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Antonio Ramos

"I'm a Sigma. That says more about me than anything else."

0 · 440 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, as played by Malfunction



Name: Antonio Javier Ramos
Nickname: He introduces himself as Tony and everyone tends to call him that. He is also called ToΓ±o by his family and sometimes even Montana or Monty (Tony Montana). He has various other nicknames though.
Age: 22
Major: Architecture
Sexuality: Heterosexual

House: Sigma
Thoughts on being a Sigma: "At first I joined Sigma just because of the parties. Now, I'm the Sigma president and I guess I couldn't be prouder to be part of this house."
- Sex
- Women
- Food
- Parties
- Dancing
- Alcohol
- Smoking
- Trying new things
- Dogs
- Sleeping
- Authority
- Dressing up
- Being hungry (he claims he can't think right with an empty stomach)
- Hang overs
- People with no common sense
- His accent
- Being woken up
- Mornings
- Tea
- Snakes
- Losing the people he cares about
- Being broke

Personality: Tony is mostly known for his laid-back attitude along with the nonchalance he was born with. He is naturally adventurous and this has gotten him a streak of partying and generally doing things that a lot of people would look down upon. He isn't the type to care for the opinion of people he doesn't care about though sometimes he'll pretend to for his own benefit. Tony is a lazy individual who will rather force a short cut than do something the long and honest way. Although his not-a-care-in-the-world attitude tends to hide this, Tony is a stubborn guy. If he wants or thinks he deserves something, he can be a very persistent guy. When he wants to or feels he needs to, he is willing to work hard and do just about anything. Also, if there is something Tony is good at, then it is partying and getting girls. After a serious relationship went down the toilet when he was younger, Tony had trouble keeping a steady girlfriend and soon settled with the fact he wasn't meant to be a one-lady man. He finds that his looks and attitude easily attract girl and takes advantage of the situation. Tony is very loyal and protective of the people he cares about and he tends to be more talkative, childish, and playful around people he is comfortable with. Most don't notice right away but Tony has a sharp mind and keen senses. This rarely comes out becomes he is rarely in any situation that calls for it. It is hard for him to fully trust people so tends to find information or do things himself because of it. That being said, Tony is also a hard man to impress.

Actually, Tony is a rather reserved guy. He isn't comfortable around strangers so he tends to keep to himself around them. It used to be that the only way he could open up was when he was drunk. After he joined the Sigma house, the day-to-day partying and drinking caused him to loosen up more and more. Eventually, his personality became much more colorful but he still keeps most of his personal feelings to himself. Although he seems collected, Tony is very absent-minded and tends to lose track of stuff, forget things, and get lost a lot. He also isn't afraid to stand up for himself and is willing to fight if he feels that he needs to. Tony is simply a guy who socializes for his own entertainment or needs but keeps people from getting too close; the few that do get close to him are often people who he interacts with on the regular basis.

History: Tony was born in Brownsville, Texas to become a US citizen but was raised in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He grew up with his cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmother, siblings, and parents. His tight knitted family caused him to become a little less sociable to people outside the family. He was taught that family was above everything so he always figured any one outside the family really didn't matter. He grew up like this until he was 10 which was when his family decided to move to the USA. His parents, his sister, his brothers, and Tony all moved to Houston, Texas. It was then that Tony began to rebel a bit because he was unhappy where he was. At first it was small things, coming home late, leaving without permission, skipping school. Tony didn't get into the heavy drinking and parties until his brother began inviting him to the parties his friend's threw. Slowly, Tony began to drink and go out a lot. He would even take on stupid dares and do things he wouldn't normally do because of the peer pressure from his brother and his friends. Eventually, he continued the lifestyle because he wanted to do. You could say Tony was getting in a worse shape every day. It wasn't until his brother dropped out and began selling drugs that Tony realized he was taking it a bit too far; especially when he saw how disappointed his family was with Carlos. He also didn't want to disappoint his friends though so in order to continue hanging out with them and not end up like Carlos, Tony began to study in secret. As hard as it was sneaking around, Tony managed to graduate high school with a 3.2 GPA. He managed to get into Fulton without any scholarships or help. His parent's had been saving up money just in case and it was enough to pay his first two years. The amount of money quickly decreased though and Tony began to get multiple jobs in order to be able to pay for the rest of his time in Fulton. He still can't shake off the lifestyle and bad habits he inherited from Carlos though and joined Sigma in his first year of college for the parties. He later become the president of the partying house, much to his surprise.

