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Jane Fisher

"I think I was destined to end up a Theta."

0 · 727 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, as played by Malfunction



Name: Jane Michelle Fisher
Age: 21
Major: Computer Science
Nickname: N/A
Sexuality: Pansexual

House: Theta Chi
Thoughts on being a Theta: "It's the first time I've felt so close to other girls before. I'm finally a part of something and I'm just really happy about it."
- Math
- Writing
- Movies
- Video Games
- TV shows
- Learning new things
- Being a part of something
- Laughing
- Junk food
- Reading books or comics
- Coffee
- Singing/Dancing (both by herself though)
- Being used
- Drawing (she sucks at it)
- Being left out
- Getting bad grades
- Smoking
- Being an outsider
- Showing off too much skin
- Flip-flops
- Swimming
- Airplanes / Boats
- Drowning
- Being alone forever

Personality: Jane is a shy and introvert girl that wants to break out of her shell. She tends to be awkward when socializing because she finds it hard to relate to others. She is a girl that sticks with facts rather than her own thoughts and opinions so the things she talks about usually scare people away. As much as she hates it, Jane has gotten accustomed to being alone. Jane really does try to become more likable; for example, dressing up a bit more, researching (yes, researching) the latest trends, and putting herself out there even though she tends get hurt and disappointed in the end. She gets her hopes up too easily and is both naive and gullible. It is fairly easy for people to make her think what they want so she tends to be a bit of a push over. She loves and admires outgoing people who make friends easily. Honestly, she isn't sure about this but her admiration tends to go over the limit that she sometimes believes it is love. It is hard for her to distinguish and respond to her feelings though. In her mind, if the feeling makes her feel good, she will try her hardest to continue to get it and tends to become addicted to it. Jane easily gets attached to people and can be blinded by her emotions. She will passionate stand next to anyone she believes cares about her - even if they are simply using her or are in the wrong. Lately she has made close friends in her stay in the Theta house so she's gotten better at socializing and has been standing up for herself a little more. Although she tries to put on a hard exterior so that she won't be used, people find that it's really easy to break though and see the emotionally fragile and awkward girl she really is.

Jane is an intelligent and observant individual. She puts hard work in her studies as in anything she does. Her great concentration helps her studies and especially her grades. The only thing that can distract her are other people so she tends to study alone most of the time. As said before, Jane is an introvert person so she doesn't voice her opinion all the time. She will sometimes point things out though and correct others (a really bad habit of hers). She usually becomes a nervous wreck when talking so someone she is aware that she likes. She will stutter, blush, and talk about anything that comes to mind to make it seem like she's all right, which she would obviously wouldn't be. She is a horrible liar and it is fairly easy to notice when there is something wrong with her or she wants to talk. Overall, Jane is a transparent girl who wants many things and tries her hardest to get them - and even if she fails many times, she always gets back up to try again.

History: Jane was born into a middle class family of James Fisher and Ellen Fisher. Her mother got pregnant at a young age so both of her parent's were unprepared when Jane came. His father had to take two jobs to get enough money and her mother struggled to raise Jane properly. With the years, Jane was quick to notice the trouble she caused her mother and because of that tried her best to become independent quickly. She would keep her needs and wants to herself and tried her best to please her parents. When she was five years old, her younger brother was born. This time, though, her mother seemed more devoted and prepared and focused all her attention on her younger brother, Jake. The attention her brother received was different from the type Jane received and she quickly came to notice. To distract herself when she was alone, Jane began to focus on watching TV, reading, studying, and learning new things. She became an introvert and independent child but she still craved for attention and company like any kid would. She had trouble interacting with others though because she honestly couldn't relate to others. As an attempt to solve that problem, Jane began to research and study the latest music, movies, and things that kids her age would talk about. This worked for a while but all Jane did was talk about the subject, not her feelings and thoughts about it like others. Because of this she had little friends and used various things to distract herself (TV shows, books, studying, etc). Her grades were all ways in their best shape with all her free time and she graduated with a 4.3 GPA with the AP classes, double-blocking, and extra classes she took. With her grade, she got a scholarship for Fulton University. As soon as she joined she knew she wanted to join a sorority in hopes of socializing with people. Her first choice had been the Alphas since they are everything Jane wished she could be. Unfortunately, they had taken much of an interest on her and Jane found herself preferring to join the Theta house rather than the Zetas.

