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Delilah Pomales

Haven't you ever heard the song, hon? Girls just want to have fun and all that jazz.

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a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, as played by OurStars



N a m e ? Delilah Angelina Pomales
N i c k n a m e ? Delia or Angel
A g e ? Nineteen
M a j o r ? Computer Science
S e x u a l i t y ? Pansexual

H o u s e ? Rushing
T h o u g h t s o n b e i n g a P l e d g e ? Well, I'm pretty much leaning towards Zeta at the moment, of course. In fact, it's probably a done deal. But hey, always open for experimentation.
L i k e s ?
The Greek System
High Heels
Making Dance Music
Oscar Wilde
Mind Games
Friends with benefits

D i s l i k e s ?
Sappy stories
Slow music
Sunny Days
Early Mornings
Difficult Classes
Super Hero movies
Boy Bands
Low self-esteem

F e a r s ?
Lung Cancer

P e r s o n a l i t y ?
Delilah has never been anything short of an incredibly intelligent young woman, gifted from birth with an intellect which has allowed her to coast through life virtually carefree in the way of academics and such. Although she doesn't have a photographic memory, her mind is able to spot patterns that others miss, and the girl has something of a gift for cracking and creating codes of any variety- she does it to relax when there aren't any good parties to go to. This intelligence has made her somewhat lazy academically, comfortable in the knowledge that she can continue on without effort for now. Because of this, she has always been one of those girls that knows where the best parties are, who provides the top of the line booze, and who is best in bed. That's right, despite the potential to be a productive and brilliant member in society, Delilah is what people would describe as, in nice terms, a party girl. She's the one who shows up to class with a hangover and sits in the back with sunglasses on, and the one who seems to know everything that someone has ever said when they were drunk or a little bit overexcited. If a party meets her standards, she'll be there, regardless of whether there is a midterm the next day, or an essay due that she has yet to start. It doesn't really help that the young woman has a fondness for the bottle. She has a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol, and therefore drinks a lot of it to get that buzz which she seems to be constantly after. Honestly, many people think she's lying when the young woman claims to never have touched drugs before, given her seemingly constant search for a high.

Although she may have friends with benefits, both male and female, Delilah is the sort of person who will push people away as soon as they get too close, because she has a fear of commitment that seems impossible for her to shake. When someone grows to close to her, and she begins to need them in any way, Delilah will force herself to focus only on their faults until she cannot help but actually despise them. Many people have been left shocked when, despite having become closer to her than anyone else, Delilah suddenly seems to dislike them, giving the cold shoulder and cutting contact until a distance has been created once more. Not unlike a cat, she may approach someone to play, but once too much love is shown, she will be out the door as fast as possible. The best way to stay her friend is to keep a distance, therefore, or else she may be tempted to flee, as she usually does. Her biting words are helpful in driving people away, of course, because the young woman will purposefully say hurtful, low things in order to get a person away from her, humiliating them in front of others so that she can feel safe in her personal bubble once more. It's hard to believe that such a social-seeming person would have this issue, but her fear of commitment is actually quite strong, and can lead to bitter goodbyes. While it makes her great at parties, where interactions are short and have no strings attached, the young woman's long term relations are few and usually inevitable things, like family. The only one she has ever seemed really close to is her grandmother, who passed away last year.

At all times, Delilah does her best to give off the impression that she is some impossible to crack party girl, someone who isn't affected by the words of others and has no inhibitions. Of course, such an existence would be incredibly rare, and she does have hidden vulnerabilities, as everyone does. Delilah parties because she is terrified of regretting her life, and doesn't let people close because she is afraid that they won't like what they see when they get too near. She can be affected by words just as much as the next one, and cannot always take what she dishes out, despite the fact that she looks like she can. The difference between her and other people is that she refuses to reveal the effects that others may have on her, for fear of looking weak. Once you come across as weak and easily hurt, she believes that people will pick at the cracks until you are completely irrepairable. She isn't very trusting of people, you see, and expects them to take others down. After all, she would do the same if she felt the need to.