Anything else:
- Has a bad case of a bed head every time he wakes up.
- Likes to have as little cloths as possible.
- When he was young, kids at school would make fun of him because he would pronounce English words wrong thanks to his accent. He grew to really hate his accent because of that.
- He is moody whenever he is tired or hungry.
- Has great drawing skills, especially with buildings.

So begins...

Antonio Ramos's Story

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Looking around, Maya looked for someone to talk to before seeing one of her best friends, Finn. She saw him waved and smile at her as she did the same, waving back at him and smiling with her white teeth being revealed. "Hey! How's it going?" She gave him a quick hug before returning back to her spot on the wall and answering him. "Good. Happy to be back from home, seeing that I had to work my ass off most of the summer at my cousin's restaurant. I bet I still smell like Pico de Gallo." She said in sarcasm with a raised eyebrow.

She looked at Finn until hearing a familiar voice that she knew from her freshmen year last year, her friend Jane. "Uh, hi," She smiled at her and gave a slight wave. The two of them were rather close in their sorority, Jane was just such a nice girl who would suck it up when people messed with her but, Maya never let anyone really get away with messing with her friends, she cared too much for them to just let it happen. Yea, it may not have been her business but, no one ever objected to her sticking up with or for them. "Awesome shirt." She heard Jane say the Finn about his Doctor Who shirt. She had watched it with Finn a couple time and she liked it but, it just wasn't her favorite television show to watch.

"Alright, Finn?" Crap. Just who she wanted to see in the morning. The one guy on campus who knew exactly how to make her grin or at least smirk early in the morning other than Finn. Maybe he'll just keep walking. "Jane," Great." She said in her head as she saw Bradley Hale slip his way through her two rather sweet and quiet friends and lean on the wall right next to. She did not need this right now, already this week she saw his clothes in the laundry room as if he expected someone to wash them for him, flirted with her more than she really could count, and well, was being more... himself than he had been. Maybe it's because of the Summer. Who knows? But, not to say she didn't maybe "flirt" back a little, she couldn't help it. She enjoyed teasing him.

She sighed and rolled her eyes as he spoke her name with a flirty smile on his face, looking at her light brown eyes with his dark ones. She looked up at him and gave him a slight grin. She could feel her cheeks turn a very, very slight shade of rose as he looked at her. "Bradley, It is nice to see you haven't forgotten about me over the summer. I would have been devastated." She said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. "Another thing, you have Sigma and Alpha friends, right? So why talk to us little Thetas and Kappa?" She said with a small pout on her face.


Edric groaned in his bed, his head was pounding and he honestly felt like at any moment it was going to explode. But, it wasn't fully his fault, he told Tony that he could handle himself no matter how many drinks he would have. For the most part it was true, but the problem he had about it was the hangover afterwards. Always was. And, he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of his father ever catching him like this. His father would pull him out of America so quickly that he would have a chance to even blink.

After a moment, the young Asian man sat up in his bed and reached above his head, letting out a loud yawn. "God, I don't want to get up." He said to himself as he stood up and got change into a blue pair of jeans and a plain black tee shirt. He looked himself in the mirror, fixing his newly dyed black hair from its limp normal form into its rather spiked up way with his gel. He smiled at himself in the mirror before walking across the hall to his close friend and older brother's room, Tony. "Yo, Tony. Get your lazy ass because I am not your alarm clock. I am not made in China and I should wake a grown man up." He said as he banged on the door.

