Kellin D'amato

"I'm not pessimistic. I'm optimistic a load of crappy things will happen."

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'Craziness is like heaven'.


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Name: Kellin Jane D'Amato

Nicknames: Lin, it's literally just short for her full name but she prefers not to shorten it.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Date: 13-6-1995

Sign: Gemini

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity: White English

Major: Psychology and Economics



Childhood/Family Life: Up and till the age of ten, Kellin lived with her single mother but due to financial reasons and her mother's sudden emotional instability Kellin was made to move in with her Grandparents in an attempt to relieve Kellin of the stress of having to move from place to place all the time and being shipped around. Kellin from that point in her life, never really saw much of her Mother after that and even to do this day, she's only seen her three or four times and they only ever communicate via an email or a letter- apart from that Kellin has no regard for their relationship since her Grandmother had always been more of a Mum to her. Kellin's grandparents never had high expectations for her not due to anything that was Kellin's fault but due to how her Mother had turned out and they were easy on her simply aiming for happiness rather than A*'s but Kellin did perform well in school and kept this up when she continued to advance her education and her grandparents were incredibly proud of her, leaving Kellin broken-hearted and slightly mangled minded, her grandparents passed away when she was 17. This was the point in her life where Kellin started developing anxiety which was diagnosed with GAD- generalised anxiety disorder in the summer of last year. She lived with a couple of friends for a short while before as she started to get back on track she applied for University and managed to pay her attendance out of her inheritance with some remaining, so that's how she got to Fulton and where she is now.

Kellin has lived in many different places, when she was still with her Mother, they never stayed in one place for very long and they were always quick to leave homes, never really staying in one town longer than 6 months. In this period of her life, she lived in England, Wales, France and Italy but at this point her Grandparents put a stop to this and she moved to live with them in Canada for a long while, she lived there till she was 17 then she moved further north to live with her friends after her Grandparents died. She know lives on campus in Florida but she plans to move back to her Grandparent's home in Canada after she's been travelling around the world.



Quirks//Habits//Oddities: She's really bad for biting her nails and little things like sticking her tongue out when she's concentrating. She feels naked if she hasn't got an armful of wrist bands on. She loves wearing galaxy themed items of clothing and has tendencies to talk to herself or sing when she thinks no one is paying attention.

Good personality traits:
Open Minded

Bad personality traits:
Lack of focus

Personality: Kellin is rather quirky and has an outgoing side amongst her small collection of friends but outside of that circle, she's far more quiet and impressionable. Kellin is what could be stereotypically described as 'geeky', she wears glasses quite a lot of the time but avoids it if she can since her eye sight isn't too awful and she thinks she looks awful in them but she also is totally obsessed by video games and comic books. She's always babbling about one or the other and if she isn't talking about it, it's quite likely it's being advertised on her clothing. Although she's quite shy and withdrawn from socialising, she isn't actually that in confident and she'll talk to anyone, she'll just be incredibly awkward about it. She has a habit of judging hair a lot since she adores people with randomly coloured hair or who do something crazy with it and she also likes tattoos and piercings. There's no better feeling as far as she is concerned than the excitement and build up to dying your hair.

Kellin despite usually being friendly, civil and likeable, she does have an incredibly short temper and has tendencies to jump up in defence of other people and be snappy when she disagrees with something. She's incredibly argumentative and finds her confidence through debating with people but she doesn't like arguing with people as she's anti-conflict but she will stick up for people when they can't stick up for themselves because that's what she thinks is the right thing to do. Kellin has a tendency to swearing and cursing because the way she sees it is; Why would you make words you're not supposed to say? She doesn't get what the point of it, so she swears like a sailor because she thinks if the word was made then it should be used. She doesn't swear to be hurtful at the end of the day, it's part of her sense of humour and the way she's it, a twat is no more offensive than being called an idiot.

Greatest joys in life:
French Toast

Greatest fears:

Life philosophy:
'Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.'


❀ Nintendo Games
❀ Socialising (With certain people)
❀ Relaxing and being Lazy
❀ Anime
❀ Coffee
❀ Hair Dye
❀ Photography
❀ Seeing Friends
❀ Coffee Shops
❀ Sugary Foods
❀ Denim Jackets
❀ Band T-Shirts
❀ Gigs
❀ Studying
❀ Comic Conventions
❀ Gaming Conventions
❀ Zelda Games
❀ Kirby
❀ Youtube
❀ Shakespeare
❀ Poetry
❀ Coronas
✘ Overly optimistic people
✘ People who find her swearing offensive
✘ People who think stereotypically or judgementally
✘ Feeling dizzy
✘ Blood
✘ Pubic Speaking
✘ Bullies- people who are rude, disrespectful or intimidating
✘ Cheese and Tomatoes.
✘ Meat (She's a Veggie)
✘ Butchers or anyone associable with killing animals
✘ Nosey people
✘ Being shouted out or spoken to loudly.
✘ People who mock mental health or disabilities
✘ Snobbery
✘ People who are 'two-faced'
✘ People in general most of the time
✘ When dying her hair goes horrifically wrong
✘ Birthdays
✘ Getting Older
✘ Wasting Time
✘ Sexism
✘ Arguing



Thoughts on Greek Life: Kellin really likes being in a frat and the concept of frat houses, she thinks it makes Uni more interesting than simply getting a degree but she doesn't like the whole superiority for those who are in one specific frat house and how much they're looked as a definition of who somebody is but she likes the idea of putting people in a house together, to party, to hang out, to build up friendships and competing against other Frats for fun- she loves that part of it really.

Plans for after college: She wants to travel, possibly go abroad to help out in companies where animals don't have their full rights and help charities like PETA and so on fight for them. She has a bit of an ambition to work in a Monkey or Gorilla sanctuary somewhere- she hasn't got any definitive plans but that's the road she wants to go down. She's not bothered about earning money or settling down somewhere, she has inheritance from her Grandparents so she wants to go around the world and help animals whilst she still has the chance.

After college, she's always thought she'd do her travelling then go home to where she lived in Canada with her Grandparents, hopefully set out on a career in Psychology and she wanted to set up her own small therapy branch in association with local hospitals around her home town so she could see patients with more attention and focus than they'd get from others or larger associations. Other than that, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She doesn't really want to plan out her whole life day by day, she'd rather just live in the moment and see where that takes her, chances are she could make every plan in the world and fail them all, so she's going to see where life takes her and if life ends up being hard, well she'll find a way to escape and start again.


