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Amaranta Marerro

"I will see if I can fit you into my schedule!"

0 · 1,165 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, as played by Vix



Name ”My name is Amaranta Sabrina Marerro.”
Nickname ”Well, the usual consists of Ama, Ran, Argentina, Sabi, Prez, Queen Multitasker, and the ever creative Bri.”
Age ”I just turned twenty-one right before I started my Senior year. Legal to drink, baby!”
Major ”I'm a double major, actually. I'm majoring in Performance (Musical Theatre) and Choreography. I'm minoring in Performance (Vocal).”
Sexuality ”Proudly Sapiosexual. I never judge based on gender!”

House ”Theta Chi, baby! President, to be exact!”
Thoughts on being a Theta ”I love being a Theta. I always have – Its great to be surrounded by so many girls that are just like me. I could care less that we're teased by the Alphas and sometimes the Zetas – We're not the ones with tutors because we're too busy partying or fucking everything bipedal with a pulse. Plus we don't have to sleep with our teachers to get good grades. I love being around women that aren't looking down fake noses at me just because I don't follow their bad examples of living.”
Likes ”Well, I like cheap but chic fashion, candy, dancing, singing, animals, playing piano, playing violin, playing guitar, performing in musicals, busking, acting, A Capella, competing, baking, studying, composing, writing lyrics, hanging out with my sisters, my little sister, Theta Chi, Yoga, college, Sorority events, exotic cuisine, Kappas, committed relationships, Juju, Nunu, Mumu, and Ruru. Its a lot, I know! Oh! Plus my two lovers, Jack and Morgan, hehe!”
Dislikes ”Ugh! Where do I start? Sluts, Alphas...wait. Those two are the same. Hm – Cheaters, so-called players, dating, one-night stands, marijuana, drugs, clear alcohol, people who stereotype based on social status and race, being called a Mexican, being called a Spick, people picking on my little sister, getting into fights, and people who act like they're better than everyone else.”
Fears ”I could say that I fear flunking. But I make perfect grades. Uh – I guess my greatest fear is being alone. But I'm afraid of being played and cheated on like all the times in the past. Its a vicious circle.”

Personality ”How can I describe myself in my own words? Well – I feel like I'm an average woman. I'm a music prodigy, sure. But I think that I'm average in looks. Cute would be my words – I don't think I'm sexy and I hate when that's the first thing people say to me. Ugh! Hm. I can be a bit...judgmental. But mostly when it comes to Alphas. How can I not when they have such a reputation? I've yet to meet a girl from there who isn't either a slut, a moron, a bitch, or a liar. I remember that my Freshman year, half of them needed tutors. The president was sleeping with the Lit 101 professor! Anyways. Back to me. I'm very laid back, really I am. I love just hanging out whenever I have the time to, watching flicks or dancing with my friends. And yes, I say flicks. I use a lot of...retro words. Or maybe vintage is the word? I also speak Spanglish and sometimes I forget the english word for something when I have a brain fart. I'm so glad that my professors understand and let it slide when I'm writing my papers. wipes brow As you probably already noticed, I'm not a huge fan of the Alphas. We'll get to the why later, but I can't stand any of them.

I'm huge on multitasking. Really. Really. Huge. Multitasking is my life! I'm always doing something – I'm hardly ever still. While I'm studying, I'm composing. While I'm hanging out, I'm dancing or choreographing a dance. While I'm doing homework, I'm singing and writing lyrics on the side. What do I do on weekends? Yoga with my fellow Theta before proceeding to Starbucks for a Double Chocolate Chip Frappe, then to the mall for some shopping because I window shop on Wednesdays, then for lunch I go to Buffet City because they have the best sushi, then we head out to the beach or sometimes the aquarium, by the time the sun sets we have ice cream, pizza, and movies. That's how the rest of the night goes. Unless I'm booked at one of the other Greek Organizations or elsewhere for a performance! No matter what, i have three hours of A Capella practice every week day. I'm extremely organized! I might be OCD, actually, now that I think about it...

My attitude? Well I'm outgoing and I love making new friends and helping people. Time permitting, of course. I don't mind pushing a few things back, though. I'm quite optimistic and I hate seeing people upset and I'm always compelled to find out what's wrong and then help out. Comforting people just comes naturally to me. I'm very passive-aggressive when I'm irritated, though. I have an intermittent explosion disorder. It means that I let my anger build and build and build before I snap. And when I snap...I snap. I get very...physical. So I try to keep a stress-free environment. That's why I do Yoga!”