He sighed before rolling his eyes and shrugging. "Alright, hell." He said to himself before walking into the restroom and taking a few Advil's and drinking some water from the sink. Edric sighed in relief, hoping it would start to work soon. He walked out of the restroom and out of the house, heading towards where he knew his sister would be, knowing that is where his sister would be. He saw Sophie and her friend Annie before he walked up behind her and put his head on top of hers seeing she was 5'5 and he was 6'0. "achim chin-aehaneun dongsaeng-eul joh-a." (Good Morning, my dear sister) He said in Korean to say good morning to his dear "little" sister. He looked at Annie and winked before smiling. "Annie, looking as beautiful as ever." He knew that Natalie didn't like Sigmas flirting with her Alphas, which made it all the more fun. nae meoli Edric nwajwo. geuligo , nae chingu lang jangnan haneunge anibnida. (Get off of my head, Edric. And, do not flirt with my friend.) His sister said to him before moving his head. He chuckled before looking back at Annie who was probably wondering what the Hell they were saying.

Looking at his sister, he could tell she wanted him to leave. Which made it all the fun.

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Annie watched Sophie walk off with Brandon and pouted a little. She turned to Mario and groaned " God, why I'd I have to lose my virginity to him," She whispered unending a hand through her hair. She tilted her head back and with a sudden jerking motion that boarder lined a twitch she sat up and pulled out her phone.

Are you aware Sophie just ditched us to screw a Sigma?

She sent the message with a look of triumph on her face before tossing her phone to Mario. She felt a little twinge for betraying her but alls fair I. Love and war right?
Brides Sophie knew she liked him, everyone knew he liked him . Even though Annie old have whoever she wanted, all she wanted was I'm since she lost her virginity to him hike rushing last year. He was and is the only guyshe has ever slept with, so it's natural for her to attach to him. Not that she told him, because she didn't want him o know he was an innocent little virgin. She watched them walk away together and gritted her teeth. Finally she noticed something squishing in between her fingers and she realized she crushed her scone. She sighed and wiped her hand with a napkin and quickly composed herself before opening up a text message and texting Antonio , another guy she had her eye on, on campus. The fact that he was not only a bad boy, but the bad boy made him so much hotter, not to mention gphis super sexy accent.

To: Antonio
Hey wanna meet up today???

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

"TARDIS shirts are cool."

Jane couldn't help but nod in agreement. Now that she thinks about it, she should have a Doctor Who marathon as well. She would write it in her notebook to remember but she didn't want to look like a dork in front of Maya or Finn.

"Alright, Finn?" A voice cut in and the group of three became a group of four. Jane recognized Bradley immidiately. Although she wasn't sociable, her memory was great and after being in Fulton for a few years now, she knew of a lot people, especially in the Greek system. "Jane," he added, causing a slight warmth to reach her cheek. She easily got embarrassed when it came to guys and now she couldn't get over the fact that he even acknowledged her. Most of her impression of him has been someone who parties and flirts a lot but he might actually be a nice guy.

Bradley slipped in between Finn and Maya, already with the intention of flirting. Jane averted her gaze quickly, uncomfortable with the situation. In the process she noticed Finn look away as well with a strange expression in his face. The girl blinked a couple of times, wondering what exactly what causing him to make such pained expression. She wanted to ask but she kept back the words. It wasn't her place to be concerned, right? Right.

"So, Jane, how was your summer? Do anything fun?"

A bit caught of guard with the sudden attention thrown her way, Jane found herself picking at her brain for anything to say. She couldn't exactly say she had wasted her time watching TV shows that she had already watched many times before, playing video games, reading, and on the internet the entire time with a proud smile on her face. All she could do was give an awkward nod and said, "I-It was okay. I had fun." That didn't sound so lame. She did have fun, even if it was in a rather uncool way.

Bradley then made a comment about the quietest people being the naughtiest and Jane couldn't help but notice that the color of Finn's face had changed. Once again, she had to hold back on asking about it.

"So, how was your summer, Bradley?" Finn asked. His tone was a bit strained. It was strange to how usually Finn was. Jane wasn't all too close to him but it didn't mean she didn't observe and what she was seeing was a bit too unfamiliar for her to understand.