Build: She's 5 ft 9 inches and weighs probably around 115 pounds. She's got a tall, skinny build and there isn't really an once of muscle or fat on her.

Hair Colour: Bright blue- slightly teal.

Eye Colour: Blue

Distinguishing Marks: She has a Zelda 'triforce' tattoo on her shoulder blades and a 'Ying and Yang' tattoo on her forearm. She also multiple piercings including, most of her ears, she has up to her thirds, her helix, inner lobe and on her left ear she has an industrial piercing. She also has a nose piercing which she got down when she was 16- it was her first piercing, all the others she has had since then and she plans to get more but she doesn't know what she wants to get done yet.

Style: She isn't really that much of fashion concious person- a typically outfit would include a t-shirt associable to a video game or one of the bands she likes and skinny ripped jeans but she is totally obsessed with wearing converse and Doc Martens- she basically doesn't wear anything other than her knee converse and her eight eyelet green Doc Martens. She's also rather prone to wearing dresses with cardigans on those rare occasions where it's decided a little bit more effort is required. She likes wearing eye-make up and has mastered using liquid eye-liner which she'd boast is her greatest talent occasionally and there's nothing more she loves than when she can get her hair perfectly straightened and neat but due to her laziness and lack of focus, it doesn't happen very often since she often get's bored and only does half a job. She often dresses in a very 'indie' fashion with aztec patterns and weird but wonderful things but really, it's hard to define Kellin's style because there's so many aspects to it. She's weird and wears weird things, that's the simplest way of describing it.

So begins...

Kellin D'amato's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year had begun the second students began moving back onto campus, but now, it finally seemed to hit them. For some, it was their final year at the beloved Fulton University, one of the top universities in the country. For others, it was their first year. Either way, there was a sort of buzz all around campus, a tingle each and every student felt as they greeted this year of opportunities and adventure. And what better way to start it all off than with the one thing on everybody's mind - Rush Week. Granted, these would only be the preliminary rounds, but who knows what could happen on the very first day...

As the track slowly moved to its conclusion and after receiving a nod from one of her favorite radio partners, Naomi officially turned the dial for the sound down, speaking into her microphone clearly with her ever present and rich British lilt. "That was 2 On by Tinashe, the best song of Summer 2014. You heard it here at Fulton U Hot 103.4." Ronnie, or Ronald when he was in their political science class with Dr. Skarsgaard who truly did not care for pleasantries or students, much less, grinned at her making a face at him for pressing one of the controls, which caused a squelching sound appear just after she finished her sentence. He played too much sometimes and she had half the mind to reach over the table of controls that separated them just to swat him on the head, but opted against it. She had to go soon anyway. She rolled her eyes at him before continuing, "This is your girl Nomi, NomiIzMe, and I'm about to turn everything over to my co-host, RonnieB. Don't get forget to holla at your girl at the beautiful Zeta Nu Delta House stand at the 2014 Fulton University Activities Fair. Hope to see you all there." With a mock salute and her favorite mix of India Arie and a beat from DJ Mustard, Naomi spelled her own exit and turned everything over to Ronnie, nodding to him as she set down her headset before exiting the large recording area.

Once outside in the busy hallway, she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and made her way through the crowd, the gold of her Zeta Nu Delta custom-made bracelet catching a glint from the sun, which peeked in through the barely closed blinds of one of the hallway windows. Smirking to herself as she saw a few noticeable freshmen males whispering to themselves and glancing over at her, she twirled a few strands of hair with her pointer finger, shooting them a sultry grin accompanied by a wink before turning the corner. The move was harmless and judging by an exclamation followed by a quiet roar of excitement from where they had, it had the desired effect. She didn't mess around with freshmen guys and never would, but it definitely was fun toying with them. Not that she would ever lead them on or anything of that nature, but flirting was harmless. Besides, she wouldn't be a true Zeta if she didn't have a bit of a flirt in her. A more genuine smile flitted across her face at the thought of her girls and without hesitation, Naomi whipped out her phone to text them just as she pulled into one of the many bathrooms on the first floor to simply check on her image.

To: Zoey, Amelia, Sierra
Omw 2 the booth. 1 of u better b there

Naomi wasn't particularly worried about any of the girls showing up late, she decided, as the text was sent. She had already specified that one of the other sophomores would set up with some of the baked goods Naomi had made the night before. She slid her phone into her back pocket before primping her hair. She had chosen one of her more fun outfits for the day. It was eye-catching enough to remind everyone that she was a fashionable woman, but simple enough to not do too much in. Naomi could be a lot of things, but she wasn't that much of a show-off. Besides, that tomboyish edge was her thing and she always had to make sure it was on point. After reapplying the natural-looking shade of pink lip gloss on her lips and that her hair was still on point, she gave herself one more appraisal before leaving the bathroom and heading out to one of the larger grassy areas of Fulton University, where the Activities Fair was to take place. Every year, the location changed and she actually preferred the area they chose for this year. It was spacious and open, and left room for some of the campus' more physically active organizations to show off. It was like a tame Zeta/Sigma party, except without the booze and heavy grinding. Just a paid DJ and everyone weaning out their favorites.

Once outside, it didn't take her long to get to her booth, which was closer to the Sigma table. She frowned a bit when she didn't see Miles yet and decided to find her favorite Sigma, setting her bag down beside her chosen chair and taking a seat. Folding one smooth leg over the other, she grinned at the Zeta who had watched the table in her absence before pulling out her phone to text Miles and her other best friend.

To: Miles
Slacking on your pres duties?