”I was born to Yazmin and Angel Marerro some twenty-one years ago in good ole Tuscan, Arizona. Both of them went to Fulton. My mother was in Theta Chi like her mother before her. My mother was also president, which really made abuelita proud. My dad? He was a Beta. He had quite the reputation with the women on campus, but, and this is according to my father himself, when he looked into Yazmin's big green eyes he knew that he was going to marry her one day. I loved hearing stories about their life. Both sets of my great-grandparents were illegals. My father's from Spain and my mother's from Argentina. But once they became legalized, they soon began to flourish. My father's side of the family runs a small bakery franchise and my mother's side are world-class entertainers. Anyways, back to me. So – A beautiful baby with blue eyes was born on June twenty first. That's me! Anyways, I was born to a pretty wealthy lifestyle, as you can imagine. I wasn't spoiled, though. I had to work hard for everything and I was trained at a young age just like everyone else. I always had a busy schedule. If I wasn't at music lessons with Aunt Melina, I was taking acting lessons from Uncle Ernesto. If not that, I was practicing vocals with mother. And if not all that, abuelita would be teaching me to bake more things.

I didn't mind everything because I loved doing it and being with my family in the process. I was overjoyed when my little sister was adopted (into the family) because I began to teach her what I knew. I am what you call a performance prodigy: If it has to do with performing, particularly dancing, acting, and musical type things, I take to it like fish to water. Its so easy for me because I'm so passionate it about it. I can't see myself doing anything else. I always made good grades and was always studying. Honestly? I rarely had time for friends. I never even had a job because I was always so busy. I always had only my family. I never went to slumber parties or went to the movies. But it didn't phase me. When I started at Fulton, I didn't know what becoming a Theta would entail. My mother and abuelita said that it was too difficult to put into words. And now I see why. I was overjoyed at the sisterhood that I found.

Now, you're wondering why the Alphas hate me so much. My Freshman year, Natalie was my roommate and we were both really good friends. Best friends, actually. She talked me into pledging Alpha and I thought that it would be fun...right? But I saw what awful bitches they were and I saw how they talked behind everyone's backs and slept around and drank. It was like a foreign world to me. Having always been around my family, I wasn't used to people being that way. We were always kind to each other. Sure we had fights and would gossip, but...Not like this. I quickly dropped and told them all to go fuck themselves, pretty much. I was a bit pissed that they thought I was Alpha material! Instead, I went to Theta Chi. I never felt so at home away from home.

College was a breeze for me. I loved all of my classes and being part of Theta Chi. I made friends, though I consider them family, really. I was always active, just like I was as a child. I loved the bikini car washes, the bake sales, the parties, the galas, everything! When I talked to Michelle, you would not believe how happy I was that she chose to attend Fulton as well. Rush week is going to be so fun!”

Anything else
”I only drink dark liquor with Sprite or Coke. I also like Mike's Hard Lemonade and Schmirnoff Ice. Alright – Juju is my pet doberman, Nunu is my Himalayan kitten, Mumu is my brazilian rainbow boa, and Ruru is my blue macaw. I keep them in the sorority house, of course. Also, I have four siblings besides my sisters. The triplets and the 'Oops! Kid'. My brothers Esteban, Guillermo, Hector, and Javier. My mother was a stereotypical young breeder, hehe. I also compete in the ICCAs with the Fulton Voices in Your Head - Which I am naturally the leader of.”

So begins...

Amaranta Marerro's Story

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#, as written by Vix

β€œBeautiful soprano work, Madison! But you need to face the audience. Tyler, you're doing magnificently! Argentina, you're amazing per usual. Let's go ahead and wrap this up – I think I've kept you guys up long enough. Great job!”

Alexandra and Alexandria Curiel were Amaranta's favorite Professors of all time. Jennifer was an amazing actress and alto who instructed Performance (Vocal) and Jessica was a wonderful actress and soprano who instructed Performance (Musical Theatre). Both of which were two of Amaranta's three favorite classes. Her other was Dance and Choreography – Cassandra Pinegar was an amazing dancer, even though Amaranta thought she was better. She had been attending classes with the three talented women since she was seventeen. She was twenty-one now and this would be her last year under the tutelage of said three talented women.