H i s t o r y ?
Delilah was born the daughter of a prostitute and one of her clients, but raised by her grandmother in Los Angelos, California, where her grandmother worked as a live in nanny and maid for an A-List family. They were never incredibly poor, because it just so happened that Delilah's father was a wealthy director, but much of the money went to feed Joanna, Delilah's mother's, intense drug addiction. Therefore, although they never went a day without eating, Delilah's family remained below to poverty line for the entirety of her life. It was clear early on that Delilah was a very bright young girl, and it wasn't long before her grandmotherhad hopes that she would be able to ascend from their current status to go to college and become a wealthy American citizen. Because of this dream, she worked hard to make sure that Delilah had the tools she needed for school. Still, her clothing was all secondhand and her lunches on reduced money. Because they technically lived in the wealthy neighborhoods, Delilah attended a fantastic school, one in which she surely could have flourished academically. However, prejudice is something taught at a very young age, and so she had problems with other children at school. By first grade, cliques were already forming in her elementary school, and Delilah was part of the small and targetted group of children who were known as 'The help's kids', because they were all the children of live-in cooks, maids, nannies, nurses, etc. They lived in a wealthy area, but were mostly in poverty all the same. This group was close-knit, and as long as she had them, Delilah considered herself as capable of being content. Besides, she had never been the sort to take things lying down, and so would often retaliate against any snide remarks with biting quips that knew of no line to toe. If someone messed with her, no subject was off-limits. That was, until she insulted the boy whose family her grandmother worked for one too many times.

Admittedly, he had been a sweet boy once upon a time, but, like many kids, he was taught social rules fairly early on, and was soon part of the group of kids who would rule the class for the rest of the children who attended the elementary, middle and high school's lives. It came naturally, as he was the child of a famous family, and his mother's angel as the only son of the family (he had younger twin sisters). The boy, in elementary school, happened to have a crush on one of Delilah's gang and, as some little boys tend to do, reacted by being something of a jerk. Naturally, Delilah jumped out to defend her friend each time, until eventually he had had enough of her interference. The young man threatened to have her grandmother fired if she didn't do as he said and, being somewhat yougn, she just kind of believed that he could make such a thing happen, though it is likely that he could not. His first order was for her to stop being friends with that group, and so she complied. This was when Delilah first began to learn to distance herself from people, because the separation was unbearable, especially when they looked at her, confused as to why one of their best friends had abandoned them in favor of becoming something of a loner. By the time that she was somewhat free of the young man's grasp, which is to say that he matured and realized that it had been kind of childish to act that way, she had grown too far from the group to regain their friendship in a form which she had once had it. That didn't matter, though, because she had become comfortable with distance. She was somewhat more subdued until her final year of middle school, the genius girl who fixed the school's computers but didn't really hang around any specific people.

When Delilah was fourteen, her grandmother died of a lung cancer that she had kept hidden from Delilah in order to sheild her granddaughter from the truth. Delilah mourned for the entirety of the summer, allowed to stay in the mother-in-law suite by the sympathetic family her mother had worked for, and by the end came out with a relevation that was no doubt not what her grandmother would have liked. Delilah's grandmother had worked her entire life, and Delilah knew that she had died with some regrets. All that it lead her to believe was that such a life was one which would only end regretfully, having never experienced life in its entirety. So, she became like an entirely different person come freshmen year. Shocking many of her old classmates, she was soon known as the party girl that she is today. It wasn't long before she was part of the 'in' crowd, known as a loose girl who knew where all the best places to be were. She slacked in her studies, but still coasted by on her natural abilities and her Math and Computer skills. Had her grandmother still been alive, she would have feared that her precious granddaughter was becoming just like Delilah's mother had been. Still, she wasn't there to stop it, and Delilah became someone who could drink and swear like a sailor, but seduce like a siren. She had everyone's admiration but no one's respect. Most people feared her, knowing her temper and biting tongue, but very few were actually close to her, including the crowd she hung out with during this period of time. High school passed by in a blur of parties, hangovers, flings and grades that she only worked for around the anniversary of her grandmother's death, when she remembered the hopes that were once had for her (luckily, those times are around finals and AP exams) before falling back into her normal routine.

