for my lady," he said playfully as he slid the plate in front of her and took a seat on the empty chair next to her. He'd probably have to get up when Naomi or another real Sigma representative showed up, but everyone seemed preoccupied with other things at the moment. He had gotten to the booth after Dorothy had finished speaking, and with a hot burger in front of him, he wasn't paying attention enough to the girls' conversation enough to offer more than a friendly smile to her.

To: Naomi
I'm in

He responded to Naomi's text quickly, knowing that if she was going, Zoey most likely was as well. He spent the past summer and many before as a lifeguard for the Disney World water parks and resorts, but even after a grueling routine, he could never get enough of the water.


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"Of course it's a great idea, I came up with it," Zoey responded with a smile as she watched Naomi tap away at her phone screen as she invited the others. She pulled her phone out to do the same thing, but since she shared a majority of her friends with Naomi, there was only one friend who she could think of who the invite probably hadn't been extended to. Grace. Just as she began to text her, she received a text from the Alpha reading, "Elysia hates me. Come say hi to me <3". "Speaking of the devil..." she muttered, barely noticing as Naomi disappeared again from the booth. Grace's text wasn't really surprising, especially since Zoey had suspected something was up when she didn't spot her at the Alpha table earlier. However, she didn't exactly have a whole lot of sympathy for Grace in this instance either. From what Zoey knew of her, Elysia could be a complete bitch, but Grace was no sheep either. Besides, she had chosen the Alpha house for a reason and had probably dealt with girls far worse than Elysia when she was rushing.

To: Grace
I'm too tired to get up :P. Come to the beach before the jamboree? Jack's gonna be there ;D

She may not have commented on it, but Zoey had definitely caught Naomi's eyes lingering on Jack moments before. Naomi didn't have to hide it from her though, since Zoey was well aware of whatever it was she had with the Beta President. The mere fact that both of them hid their relationship from the rest of the world was enough of an indication to Zoey that they shouldn't be involved with each other though. Even though Zoey thought that Jack would be lucky to get a girl like Naomi, she was going to do everything in her power to prevent Naomi from stooping to that level. She had no need to doing anything outside of the bedroom with an ass like Jack Reynolds. Maybe that was why she didn't mind playing along with Grace's crush on Jack, and at times like now, even encouraging it. When she saw Naomi giving him looks like that, she feared that her best friend really was falling for him and if she had to toss someone just as selfish onto him to prevent that, she would.

The traffic around their booth had slowed momentarily, but just as she was about to text Sam and demand he hurry up with their food, a girl who had been hovering over the food table spoke up. Zoey glanced up, slightly surprised to see someone show up alone, as most of the freshman tended to travel in packs during the first few weeks on campus. Everyone was trying to find their niche and making friends was an essential part of having a fun freshman year. This girl didn't appear to be bothered by traveling solo and was actually quite friendly.

"Our President, Naomi, made them so I'm not surprised," Zoey smiled, tempted to take one for herself since Sam had apparently fallen off of the face of the earth with her food. "I don't know if anything here can compare to the nachos she makes when we're wasted though," she added, more to herself than to the freshman. Anything seemed to taste good to Zoey after shotgunning a few beers, though.

The girl had definitely heard the remark though, because her next comment was, "So, do I have it right that you guys are like, the party sorority?"

"I mean, we definitely know how to have a good time," she responded, trying to be careful with her words. Maybe she was just in one of her maternal moods, but she felt like the freshman in front of her was still young. At her age, Zoey probably already had the tolerance level of a 30-year-old man, but she wasn't going to corrupt anyone. Not until they officially pledged Zeta, anyway. She leaned closer, "Unless you want to spend the next four years in a stuffy blazer or sitting alone in the library, Zetas your best bet, though." Okay, maybe she was biased, but she wasn't in the mood to recite the list of charity events they volunteered at last year and how being a Zeta would help her professionally down the line. Besides, Zoey was sure that at least the Alphas were going to be ruthless in their attempt to get every decent-looking girl to rush Alpha. Not because they planned on allowing them all to join, but just to be able to say that they rejected an insane number of them to make themselves look more exclusive.

This girl seemed like Zeta material, anyway. Realizing that she hadn't even caught the girl's name yet, she decided to introduce herself. "I'm Zoey, by the way. A senior Zeta," she reached out a hand to Dori. "Let me know if you have any questions, and the other Zetas are floating around too if you want to talk to them. Amy's a sophomore, super nice... she was dancing over here earlier but I don't know where she ran off to. She's a good one to talk to though, so if you see her, feel free to ask her anything. She just rushed last year so she'll tell you that we aren't too mean," she winked. "And obviously Naomi's good to talk to too. She just ran off somewhere but if you have any major questions, stick around for a few and she'll be back."

She had ignored Sam's interruption minutes before but once she finished her semi-helpful response to Dori, she acknowledged him. "Took you long enough," she said, wanting to sound angry but not being able to sound more than slightly annoyed as she made eye contact with him.