She sighed wistfully as they ended their early-morning practice for the school's fall production of Phantom of the Opera. Naturally, she landed the female lead. None of the other girls even bothered to try out when it was mentioned that Amaranta was considering the role. She was a musical prodigy, possibly the brightest one Fulton had ever seen. Possibly the United States. Or maybe that was just the ego that her fellow Thetas kept building up in her. Smiling, she slid from the stage and bid everyone a farewell before leaving the theater. They had only been practicing for two hours – It was about ten o'clock now which left her time to shower, get dress, grab a bit to eat, and then head to the auditorium and in that order.

Amaranta didn't stay in the campus dorms. Or least not the 'regular' ones. She stayed in the Theta Sorority house. She slid into a deep purple Murcielago with a kind smile to the others getting into their vehicles. Her foreign car blared Elvis Crespo, vibrating the entire vehicle. She tapped her fingers along to the beat, bouncing her head as she sang, windows rolled down. β€œPintame las carita de la nina mas bonita dentro de mi corazon!” Her smile was wide as she bobbed her head to the beat, waving at those that she passed while speeding home. She was no Alpha, but she was pretty popular. She was talented, smart, nice, and beautiful.

The Theta President pulled up to a large house. It was white with purple trim. There were lots of beautiful and colorful flowers outside, adding more to the cheerful theme of the home. It was the Theta Chi Sorority home. Her home; or at least her home away from home. Smiling, she parked her car in the garage reserved for the president and quickly made her way inside. She offered a light wave to the girls on the lawn who were doing their morning yoga. β€œHey guys! Auditorium by twelve!” She called out to them in a thick Hispanic accent as she went inside the Victorian style home.

There were a number of girls bustling about the house, getting ready to head to the auditorium for the usual back to school speech. She thought for a while that she might skip it and catch a few extra Zs. And why shouldn't she? She felt that it was well-deserved on her end. She had been busting her ass even before school had started. She always had a busy schedule. Always something to do whether it was work, play, or sleep. But she loved it. She didn't know what she would do if she were told to go even a single day not doing any of the things she normally did. No singing...No dancing, no yoga, no homework, no shopping, no hanging with Thetas...Yeesh. That was frightening!

Shaking her head, she stripped on her way to her room. It was the largest one, though she shared it with two other girls. They were Seniors as well – Both of them were Theta members since they were freshmen and they were her Vice President and Secretary. At least that's what she said they were. She wasn't sure if Greek Systems even had those. Well, she did. Neither of them were in the room when she got there, but it didn't bother her. And she knew that someone would get her clothes and toss them in the washer before she left. She didn't like to act spoiled. But it was so hard not to!

Her shower lasted all of thirty minutes and she stepped out of her bathroom dry and smelling strongly of warm vanilla and apple spices. Her favorite. Her entire outfit was purple. She had added in purple extensions to her already knee-length jet black hair, slid on her 'Theta Case' for her iPhone, grabbed her purple Beats by Dre, her mother's ring, and her favorite shoes and dress. She looked absolutely Thetalicious. Smiling, she strode out of her room as confident as ever and began to text, bobbing her head to David Guetta.
[font=century gothic]To: Jane<3, Michelle ^_^, Maya ;o, Tawnie, Kelsey, Renee, Holli...

Hey! Meet me at Theta House before Auditorium. And Jane-babe, please bring me a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappe with extra chips, drizzle, and whip cream! Spanks<3!!

xoxo – Ama

Message sent, she flopped onto the couch downstairs, still bobbing her head along as a new song came on. It was her own song. She sang it for the Spring showcase her freshman year. She smiled as she sang along with it.

β€œI'm afraid to fly
And I don't know why
I'm jealous of the people who
Are not afraid to die
It's just that I recall
Back when I was small
Someone promised that they'd catch
But then they'd let me fall

And now I'm fallin'
Fallin' fast again
Why do I always take a fall
When I fall in love

You think, by now I've learned
Play with fire, you'd get burned
But fire can be oh so warm
And that's why I return
Turn and walk away
That's what I should do
My head says go and find the door
My heart says I'll find you

And now I'm fallin'
Catch me if you can
Maybe this time I'll have it all
When I fall in love.”