Senior year, Delilah applied for Fulton University, with the intention to be a Computer Science major and to experience the parties it was infamous for. She got in, and on paper looked like the sort of candidate who would end up in Theta. Of course, in person is an entirely different story, as you now know.

So begins...

Delilah Pomales's Story

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"Nice job, Brettner," praised one of the dance instructors, Mr. Kromwell, as Finn landed rather perfectly after a complicated move. The student had been at the studio for around three hours now and had become rather sweaty, as well as slightly exhausted, from the nonstop practice and warmup. It was the beginning of the year, but this teacher was not known for allowing students to simply ease in to the school year. Still, Finn had worked over the summer at a dance company that was known for producing many famous dancers in their youth, and therefore remained in good shape, ready to jump back into lessons for the rest of this semester and the next. This year he begins as a junior, his little brother (in Kappa) being a sophomore already. The teacher then leads them in a cool down before announcing that the class is over, and that they may all go. Of course, the assembly is in around twenty minutes, so most of them will be rushing to shower before heading to the vast auditorium that Fulton is fairly proud of. Finn is no exception, changing into a ratty T-shirt and dark sweatpants before walking over to the Kappa house so that he can take a shower. He drops all of his dance gear off in his dormroom before immediately going to the bathroom and stepping into the shower. He has never been one for long showers, and thus is done within ten minutes, and changing into a T-shirt that has the TARDIS printed on it and jeans, as well as a pair of sneakers.

He whips out his phone, considered by many of his friends to be a historical artifact, and is about to text Maya to ask if she has arrived yet, but steps into the auditorium at that moment and notices her leaning idly against a wall. He smiles at her, raising a hand as a wave of sort and then striding towards the young woman, one of his best friends and currently the apple of his eye. He hasn't seen her all summer, thus making her a sight for sore eyes. "Hey! How's it going?"

A young woman with tan skin and a mess of ringlets that seem to interchange between golden brown and plain brown stands at the Starbucks counter, waiting for her coffee -black, with nothing added- and pastry. She doesn't give any appearance of being impatient, not tapping her nails against the counter or her feet against the floor, but the freshman girl does seem to seem as though she is bored, or at least accustomed to be moving around at all times. She seems lost in some stray thought, staring at the board behind the counter but not actually seeing it, and a slight smirk pulls at the corners of her lips. The fact that it exists whilst she is zoning out certainly gives an impression of it being constantly present, a look of distant amusement that compels people to try and make it more genuine and less of a 'oh, that's cute' sort of look. The barista slides the order over to her, and the young woman snaps back into reality, thanking her before taking the items and walking out of the starbucks, not interested in hanging around the place, especially when the most interesting people here all seem to be bimbos, but not the good sort. In her eyes, the only good kind of bimbo is one who can be useful in their stupidity, or is very good in bed- the combination of those two being, of course, the most preferable for the young woman.

She walks down the cement sidewalk then, wearing bright red converse, high-waisted short shorts, as well as a tank top with the letters 'DFTBA' written across the chest and a jean jacket that looks somewhat old. She also carries a laptop case. Although none of her articles of clothing appear to be expensive or enviable, she walks as though she wears an original designer piece, and that confidence makes all of it seem just a bit more fashionable and fabulous. The girl is walking in the direction of the Auditorium, because that is apparently where people are supposed to be congregating, for whatever reason (she didn't really pay attention as to the 'why' factor of it all). When she has walked into the auditorium, the young woman just takes a seat in the back row, not minding whether or not she is sitting next to a stranger, and opens her laptop.