To: Sam
U better not b sleep


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"Poppy. Pops... Poppy! The Southern girl jumped up from the island in the kitchen as she looked around for who had woken her up. And there she saw a junior Theta named Giselle who was also kind of her best friend. "Wha-- What? What time is it?! Did we miss the fair--.." Poppy asked as she got up from the stool and looked up at her friend who just shook her head. "Nope, you're good. You just need to get all this stuff to the table, pep-talk the girls, and get your cute little butt down there." Giselle said as she nudged her friend with her hip playfully. Poppy just giggled as one by one the girls started to shuffle down stairs. She cleared her throat as she turned towards them. "Alright, guys this is it. The first impression that we'll make on the rushers. We have to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Just be yourselves, have fun, and make sure you make Theta Chi proud." She told them as she handed two baskets filled with little baked goods with little Theta Chi stickers on them to her 'second-in-command', Gigi who just stood behind her making sure everyone was paying attention to the new President. "Other than that, I'm gonna go head down to the booth. So, just get all gussied up and I'll see ya'll down there in... An hour or so?" She turned back to Giselle. "Think that's enough time?" Giselle nodded as Poppy smiled towards her sisters. "Alright, I already know this is going to be a great year for Theta, guys! I can feel it."

"Alright, alright, that's enough motivation. Lets get down there to see if your little boyfriend's down there yet." Poppy blushed as she heard a few of the girls 'oooh' and she tossed her purse in one of the two baskets she was holding as she shook her head. "Not my boyfriend, don't listen to her." Giselle just chuckled as the two headed to the door with four other girls right behind them holding the table and various posters and items like buttons and little trinkets for the rushers to take with them so they don't forget Theta Chi. As they made there way to the area, Poppy put on a smile as she passed several people. Poppy was easily that girl that everyone, maybe wasn't friends with but, by no means hated. She was too nice. Hell, you could think you didn't like her but, before you knew it she would suck you into liking her one way or another whether she meant to do it or not... No one really knew if she meant to. She put the baskets down as she straightened out her skirt before smiling as they girls put the table and things down. "Thanks guys. I think Giselle and I can handle the table for a bit. If ya'll would like to you know, go look around see what tickles your fancy, by all means go ahead." She told the junior girls as they thanked her and walked off to see what they might want to do. She turned towards her side to see that she was set up right next to the Betas, which was of course not her first choice but, at least she was next to Jack-Jack and she could finally ask him about her little request to 'un... Perfect her...? If that was the right term for it.

Poppy scurried to a sophomore Kappa named Daniel and a junior named James as she tapped their shoulders with a smile. "Hi, um can you help us with the table? Please." She quickly turned her blue eyes towards the ground. James chuckled at her adorableness before looking at Daniel. "'Course Pops." She smiled before hugging the two of them."Thanks guys! I would have asked Emery but he seems a bit fill with flirting with Alphas." She chuckled as she walked to her table and saw Giselle already doing what she does; bullshit. She could make a mermaid buy water if she really wanted to. She was standing talking to these three bright eyed girls as they did nothing more than listen to the young junior Theta. Poppy put her hand on Giselle's shoulder as she brought herself into the conversation. "Hi, I'm Poppy, I'm the president of Theta Chi." Their smiles got even bigger as they looked towards her. "Hi." They said in unison as Giselle chuckled. Poppy nudged her before turning back towards the girls. "Well, I can tell you guess are just what Theta desires in young woman. So, please help yourself in any of.. our little goodies..." She said as she turned to see the whole table put up along with light blue and gold Theta Chi tablecloth that they used for events. With the goods right next to their two chairs and the cooler with Theta's name on it places right next to Poppy's chair, right where people could see it. "Guys, I said just the table. You did not need to do everything."

"We know." Daniel said as he grabbed the posters and stands. "Poppy moved out of the way as she offered the two young guys a hug and a kiss on the cheek. [color=#00C5CD]Ya'll are too sweet. Thank you so much." She told them before letting them go. "No worries, Poppy. If you need anything else just let me know." Daniel said as he smiled towards Poppy which only made her blush even more. "Later."

"Bye guys, and thanks again." She said as she waved them off and looked back towards Giselle and the three girls; one who was reading the light blue paper while the other two grabbed themselves a blondie and a drink out of the cooler which also had little Theta Chi stickers on them. "We're going to keep looking around but, we are definitely going to rush this year! Bye Poppy." On of the girls said as the three walked away. "It was so nice meeting ya'll and your names are so I can remember you...?" She said as she hugged each one of them.




"Alright guys, it was so nice meeting you. If ya'll come up with anymore questions, just come back and let us know. We'll be here." The girls nodded before walking past their table. Giselle got off her phone as the two girls leaned softly to hear what the three girls were talking about. They talked about the information they just received but, what made them both smile is when they heard the small Indian looking girl, Piper say "I know! She's so sweet."


"Yes!" The two girls said in unison with one another as they high fived. The Theta's last year had a running joke; they knew when someone would pledge Theta whenever they brought up Poppy and how sweet she was. That meant they had a chance of getting them to pledge. Poppy had just found out about the joke and didn't really think anything of it. Since no one was really to the area just yet, Poppy looked at the other houses as she smiled to Naomi and then Jack and then Naomi again as she raised her eyebrows and chuckled before turning to see the other Presidents. She smiled towards all of them before turning to Giselle who started playing music from one of her several playlists that started playing Dancing on My Own by Robyn. Poppy could feel her hand hand shaking as she reached for her Theta Chi jacket that all girls received when they were inducted into the house. She slid it on as she looked towards Giselle. "Why are you lookin' at me like that?"

"You take your medicine, the shaking's getting more noticeable." Poppy just let out a sharp sigh before shaking her head as Giselle looked blankly at her. "I'll take it later, it's in my bag. I'll just take it in an hour or so." Giselle just shook her head with a smirk as she turned the serious conversation into a sarcastic one. "Andrew's not going to be pleased with this." Poppy rolled her eyes with the same bright smile on her face just in case anyone came up to their booth.


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"Hey! Nothing really. Naomi just ran off somewhere and I'm ready to go back to bed, what about you? Where have you been hiding all morning?"

Childishly smiling Amelia held the lollipop to one side of her mouth as she ate the rest of the of the cupcake. " Aww and here I wanted to hug her good morning!" the dancer pouted slightly but it quickly turned back into that cute smile of hers.

" Well milady, I have been dancing all morning. I felt the groove and needed to let it out, I finally got that choreograph I was working on down!" she almost beamed with pride as she struck a comical superhero stance with her hands on her hips, valiantly looking towards the sky. The young woman laughed a bit at her own silly action after realizing it was a silly thing to do and dropped her hands.