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" Ms. Ortiz I'm aware you are passing my class with flying colors, if you would please pay attention," Belle's balding, cranky proffesure, who she could never remember the name of, scolded. She sighed with discontent, it wasn't that she liked engineering per say, but it was a good field she acceled at so she decided to pursue it. She ran a hand through her glossy dark brown hair. This class felt like it was hour long and she was past the point of boredom. Not to mention almost all her classmates were nerdy and way too horny guys who often gawked at the puerto rican girl with Latino heratige. Finally her proffesure stood up, crossed his arms over his ugly sweater, and said "Your dismissed,"

Belle practically sprinted out the class to the school parking lot. Where her vintage light blue cadillac convertible waited. Her car was truly her baby, it was customary altered and enhanced just for her. It had cream colored leather seats that had her initials monogrammed in the same color as the paint on the car and it was her moms old car that her dad, for lack of another word, pimped out. It also had a banging sound system and voice call option. She blasted Nina Sky's "turnin me on" on the way to the house. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, put on her ray bans sunglasses and speed out the parking lot.

As she pulled into her sorority house and hopped out the car. She couldn't help but sigh, this was the only place besides puerto Rico that she could, or would call home. She quickly headed to the washrooms, and took a shower, before returning to her room. She quickly went through her closet for an outfit. Not that it was hard since her closet mainly composed of short shorts, work out clothes, velour sweatsuits, tank tops, crop tops, and maxi skirts. She settled on an outfit composed of a tight tank top that showed off her impressive curvy body, shorts, and a pair of red heels. Which she accessorized with a red scarf, a black beanie that fit snug over her head, and silver hoops. She kept her makeup light, only putting on thick winged eyeliner, and red lip gloss. She wore her hair down in natural waves that hung all the way to the small of her back.

She quickly grabbed a black leather bag, that had Theta Chi monogrammed on it, and filed it with her necessities and a few extras. She grabbed her favorite necklace that she always wore. It had the theta symbol and her mothers cross on it. She quickly started walking to her car when she saw Amaranta. She walked up to her and spun around. "Too much?" She asked since she had a habit of being a bit too sexy with her clothes. She just was used to living on a beach, walking half naked all the time.

She quickly glanced at her phone and made a mass message:
To: all Thetas
Hey girls! Where are y'all? Btw be warned my sister and her crew are on the prowl raaawr!

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The Korean girl looked at Mario as he greeted her and waved. They weren't best friends, or really friends at all. They had a mutual friend between them, Annie. Sophie looked at Annie when she answered her brother with a, "Hello Edric. This is a pleasant surprise." As she watched Annie give her signature smile to her brother. Ugh, how anyone could sleep or even flirt with Edric was a mystery to her. It could have been that he was her identical twin and when he flirted with girls she was friends with... It was just very awkward to watch. She heard Mario repeat, "Very pleasant.",as he looked at Edric and then back at his best friend. "Yea, well. I just wanted to see if my beautiful sister had the money she owned me. But, it never kills me to see a few Alphas and Betas on the way."

She could hear the very undetectable sarcasm in his voice. She and he had the same exact way of being sarcastic that never really worked at home but here? Wow, they could really get away with it whenever they wanted to. She rolled her eyes and looked in her new nude color Louis Vuitton purse for the ten dollars she owned her brother for not telling their father that she actually was flirting with, in their father's words, "Idiot American boys." Her brother had a smirk on his face before losing it with Brandon started to flirt with her. "Ae-Jin, My lovely Korean Queen, How are you this fine day?" She couldn't hide the bright but, small smile on her face. And when he lightly touched her face she couldn't think straight for a moment. That rarely happened but, she couldn't think of anything smart to say to him. God, Brandon was... something else to her. And, how he never called her Sophie really made her become even more attracted to the blonde boy.

She knew that Annie like him or at least felt something for him but, he could have said anything to either of them and he chose her. And, as much as she adored Annie. She wanted something to happen between Brandon and herself. So, she made her decision. "I-I'll see you guys later. Annie, can you tell Nate that I needed to get something from the house. Thank you." She said to her friend with a smile before looking at her brother and hitting his arm. "Do not start something, Jiyong." She said in all serious before seeing her brother roll his eyes and walk away from the group, probably looking for his friends. Walking away, her small smile return as she started to catch up with Brandon. She tapped his shoulder and raised her eyebrow. "So what? You call me your 'Korean queen' and just walk away?" She said in obvious sarcasm before chuckling and looking back at him. "My day is going along astonishing . And, Brandon, how is my flirtatious American king?" She said with a slight smirk curbing on the right side of her mouth. Just because Natalie said they couldn't sleep with Sigmas. But... flirting isn't sleeping with so, technically, she's not in the wrong... Right?