Jane then noticed a vibration on her side and at the same time heard Maya's ringtone. She immediately recognized it and her heart practically skipped a beat as she quickly dug for her cell phone in her bag. Once she got it, a smile appeared on her face when she found she had been right. It was a text from Amaranta telling them to meet her at the Theta House before the auditorium (crap) and for Jane to get her an order from Starbucks. A smile adorned her face a the nickname and before she could even put her phone up, another message came in and, again, Maya's ringtone rang right on cue as well. This time it was from Belle asking where they were and warning about the Alphas.

"We have to get to your fearless leader," Maya said over to Jane who smiled at the mention of Amaranta. "I'll see you later, Finn," she added and gave a hug to the boy before tapping Jane on the shoulder. "Come when you're done talking to my bestest friend ever. I'll let Ama know."

"Ah, yeah," Jane said and nodded at her. With a final goodbye for Bradley, Maya set of the Theta house. Jane turned to the two guys that were left and opened her mouth to say excuse herself but couldn't find the right words so quickly. "Um, I... have to go too," she mumbled after an awkward pause and quickly shuffled out of the auditorium to head over to Starbucks.


❝ Antonio Ramos ❞

When Tony woke up, he was hit with a wave of pain that could only be due to hangovers. As he rolled on his back, he ran a hand through his messy locks that were all over the place. It took him a few moments to recollect himself. Last night had been the start of another year in Fulton and all Tony could say was that it started out with a really, really good start. He could only hope it would continue like that for the entire year, or at least get better. His eyes then spotted some black panties hanging from the tip of his dresser. He couldn't help but smile a bit at the sight of them. Now, he wanted to see if it could even get any better.

Groaning, Tony looked over at his alarm clock that rested right besides him. That old thing had stopped working a long time ago. It wasn't like it worked anyway since Tony was such a heavy sleeper. The only reason he kept it was to know the time. "Damn it, the auditorium crap," Tony muttered and sat up from his comfortable position in his bed. His movement caused his headache to worsen and it forced Tony to stop moving for a moment. After it calmed down a bit, he resumed moving, this time a bit slower though. He needed to remember to get Edric for not waking him up. He probably wanted to get there before him so he could check out the freshman this year. Oh, Tony would get him for that. It wasn't like Tony had much of an interest for freshman, though, and it was mostly out of fun. They were a bit too young, childish per say, for his taste. There are few exceptions though.

Tony made his way out of his room and paused for a moment in the middle of the hallway. His eyebrows scrunched up together a bit as he tried to decide if he should try to find something to eat or shower first. Deciding his hunger wasn't so bad, he headed to the bathroom. Actually, it was Edric had left already or else he would be snapping at Tony to put some cloths on. A yawn escaped Tony as he turned on the shower and stepped in once it started. The water felt good falling on his head, causing his untamed hair to get drenched and stick to Tony's head. With a sigh of relief, Tony took his time showering. Even if he did arrive late to the auditorium, Tony wasn't the type to put much mind into that. His laziness exceeded his ability to give a crap.

After around ten minutes, Tony finished his shower and had finally dressed himself. He had been searching for something to eat but the only things he had come across were opened bags of food and after last night, Tony wasn't sure they were edible anymore. Before he could even realize what he was doing, Tony had a beer at his hand and was about to open it when his cellphone rang. It was a normal ringtone, one that already came installed in the phone. Tony couldn't bother with personalizing it. His head screamed at the sudden sound that seemed to be a thousand times louder than it really was. He made his way back to his room and began to search for it in the dump that was his room. It took him about five good minutes to find it wrapped up in a pair of pants that had been kicked under his bed. He sat on his bed and ran his hand again through his hair, hopefully trying to keep it down and in place as he read the message he had received. It was from Annie, surprisingly. Sure, Tony flirted with her whenever he saw her, just like did with any other girl, but he never really expected anything seeing as she stuck to Natalie's every word - and, of course, everyone knew that Natalie was very strict on keeping her precious Alphas from the Sigmas.