Suddenly Amy felt arms around her and tilted her head back slightly enough to see who it was. She smiled again when she saw it was Naomi and turned in her arms to hug back. " Naomi!" she smiled and spoke a bit muffled because of the tight hug, not like she minded at all actually, she loved affection.

"Please tell me you've got some dance for us to perform because I've got music and a lot of excess energy to burn off right now."

Smiling to herself, Amy already knew what song she felt like dancing to. It was a routine the whole group new and had fun doing. Pulling her phone from her pocket she plugged it up to the small but loud portable speaking that amazing bass then went over to her backpack and slipped on her socks and shoes. The choreograph was a collaboration of both Amy and Naomi but there was also another song the dancer wanted to dance too but she thought she would leave that one for last, as a surprise because it was a fun little dance they haven't done in a while. "Request is mine, captain."

The song began to play and Amy flawlessly went with the grove, letting Naomi join in when ever she wanted. She knew that her sister knew the choreograph so she could jump in whenever she wanted with the correct moves. During the part of the choreograph where they had to do the patty cake Amy couldn't help but to laugh for that couple of seconds before returning to the foot movements. By the time the song finished, Amy wasn't at all tired she smiled and looked over to Naomi. "I've got a surprise for you." she cooed as she spun her hat back around and lowered it a bit so it looked like it covered her eyes.

Once more another song began to play and Amy couldn't help but to joke around a bit in the beginning and point towards Zoe signaling her to come over with a finger. This song was a three person dance and Amy had actually taught Zoe the whole choreograph for this song because of that reason. When that bass hit though so did Amy and hard, she caught Kellin from the corner of her eye as she danced and winked at her with a smirk. She did the same with random people watching her to grab their attention more making a few people blush. Amy also did winked at both Emerson and Elysia earning a rather interesting response from them.

After that good five minutes of dancing the dancer exhaled loudly. " That. Was. Awesome!" the girl didn't even notice the small crowd they had attracted around their booth. At least her dancing brought them some freshmen and she felt a bit accomplished about it. Without a second though the asian bowed with a bright smile then collapsed on the grass panting a bit then loudly exclaimed. " I wanna go to bed now!" which earned some laughs and giggles from the crowd.

For a second it looked as if she was going to fall asleep in the cool shade but instead Amy shot straight up walking over to Kellin. She crouched down next to her chair and greeted her with a kiss on the lips that took her a good second to pull away from. "Mmm, Morning beautiful." she smiled before holding her hand out to her. " Wanna dance? I think I got a nice smooth song we can dance too."


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The girls listened to Nomi and the freshmen conversation as no one had come to the table in a while. When Naomi turned around Giselle just looked at her with a small smirk and a shake of her head. [color=#]"Alright, loves. Zetas have a lot of snacks if you want anything. I should go back before anyone decides to set out that cheesecake in this heat.[/color] Poppy just nodded as she kept her head on Andrew's shoulder while Giselle looked over at the Zeta table before speaking. "Alright, thanks for stopping by the peasants." She smirked before winking.

See you at the jamboree tonight and you better wear something cute, Poppy." Poppy just opened her mouth before chuckling. She thought she wore cute things, sure they weren't tight or short, but hey, that's how she was raised. To be modest and classy at all times. Before she could object or anything, Ellie had already spoken up. "Don't worry, darling. She'll be the belle of the ball... or jamboree.

"I don't think that metaphor works in this situation." Poppy said while shaking her head. Giselle just rolled her eyes and tossed a crumbled up napkin towards Poppy before continuing. "Whatever. But, I'm picking out her outfit tonight. So, you know she'll be looking amazing." Giselle said as she winked towards the Zeta with a smirk. Poppy had no idea why she allowed Giselle to pick out her outfit. She guessed it was because Giselle was the sexy, attractive one in their friendship and since Poppy was trying to seem a little more like her, she thought that best way to start was to dress somewhat like her. But, to be honest she had no idea what to expect which somewhat worried her. Giselle cleared her throat as Poppy raised an eyebrow. Ellie eyes moved from the girl to Andy and back to Poppy. That was something else, Giselle was making her take a 'date' or sorts and since Andy was Poppy's best friend, it wasn't a difficult choice.

"Oh, Andy about the jamboree. I was wonderin' if you wanted to," She stopped talking when he looked her in the eyes before looking down at her hand what was rested on his shoulder. [color=]"What's wrong?"[/color] She asked as moved her hand and realized how much it was shaking. "What's with that?" She sighed as she looked back up at her best friend. "Andy, it's not that big of a deal. I just--.."

"Sit down, take your medication, and I'll go get us some lunch," Giselle stiffened a laugh at the sound of Andy trying to command Poppy to do something. Even when he was trying to tell her to do something, he was too crazy about her to really be mad her or actually command her to do it. It sounded more like a request. And it was adorable. "Andy, stop. I'm fine." Poppy assured him as she looked at him. "What do you two want? These cupcakes aren't going to hold you over all day." Poppy looked at Giselle for backup, but all she did was shrug. Giselle took her side on anything, but this was the one thing she actually had to agree with Andy on. Poppy was too stubborn about taking her medicine, even if she wouldn't admit it. But, if there was anyone who could make her take it, it was Andrew.

"Pops, up to you. What do you wanna eat?" Giselle asked her best friend who still had an annoyed look on her face. Poppy just took a seat next to Ellie, who handed her her bag from off the top of the cooler. Poppy sighed sharply as she reached in her bag as Andy spoke. "Emery has seafood on our grills, I think the Betas have barbecue food, I spotted that amazing spinach artichoke dip on Naomi's table and the Alphas have a lot of... fancy things..." Poppy chuckled as she shook her head. "I really don't want any--.." Giselle stuck a hand to stop her friend from talking as she looked up at the Kappa. "Just get your girlfriend here, something you'd think she'll like. Because obviously she's not going to say what she actually wants." At the sound of the word 'girlfriend', Poppy could feel her cheeks getting red as she looked over at Ellie. Giselle couldn't help it, if there was anyone who thought the two were meant for one another it was Giselle, and the little comments and sly smirks only got more common when she found out that Poppy went home with Andy over the summer. She wouldn't leave either of them alone about it.