Anything else:
- Favorite genre of movies are romantic and comedies but enjoys almost any movie though. The same thing can be said for TV shows but her favorite genre is drama without a doubt drama.
- Writes various stories and poems now and then.
- She sings and sometimes even dances when she is with herself. She hates doing it around people around though.

So begins...

Jane Fisher's Story

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

A yawn escaped the young Theta as she made her way through the campus. She wore a light brown sweater that seemed a bit too big on her seeing as it reached her upper thighs and light blue jeans that ended with her white tennis shoes. To go along with it, a maroon colored side bag hung from her left shoulder to her right hip. Inside it were a collection of notebooks, pens, her latest book, phone, and various objects. Her hand rubbed her eyes in an attempt to wake herself up more. She had almost completed an all-nighter last night when she had a marathon of the latest shows that were about to premiere with new episodes in the coming month. It sounded pathetic but most of Jane's summer consisted of TV shows, food, video games, books, and the internet. Of course, she wasn't proud of it but it was all Jane had. It wasn't like she had many friends back at home; just people she knew who happened to like some of the same things she liked. A sigh escaped Jane as her eyes took in the giant auditorium. Already, students were filling it up. She ran a hand through her hair when her stomach twisted up at the sight of the great number of people. She already grew anxious simply by the sight of them.

Jane's eye sight hit the ground as she drew closer to the building. The less attention she drew the better. Unless it was someone she knew, of course. If it was someone she knew, she would be more than happy for them to notice her and call out her name. Her lips tightened into a thin line at the though and her eyes unconsciously flickered around in search for a familiar face. Most of the girls had either already left the house or weren't ready to leave by the time Jane left so she was stuck with herself at the moment. It didn't help that she was starving either. The fact that she had been asleep until just a half hour ago meant that she hadn't eaten breakfast and instead wasted her time staying in bed for more than a few minutes while internally encouraging herself out of bed and lastly getting ready to go to the auditorium.

Finally, Jane entered the auditorium and came to a halt at the front. Her eyes scanned the insides that were filled with students, both new and old, trying to find an appropriate seat for them. Just as she was about to go on an epic journey to find the seat destined for her, she caught a familiar face from the corner of her eyes. Actually, it was too but she was far concerned about one than the other. She hesitated at first. Both because she didn't want to interrupt the two and second because Finn was there. Truth be told, Jane had long gone accepted him and actually enjoyed his presence quite well. It wasn't anything personal but she simply kept trying to stop being so weak to kindness - you just don't know now a days if its real and Jane had been hurt a million times because of how easily she falls prey to it. That being said, she is trying to learn from her mistakes and keep an eye on people who she doesn't know that well.

After a moment with her thoughts, Jane decided to continue on her path with the little courage she had. She slowly made her way towards where Maya and Finn were and once she was close enough, she raised her hand to them as a wave. "Uh, hi," she called out and offered a small, forced smile towards them. Mostly towards Maya who she knew better and felt closer to. Her eyes flickered to Finn and in the process she noticed the shirt she had. Her mouth opened slightly before her smile became wider; this time, it came out of her own will. "Awesome shirt," she added and nodded to Finn's TARDIS shirt. As a Doctor Who fan, she just couldn't help but compliment it.

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Natalie sat up in her bed and lifted her white iPhone, swaddled in its pink polka-dot case, from the night stand, her reflex action when she awoke. Pulling the covers up around her bare shoulders for warmth, she flicked through the texts, emails and social networking alerts she'd received while she'd been asleep. Her notifications bar was always crammed with messages in the morning. But what did she expect? She was a popular girl, everyone wanted something from her.