Tony's lips quirked upwards once he read the message. Was momma Natalie loosening her reigns? Or was it just that one of her followers finally decided she had her own will? Whatever the reason it might be, Tony knew a perfect chance when he was one and he was more than ready to take it β€” and so he replied.

Just say when and where.

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Maya walked on the cement with her vintage shoes, that she may or may not have borrowed from her mother, making sounds on the cement. While walking toward her house, she passed the outdoor plaza with the smell of the Starbucks going into her nose. She would have loved the smell if she did wake up at 6 in the morning to serve it to people on campus. But, looking at it she saw the Alphas and the headhunter herself, Natalie Greyson. They never liked each other, she said that the sooner Maya got her ass deported the better. And, Maya may or may not have said she was an anorexic bitch when she was a freshmen but, she didn't mean to. It just slipped out. And she refused to apologize to the blonde haired witch for saying her opinion, this was America wasn't it?

From the look of it the Alphas seemed to be ganging up on Brandon and Sophie, for what? For talking to each other. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Hypocrites." She said in her head. There they were acting on Sophie when they knew damn well that they all flirted with the Sigmas, she even heard that a few of them slept with Sigmas even when Natalie had that rule for them enforced. She would talk, well argue about that with Natalie soon enough. It was only a matter of time before Maya let Natalie know how big of a hypocrite she was. Maya walked past them without a word and continued to walk towards her house.

When she got to the house, she looked at the Theta symbol that was on the royal purple door. She used her key that was stanched somewhere in her purse. She opened the door and walked into the living room to see her two friends, Belle, and her best friend, Ama. She smiled at the two before taking a seat and looking at Ama. "So, what's going on?"


She looked at Brandon as he spoke to her, "Well, I was just passing by and as it where you were with friends." She shrugged. Whether Annie and Sophie were friend or not was... questionable. Sophie may have been new to America but she lived with backstabbing bitches all her life and in Korea, they didn't do it up front they were sneaky. And, Annie? Was absolutely a backstabbing bitch in her eyes seeing that she was in Alpha. the way she knew that is because, it took one to know one. "I am doing well, now." She smirked as he slipped a finger into her hair and moved it behind her ear. "Well that's good to know." She said softly as he did.

"There will be a party tonight and my father's club. Perhaps you could accompany me? Your friends are all invited as well." She nodded and smiled before seeing him look at Annie. She rolled her eyes as he saw his gaze go back to the short 5'6 Korean girl. "So, Will you join me? Or Will Natalie not approve?" She sighed. Of course Natalie wouldn't approve of him or Sophie going with him. "Well--" Was all she had the chance to say before hearing Natalie's voice interrupt her. "No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," "Oh shit" She looked at Natalie before biting her lip a bit. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" She sighed knowing what she had to do. "I mean, yes of course but it's not like we're going to--" She said before having Karma interrupt her as well. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." She looked at Karma and then gave Annie a deadly glare, if looks could kill. She would be six feet under.

If she wanted to start something fine, but don't think Sophie wasn't going to call her out on flirting with every Sigma guy known all over campus like Bradley, Antonio, and even Sophie's own damn brother! Oh, if Annie thought so smart, wait until she saw Sophie actually put her 4.4 GPA to good use. She didn't even hear what Karma said after because her eyes were fixed on the little snitch of the Alphas. When Brandon started talking she looked at him as he spoke to Natalie. "I was just inviting Ae-Jin to a party this evening. I just told her how all of you were invited as well. I meant no real harm. It is the beginning of the new school year, Why not start it off with a bang?" When he touched Natalie's cheek, she raised an eyebrow. He must be an idiot to touch the ice queen herself. "So Will you be attending? I'm not asking to sleep with you or Ae-Jin. Just a simple invitation to Celebrate of the start of the New Year. I may even invite some Rushers." Was that going to get Sophie out of hot water? No, not at all but at least he tried. "Look, Natalie. We were not doing anything. We were just talking." She said to the blonde haired girl.