Thank God, Kellin came to the table when she did because in all honest, Poppy had no idea what to say after that. "Hey guys! I have had the most insane morning so far- well not insane but busy- no dysfunctional," Poppy sighed in relief as she turned her attention from Andrew to the sophomore that just joined them. "No worries, they hasn't been a lot of people anyway." Giselle just rolled her eyes as she looked at Poppy before turning towards Kellin in her seat. "My god, what happened to you?"

"Ellie!" Poppy said as she lightly hit Giselle's toned arm. "What? It's a question. Here, if you're going to wear a bun at least let me fix it for you." The French woman said as she got up from her seat and got behind Kellin to redo her bun. No, Theta was to look like a mess on Giselle's watch. She undid the messy bun and let the younger girl's lock flow down before looking up at Poppy, who was putting the handful of pills in her mouth before washing it down with her water bottle before looking over towards Andrew with a smirk. "Pops, Kellin and I have the booth covered if you want to go with Andrew." She said with a wink before turning back to Kellin to finish off her not, somewhat slick bun. Or as clean and nice it could be with her hair being half straight and half not. But, Giselle knew how to give the illusion that it was completely straight and nice. "I mean, don't you think the president of Theta should stay at the--.."

"No. You're coming back in like, five minutes besides you need to go sign up for your clubs again this year. Might as well do it now before it gets super busy." She said as she shook her head before looking down towards Kellin. [color=#]"There, now you look good."[/color] Giselle said as she moved to the front and sat down on the table as she kept her eyes on Poppy. "Fine, you're right." Poppy admitted as she grabbed a few posters for Theta Chi. "But, I'm still going to get some people over here, so get ready for a flood of people." Ellie just rolled her eyes with a smirk as she shooed both Andrew and Poppy away from the table.


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Paige was overwhelmed, to say the least. She had woken up way too late, for starters. She had completely forgot to set her alarm the previous night. She only arrived on campus the day before, and wasn't yet adjusted to life back at school. Her clothes were still all packed away in suitcases, and she couldn't even find her bathroom stuff. Paige knew that Poppy would be at the Activities Fair early, and she also knew that she would be in major trouble if she didn't show up. She quickly threw on some jeans and a white and gold striped tank top after spraying some leave-in conditioner in her hair. She quickly gathered her purse and wallet and headed out the door.

Paige's walk to the Activities Fair was uneventful at best. About half way there, she got a text from Bennett:
Hey you. You gonna be in the courtyard at any point today? I figured we could chill

She texted him back right away;
For sure, let's hang out sometime today.

She continued her voyage to the Fair, smiling at a few sophomores and juniors she recognized from past classes. Paige was generally outgoing, but she was quite tired this morning. She would usually say hello and stop to talk to some of her passersby, but she was already half an hour late. Kellin had even texted her, asking for cover. She texted her back, saying that she was late, too, and that they could be in trouble together. When Paige finally made it her sorority's table, Poppy was nowhere to be found, but Kellin and Giselle looked to have a handle on everything. She sat down in a chair next to her best friend and grabbed a cookie decorated with a Theta sticker from a basket. "Pops is going to kill me if she finds out how late I was. But I totally slept in, I swear. How are things going?" she asked Kellin. Things seemed to be running smoothly around the square where the Activities Fair was held. All the tables looked absolutely amazing. Paige was impressed; they definitely didn't look this good when she was rushing.

"I'm going to go look for Tony. If Poppy asks where I am, tell her I'm talking to the freshies," Paige said to her friend. She winked to the girl discretely and stood, grabbing another cookie. She didn't need to search long or hard to find Antonio. He was standing around the Alpha booth, holding a fancy, expensive-looking camera, excited about something. Paige snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with her hands. "Guess who?" she said, laughing.


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Poppy handed a paper to a tall girl, almost as tall as her who had asked for one. She smiled and pointed her towards the booth before turning back to Andy as he spoke. "That girl is going to turn your house upside down next year," She nudged him softly as she chuckled and shook her head. "Stop, she'll learn to reign it back a bit. She's just a little... straightforward. But, I know she'll make a perfect president. I mean, she's everything a president should be; smart, caring, popular, loyal, and her being one of the most gorgeous girls on campus doesn't hurt either." She joked before continuing. "And, if she goes to far, at least you'll be here." Seeing the gaggle of girls walking from the opposite direction, Poppy grabbed on the Andy's arm and pulled him out of the way before he ran into them. She let go of his arm before speaking. "Now Andrew, I don't know how many times I've told ya this. But, pay attention." She poked his forehead before laughing.

"I'm not in the seafood mood, so I'm going to see if I can grab a burger from the Betas. Now, we can get you something from their booth, or we can get something from mine, but either way, you're eating something." She sighed before she looked to the sky and groaned. "I told you, I'm fine. Now stop mothering me, that Ellie's job." She smirked as the walked towards the large crowd in front of the Alpha table. And all of a sudden, she looked back towards the Theta to see it busy but, not as busy as the Alphas or Zetas. People always told her she should stop comparing herself and her house to the others but, she couldn't help it. She was the President this year and if they don't make a record number of pledges like she planned, she was going to feel awful about it. And then there was the thought that maybe, the president from last year, Finn made a mistake leaving Theta Chi into the hands of Poppy and should have given it to Poppy's roommate and fellow senior, Emilia. She was popular and sweet, funny and beautiful and well, most of the things Poppy thought she, herself lacked in. Emmy had. No matter how many times people thought she was crazy, the doubt was always there. But, for the moment all those thoughts went away when she looked away from the Thetas' table and looked down Andrew intertwining his hand with hers.

She bit back a smile and tried her best to hide the blush forming on her face. And it didn't help that they were getting pushed closer and closer to one another from people bumping into them as they walked through the crowd. When they finally made it to the other side of the group, Poppy took a deep breath before breathing out. "God, I hate crowds." She stated before clearing her throat and looked back towards Andy who had stopped walking when he saw Emery. She offered him a smile as she just listened to Andy talk to him about their table. Poppy felt her phone vibrate in the pocket of her Theta jacket before raising an eyebrow. She put the fliers in her bag as she reached into her pocket to see a text from Naomi. She smiled as she opened it and text her right back.