Maya looked up at the much taller Sigma with a smirk before he whispered in her ear, "Oh Maya, Why talk to them when there's someone as beautiful as you over here?" She could feel his breath on her cheek as he whispered to her. She chuckled a bit as he back up. She liked to be called beautiful, even if it was from Bradley and he was just flirting with her... like always. It always made her smile, even against her will. She looked at two rather quiet friends talk to each other before Bradley of course had to bring the two of them into their conversation. God, she felt bad for the two of them. They both were rather innocent or at least looked innocent.

And, every time they were around Bradley and Maya. She felt like they were ripping that quiet and innocent person out of them. At least she joked about it. "Besides, it's always the quiet ones... They're always the naughtiest," She could her the joking in his voice and it made her bite her lip to stop her from laughing. He of all people would know. "Right, Maya?"She looked back at him, seeing him looking at her with those damn eyes. God, those eyes were the one thing that she noticed when they first met. And, he had used them against her ever since. "Your day isn't compete until you bug me, is it Bradley?" She said with her accent dripping in sarcasm with a smile on her face and an eyebrow raised at him.

"So, how was your summer, Bradley?" She heard Finn say, trying to change the subject. She was kind of grateful for her best friend for changing the subject. She gave him a sweet smile before hearing her favorite ringtone for her best friend, Ama go off. Looking at the text she just started to repeat the lyrics of Titanium in her head, remembering that she had to finish that remix. She was about to put her new cherry red phone away in her cream colored massager bag before hearing her phone go off yet again only this time it was ring as the song, Stole My Heart by One Direction. She sighed and looed at Bradley and then Finn. "Do not judge me." Was all she said before reading the text and groaned. Great, the Alphas were at it already. She quickly texted Belle back before putting phone away.

Jane and I are already in the auditorium. And, great. Just what I wanted... No offence. XD

Looking back up, Maya looked at her red headed friend and shrugged. "We have to get to your fearless leader. I'll see you later, Finn." She said giving him a hug and letting him go. She tapped Jane on the shoulder. "Come when you're done talking to my bestest friend ever. I'll let Ama know."She said sweetly before walking towards the door and opening on of the large wooden doors. She stopped and looked at the Sigma still leaning on the wall. "Bye, Bradley." She said with a smirk on her face before having the Miami sunlight hit her face as she headed to the Theta house.

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"Dick." Mario growled as he saw Brandon walk by, quickly followed by Sophie. He caught Annie's phone when she tossed it to him, an evil grin spreading across his face when he saw the message on it. "Ooooh. Someone's Alpha mentality is showing." He winked at her and let out a light laugh. "Annie, Baby, I think you need to forget about Brandon." Mario said soothingly. "He's not worth the heartache."

Mario bit his lower lip with worry when Natalie and Karma walked into the Starbucks. He looked over to Brandon and Sophie, a feeling of concern gripping his stomach. Sure, he didn't like Brandon for what he did to Annie, but he was worried of what Natalie might do to Sophie. Unlike with most guys at Fulton, Natalie's looks didn't affect Mario at all. He could clearly see her for what she was and he knew what she was capable of. Natalie was cold as ice and Mario was slightly scared that Annie would end up like her if she became the next Alpha president. His eyes difted over to Annie as she got up and walked over to her fellow Alphas and he suddenly realized she left him alone. Feeling lonely, Mario pulled out his phone and proceeded to text.

To: Ama <3
Hola mi amiga! donde estas????


"Oh, I have four new followers! OMG have you seen this One Direction gif on tumblr? Did you know Haylor broke up? Maybe Taylor Swift should try being single for a while. Lol! Did you watch the Kiss You music video? It's perfection." Karma chattered loudly as she walked by Natalie's side, never waiting for the blonde's response. She rarely looked in front of her and was instead focused on the iphone in front of her, checking her tumblr, twitter, facebook, and instagram. "Oh my gawd! Have you seen that grump cat meme?" Karma laughed hysterically at her phone, tears almost coming to her eyes. "This is the best thing I've ever seen!" She continued to crack up, but her laughter came to a sudden hault when she saw her Little Sister, Sophie, walking with Brandon Duett, a Dog if Karma ever saw one.

"Oh shit." For a moment, Karma was finally silent and she followed Natalie to confront the duo. "No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," A cold smirk came to Karma's lips as she looked at the blonde boy in front of them. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" Karma nodded in agreement as she gave a soft, disappointed look at the other asian girl. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." she spat the sentence out as she shot an angry look at Brandon. Natalie was good at giving the whole Ice Queen routine, while Karma thought of herself as more of Fire Girl. Despite the bubbly exterior, everyone knew that Karma had a temper and she was really good at using it. She even beat the shit out of one of her exes when she found out he cheated on her.