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3:20// Tuesday Afternoon

By three in the afternoon, a few of the non-Greek organizations had begun cleaning up their areas and dispersing and when twenty minutes passed, so had some of the Zetas. They were still in the process of moving things since the fair had drawn to a close and the setting up for the jamboree would be commencing soon. Naomi had sent off Kyle, Bennett, and Karma after a few more minutes, not really thinking about inviting Kyle to their beach excursion - not out of not wanting him there, but because it had slipped her mind until he had already disappeared into the crowd. Besides, Miles would tell him, right? Before they began cleaning up their own section, Naomi had run across a new girl near the Zeta booth who had been talking to Zoey. Once Karma had confirmed that she needed a ride and Naomi had agreed to be such, she had returned to her girls and seen the rusher checking out snacks and talking to other members. When one of the Zetas saw Naomi, they pointed her out to the new girl, whose name she had been told was Dori. "Hey, well, I'm Naomi. We'll probably start heading out soon, but you should come to the beach. A few friends and such are gonna be there, and who knows? You might just fall in love with us." She had said, ending on a wink before waving the girl off and making plans.

While Naomi had gotten Ever, Rebecca, and Angel and a few other notable Zetas who weren't going to the beach to assist more with the cleaning up, she still found herself helping out - not because no one was following her orders, but because she didn't want to put everything on them. She had just returned a few of the tables given by the Student Government Association when she decided to send out another mass text, including Thatcher who she hadn't seen at the fair at the time.

To: Daniel, Zoey, Karma, Bennet, Miles, Zoey, Amelia, Sierra, Sam, Poppy, Giselle, Thatcher
Headed back 2 my house 2 get changed. Any1 who needs a ride, c u in 30 mins. Otherwise, c evry1 at the beach :D

Sliding her phone away and waving off Lianne, Naomi headed in the direction of the Zeta house. She was immediately swamped with girls running in and out of their living space; some because they were going to be late for classes or work, and others simply because they had plans for the rest of the afternoon. Laughing at one of the girls who practically squealed upon seeing her boyfriend and practically pouncing on him, Naomi closed the door behind herself and jogged upstairs to get to her room. Luckily for her, being a senior and a president had its perks, which included a slightly larger room, which was a single. She definitely appreciated that, she realized, as the silence there was enough to remind her that she did, in fact, have plans. Running her hands over her face lightly, she decided to take a quick shower. It was a thing of hers; she could never change in to one outfit without at least taking a quick dip in the shower unless she was getting ready for bed. Once out, she applied a sunblock on her smooth skin with the same warm, sweet and nutty fragrance she was known for. Afterwards, Naomi rifled through her selection of swimwear before deciding upon one of the newer ones. She hadn't actually meant it when she told Jack that she had been planning on wearing a new bikini; she just needed something to say to get back at him. However, she liked the strappy zebra-print bikini her mom had picked out in her attempts at winning the "Mother of the Year" award. "Yeah, right," she muttered to no one in particular at the thought before finishing up.

Once she was officially ready dressed and her bag was full with her towel, wallet, and a few books and magazines to read, Naomi slid on some sunglasses and was applying some rose oil lip balm as she descended back down the stairs. The house was only a bit quieter with the sound of pitter-pattering from various rooms and the hallways. With about ten minutes to spare, Naomi traipsed into the kitchen to make herself a smoothie, which consisted of strawberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt, and blueberries. Once it had gotten to a smooth consistency (she hated ice in smoothies), she poured the thick liquid into a travel cup with an attachable lid and straw. She took a sip just to taste it and while sucking that down leisurely, walked out of the house, ready to hang out at the beach. Naomi walked across the street to her 2014 Tahoe, climbing in and cranking on the radio while she waited for people.


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#, as written by Anraee
Austin had smiled as he greeted her. She found him a bit odd but she still liked him for being that one odd person. She didn't mind it at all though. It was pretty nice in her opinion. Everyone had that bitr of oddness in them and they coukdnt be able to deny it? Unless they want to lie about it. But that's up to him, she wouldn't worry about it at all. They will be who they are and she could do nothing to stop them at all. Austin was just about to ask Alexandri about going with her to the beach when she was interrupted. She simply nodded at him waiting til the call was done. She hadnt even gotten a chance to say anything and he was already off.
Sutin wouldn't be able to lie to herself, that hurt a lot in her opinion. She waved goodbye doubting that he would even see it before ealking around a bit. She saw a similar girl that seemed to be walking around table to table. Maybe she would be able to talk to her. From behidn GH e girl looked pretty. She walked over to her thinking as she walked. The girl seemed to be more so in her own word. Her brown eavy hair looked really pretty and she smiled to herself thinking about it. A cute little friend would be nice to have. So she slowly walled over trying to find the perfecr time to actually begin to talk to her. She didn't want to just barge into a conversation with her, since it would be pretty rude in her own case.
She fixed her hair slightly as the girl was left alone as the other girls chatted with each other. She took the opportunity to walk up to her and introduce herself. "Hey, sorry if I seem too jumpy, but do you want to hang out? I'm still looking around the place. Plus I know no one around here" she told her with a soft smile hoping not to scare the poor girl away from her just yet. Not that she was planning to. She just wanted to have a simple and fun time, maybe he to know a few people too. It kind of sucked only knowing one person at the moment.
She overheard them talking about the beach and she honestly liked the idea a lot. That means she could make new friends and be able to know people from different houses or whatever they called them. She honestly had no clue with the whole different names of houses and the word that starts with an s.
Just thing she started to feel really rude as she was with the girl. "Sorrym my name is Austin." She asked with a laugh? Of course Austin would forget to introduce herself to others. This was a bad habit of hers but it !made her laugh quite a bit at times. Since she expected to know everyone name and them know hers, so when she doesnt remember a name she feels really awkward and weird about it. So let's not really talk about it at all. She sent a text to Alexandri. "Hey, you should stop by the beach when you're free" She sent him looking up at the other girls. "So did you?"