When she was finally finished dealing with those she felt were worthy of her attention at all, she slipped out from under the covers. She made her bed up perfectly again, tucking her throw over the end of the bed and arranging the cushions artistically around her pillow. Being president, she had the biggest room in the dorm, right at the end of the corridor behind the back wall. The room was quiet tidy, but Natalie resisted the urge to make it spotless, knowing a Freshman should be in later to tidy it for her and clean. Natalie slid her pyjamas off her slim body and stepped into the shower. The warm water rushed refreshingly over her body and she inhaled deeply, the steam filling her lungs calmingly. Her hair was washed and conditioned with plenty of other product washed in and out to improve it's shine, volume, condition and any other possible quality she would want for her long, blonde hair.

When she'd finished in the shower, she stepped out in a cloud of scented steam and swaddled herself in a fluffy white towel that had been warming on the heated towel rail while she showered. She dried her hair and styled it meticulously before selected a bra and panties set from her draw, matching, of course. Then she stood in front of her full length mirror, inspecting herself. She pressed a hand against her concave stomach where a dull ache resonated. But the ache comforted her, it meant she was hungry, and that mean she was perfect. She scrutinized her appearance and weighed herself, making sure she wasn't putting on any weight.

Natalie turned her attention to her cell as it buzzed softly on her bed where she'd left it. She quickly opened the text, reading the words with a smile, reminding herself more of how valuable Annie really was to her. She quickly typed a short reply:

Caffe Americano. No milk, no sugar x

She knew for a fact that a Starbucks Caffe Americano contained five point seven calories and no fat what so ever. It was one of the few beverages that she allowed herself from Starbucks, and she mentally prepared her cutting remarks for any member of her house who'd ordered a drink from Annie that contained any more than ten calories.

Natalie put on the outfit she'd tirelessly perfected the night before and applied her make-up until she was certain it was just perfect. She then swept her things she needed for the day into her bag and, with one final check of her appearance, she left her dorm room.



Bradley turned over, eyes still closed, and flung his arm so it collided with the squealing alarm clock on his bedside table. The offending objected hurtled across the room at the impact and the irritating sound died a death of silence as it bounced onto the floor. Bradley groaned and stumbled out of bed, heading straight for his mini-fridge with a hand pressed against his head. He lifted a can of red bull from the fridge and cracked it open. He took two large gulps before pulling a packet of Advil down from the cupboard. He popped two of the translucent blue pills into his hands and swallowed them with another long drink of red bull. He drained the can, crushed it in his hands and abandoned it on the floor.

With that, Bradley dragged himself into the shower and turned it on. The cold water blasted down on him, finally shocking him out of his hangover-addled state. He gradually warmed the water up and washed. His head still pounded as the water slammed down onto it and Bradley combed through his memory, dragging back details of the night before. They'd had a big blow-out in the Sigma dorm to christen the new semester and welcome everyone back for the year. It had been a pretty good party, even by Sigma standards, that much Bradley remembered. Other than that, it had just been a lot of alcohol and music, and more alcohol. He also distantly remembered a girl, a Zelta he thought, although he couldn't quite be sure who, leaving his bed at five o'clock this morning, flashing him a quick smile and a wave before Bradley had dropped back into the depths of sleep.

He dried himself off and pulled on the only clean clothes he could find in his closet, the rest being either strewn either across the floor of his room or stuck in a washing machine in the laundry room, because he'd managed to get them in there and wash them, but he couldn't quite figure out the machine enough to get them out again... So he'd left a sign on the little plastic door of it, hoping a Theta might retrieve them and bring them back to him. And if they didn't come back, he smirked to himself, he knew there was obviously some poor, lonely girl out there in this university, wearing them to bed at night and imagining it was him. That was just the effect he had on women, after all.

He made his way towards the auditorium, distantly remembering something about supposedly having to turn up there that morning. He stopped quickly for a Starbucks black coffee, hopping it might lift the alcoholic-haze from his mind.

"Ladies," he flashed Sophie and Annie a smile as he passed them before continuing on to the auditorium. When he arrived, it was already beginning to fill up. He spotted Finn at the back, a young Kappa he was trying to help out. He had a few issues with the women, which, luckily for him, happened to be Bradley's area of expertise. He was stood with Jane, a sweet but boring, if he was being honest, Theta, and Maya. Ah, Maya. Now there was an interesting one.