"Did you know that dogs are more managable when they're fixed?" Karma gave an evil smile to Brandon and made a cutting motion with her hands, as if her fingers were scissors. "Snip snip." She grinned when she saw Annie make her way over to the group, the three of them looking scary (yet hot) as Hell. "I guess the gang's all here."

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Finn responds to Maya's smile with one of his own, albeit a slightly awkward one. Unless he is laughing about something, the Kappa's smiles do tend to always come off as dorky, even if they are completely normal ones. Maybe it is just his face or his constantly rather boyish personality, but everything he does seems to ooze the essence of awkward geek. The exception being his dancing, of course- there are girls in his dance classes who have 'dance crushes' on him. Dance crushes are not necessarily actual romantic interests, but being attracted to someone's style or talent when it comes to dancing. Of course, by the time he's stopped moving the normal personality has returned, and any sort of attraction seems to vanish as they view him as a goofy and probably gay classmate. The eternal torture of the young man. And of course, the person who no one would ever think of for a second of friendzoning, Bradley Hale, stands before him talking about his summer break, one apparently filled with attractive women, as would be expected from the Sigma. Bradley is describing one girl in particular when he is interrupted by a noise.

The sound of a familiar boy band comes to his ears as Maya pulls out her phone and orders that they not judge her before checking the text. Whatever it says must be rather unsatisfactory, based on her expression and groan of exasperation before quickly tapping out a response. Finn watches her hands move, secretly wanting to reach out and take them into his own hands, and to simply hold them- nothing more. He is rather innocent, after all, the type who, when he thinks that he wants to sleep with a girl, does not mean sex- simply means to lay down and cuddle until they have both fallen asleep. Of course, this isn't exactly thought of as a typically masculine thought- but he isn't really seen as a particularly masculine person, either. Which is probably why the girl before him, current apple of his eye Maya Ortega-Rios, reports that she must go and describes him as her best friend before walking off. He may have gotten a sugary smile, but it was to Bradley that the flirtatious smirk was pointed, a noticeable thing which makes Finn mentally sigh before smiling and saying goodbye. Jane mumbles an excuse as well before hurrying after Maya, probably to also go and obey whatever request Ama has just directed towards them. When both girls have left, he turns to face Bradley.

"How do you- I mean-" Finn sighs again, falling silently awkwardly before looking over towards the stage. I wonder when Allen is going to arrive, he thinks to himself, referring to his little brother in the Greek System.

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Maya walked on the cement with her vintage shoes, that she may or may not have borrowed from her mother, making sounds on the cement. While walking toward her house, she passed the outdoor plaza with the smell of the Starbucks going into her nose. She would have loved the smell if she did wake up at 6 in the morning to serve it to people on campus. But, looking at it she saw the Alphas and the headhunter herself, Natalie Greyson. They never liked each other, she said that the sooner Maya got her ass deported the better. And, Maya may or may not have said she was an anorexic bitch when she was a freshmen but, she didn't mean to. It just slipped out. And she refused to apologize to the blonde haired witch for saying her opinion, this was America wasn't it?

From the look of it the Alphas seemed to be ganging up on Brandon and Sophie, for what? For talking to each other. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Hypocrites." She said in her head. There they were acting on Sophie when they knew damn well that they all flirted with the Sigmas, she even heard that a few of them slept with Sigmas even when Natalie had that rule for them enforced. She would talk, well argue about that with Natalie soon enough. It was only a matter of time before Maya let Natalie know how big of a hypocrite she was. Maya walked past them without a word and continued to walk towards her house.

When she got to the house, she looked at the Theta symbol that was on the royal purple door. She used her key that was stanched somewhere in her purse. She opened the door and walked into the living room to see her two friends, Belle, and her best friend, Ama. She smiled at the two before taking a seat and looking at Ama. "So, what's going on?"


She looked at Brandon as he spoke to her, "Well, I was just passing by and as it where you were with friends." She shrugged. Whether Annie and Sophie were friend or not was... questionable. Sophie may have been new to America but she lived with backstabbing bitches all her life and in Korea, they didn't do it up front they were sneaky. And, Annie? Was absolutely a backstabbing bitch in her eyes seeing that she was in Alpha. the way she knew that is because, it took one to know one. "I am doing well, now." She smirked as he slipped a finger into her hair and moved it behind her ear. "Well that's good to know." She said softly as he did.