To : Naomi

Count me and Ellie in! :)

Poppy sent the message before slipping her phone back in her pocket and grabbing the fliers back out of her bag. Right when she zipped her bag back up, she heard Andy's nickname for her and looked back towards her best friend and other close friend. "Little Miss Sunshine here needs to eat something, but I'll be over in a few to help out," She just smirked as he nudged her, before rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "Whatever, I don't need to eat anything. You're just making me." She corrected him. "But, I'm kind of in the mood for some seafood and then I'm going head back to the Thetas, okay? But, meet me after the fair because you're going to the beach with me and the Thetas before the jamboree." She poked him in the chest with a smile on her face as she looked up at him before letting go of his hand and walking towards the Kappa table where Arty was smiling over at the pair. Oh, here we go."



She watched as Popdrew walked off with one another before turning towards Kellin who had started talking to her. "Thanks Giselle, I really don't get how you do all this hair stuff. I can dye it, wash it and brush it that's about it," She tilted her head with a cocky smile on her face before speaking. "What can I say. I'm gifted in more ways than one." Giselle lost her smile for a second as Amelia walked up to the table and crouched down next to Kellin but, the second she saw the Asian girl kiss the Theta she just smirked before seeing Paige come over. Late, of course. Giselle was the one that hated tardiness, not Poppy. The whole, be there by a certain time or else, was all her. Poppy was too free wheeling, hell she was on the verge of being a pushover and Ellie would be damned before letting anyone push her best friend, the girl who was pretty much her sister around.

"Pops is going to kill me if she finds out how late I was. But I totally slept in, I swear. How are things going?" Giselle scoffed as she shook her head softly before looking over to Paige aka Poppy's little 'prodigy'. Even though, Giselle knew no one would ever take her place in Poppy's heart, she hated that she was getting so damn close to Paige. Stating how she was already 'President material'. "Oh please, I set the time to be here. Not Pops and even if she did set it, she's as vicious and mean as a... I don't know, a poodle. She wouldn't do anything."

She turned her attention towards a group of girls who had just walked up. "Hello. What can I help you lovely ladies with?" She saw the leading one lose her smiling as she started to stutter. "Wa--Wait, this is the Theta Chi table, r-right? You're a Theta?" Giselle slowly nodded as she tried hard not to roll her eyes towards the group, she promised Poppy she would work on her bitchiness and do whatever it took to hide it away whenever she was around pledges. Right when she answer, she let one ear go into Kellin and Paige conversation only to hear that Paige was going to leave to go see her little boytoy/boyfriend/whatever the hell he was to her, Tony. She smirked like the Chesire Cat before answering the girls in front of her.

"Yea...? I'm a Theta." She turned her eyes towards the others in her group of five who all seemed pretty surprised. She was used to it, to be honest most people thought that because she looked like... well, a bitch that she was a--.. "I could have swore you were one of those Alphas over there!" Oh, there was the comment that automatically made Giselle stop caring about anything the blonde said until she walked away. She hated when people said that because to her, it seemed like they were calling her a manipulative, conniving, pampered bitch. Which, in all honesty she was but she didn't need people pointing that out especially people who had no idea what she was like. "Well, I'm not. So, do you have any questions about Theta Chi or were you just looking around?" The blonde and her little followers just shook the head as they started looking at the fliers about Theta. "Well, alright then. If you get any questions, let me know. Help yourself to anything on the table or in the cooler." The girls thanked her as she fixed the goods in the basket before removing a now empty on from the table and put it with the other five filled ones she put under the table to keep them out of the Miami sun.



As Poppy walked over to the table, Marcus couldn't help but get a smirk on his face. She didn't even get the chance to defend herself on the whole, holding Andrew's hand before her friend asked about it. "Is Popdrew finally a thing?" Poppy rolled her eyes. "Popdrew is the best thing you guys could come up with? Really? And, we're just friends." Marcus looked at her blankly as she reached for a drink and tried to undo the cap. "What?" Marcus just shook his head as he grabbed the bottle and undid the tight top for her before handing back to her. "Maybe if you didn't have a weird name like Poppy. And, Friends don't go home to meet the parents."

"First off, my name is not that weird. And two, I didn't go home to meet his parents, we wanted to travel and I've never been to New York. Plus, it was the only place I could really afford to go right now." She shrugged as her close friend looked at her. "Poppy, you like him. He likes you, and he wasn't just holding your hand. Your hands were like intertwined with each others." He pointed out as he intertwined both of his hands to show how the pair looked when they were holding hands. "He just didn't want to lose a hold of me. Now, can you get me something to eat or do I have to go to the Betas?" Marcus rolled his eyes as he told one of the guys, Samuel to grill up some shrimp. "Thank you." Poppy said with a smug smile only to receive a napkin to the face from Marcus. "That, by the way is the cutest thing I have ever heard."

"Thank you...?" Poppy asked with a raised eyebrow as she sipped her Diet Coke. "No not the thank you, the whole 'He just didn't want to lose a hold of me.' That's what was cute. And, you know you liked holding his hand, face it." Marcus mused with a smirk only to finally get a true smile on Poppy's babydoll face. "See, there's the embarrassed smile I love seeing." She quickly lost it as she moved out of the way of the crowd and at the right end of the table to wait for her food. Poppy watched Marcus' hazel eyes go from her to Andrew to Emery all before going back to Poppy. Poppy hit his arm before mouthing the word 'stop', just in case Emery and Andrew thought that the pair were talking about the two of them. Which of course, they were but they didn't need to know that. If there were two people who loved to mess with Poppy about her 'more than just a crush' crush on Andy it was Marcus and Giselle. The two that, no matter what found out everything when it came to their sweet little Southern Belle. "Here you go, man." Samuel said as he looked towards Poppy and smiled before winking and going back to the grill. "And, here you are Sunshine. Grilled shrimp, just like you like it." Marcus said in his best Southern accent, trying to hide his somewhat, surfer sounding one. Poppy grabbed the plate as she smiled. "Thank you, my dear sir. And by the way, hon. Your accent? Needs a loottt of work." As she began to walk away from the Kappa table.

