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Sebastian Collins

"So ready to get this done and over with. Come at me, bro!"

0 · 724 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week Begins”, as played by Dumisa



"I'm an idealist: I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way."
-Carl Sandburg



"Please do not wear out my name. Please."

Sebastian Alexander Collins.

"I cannot stand nicknames, honestly though, if you insist..."

Sebastian often likes to be called Seb, which is most common by now. Do not call him Sebby, or else he will not respond and probably ignore you for life. The other hated nickname is SAC, which is his full name abbreviated - It bothers him to the fullest.

"I am not legal yet but I do illegal things. Oops!"

Sebastian is 17.

"Want more proof?"


Birth Date:
"I'm a Christmas baby!"

December 25th, 1998.

"Here's a hint, according to the Chinese, I am a Goat. Get it?"


"I use to like girls but now guys just tickle my fancy - Though I am open for a cuddle, ladies."

Homosexual | Biromantic.

"Well, I am not exactly American."

Sebastian is Canadian.

"I don't really know yet but I have a love for the Performing Arts."

Undecided - Though might major into something dealing with the Performing Arts.

"Well, if the Performing Arts doesn't work out then this might be my major."

Journalism - Photojournalism, to be exact.



Childhood/Family Life:
"I get along with my mother and sister the most, my father, uhm, not so much."

Growing up, Sebastian didn't know much about himself but thank god he had an older sibling to help him out with that sort of thing. He grew up in a wealthy lifestyle, basically always getting what he wanted. His mother was in the military and his father is a lawyer, who has a record of 3 wins and 1 loss in top criminal cases. It wasn't until he was thirteen years of age when he told his sister that he didn't find females attractive anymore. At first, she laughed and told him to knock it off but he was not joking at all. She then encouraged him to tell their parents and he was nervous but he did it a few days later anyway. His mother was happy that he told them, his father was very discouraged and immediately wanted him out of the house because he was a so called demon. It crushed Sebastian to hear those words from his father but due to his mother's strengths, he got to stay at home but just didn't speak to his father much. Now, open with his sexuality, things have gone much better for Sebastian upon entering high school. He joined the choir, band and even the drama club. Luckily those extracurricular activities started at different times of the school so he could manage them all. But as high school went along, he never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up and till this day doesn't know. He might want to perform on Broadway or work for as a journalist or something. But he has plenty of time to figure it out and intends to do just that as the days roll by at Fulton University, which he got accepted to on a band scholarship.



"I do most of these on a daily basis."

Is never seen outside of his dorm without a baseball cap or a snap back | Is somewhat of a neat freak when he goes out to eat(he'll basically reset the whole table, condiments and utensils) | Sometimes quotes random sayings from his favorite television shows or musicals | Dislikes people who hum when they are eating

Good personality traits:
"The better side of me."

{Committed, Fearless, Networker, Imaginative}

Bad personality traits:
"Thing I hate to admit about myself."
{Blunt, Flirtatious, Idealist, Impatient}

"Want to get inside my head, do you?"

Most people would say that Sebastian is leadership type of person. They would be correct, well, at times. He is very committed to any task that is placed in front of his and will get it done in a timely manner with no excuses. He is a very determined type of person and will stop at absolutely nothing to get ahead of someone else to be on top, making him a little bit fearless as well. He is a social media freak and loves to blog, post videos on YouTube and even upload random pictures on Instagram. Oh, he also likes to Tweet. Though Sebastian is a good-hearted person, he tends to speak before thinking at times, making cruel comments towards people and sometimes hurting their feelings. He tries not to do that but sometimes, it just slips out. He is a huge flirt and will flirt with almost any guy, gay, straight or bi. It's one of his horrible traits that he is trying to change but can't help it, at times. Overall, Sebastian is a very good and loyal friend to those that befriend. And like most gay guys or people in general, he is the best person to hang out and come to talk to.

Greatest joys in life:
"Oh, there is so much!"

Sebastian is joyful for having his mother in his life since she pushes him to do his best and never wants him to think that he is failing, even when he is. His sister, who has just been there for him. She was the first person he came out to and she encouraged him to come out to their mom and dad. Money, which they have a lot of due to his mom's retirement plan from the military. They have a budget every year though and sticks to it till this very day.

Greatest fears:
"I do not have many though these are a few I do have."

Sebastian have a fear of being sexual abuse. Since he was a little kid, it has always been a major fear of his. He is fearful of being enclosed in tight spaces but he feels just fine at a party. Sebastian also has a fear of pins and needles, which didn't become a fear until he saw a video of the doctor slipping and the needle jabbed the patient in the arm, severely. It was bad and scarred him for life.

Life philosophy:
"This is why I get up every morning."