"There will be a party tonight and my father's club. Perhaps you could accompany me? Your friends are all invited as well." She nodded and smiled before seeing him look at Annie. She rolled her eyes as he saw his gaze go back to the short 5'6 Korean girl. "So, Will you join me? Or Will Natalie not approve?" She sighed. Of course Natalie wouldn't approve of him or Sophie going with him. "Well--" Was all she had the chance to say before hearing Natalie's voice interrupt her. "No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," "Oh shit" She looked at Natalie before biting her lip a bit. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" She sighed knowing what she had to do. "I mean, yes of course but it's not like we're going to--" She said before having Karma interrupt her as well. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." She looked at Karma and then gave Annie a deadly glare, if looks could kill. She would be six feet under.

If she wanted to start something fine, but don't think Sophie wasn't going to call her out on flirting with every Sigma guy known all over campus like Bradley, Antonio, and even Sophie's own damn brother! Oh, if Annie thought so smart, wait until she saw Sophie actually put her 4.4 GPA to good use. She didn't even hear what Karma said after because her eyes were fixed on the little snitch of the Alphas. When Brandon started talking she looked at him as he spoke to Natalie. "I was just inviting Ae-Jin to a party this evening. I just told her how all of you were invited as well. I meant no real harm. It is the beginning of the new school year, Why not start it off with a bang?" When he touched Natalie's cheek, she raised an eyebrow. He must be an idiot to touch the ice queen herself. "So Will you be attending? I'm not asking to sleep with you or Ae-Jin. Just a simple invitation to Celebrate of the start of the New Year. I may even invite some Rushers." Was that going to get Sophie out of hot water? No, not at all but at least he tried. "Look, Natalie. We were not doing anything. We were just talking." She said to the blonde haired girl.


After getting his coffee and seeing his sister walk over to his friend, Brandon. Edric rolled his eyes and walked away right as he could see Natalie walking with Karma. He offered the two a wink right as they walked past the tall 5'11 Asian man. He knew something was going to happen. Little did he know that it had something to do with his sister. If he knew that his sister was in hot water, he would have went after and charmed her out of it. But, he didn't so he walked towards the Sigma house. He had his key on a necklace that was painted orange and black, thanks to his younger seven year old sister, Misung. But, at least he knew it was his when he saw it. He opened the door and looked in the living room seeing a girl sleeping on the couch, he knew exactly who it was. One because there was on girl dumb enough to sleep on the Sigma's couch and two, he could see the red lipstick peeking through her mess of brunette hair.

He kicked the couch with his new sneakers as he heard the girl groan. "Imogen... Imo. Wake up." He said to the British girl who just turned her face away from Edric and pulled the blanket over her head. Imogen was easily on of the Sigmas favorite girls on campus. If she wasn't a girl, she would be in Sigma. "Go away, Ed." Was all she said before going back to sleep. "Imo wake up, get out of your clothes, and then meet us in the auditorium. Alright? He said to her with a raised eyebrow seeing her groan and nod. "Fine, just get the hell out of my face. And, tell Bradley to never touch my drinks again." Imogen said as she got up and fixed her hair and rubbed her eyes.

"Alright. Now shoo. Out you naughty little Brit." He said before chuckling and seeing the girl turn around. [i]"I hooked up with one of the Sigmas, would you happen to know who it was?"
She asked him with a smile on her face. He shook his head and shrugged. "Nope, sorry." Edric said to her before seeing her roll her eyes and walk out to door. He chuckled before waling up the stairs near the bedrooms. "Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" He said with a sly smirk on his face as he leaned on Tony's door.


After waking up to the sound of Edric, Imogen walked out of the Sigma house and squinted her eyes as she walked out of the house and towards the Zeta house. She looked in her purse to slip on her black Ray-Bans to actually be able to see. She had a pounding headache from a drink that she took from her close friend, who was more like her brother, Bradley. They always just had to make a idiotic bet. And, this one was no better. She lost and had to take a drink. After taking that, she just was sort of out of it. all she can recall is sleeping with one of the Sigma guys, walking out, and just falling asleep on their couch.

