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Alexander Landcaster

"Excuse me while I try and find a fuck to give."

0 · 250 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, originally authored by .euphoria., as played by RolePlayGateway




Nickname: Lex, Alex, and Landcaster
Age: 22
Sexuality:....Questioning if Bisexual (No one but one person knows yet)

House: Beta Gamma Omega
Thoughts on being a Beta:"It absolutely sucks---No. I'm kidding completely, but my dad hates it seeing that he was a *coughs* Sigma. But, I chose to be in Beta because they were like me....sue me for being me."

Working Out
Being From Los Angeles
Big Cities
Did I say winning already?"
Classic Cars
Expensive Cars
Watching America's Most Wanted (His Guilty Pleasure)
Smoking Cigarettes Only....once on a blue moon "I am not addicted, I just get stressed...don't judge me mother fu**er"
Hanging With Friends
Pulling Pranks
His IPod Touch
His Family Expect His Dad

Country Music
His Father
Fast Food
Being Called Blondie or Ken
Overstressed People
Highly Strung Girls
Being Told What To Do
Reality TV
Tumblr Tumblr....Tumbling....Tumbling down the stairs, whatever it's called. It.Gets.On.My.Last Fucking.Nerve!"
Changing His Plans
Girls Who Go Waaaay To Fast.
Attitude Towards Him

Losing His Friends or Brothers
Failing Out Of School

Personality: At first glance, you would count him as your typical jerk or bastard. He doesn't care much of the world except for the select few he calls his world. He is ferociously protective of the people he holds close, often pushing it to a point of oppression. He has a short temper getting angry at the smallest things with record speed and time to spare and will lose it sooner or later. He will admit that he is very particular about what he likes and how things are done. He will demand things and will not settle if they are not met. He is quite rude without meaning to since he always speaks his mind and doesn't care who hears him. Lex does has a certain limit of respect, but the line is blurry and hard to see for him. But, he speaks words that girls die to hear and knows exactly how to make them fall. He can creates an inescapable atmosphere of comfort when he wants to. Alexander is very argumentative and won't stand to love. Egotistical, he will ruin others who defy him. In front of all this is a playboy smile and a bad boy background that makes the ladies on the block go crazy. Most of his bad habits and crazy actions come from his lack of understanding of how real relationships and most friendships works and the proper way to treat a person. He won't be rude, mean, or foul until you give him a reason to be. And the reasons to be angry are more then the reasons not to be.

At random times, He just goes in this mood that gives him inspiration for paintings or sketches which can keep him busy for days at a time because once he starts something he has to finish it or he feels like a bum. He is a strict person on himself after being 'brainwashed' by his strict father, he does it himself now. Since he's twenty-two, he is independent and likes things done his way aka he rather do it himself. Around friends he's rather rude and very very cocky but in that joking way as in he may hit you upside the head and call you motherfu**er as a nickname even if you are his closest friend. But, he is loyal as a friend and will always be there for you no matter how fucking stupid your choices maybe. Yea, I know, he does have a heart after all

History: Alex was born in Los Angeles, California on July 1st when it was a burning hot day to Maya and James Landcaster, a couple of military brats who grew up around the Air Force and Marines. Growing up, Alex had a older brother named, Nicholas who mainly got the attention Sergeant Major father who was in the Marine Corp. But, as much as he hated not being the favorite of his father, he still was part of a rich upper middle class family. When he was 10 years old, his father was stationed in Miami where they have stayed ever since. But, when moving to Florida his father got a lot more stiff and strict because he wanted his son to go into the Marines just like him or go to his college and become a Sigma. But, when Alexander was 13 he found out two things. 1)That his true love was art and 2)That girls were really good looking and that they didn't have some type of disease. At the age of 14 he started to learn how to draw which started to attract the more artistic type of girls to him. While his phone got full, his head got even fuller....with hot air.