β€œLife has no remote....get up and change it yourself!” -Mark A. Cooper


❀ Men
❀ Coffee
❀ Warm Weather
❀ Singing & Dancing
❀ Reading & Writing
❀ Cuddling
❀ Social Gatherings
❀ Band
✘ Instigators
✘ Drama
✘ Homophobes
✘ Stereotypes
✘ Being Broke
✘ Attention Seekers
✘ Not Having Coffee
✘ Cloudy Days



Thoughts on Greek Life:
"Honestly, I am doing this to try to impress my father."

Sebastian didn't really come to college to pledge or anything but his father was apart of a fraternity, one that he cannot remember but will find out, and has decided to pledge on his behalf - Though, he really doesn't want to.

Plans for after college:
"Hmm, haven't really thought about it much."

Sebastian is just starting college and haven't really decided on what he has wanted to do after graduation yet. If he gets something within the Performing Arts, that will be great but if he gets a journalism job, that would be even better. Though he plans on studying both aspects in order to gain further insight on what he wants to do.


"Want to see my abs?"

Athletically built.

Hair Colour:
"You'll probably never see it anyway since I love to wear hats."

His hair is a muddy brown color, though in the right lighting it looks chestnut brown. He sometimes keeps it spiked up or fluffs it our with a part on the far right of his head.

Eye Colour:
"Well, I wear contacts sometimes."

Sebastian's eyes are an emerald green color. He has blue and hazel green contacts that he sometimes wear.

Distinguishing Marks:
"And ruin this Adonis like body? No."


"I am a trendy son of a gun."

Sebastian always updates his wardrobe consistently since he finds something that he likes, especially anything Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein or anything else that is popular. He has a pair of shoes and hat or beanie for every outfit he owns. He likes to wear bright, vibrant colors but you'll sometime see him wearing dark clothing but not all the time.

So begins...

Sebastian Collins's Story


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The campus was alive with excitement, anxiety, nerves, and anticipation. A new school year had begun the second students began moving back onto campus, but now, it finally seemed to hit them. For some, it was their final year at the beloved Fulton University, one of the top universities in the country. For others, it was their first year. Either way, there was a sort of buzz all around campus, a tingle each and every student felt as they greeted this year of opportunities and adventure. And what better way to start it all off than with the one thing on everybody's mind - Rush Week. Granted, these would only be the preliminary rounds, but who knows what could happen on the very first day...

As the track slowly moved to its conclusion and after receiving a nod from one of her favorite radio partners, Naomi officially turned the dial for the sound down, speaking into her microphone clearly with her ever present and rich British lilt. "That was 2 On by Tinashe, the best song of Summer 2014. You heard it here at Fulton U Hot 103.4." Ronnie, or Ronald when he was in their political science class with Dr. Skarsgaard who truly did not care for pleasantries or students, much less, grinned at her making a face at him for pressing one of the controls, which caused a squelching sound appear just after she finished her sentence. He played too much sometimes and she had half the mind to reach over the table of controls that separated them just to swat him on the head, but opted against it. She had to go soon anyway. She rolled her eyes at him before continuing, "This is your girl Nomi, NomiIzMe, and I'm about to turn everything over to my co-host, RonnieB. Don't get forget to holla at your girl at the beautiful Zeta Nu Delta House stand at the 2014 Fulton University Activities Fair. Hope to see you all there." With a mock salute and her favorite mix of India Arie and a beat from DJ Mustard, Naomi spelled her own exit and turned everything over to Ronnie, nodding to him as she set down her headset before exiting the large recording area.

Once outside in the busy hallway, she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and made her way through the crowd, the gold of her Zeta Nu Delta custom-made bracelet catching a glint from the sun, which peeked in through the barely closed blinds of one of the hallway windows. Smirking to herself as she saw a few noticeable freshmen males whispering to themselves and glancing over at her, she twirled a few strands of hair with her pointer finger, shooting them a sultry grin accompanied by a wink before turning the corner. The move was harmless and judging by an exclamation followed by a quiet roar of excitement from where they had, it had the desired effect. She didn't mess around with freshmen guys and never would, but it definitely was fun toying with them. Not that she would ever lead them on or anything of that nature, but flirting was harmless. Besides, she wouldn't be a true Zeta if she didn't have a bit of a flirt in her. A more genuine smile flitted across her face at the thought of her girls and without hesitation, Naomi whipped out her phone to text them just as she pulled into one of the many bathrooms on the first floor to simply check on her image.