He strolled over. "Alright, Finn?" he said, giving him a friendly nod. "Jane," he acknowledged the other girl before slipping through the space between Finn and Jane to go and lean against the wall right beside Maya.

"Maya," he gave her one of his slow, lazy smiles and met her eyes with his own chocolate ones. He was clearly flirting with her. Getting her to blush would certainly brighten his, until now, fairly painful day.

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Looking around, Maya looked for someone to talk to before seeing one of her best friends, Finn. She saw him waved and smile at her as she did the same, waving back at him and smiling with her white teeth being revealed. "Hey! How's it going?" She gave him a quick hug before returning back to her spot on the wall and answering him. "Good. Happy to be back from home, seeing that I had to work my ass off most of the summer at my cousin's restaurant. I bet I still smell like Pico de Gallo." She said in sarcasm with a raised eyebrow.

She looked at Finn until hearing a familiar voice that she knew from her freshmen year last year, her friend Jane. "Uh, hi," She smiled at her and gave a slight wave. The two of them were rather close in their sorority, Jane was just such a nice girl who would suck it up when people messed with her but, Maya never let anyone really get away with messing with her friends, she cared too much for them to just let it happen. Yea, it may not have been her business but, no one ever objected to her sticking up with or for them. "Awesome shirt." She heard Jane say the Finn about his Doctor Who shirt. She had watched it with Finn a couple time and she liked it but, it just wasn't her favorite television show to watch.

"Alright, Finn?" Crap. Just who she wanted to see in the morning. The one guy on campus who knew exactly how to make her grin or at least smirk early in the morning other than Finn. Maybe he'll just keep walking. "Jane," Great." She said in her head as she saw Bradley Hale slip his way through her two rather sweet and quiet friends and lean on the wall right next to. She did not need this right now, already this week she saw his clothes in the laundry room as if he expected someone to wash them for him, flirted with her more than she really could count, and well, was being more... himself than he had been. Maybe it's because of the Summer. Who knows? But, not to say she didn't maybe "flirt" back a little, she couldn't help it. She enjoyed teasing him.

She sighed and rolled her eyes as he spoke her name with a flirty smile on his face, looking at her light brown eyes with his dark ones. She looked up at him and gave him a slight grin. She could feel her cheeks turn a very, very slight shade of rose as he looked at her. "Bradley, It is nice to see you haven't forgotten about me over the summer. I would have been devastated." She said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. "Another thing, you have Sigma and Alpha friends, right? So why talk to us little Thetas and Kappa?" She said with a small pout on her face.


Edric groaned in his bed, his head was pounding and he honestly felt like at any moment it was going to explode. But, it wasn't fully his fault, he told Tony that he could handle himself no matter how many drinks he would have. For the most part it was true, but the problem he had about it was the hangover afterwards. Always was. And, he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of his father ever catching him like this. His father would pull him out of America so quickly that he would have a chance to even blink.

After a moment, the young Asian man sat up in his bed and reached above his head, letting out a loud yawn. "God, I don't want to get up." He said to himself as he stood up and got change into a blue pair of jeans and a plain black tee shirt. He looked himself in the mirror, fixing his newly dyed black hair from its limp normal form into its rather spiked up way with his gel. He smiled at himself in the mirror before walking across the hall to his close friend and older brother's room, Tony. "Yo, Tony. Get your lazy ass because I am not your alarm clock. I am not made in China and I should wake a grown man up." He said as he banged on the door.

He sighed before rolling his eyes and shrugging. "Alright, hell." He said to himself before walking into the restroom and taking a few Advil's and drinking some water from the sink. Edric sighed in relief, hoping it would start to work soon. He walked out of the restroom and out of the house, heading towards where he knew his sister would be, knowing that is where his sister would be. He saw Sophie and her friend Annie before he walked up behind her and put his head on top of hers seeing she was 5'5 and he was 6'0. "achim chin-aehaneun dongsaeng-eul joh-a." (Good Morning, my dear sister) He said in Korean to say good morning to his dear "little" sister. He looked at Annie and winked before smiling. "Annie, looking as beautiful as ever." He knew that Natalie didn't like Sigmas flirting with her Alphas, which made it all the more fun. nae meoli Edric nwajwo. geuligo , nae chingu lang jangnan haneunge anibnida. (Get off of my head, Edric. And, do not flirt with my friend.) His sister said to him before moving his head. He chuckled before looking back at Annie who was probably wondering what the Hell they were saying.

