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Ellie Nicole Barbara

Hi! I'm Ellie.

0 · 393 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, as played by CuteAsKaylah



    Name: Evangella, Nicole, Barber
    Nickname: everyone calls her Ellie
    Age: 18
    Major: interior design

    House:Rushing, but she plans on being an Alpha like Annie
    Thoughts on being a Pledge: She's excited but she already knows where she's going
The color mint green
Her grandma
Being Italian
Being Latina
Speaking Italian 
Speaking Spanish
Getting her way
Her parents
Her religion
Standing up for herself 
The color blue
Her past 
Being hated

    Personality: Ellie barber can be your best friend on your worst nightmare. She’ll probably be close to you if you’re important, influential or Perfect in some way. I wouldn’t say that Ellie really is a user, she just craves popularity, especially because she thinks that she will never really gain it. The thing with Ellie is, she hates herself. She hates everything about herself. She doesn’t like the way her hair falls down her back, or the way her eyes glisten. She hates the way she smiles and the brightness of her teeth. Ellie feels like she doesn’t deserve to be happy. To the outside world, Ellie is perfect. She’s gorgeous, with a great persona. To Ellie? She’s horibble. When she looks in the mirror she Sees something more hideous than a troll. Shes see’s herself and nothing but her flaws. She doesn’t even think she was meant to be mother’s daughter. Ellies wants out of this world she so badly things she doesn’t belong in. The only problem? She doesn’t want anybody to know this. She’ll just plaster on a smile and nod when anybody asks her if she’s alright. Little Miss Barber is perfect to the everybody else, but herself she is nothing. She believes that strongly, too. I guess you could call her Miss Multiple Personality’s. She can be cocky and conceited, Smiley and flirty, but also depressed and timid, Shy and tamed. A confusing person is ellie.

    History: Ellie Barbara is a beautiful girl. Not only is she beautiful, but she is musically talented. At age ten, her grandmother taught her how to play the piano. By the time she was a teenager, she could play from Chopin to Bach. Her parents were very strict and religious. They wanted her to be a young lady with manners and poise. And for a while, that was exactly what Ellie was. Then she went to high school and started hanging out with Annie Ortiz. Ellie was quiet and submissive, exactly what Annie wanted. Annie wanted someone who would do whatever she wanted and be her little pet. So she befriended Annie and turned her into one of her minions.

From then on, Ellie followed Annie everywhere. Everything Annie did, she had to do it too, until it became an obsession. At home, her parents became worried. Ellie had a nasty attitude and was the complete opposite of the girl they had tried to mold. To make matters worst, Ellie started to go to a lot of parties. There, she would meet guys and often ended up sleeping with them. It all seemed so cool to them. 

Just as vain as Annie, Ellie could never be seen twice in the same outfit, especially at a party. Her parents refused to support her behavior. So she moved in with Ellie's family. She's now estranged from her famil. She got emancipated after Annie moved out and Annie's parents legally adopted her. Unfortunately Annie is a year older than her so she went to college but she plans on reuniting with Annie this year.

    Anything else: she's dyslexic 

So begins...

Ellie Nicole Barbara's Story

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Ellie woke up in her room in the rushing dorm. She glared at the bright light escaping through her zebra print curtains. Straining her golden brown eyes she glanced at the alarm clock on her nightstand, the one that had gone off ten minuets ago, the one she always ignored. After a lazy attempt at sliding out of beds she finally woke her self up walked to the bathroom, splashed ice cold water on her face and officially started her day.

She quickly scanned the small closet the rushing dorm provided her with and the clothes in multiple teal and white bins for an outfit. She settled on a white body con shirt that ended at her mid thigh, a oversized black sweater with the brand name Chanel written on it in white. She also but on a pair of black wedge booties. She accessorized with a pair of big silver hoops. She finished the look off by straightening her hair until it hung down her back. She added a waterfall braid to the top of her hair.

Once she finished getting dressed she headed out the door and walked toward the cafeteria. Which was filling with students. She shrugged not knowing where to sit and found a row of lone seats toward the back. She preferred to be seen but not heard so she sat in the middle of the row. However soon she found herself bored and decided to listen to music. As the music pumped through her earphones she slowly found herself drifting away from the crowd.

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Annie rolled her eyes at Sophie's comment about Ellie but shrugged nonchalantly as a response, "She's a big girl, she can handle herself." she said simply. She knew a lot of the girls had their doubts about Ellie.
But before she could respond her phone buzzed loudly on the wooden table. Making Annie jump a little. She relaxed when she saw it was Karma and Natalie.She quickly read the messages as she sipped her drink.
From: Big sis!
"Cafe Americano. No milk. No sugar x"
From: Karma<<<3
"hot chocolate! Extra whip! Thanks boo;)"
She smiled to herself thinking how much that fitted their personalities as she wrote the responses.
To:Big Sis!
"You got it boss, btw where should we meet up?"
To: Karma <<<3
"Np! See you later, btw wanna meet at Starbucks or the auditorium?"

She had just finished sending them as a chin rested gently on her shoulders and a deep voice said "hey there, I like your outfit,"
She responded by letting a squeal escape before she could stop it and spinning around. She gasped once she realized it was Mario."Mario!" she said her already big brown eyes getting bigger with relief and surprise " That's not funny," she said with a pout as she regained her composure. She scrunched up her nose a little and ruffled his hair before returning to her usual seat. It was a velvet burgundy chair that she so adored and if everyone knew that it was her chair. Named carved in it or not, it was hers. She knew Mario would sit next to her as usual, simple that was their normal routine. What was, however, abnormal was Edric sauntering into the cafe.

She raised her eyebrow as he entered and greeted his sister. She exchanged a look with Mario as the siblings exchanged greetings in Korean.
"Annie, looking beautiful as ever." he said to her with a sly wink. She glanced at Sophie for a reaction before giving in and saying "Hello Edric," she sipped her drink, and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow as she lowered her cup. "This is a pleasant surprise." She added with her signature charming smile.