After getting his coffee and seeing his sister walk over to his friend, Brandon. Edric rolled his eyes and walked away right as he could see Natalie walking with Karma. He offered the two a wink right as they walked past the tall 5'11 Asian man. He knew something was going to happen. Little did he know that it had something to do with his sister. If he knew that his sister was in hot water, he would have went after and charmed her out of it. But, he didn't so he walked towards the Sigma house. He had his key on a necklace that was painted orange and black, thanks to his younger seven year old sister, Misung. But, at least he knew it was his when he saw it. He opened the door and looked in the living room seeing a girl sleeping on the couch, he knew exactly who it was. One because there was on girl dumb enough to sleep on the Sigma's couch and two, he could see the red lipstick peeking through her mess of brunette hair.

He kicked the couch with his new sneakers as he heard the girl groan. "Imogen... Imo. Wake up." He said to the British girl who just turned her face away from Edric and pulled the blanket over her head. Imogen was easily on of the Sigmas favorite girls on campus. If she wasn't a girl, she would be in Sigma. "Go away, Ed." Was all she said before going back to sleep. "Imo wake up, get out of your clothes, and then meet us in the auditorium. Alright? He said to her with a raised eyebrow seeing her groan and nod. "Fine, just get the hell out of my face. And, tell Bradley to never touch my drinks again." Imogen said as she got up and fixed her hair and rubbed her eyes.

"Alright. Now shoo. Out you naughty little Brit." He said before chuckling and seeing the girl turn around. [i]"I hooked up with one of the Sigmas, would you happen to know who it was?"
She asked him with a smile on her face. He shook his head and shrugged. "Nope, sorry." Edric said to her before seeing her roll her eyes and walk out to door. He chuckled before waling up the stairs near the bedrooms. "Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" He said with a sly smirk on his face as he leaned on Tony's door.


After waking up to the sound of Edric, Imogen walked out of the Sigma house and squinted her eyes as she walked out of the house and towards the Zeta house. She looked in her purse to slip on her black Ray-Bans to actually be able to see. She had a pounding headache from a drink that she took from her close friend, who was more like her brother, Bradley. They always just had to make a idiotic bet. And, this one was no better. She lost and had to take a drink. After taking that, she just was sort of out of it. all she can recall is sleeping with one of the Sigma guys, walking out, and just falling asleep on their couch.

When she got to the Zeta house, music was blasting already and girls were already up and ready for the day, and drinking but what else was new for them? Imogen walked up the stairs to her large room and tossed he sunglasses on her messy bed. She walked to her sliding closet and looking for an outfit to where for the day. She grabbed a pair of shorts and one of her new shirts. And, of course a pair of her signature combat boots. Imogen walked over to the bathroom and put her outfit on the sink before turning the hot water on a stepping in to wash herself off. She sighed as she began to feel refreshed from the night before. After about ten minutes of showering, she stopped the water and grabbed one of her neon blue towels and dried herself off before slipping her undergarments and shorts. Walking out of the bathroom, she sat on her bed and slipped her boots on. Standing up, Imo looked herself up and down in the mirror and smirked. "Perfect. She said to herself before changing at her small cheetah plugs to a pair with a white cross in the middle.

She walked out of her room and back down the stairs. She looked around at the girls as a few began to exit the house while others were doing there own things. She walked out of the Zeta house and decided she would have to face the students sooner or later, another ear of being called a slut and a whore by girls who wished they were as confident as Imogen was. But, she didn't care. She had tough skin and decided if girls didn't want to be friends then she would find guys like the Sigmas. She walked towards the auditorium not paying the Alphas any attention there wasn't a single one of them that didn't piss her off. They all hooked up with a Sigma and were trying to act like they never did. But, all the Sigmas were like her brothers, and she knew how to get shit out of them. She walked into the auditorium and saw Bradley. With a smirk she flicked him off and blew him a friendly kiss. She sat near some of the other Zetas and just started to take about her newest tattoo.

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Annie bit her lip while she stood with Natalie and Karma as they started to grill Sophie. Natalie wen first saying "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?"
Annie winced a little at Natalie's question even though it wasn't directed at her. She winked at Mario as she heard Karma say "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." and even she raised an eyebrow at that since Karma was usually the sympathetic one. But since Karma knew Brandon was Annie's first, she was probably pissed.