Looking at his sister, he could tell she wanted him to leave. Which made it all the fun.

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Natalie didn't stop walking when she saw Karma. She just continued, expecting the girl to fall into step along side her. Natalie waited for no one.

She flashed Karma the briefest of smiles. "What do you think happened to me over the Summer? Of course I'm looking forward to it," Natalie smirked, continuing. "Little girls, all signing up to be tortured, all so they can be just like me? What could be better?"

Natalie felt her phone vibrate in her bag and she quickly picked it up, opening a message from Annie. Her eyes flicked across the words as she took it in. For Natalie, today was all about creating an image of the Alphas for those that were rushing. Although the girls were already infamous throughout many schools and universities in the area, Natalie still needed this. She wanted to enter the auditorium, flanked by the Alphas. They needed to present a united front, a tight-knit group of impeccably dressed, perfectly turned out, ethereally lovely girls. People had to see them and want more than anything to be a part of it. The girls who wanted it the most were always the ones who were most fun to play with in rush week.

Starbucks. Karma's with me, find Sophie and meet us both there x

Natalie sent back. They'd reached the end of the corridor and she stopped, pressing the button on the elevator to call it.

"You better have some good ideas for hazing. I'm planning this year to be worse than all the others combined..." Natalie smiled sweetly at Karma. She knew the girl didn't like the hazing, but it was practically Natalie's favourite event of the whole year, and she wasn't toning it down for anyone. Girls had to know that if they wanted to be Alphas, they had to work for it.



Bradley chucked softly as a blush rose in the girl's cheeks and he smirked. His day was looking up already.

She did look slightly irked with him, but Bradley was not giving up. If that blush was anything to go by, there had to be some potential there. He just had to persuade of that.... But, if Bradley couldn't do it, no one could. He laughed inwardly at her pout, contemplating the perfect comeback to wipe the pout of her face.

"Oh Maya," Bradley told her softly, a cheeky grin on his face, getting closer to her so she could almost feel his warm breath on her cheek, as if he were about to tell her some kind of big, private secret. "Why talk to them when there's someone as beautiful as you over here?"

He drew back from her and turned to the other two, "Besides, it's always the quiet ones... They're always the naughtiest," Bradley smirked, clearly joking. He glanced back at the Mexican girl, "Right, Maya?" he teased, his eyes twinkling.

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Maya greets Finn with a quick hug and a response to his question about how she was doing, explaining that she had spent the summer apparently working at a restaurant owned by her cousins. He can remember her mentioning something about that before the previous semester had ended, but hadn't really thought about the fact that she'd be working all summer when he himself was working (well, more interning) at a dance company over the summer. From his perspective, he probably had a lot more enjoyable a time during his break, something which made him feel inexplicably guilty. Finn is the sort who tends to sympathize with people a bit too much, often leading to him feeling guilty for being happy when someone else isn't. Still, he knows that Maya loves her family very dearly, and so it was probably a lot happier a summer than she is making it out to be. Thus, he only smiles at her response before hearing a familiar, low-volume voice and turning around to face the girl with the curly red hair who addresses them; Jane. When the young woman, a Theta who is rather shy, compliments him on his Doctor Who shirt, Finn cannot help but break out into a wide, happy grin, as is his nature when anyone mentions or shows any fondness for one of his personal obsessions. "TARDIS shirts are cool," he quips cheerfully, his smile still optimistic and boyish, revealing slight dimples that only enhance this image.