When she got to the Zeta house, music was blasting already and girls were already up and ready for the day, and drinking but what else was new for them? Imogen walked up the stairs to her large room and tossed he sunglasses on her messy bed. She walked to her sliding closet and looking for an outfit to where for the day. She grabbed a pair of shorts and one of her new shirts. And, of course a pair of her signature combat boots. Imogen walked over to the bathroom and put her outfit on the sink before turning the hot water on a stepping in to wash herself off. She sighed as she began to feel refreshed from the night before. After about ten minutes of showering, she stopped the water and grabbed one of her neon blue towels and dried herself off before slipping her undergarments and shorts. Walking out of the bathroom, she sat on her bed and slipped her boots on. Standing up, Imo looked herself up and down in the mirror and smirked. "Perfect. She said to herself before changing at her small cheetah plugs to a pair with a white cross in the middle.

She walked out of her room and back down the stairs. She looked around at the girls as a few began to exit the house while others were doing there own things. She walked out of the Zeta house and decided she would have to face the students sooner or later, another ear of being called a slut and a whore by girls who wished they were as confident as Imogen was. But, she didn't care. She had tough skin and decided if girls didn't want to be friends then she would find guys like the Sigmas. She walked towards the auditorium not paying the Alphas any attention there wasn't a single one of them that didn't piss her off. They all hooked up with a Sigma and were trying to act like they never did. But, all the Sigmas were like her brothers, and she knew how to get shit out of them. She walked into the auditorium and saw Bradley. With a smirk she flicked him off and blew him a friendly kiss. She sat near some of the other Zetas and just started to take about her newest tattoo.

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

Thankfully, it didn't take long for Jane to get to Starbucks. As she made her way closer to it, she noticed a familiar group of people standing by it. There was Sophie, someone who Jane wished she get along with but the foreign girl just didn't seem to like her. Not that it surprised Jane, not many people did anyway. Besides her was Brandon, a classic Sigma that Jane only knew by his looks. In front of them stood Karma, the sweet girl who Jane absolutely adored, and Annie, a gorgeous girl who was on her way to being the best of the best. Speaking of the best, in front of them stood Natalie, the unreachable woman who stood above everyone. By the looks of it, the situation they were in was tense. Knowing she shouldn't pry, Jane kept her nose down and made a bee line for the entrance of Starbucks. She had to hurry up and not keep Amaranta waiting.

Not paying attention to the people around her, Jane went directly to the cashier. Her hands took out her phone to double check what Amaranta's order had been before reading it aloud. Her eyes averted the cashier's gaze since speaking to strangers was never her forte. She couldn't help but sigh with relief once she payed and grabbed her order. With that, the red-head turned around and quickly scurried out the cafe, her eyes glancing curiously over at the Alpha showdown, before hurrying off.

All Jane wanted to do was curl up inside her bed and watch her TV shows. That was honestly when she was the happiest, aside the fact when she was with her sorority sisters. She sighed once her house finally came to sight and her pace quickened until she was at the front door. When she entered, her eyes immediately looked around for any sign of any Thetas. When she entered the living room, she found Maya, Belle, and Amaranta. Her face brightened up at the sight of them. That time, there was no discomfort because of the fact she was in a place she called home, with people she loved. "Hi!" she chirped, her happiness was almost oozing out of her. It was obvious for everyone to noticethe difference with an uncomfortable Jane and a relaxed Jane. She made her way to Amaranta to hand the drink to her. If all the Alpha girls were gorgeous, then Ama was beautiful. According to Jane, she was simply the best that could be. "Here you go, Ama."


❝ Antonio Ramos ❞

After responding to the surprising text message, Tony glanced back at the clock. He had honestly considering not going to the stupid thing. He ran a hand through his messy hair, once again attempting to try calm it down. It was then that he heard a familiar voice call out his name and his eyes glanced over to his doorway. It seemed his little brother decided to come back for him after all.

"Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" he questioned with a smirk on his face. Tony would've grinned, he really would've if it hadn't been for the fact that his headache was trying to destroy him. His hand began to rub his face in a futile attempt to calm the pain.

"You're finally acknowledging my good looks, Ed?" he teased, his voice lower than usual just so he couldn't worsen his state. It was a habit of Tony to tease the people he mostly cared about. It was that or he just really loved seeing Edric's reactions. "Yes, I'm up, man. And don't so loud, some of us haven't recovered from last night," Tony chuckled just as his phone buzzed again. He quickly went to check the message and his lips twitched upwards when he read Annie's response. No, he was definitely going to the auditorium.