Annie tilted her had to the side innocently and lowered her thick eyeliner coated eyelids making her usually sharp and almost unsettlingly pale green eyes look sympathetic. "Sophie were just looking out for you," She said with a small smile. She perched herself on the arm of Mario's chair and smiled brightly "Because we're your sisters." She said knowing Sophie wouldn't call her out. Not because she didn't have the balls to. But because she would be making a scene in a crowded place, in front of Natalie and Karma, and because Natalie would obviously take Annie, her little sister and future president's, side. And Annie was closer to Karma than Sophie anyway. Honestly Sophie couldn't touch her, al least not here.

She felt her phone buzz and took it out her bag and glanced at it. She bit her lip to avoid smiling as Tony's name popped up on her screen
Just say when and where

She raised an eyebrow at the message. It was so simple yet it held so much meaning. She licked her lips which tasted like strawberry's. She suddenly was glad that she put on a really cute bra and underwear set today. She played with her necklace and, after consideration sent her message.
I'll meet you outside the auditorium right before that thing ends. See you soon. Xoxo

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

Thankfully, it didn't take long for Jane to get to Starbucks. As she made her way closer to it, she noticed a familiar group of people standing by it. There was Sophie, someone who Jane wished she get along with but the foreign girl just didn't seem to like her. Not that it surprised Jane, not many people did anyway. Besides her was Brandon, a classic Sigma that Jane only knew by his looks. In front of them stood Karma, the sweet girl who Jane absolutely adored, and Annie, a gorgeous girl who was on her way to being the best of the best. Speaking of the best, in front of them stood Natalie, the unreachable woman who stood above everyone. By the looks of it, the situation they were in was tense. Knowing she shouldn't pry, Jane kept her nose down and made a bee line for the entrance of Starbucks. She had to hurry up and not keep Amaranta waiting.

Not paying attention to the people around her, Jane went directly to the cashier. Her hands took out her phone to double check what Amaranta's order had been before reading it aloud. Her eyes averted the cashier's gaze since speaking to strangers was never her forte. She couldn't help but sigh with relief once she payed and grabbed her order. With that, the red-head turned around and quickly scurried out the cafe, her eyes glancing curiously over at the Alpha showdown, before hurrying off.

All Jane wanted to do was curl up inside her bed and watch her TV shows. That was honestly when she was the happiest, aside the fact when she was with her sorority sisters. She sighed once her house finally came to sight and her pace quickened until she was at the front door. When she entered, her eyes immediately looked around for any sign of any Thetas. When she entered the living room, she found Maya, Belle, and Amaranta. Her face brightened up at the sight of them. That time, there was no discomfort because of the fact she was in a place she called home, with people she loved. "Hi!" she chirped, her happiness was almost oozing out of her. It was obvious for everyone to noticethe difference with an uncomfortable Jane and a relaxed Jane. She made her way to Amaranta to hand the drink to her. If all the Alpha girls were gorgeous, then Ama was beautiful. According to Jane, she was simply the best that could be. "Here you go, Ama."


❝ Antonio Ramos ❞

After responding to the surprising text message, Tony glanced back at the clock. He had honestly considering not going to the stupid thing. He ran a hand through his messy hair, once again attempting to try calm it down. It was then that he heard a familiar voice call out his name and his eyes glanced over to his doorway. It seemed his little brother decided to come back for him after all.

"Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" he questioned with a smirk on his face. Tony would've grinned, he really would've if it hadn't been for the fact that his headache was trying to destroy him. His hand began to rub his face in a futile attempt to calm the pain.

"You're finally acknowledging my good looks, Ed?" he teased, his voice lower than usual just so he couldn't worsen his state. It was a habit of Tony to tease the people he mostly cared about. It was that or he just really loved seeing Edric's reactions. "Yes, I'm up, man. And don't so loud, some of us haven't recovered from last night," Tony chuckled just as his phone buzzed again. He quickly went to check the message and his lips twitched upwards when he read Annie's response. No, he was definitely going to the auditorium.