"Wow, that's a bullshit tip for a meal. Can't I get a hug or something." Marcus asked with a smirk as he stepped out from behind the table as Poppy turned back around and walked over to give him a hug. He squatted down a bit and pointed to his cheek. The blonde groaned in fake annoyance before kissing his cheek softly and nudging his arm to get out of his grip. "There, now stop complaining Marcus. And get back to work, youngin." Poppy said as she walked backwards still looking towards her friend. Marcus just chuckled as he looked at the people coming to their table, as if she wasn't even talking. But, there was a smartass smile on his face as he listened to her. Okay, Pops. Love you too." Marcus said as he looked towards her before turning back to the group to hand them their food. Out of the corner eye he saw Poppy looking towards Andrew before looking back at the ground and he couldn't help but shake his head and let out a short chuckle.


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{Outfit & Swimwear || Hair}

Amelia had stayed behind to help with the cleaning up and all, well more like she played patty cake with one of her fellow Zeta's, Jenna for about ten minutes or so before she actually began cleaning. She helped move some things back to were they belonged with a few people from different houses and joked around on the way back. Amelia had received the text earlier from Naomi about the beach and she was all for it but was a bit too busy to text Kyle or Kellin to see if they were going. Now she had the time too though and as Naomi began waving people off, Amy decided to leave a few minutes before she did getting to the house first. Upon entering, all the chaos and girls running around in a hurry made Amelia smirk. They were scrambling around getting ready for work or evening plans but it made Amy laugh because some absolutely looked like mad women. Carefully dodging the girls and successfully getting to the steps, she climbed them all the way up with her board in hand before speed walking down the hall and entering her room closing the door behind her.

"Hello?" she called out wondering if her roommate was here but she wasn't and with a shrug Amy tossed her board next to her bed along with her backpack and began to strip. She was in her underwear when her phone vibrated on it's night stand. she grabbed it, unlocked it and read that it was a text from Naomi.

From; Naomi
Headed back 2 my house 2 get changed. Any1 who needs a ride, c u in 30 mins. Otherwise, c evry1 at the beach :D

Smiling, Amy began to write out a text to Kyle and Kellin.

To; Kyle, Kellin
Hey you guys going to the beach? I'm going and want you guys to go too! Pleaseeee~? If you do decied to come meet me at Naomi's car in a half hour!

With that Amy tapped the send button and began to wrtie yet another text but this time it was a response to Naomi.

To; Naomi
I'm going! I call shotgun haha. Hey do you mind if Kyle and Kellin come? I mean if they agree to come anyway? Or is it too much?

Pressing the send button once more, Amelia went off into the bathroom for a quick shower, yes she already took one but she was outside for a good while and a bit sweaty so regardless if she was going to the beach she was still gonna take a shower. Amy wanted Naomi to say yes because she wanted her two best friends to come but she didn't wanna be rude or anything. After she was done she got dressed and flipped her hair all to one side. She put on some sunscreen she had brought recently that smelled like roses and honey along with a pink tinted lip gloss. Smiling at herself in the mirror, Amy adjusted some things before re-filling her backpack with her sunscreen, a bottle of Dr.Pepper, her lip gloss, some change of clothes just in case, a towel and her novel that she wanted to finish. The asian slipped on her flip flops, slipped on her backpack, sunglasses and hat then was out the door feeling all refreshed. Putting on her earphones, Amelia picked out a song that had a more softer tone to it and began her trip out the house and to Naomi's car.

Upon arrival she playfully stuck out her tongue to the woman who sat in the driver seat then quickly ran around the front to the passenger seat seeing it empty. "Hello darling~" she leaned in pecking Naomi on the cheek setting her backpack on the floor in front of her. " Looking on point as always." Amy giggled softly bumping Naomi with her shoulder. "Oh hey, I downloaded a couple of new songs I think you might like. Wanna hear them?"


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While the top portion of Naomi's body was kept in the vehicle, the rest of her leggy form was on full display, her long legs hanging out the driver's side door comfortably. It was when her phone buzzed that she pulled herself completely in the vehicle. crawling to an upright position to fully type out a response to Amelia.

To: Amy
Idk about both, we'll see

It wasn't that she was trying to exclude either Kellin or Kyle. Once Amelia, Bennet, and Karma arrived, she would have only one seat left unless someone wanted to sit in her trunk. Granted, it was spacious enough, at least for a female body and Naomi herself used to love sitting back there when she was in someone else's car because she could take a nap. However, unless someone wanted that or opted to lap up, there was no way all of them were fitting in the car unless everyone wanted to be squeezed in. She didn't have to wait long for her fellow Zeta because Amy was soon walking over and in retaliation to the girl's stuck out tongue, Naomi made a goofy face, which consisted of her tongue sticking out on the side and her eyes going to the sides. "Hello, my love." She said and smiled at Amy's sign of affection. At the compliment, Naomi swiped at the curly strands she left from the updo dramatically while exclaiming, "I try!"

Naomi giggled a beat afterwards as Amelia climbed into the passenger seat and pulled her own legs upwards, her lithe form allowing for her feet to rest on the seat and tucked firmly towards her plopped bum. Considering the fact that she wasn't known for sitting in certain positions for too long, her actions and show of her flexibility weren't uncommon. She peered down at her phone and answered Amelia distractedly, "Um, go ahead. These people need to hurry up. There's a wave calling my name." The last part was directed more to herself, or to the folks she was waiting for and as she swiped over the screen of her phone with her thumb, Naomi also reached over to the cup holder for her smoothie to sip on it. Luckily, it didn't take long for Bennet to text her just a few seconds before Kellin appeared. Smiling back at the blue-haired beauty, Naomi sent out several messages.

To: Karma
Hurry! Ur seat might get taken ;p

To: Bennet
Then u better hurry up

To: Zoey
Got a full car. Ride with Tori and the others, or Miles and Sam. Srry, love.

To: Daniele, Giselle, Poppy, Miles, Sam, Thatcher
Heading out soon. If I don't c u at the beach, c u later. Too hot 2 b waiting around


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Not long after talking to Marcus, Poppy returned to the Theta table to get a fit of who she really thought would be a good fit for Theta Chi. Before she knew it, they were out of everything; snacks, drinks, their papers. They were gone and Poppy couldn't be happier as she and the other Thetas start packing everything up as the fair started to whined down to a close. Poppy kept looking up towards Giselle who was just smirking at her. Poppy's eyes went left to rig ht before landing back on her best friend. "...What?" Giselle just shook her head as the taller girl grabbed the empty baskets, handing them to a junior, named Min-La or Minnie as she liked being called ever since joining Theta. "No, really Ellie. You never miss an opportunity to mess with someone, so what is it?"