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"Talent. Give me a minute," Bradley tells Finn before heading off through the auditorium towards a face which Finn recognizes but does not have any acquaintance with: Imogen. His eyes don't linger on the pair very long, as he awkwardly crosses his arms and looks out towards the stage, wondering when this stupid assembly is going to actually begin. So far it is primarily composed of people who are kind of catching up, though they've already had around a week to do so. Of course, Finn can't actually find any other Kappa boys, and this leaves him to continue standing alone, lost in his own thoughts. Alright, after this I have a choreography class with Miss Louisa, and then I can break before lunch before heading to Dance Theory III. At least I finished all my basic credits last year, so all I have is dance for the next two- that'll make life a lot more enjoyable, he thinks sincerely, glancing around the auditorium once more, eyes landing on random faces. The computer screen of a girl with headphones on who appears to be messing with some sort of musical software, a just-entering boy with dreadlocks, and then. . . Finn sighs very softly as a gaggle of Alpha girls, the tops of the Alpha ladder in fact, enter the auditorium, looking half in a mood and half just. . .them. The young man honestly tries his hardest not to judge people on their house -one of his close friends is a Beta, after all- but it is hard to do so when girls like Natalie and Annie represent the house. Though he would never dream of being rude or anything less than chivalrous to a girl, he does find it difficult to be his normal, gentlemanly self when girls are as shallow and arrogant as they appear to be. Stop stereotyping, he tries to remind himself, but to be fair, there is evidence that points to the self-centered nature of these girls. Sure, some of them didn't seem too bad- Karma had once come up to him and pinched his cheeks, calling him a cutiepie, but the majority did appear to have constant ulterior motives.

If he weren't a dancer, perhaps at that moment Finn would have slouched his posture to become less noticeable. However, it is nearly physically impossible for him to do such a thing after years of dedication and still be comfortable. So he remains leaning against the wall, a solitary figure in the auditorium as everyone he had been talking to has left by now. Maybe I should meet some freshmen? There may be possible future-Kappas, it would be good to know them? He decides, partially remembering his own rush week. It wasn't too bad, since he went with Kappa almost immediately and their initiation isn't as harsh as he's heard Beta and Sigma's are, but it had still been a slight culture shock. Or I could text Allen or Mario- but Mario should be somewhere around Annie, yeah? I don't get why he stands her- Shit. Judging again. I need to stop that.


As the amount of people flooding into the auditorium increased, Delilah had slipped headphones over her ears and pulled up a music editing and making software on her computer. Computer Science is what she plans to pursue as a career, of course, if only because it comes relatively easy to the young woman, but she does have a hobby of mixing music in her free time- she likes going to clubs to dance and such, so at some point she just started making dance music. Singing and things like that aren't really her thing, the girl has never been musically gifted in anything not involving the computer, but this she can at least do with some decency- not that it is a career she would ever genuinely pursue, because she'd rather be dancing to music than DJing it or anything of that variety. Only half of her attention is on the screen in front of her as music pounds through her ear drums, because the rest of it goes to surveying the people at this University. She's only able to come on financial aide and a few scholarships for 'women in IT or Engineering fields', as well as some help from the family that her grandmother used to work for, and thus fully intends to enjoy her time here for as long as all of that lasts. After all, everything ends eventually, and she can never know when the support she gets to be in this university will simply run dry. In fact, she pretty much expects it to eventually, but Delilah has never been an optimist, regardless of her sunny-sounding name.

She honestly just wants this assembly to be over so that she can get to her first class- something that isn't a common thought for the young woman. But she genuinely likes the subject she is majoring in, despite having mostly come to this school for the infamous parties and the legendary Greek System, and the teacher for her next class isn't too bad. CompSci 133, to be exact- intended for those whose focus is on Computer Science and who have a strong background in math. Perhaps she never liked writing or English class much, but the young woman has always had a knack for numbers- they are a constant and tend to have set solutions, after all. Delilah, unlike Finn, has no problem slouching slightly in her seat as she returns focus back to her computer screen.