At that moment, Bradley Hale walks over, greeting Finn with a nod and an, "Alright, Finn?" before moving on to acknowledge Jane and then end up slipping between the pair to lean next to Maya, whom he aims a lazy smile at, positioned in such a way that obviously means he is going to flirt with her. Finn had nodded back towards Bradley, the Sigma who had decided to take him under his wing and help him with the more social aspects of college, but when the guy had advanced on to Maya, he looks away. Expressions clearly revealed on his face, the boy looks a little bit like a kicked puppy, because he absolutely hates to watch Bradley flirt with Maya- and it doesn't help that she tends to flirt back, though Finn knows that she means nothing by it (or hopes that she doesn't). Not wanting to listen to the back and forth between the two, he turns and faces Jane with a large smile meant to hide his emotions. "So, Jane, how was your summer? Do anything fun?" He asks cheerfully, genuine in his interest towards her activities (as he is always rather genuine), despite using her to distract himself from the pair who flirt behind him. Bradley then turns back towards them and makes a comment about the quietest people being the naughtiest. When he glances towards Maya and comments at her specifically, Finn can't help but blush awkwardly, not being the greatest in these situations. He can't flirt without blushing madly, most of the time, and it doesn't help that he dislikes even attempting to flirt if he isn't sincerely interested in the girl.

"So, how was your summer, Bradley?" He asks anxiously, keeping up the smile though it has fallen to be somewhat lopsided, clearly desperate to change the subject.

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#, as written by Vix

“Beautiful soprano work, Madison! But you need to face the audience. Tyler, you're doing magnificently! Argentina, you're amazing per usual. Let's go ahead and wrap this up – I think I've kept you guys up long enough. Great job!”

Alexandra and Alexandria Curiel were Amaranta's favorite Professors of all time. Jennifer was an amazing actress and alto who instructed Performance (Vocal) and Jessica was a wonderful actress and soprano who instructed Performance (Musical Theatre). Both of which were two of Amaranta's three favorite classes. Her other was Dance and Choreography – Cassandra Pinegar was an amazing dancer, even though Amaranta thought she was better. She had been attending classes with the three talented women since she was seventeen. She was twenty-one now and this would be her last year under the tutelage of said three talented women.

She sighed wistfully as they ended their early-morning practice for the school's fall production of Phantom of the Opera. Naturally, she landed the female lead. None of the other girls even bothered to try out when it was mentioned that Amaranta was considering the role. She was a musical prodigy, possibly the brightest one Fulton had ever seen. Possibly the United States. Or maybe that was just the ego that her fellow Thetas kept building up in her. Smiling, she slid from the stage and bid everyone a farewell before leaving the theater. They had only been practicing for two hours – It was about ten o'clock now which left her time to shower, get dress, grab a bit to eat, and then head to the auditorium and in that order.

Amaranta didn't stay in the campus dorms. Or least not the 'regular' ones. She stayed in the Theta Sorority house. She slid into a deep purple Murcielago with a kind smile to the others getting into their vehicles. Her foreign car blared Elvis Crespo, vibrating the entire vehicle. She tapped her fingers along to the beat, bouncing her head as she sang, windows rolled down. “Pintame las carita de la nina mas bonita dentro de mi corazon!” Her smile was wide as she bobbed her head to the beat, waving at those that she passed while speeding home. She was no Alpha, but she was pretty popular. She was talented, smart, nice, and beautiful.

The Theta President pulled up to a large house. It was white with purple trim. There were lots of beautiful and colorful flowers outside, adding more to the cheerful theme of the home. It was the Theta Chi Sorority home. Her home; or at least her home away from home. Smiling, she parked her car in the garage reserved for the president and quickly made her way inside. She offered a light wave to the girls on the lawn who were doing their morning yoga. “Hey guys! Auditorium by twelve!” She called out to them in a thick Hispanic accent as she went inside the Victorian style home.

There were a number of girls bustling about the house, getting ready to head to the auditorium for the usual back to school speech. She thought for a while that she might skip it and catch a few extra Zs. And why shouldn't she? She felt that it was well-deserved on her end. She had been busting her ass even before school had started. She always had a busy schedule. Always something to do whether it was work, play, or sleep. But she loved it. She didn't know what she would do if she were told to go even a single day not doing any of the things she normally did. No singing...No dancing, no yoga, no homework, no shopping, no hanging with Thetas...Yeesh. That was frightening!