He started becoming rather cocky and his family could see that but hey, he didn't care. Nicholas still got all the attention from their little daddy. In High School, Alex did....decent, he had a GPA of 3.5, which in his family was again decent. He enrolled to his father's college to try and earn his respect but he wanted to join the house of his choice. The Sargent was not pleased, he was pissed and told him that's why he cares for his brother more than Alex. He wasn't stupid, he already knew. He wanted to go into art but, knew there was no career in the art field but, there was in law. So, he decided that would be his major. But, since he graduated he didn't change his mind. He stayed with Beta since day on and seeing that it's his last year, that's where's he's going to stay

Anything else: Put any other information you deem necessary.

So begins...

Alexander Landcaster's Story

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Maya walked on the cement with her vintage shoes, that she may or may not have borrowed from her mother, making sounds on the cement. While walking toward her house, she passed the outdoor plaza with the smell of the Starbucks going into her nose. She would have loved the smell if she did wake up at 6 in the morning to serve it to people on campus. But, looking at it she saw the Alphas and the headhunter herself, Natalie Greyson. They never liked each other, she said that the sooner Maya got her ass deported the better. And, Maya may or may not have said she was an anorexic bitch when she was a freshmen but, she didn't mean to. It just slipped out. And she refused to apologize to the blonde haired witch for saying her opinion, this was America wasn't it?

From the look of it the Alphas seemed to be ganging up on Brandon and Sophie, for what? For talking to each other. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Hypocrites." She said in her head. There they were acting on Sophie when they knew damn well that they all flirted with the Sigmas, she even heard that a few of them slept with Sigmas even when Natalie had that rule for them enforced. She would talk, well argue about that with Natalie soon enough. It was only a matter of time before Maya let Natalie know how big of a hypocrite she was. Maya walked past them without a word and continued to walk towards her house.

When she got to the house, she looked at the Theta symbol that was on the royal purple door. She used her key that was stanched somewhere in her purse. She opened the door and walked into the living room to see her two friends, Belle, and her best friend, Ama. She smiled at the two before taking a seat and looking at Ama. "So, what's going on?"


She looked at Brandon as he spoke to her, "Well, I was just passing by and as it where you were with friends." She shrugged. Whether Annie and Sophie were friend or not was... questionable. Sophie may have been new to America but she lived with backstabbing bitches all her life and in Korea, they didn't do it up front they were sneaky. And, Annie? Was absolutely a backstabbing bitch in her eyes seeing that she was in Alpha. the way she knew that is because, it took one to know one. "I am doing well, now." She smirked as he slipped a finger into her hair and moved it behind her ear. "Well that's good to know." She said softly as he did.

"There will be a party tonight and my father's club. Perhaps you could accompany me? Your friends are all invited as well." She nodded and smiled before seeing him look at Annie. She rolled her eyes as he saw his gaze go back to the short 5'6 Korean girl. "So, Will you join me? Or Will Natalie not approve?" She sighed. Of course Natalie wouldn't approve of him or Sophie going with him. "Well--" Was all she had the chance to say before hearing Natalie's voice interrupt her. "No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," "Oh shit" She looked at Natalie before biting her lip a bit. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" She sighed knowing what she had to do. "I mean, yes of course but it's not like we're going to--" She said before having Karma interrupt her as well. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." She looked at Karma and then gave Annie a deadly glare, if looks could kill. She would be six feet under.

If she wanted to start something fine, but don't think Sophie wasn't going to call her out on flirting with every Sigma guy known all over campus like Bradley, Antonio, and even Sophie's own damn brother! Oh, if Annie thought so smart, wait until she saw Sophie actually put her 4.4 GPA to good use. She didn't even hear what Karma said after because her eyes were fixed on the little snitch of the Alphas. When Brandon started talking she looked at him as he spoke to Natalie. "I was just inviting Ae-Jin to a party this evening. I just told her how all of you were invited as well. I meant no real harm. It is the beginning of the new school year, Why not start it off with a bang?" When he touched Natalie's cheek, she raised an eyebrow. He must be an idiot to touch the ice queen herself. "So Will you be attending? I'm not asking to sleep with you or Ae-Jin. Just a simple invitation to Celebrate of the start of the New Year. I may even invite some Rushers." Was that going to get Sophie out of hot water? No, not at all but at least he tried. "Look, Natalie. We were not doing anything. We were just talking." She said to the blonde haired girl.