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The Zeta girls seemed really nice which was reassuring. If she did decide to rush, at least she had an idea of which house might be best for her. Naomi, the president, had invited her to the beach but besides not having a ride, Dori wasn't sure if she wanted to tag along when she didn't know anyone. Plus, she had spent most of her summer working at a local pizzeria and was feeling especially pale compared to all of the sun-loving Miami residents.

After finishing her food and thanking Zoey and Naomi for the information, she turned to head back to her dormitory. She still had some unpacking to do and was interested in meeting her roommates, Karma and Jessica. Just as she turned around though, a girl with bright pink hair began to talk with her. She spoke quickly and although she didn't explicitly say it, the way that she claimed that she didn't know anyone made Dori assume that she was also a freshman. She laughed a little when the girl remembered to introduce herself at the end, but smiled. Her first impression of Austin was that she was a little bit out there, but in a good way. She seemed friendly and authentically nice and after spending the past few hours alone, it was nice to have someone approach her and want to talk. "Hey! I'm Dori. I heard that a lot of people are going down to the beach but I have to stop by the financial aid office," she said with a frown. "I would love to hang out later though! Here, put your number in my phone and I'll text you later," she said, pulling her phone out of her pocket and handing it to Austin. Once the girl handed it back to her, she slipped it back into her jeans. "See you later, Austin!" she said as she headed away from the fair.

Until Austin had asked her to hang out, she hadn't remembered that she needed to stop by the financial aid office but that was now her first stop. Her financial aid and scholarships covered most of her tuition, but she also needed to get a work study job to support her living expense over the year.


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Karma shook her head at Naomi when asked if she wanted some food. Don't be mistaken, Karma was not one of those models who constantly dieted and watched every little thing they ate. She just didn't feel like taking the time out to eat and she really wanted to go to the beach as soon as she possibly could. She would have preferred to change though. She wasn't the type of girl who just tanned at the beach she liked to run into the waved and splash around. Even as a child, her mom seemed to constantly be chasing Karma around the set. the beach shoots were the worse because she would go barreling into the water. Finally her mom gave up and hired someone to teach Karma how to swim.

She enjoyed the festivities a bit longer before Naomi announced that everyone should go get changed and meet back up at the Zeta house if they wanted a ride to the beach. After Kyle walked her back home she rushed into her dorm. Her roommate had already left but she noted that one of the other roommates, Karma thought she remembered their dorm advisor saying she went by Dori, had unpacked. The girl wasn't back yet though so she went to get dressed. Since they opted for the two connected dorm rooms, the girls shared their own private bathrooms. Which was a definite blessing. After a quick shower, she brushed her teeth and began the search for another outfit.

She finally settled on a casual yet sexy outfit. She slipped on a one piece halter bathing suit. It had a deep plunging neckline but Karma's moderate chest made it chic instead of gaudy. The bottom of the swimsuit was cut in a cheeky style so it showed off a bit of cheek and she would get a less awkward tan line. Karma always had a thing for one pieces, she felt that they were often underestimated. She slid on some high waisted destroyed denim shorts on top of it. Once she added some cute jewelry that she didn't mind getting wet and some gladiator sandals she was all set. She packed all her necessities and a towel in a beach tote bag. Her hair, which she wore in a half updo since she knew that it would get curly quickly, was tied with a bright red ribbon. She wore nothing but waterproof mascara and cherry flavored chapstick on her face.

As she headed out the door she grabbed a hoodie as a last minute thought. She didn't plan on wearing it for long but she figured she should at least wear it to the Zeta house. As she opened the door she saw girl standing there. She gasped, she had totally forgot about the other roommate.
" You must be Dori?" She asked cocking her head to the side letting the girl in. " I'm Karma" She gave the girl a quick hug and another warm smile. She glanced at her phone and bit her lip a bit. "Shoot if I don't hurry I might miss out on a ride. "

She walked with the girl into what she presumed was Dori's room. " I don't know if you met her yet but Zoey, the Zeta president was supposed to give me a ride to the beach. You should come. I can wait for you to get dressed. " She said while slipping the hoodie over her blonde head. It almost got stuck on her red ribbon and she grumbled a bit as she re-tied it. "I'm not sure where Jessica is or your other roommate. I'm so glad we're in a four person suite. It's a co-ed dorm and I was not trying to use the public restrooms. "