To: Zoey, Amelia, Sierra
Omw 2 the booth. 1 of u better b there

Naomi wasn't particularly worried about any of the girls showing up late, she decided, as the text was sent. She had already specified that one of the other sophomores would set up with some of the baked goods Naomi had made the night before. She slid her phone into her back pocket before primping her hair. She had chosen one of her more fun outfits for the day. It was eye-catching enough to remind everyone that she was a fashionable woman, but simple enough to not do too much in. Naomi could be a lot of things, but she wasn't that much of a show-off. Besides, that tomboyish edge was her thing and she always had to make sure it was on point. After reapplying the natural-looking shade of pink lip gloss on her lips and that her hair was still on point, she gave herself one more appraisal before leaving the bathroom and heading out to one of the larger grassy areas of Fulton University, where the Activities Fair was to take place. Every year, the location changed and she actually preferred the area they chose for this year. It was spacious and open, and left room for some of the campus' more physically active organizations to show off. It was like a tame Zeta/Sigma party, except without the booze and heavy grinding. Just a paid DJ and everyone weaning out their favorites.

Once outside, it didn't take her long to get to her booth, which was closer to the Sigma table. She frowned a bit when she didn't see Miles yet and decided to find her favorite Sigma, setting her bag down beside her chosen chair and taking a seat. Folding one smooth leg over the other, she grinned at the Zeta who had watched the table in her absence before pulling out her phone to text Miles and her other best friend.

To: Miles
Slacking on your pres duties?

To: Sam
U better not b sleep


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3:20// Tuesday Afternoon

By three in the afternoon, a few of the non-Greek organizations had begun cleaning up their areas and dispersing and when twenty minutes passed, so had some of the Zetas. They were still in the process of moving things since the fair had drawn to a close and the setting up for the jamboree would be commencing soon. Naomi had sent off Kyle, Bennett, and Karma after a few more minutes, not really thinking about inviting Kyle to their beach excursion - not out of not wanting him there, but because it had slipped her mind until he had already disappeared into the crowd. Besides, Miles would tell him, right? Before they began cleaning up their own section, Naomi had run across a new girl near the Zeta booth who had been talking to Zoey. Once Karma had confirmed that she needed a ride and Naomi had agreed to be such, she had returned to her girls and seen the rusher checking out snacks and talking to other members. When one of the Zetas saw Naomi, they pointed her out to the new girl, whose name she had been told was Dori. "Hey, well, I'm Naomi. We'll probably start heading out soon, but you should come to the beach. A few friends and such are gonna be there, and who knows? You might just fall in love with us." She had said, ending on a wink before waving the girl off and making plans.

While Naomi had gotten Ever, Rebecca, and Angel and a few other notable Zetas who weren't going to the beach to assist more with the cleaning up, she still found herself helping out - not because no one was following her orders, but because she didn't want to put everything on them. She had just returned a few of the tables given by the Student Government Association when she decided to send out another mass text, including Thatcher who she hadn't seen at the fair at the time.

To: Daniel, Zoey, Karma, Bennet, Miles, Zoey, Amelia, Sierra, Sam, Poppy, Giselle, Thatcher
Headed back 2 my house 2 get changed. Any1 who needs a ride, c u in 30 mins. Otherwise, c evry1 at the beach :D

Sliding her phone away and waving off Lianne, Naomi headed in the direction of the Zeta house. She was immediately swamped with girls running in and out of their living space; some because they were going to be late for classes or work, and others simply because they had plans for the rest of the afternoon. Laughing at one of the girls who practically squealed upon seeing her boyfriend and practically pouncing on him, Naomi closed the door behind herself and jogged upstairs to get to her room. Luckily for her, being a senior and a president had its perks, which included a slightly larger room, which was a single. She definitely appreciated that, she realized, as the silence there was enough to remind her that she did, in fact, have plans. Running her hands over her face lightly, she decided to take a quick shower. It was a thing of hers; she could never change in to one outfit without at least taking a quick dip in the shower unless she was getting ready for bed. Once out, she applied a sunblock on her smooth skin with the same warm, sweet and nutty fragrance she was known for. Afterwards, Naomi rifled through her selection of swimwear before deciding upon one of the newer ones. She hadn't actually meant it when she told Jack that she had been planning on wearing a new bikini; she just needed something to say to get back at him. However, she liked the strappy zebra-print bikini her mom had picked out in her attempts at winning the "Mother of the Year" award. "Yeah, right," she muttered to no one in particular at the thought before finishing up.

Once she was officially ready dressed and her bag was full with her towel, wallet, and a few books and magazines to read, Naomi slid on some sunglasses and was applying some rose oil lip balm as she descended back down the stairs. The house was only a bit quieter with the sound of pitter-pattering from various rooms and the hallways. With about ten minutes to spare, Naomi traipsed into the kitchen to make herself a smoothie, which consisted of strawberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt, and blueberries. Once it had gotten to a smooth consistency (she hated ice in smoothies), she poured the thick liquid into a travel cup with an attachable lid and straw. She took a sip just to taste it and while sucking that down leisurely, walked out of the house, ready to hang out at the beach. Naomi walked across the street to her 2014 Tahoe, climbing in and cranking on the radio while she waited for people.