Minnie kept close to the pair as she listened in and handed the baskets to a sophomore, named Anya who just hurried away to get them into he house. Giselle snapped towards Poppy and pointed to the now completely empty cooler. Poppy rolled her eyes as she grabbed one end and Giselle grabbed the others. "Okay darlins', just grab the posters and we're good to go. Now, I'm goin' to the beach before the jamboree, if ya'll wanna go just let me know. We can go in my truck." Poppy told the few remaining girls like Paige and Kellin and Minnie who were grabbing the last of their things. Ellie cleared her throat as she got her best friend's attention again. "Minnie said she saw you and your 'Candy Andy' holding hands when you walked away.... What's that about?" Poppy just sighed before looking at her friend. "You and Arty are one of the same. It meant nothing. Absolutely nothing, we just held hands so we wouldn't get lost in the crowd." Poppy said as she looked Ellie straight in these eyes so Giselle knew she wasn't lying. Giselle huffed as she rolled her eyes and let go of the cooler in order to open the door to the Theta Pi house. "Geez, thanks Elle." Ellie gave her a fake smile before hurrying up stairs to get ready for the beach. Poppy just smirked before shaking her head and heading to the backyard to leave the cooler there to dry out. She made her way back into the house as she smiled towards her sisters. "Alright, darlin'. If ya'll wanna go to the beach, we'll be leaving in thirty minutes." She told the group with a smile before scurrying up the stairs to get ready. She made her way to her and Giselle's room. She walked in not even thinking about the fact that Ellie was changing.

Poppy looked over at Ellie, who was looking through her thousands of swimsuits (probably gifts from her parents) to see which one drew her eye for the day. The Southern belle sighed before going over to her best friend and wrapping her arms around her. "You're not really mad at me, right? I mean, you know that I like him but, I can't force it to happen." Giselle turned towards her friend who had a raised eyebrow towards the French woman. "Yes, you can! Just say 'Hey, I love you. Now have my Southern babies--.."

"Oh, yea because I’m just that upfront. Besides, I think Andy might like an Alpha and as his best friend, I'm suppose to be there for him. And not get in the way of what he wants." Giselle stiffened a chuckle as Poppy stated how she thought Andrew liked an Alpha. That was a joke. Andrew was kind and smart, a guy who doesn't give damn about money and where people came from. Which was all the Alphas cared about. Besides, Ellie saw the way Andy looked at Poppy and the way they both blushed when she embarrassed them. But, if Poppy wanted to deny it then, so be it. It would happen soon enough, all Giselle could do is mess with the couple. Oh, sorry the 'pair'. ”Seriously, Ellie! It’s not funny.” Giselle just shook her head as she smiled apologetically at her friend. ”I’m not laughing at you Pops, but, just the idea of Andrew ever being with an Alpha makes me laugh. Besides, he likes more of the Savannah sunshine type girl." Poppy just groaned as she turned her back to her friend and walked to the other side of the room to her closet. "Oh, please. Moving on, next subject." Gigi groaned before sighing sharply. "Fine. What swimsuit are you wearing?"

"I was thinking my white one-piece--.."

"No! No one piece for you, besides didn't you tell before that you got a cute bikini in Manhattan." Giselle asked as she tossed her tight black one piece on her bed followed by a pair of shorts. Poppy shrugged before looking for the swimsuit Ellie was talking about. "I bought that for you. You know two pieces an't my thing. I'm so tall that they make me look lanky." Gigi rolled her eyes before walking over to her friend closet and tossing the swimsuit towards her friend. "You're not lanky and you're wearing it." Before Poppy could say anything Giselle started talking again. "I don't want to hear it. Didn't you say that you wanted the break out of your shell?" She raised an eyebrow just for Poppy to sigh and turn back towards her closet to grab out her Vineyard Vines shirt and a pair of running shorts. Since Poppy was planning to go in the water, unlike Giselle, she didn't bother spending a lot of time on her outfit or makeup. All she did was put her straight hair up in a high ponytail before getting dressed in her beach outfit with Giselle. When the pair were do, Poppy just looked at her best friend before sighing and grabbing her beach bag which was already filled with her stuff. Gigi could see the frown on Pop's face before she turned away so, the French woman walked over to her friend and slung an arm over her toned shoulder. "What's wrong now, Sunny?"

Poppy just shook her head as she looked up at Ellie. "Nothing, I just realized that I'm a much bigger DUFF than I thought." Poppy had said it like she was joking but, Gigi knew her better than that. Ever since they met, Poppy had this crazy idea that she was that 'ugly friend' that guys used to get to her. In Giselle's eyes there were both tens, the only thing that put Poppy over the top was her down to Earth personality and good girl persona that guys went crazy over. Giselle smacked the back of Poppy's head as the pair walked down the stairs of their house and into the front foyer. "Never say that again, you hear me? You are a complete babe and I can't wait to see Mr. Drexler's face when he sees you in this little number!" She exclaimed as she pulled up Poppy's shirt before having her hand swatted away by the Southern Bell who's face was redder than ever! And Giselle had to admit, she thought it was adorable. "Stop it, Ellie. I already don't feel like this is a good idea. What if people laugh at me or think I'm changing just to fit in?" Giselle just rolled her eyes. "No one's going to think that, my dear. Trust me. Now if you don't mind," She turned towards the rest of the house and whistled. "Five minutes left, ladies! If you need a ride I suggest you hurry up because madam president and I are leaving in exactly five minutes and there's only so much room in her Chevy 'Poppymobile'."

Poppy pulled her keys out with a peach keychain and pout as she opened the door. "It's a Ford, by the way." Giselle flipped the bird to her best friend as Poppy said it with a smirk before walking out the door and across the street to her baby, the love of her life; her teal 1966 Ford F100. She's had this car since she was sixteen and it was probably the one thing she would die without. Giselle, during the time Poppy had started her car, fixed the cushion in the back of her truck, and let her music blast, was busy looking at herself in the mirror as she fixed her hair and blew a kiss to herself. Theta or not, she still loved herself a bit too much.