After getting his coffee and seeing his sister walk over to his friend, Brandon. Edric rolled his eyes and walked away right as he could see Natalie walking with Karma. He offered the two a wink right as they walked past the tall 5'11 Asian man. He knew something was going to happen. Little did he know that it had something to do with his sister. If he knew that his sister was in hot water, he would have went after and charmed her out of it. But, he didn't so he walked towards the Sigma house. He had his key on a necklace that was painted orange and black, thanks to his younger seven year old sister, Misung. But, at least he knew it was his when he saw it. He opened the door and looked in the living room seeing a girl sleeping on the couch, he knew exactly who it was. One because there was on girl dumb enough to sleep on the Sigma's couch and two, he could see the red lipstick peeking through her mess of brunette hair.

He kicked the couch with his new sneakers as he heard the girl groan. "Imogen... Imo. Wake up." He said to the British girl who just turned her face away from Edric and pulled the blanket over her head. Imogen was easily on of the Sigmas favorite girls on campus. If she wasn't a girl, she would be in Sigma. "Go away, Ed." Was all she said before going back to sleep. "Imo wake up, get out of your clothes, and then meet us in the auditorium. Alright? He said to her with a raised eyebrow seeing her groan and nod. "Fine, just get the hell out of my face. And, tell Bradley to never touch my drinks again." Imogen said as she got up and fixed her hair and rubbed her eyes.

"Alright. Now shoo. Out you naughty little Brit." He said before chuckling and seeing the girl turn around. [i]"I hooked up with one of the Sigmas, would you happen to know who it was?"
She asked him with a smile on her face. He shook his head and shrugged. "Nope, sorry." Edric said to her before seeing her roll her eyes and walk out to door. He chuckled before waling up the stairs near the bedrooms. "Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" He said with a sly smirk on his face as he leaned on Tony's door.


After waking up to the sound of Edric, Imogen walked out of the Sigma house and squinted her eyes as she walked out of the house and towards the Zeta house. She looked in her purse to slip on her black Ray-Bans to actually be able to see. She had a pounding headache from a drink that she took from her close friend, who was more like her brother, Bradley. They always just had to make a idiotic bet. And, this one was no better. She lost and had to take a drink. After taking that, she just was sort of out of it. all she can recall is sleeping with one of the Sigma guys, walking out, and just falling asleep on their couch.

When she got to the Zeta house, music was blasting already and girls were already up and ready for the day, and drinking but what else was new for them? Imogen walked up the stairs to her large room and tossed he sunglasses on her messy bed. She walked to her sliding closet and looking for an outfit to where for the day. She grabbed a pair of shorts and one of her new shirts. And, of course a pair of her signature combat boots. Imogen walked over to the bathroom and put her outfit on the sink before turning the hot water on a stepping in to wash herself off. She sighed as she began to feel refreshed from the night before. After about ten minutes of showering, she stopped the water and grabbed one of her neon blue towels and dried herself off before slipping her undergarments and shorts. Walking out of the bathroom, she sat on her bed and slipped her boots on. Standing up, Imo looked herself up and down in the mirror and smirked. "Perfect. She said to herself before changing at her small cheetah plugs to a pair with a white cross in the middle.

She walked out of her room and back down the stairs. She looked around at the girls as a few began to exit the house while others were doing there own things. She walked out of the Zeta house and decided she would have to face the students sooner or later, another ear of being called a slut and a whore by girls who wished they were as confident as Imogen was. But, she didn't care. She had tough skin and decided if girls didn't want to be friends then she would find guys like the Sigmas. She walked towards the auditorium not paying the Alphas any attention there wasn't a single one of them that didn't piss her off. They all hooked up with a Sigma and were trying to act like they never did. But, all the Sigmas were like her brothers, and she knew how to get shit out of them. She walked into the auditorium and saw Bradley. With a smirk she flicked him off and blew him a friendly kiss. She sat near some of the other Zetas and just started to take about her newest tattoo.