Shaking her head, she stripped on her way to her room. It was the largest one, though she shared it with two other girls. They were Seniors as well – Both of them were Theta members since they were freshmen and they were her Vice President and Secretary. At least that's what she said they were. She wasn't sure if Greek Systems even had those. Well, she did. Neither of them were in the room when she got there, but it didn't bother her. And she knew that someone would get her clothes and toss them in the washer before she left. She didn't like to act spoiled. But it was so hard not to!

Her shower lasted all of thirty minutes and she stepped out of her bathroom dry and smelling strongly of warm vanilla and apple spices. Her favorite. Her entire outfit was purple. She had added in purple extensions to her already knee-length jet black hair, slid on her 'Theta Case' for her iPhone, grabbed her purple Beats by Dre, her mother's ring, and her favorite shoes and dress. She looked absolutely Thetalicious. Smiling, she strode out of her room as confident as ever and began to text, bobbing her head to David Guetta.
[font=century gothic]To: Jane<3, Michelle ^_^, Maya ;o, Tawnie, Kelsey, Renee, Holli...

Hey! Meet me at Theta House before Auditorium. And Jane-babe, please bring me a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappe with extra chips, drizzle, and whip cream! Spanks<3!!

xoxo – Ama

Message sent, she flopped onto the couch downstairs, still bobbing her head along as a new song came on. It was her own song. She sang it for the Spring showcase her freshman year. She smiled as she sang along with it.

“I'm afraid to fly
And I don't know why
I'm jealous of the people who
Are not afraid to die
It's just that I recall
Back when I was small
Someone promised that they'd catch
But then they'd let me fall

And now I'm fallin'
Fallin' fast again
Why do I always take a fall
When I fall in love

You think, by now I've learned
Play with fire, you'd get burned
But fire can be oh so warm
And that's why I return
Turn and walk away
That's what I should do
My head says go and find the door
My heart says I'll find you

And now I'm fallin'
Catch me if you can
Maybe this time I'll have it all
When I fall in love.”

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" Ms. Ortiz I'm aware you are passing my class with flying colors, if you would please pay attention," Belle's balding, cranky proffesure, who she could never remember the name of, scolded. She sighed with discontent, it wasn't that she liked engineering per say, but it was a good field she acceled at so she decided to pursue it. She ran a hand through her glossy dark brown hair. This class felt like it was hour long and she was past the point of boredom. Not to mention almost all her classmates were nerdy and way too horny guys who often gawked at the puerto rican girl with Latino heratige. Finally her proffesure stood up, crossed his arms over his ugly sweater, and said "Your dismissed,"

Belle practically sprinted out the class to the school parking lot. Where her vintage light blue cadillac convertible waited. Her car was truly her baby, it was customary altered and enhanced just for her. It had cream colored leather seats that had her initials monogrammed in the same color as the paint on the car and it was her moms old car that her dad, for lack of another word, pimped out. It also had a banging sound system and voice call option. She blasted Nina Sky's "turnin me on" on the way to the house. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, put on her ray bans sunglasses and speed out the parking lot.

As she pulled into her sorority house and hopped out the car. She couldn't help but sigh, this was the only place besides puerto Rico that she could, or would call home. She quickly headed to the washrooms, and took a shower, before returning to her room. She quickly went through her closet for an outfit. Not that it was hard since her closet mainly composed of short shorts, work out clothes, velour sweatsuits, tank tops, crop tops, and maxi skirts. She settled on an outfit composed of a tight tank top that showed off her impressive curvy body, shorts, and a pair of red heels. Which she accessorized with a red scarf, a black beanie that fit snug over her head, and silver hoops. She kept her makeup light, only putting on thick winged eyeliner, and red lip gloss. She wore her hair down in natural waves that hung all the way to the small of her back.

She quickly grabbed a black leather bag, that had Theta Chi monogrammed on it, and filed it with her necessities and a few extras. She grabbed her favorite necklace that she always wore. It had the theta symbol and her mothers cross on it. She quickly started walking to her car when she saw Amaranta. She walked up to her and spun around. "Too much?" She asked since she had a habit of being a bit too sexy with her clothes. She just was used to living on a beach, walking half naked all the time.

She quickly glanced at her phone and made a mass message:
To: all Thetas
Hey girls! Where are y'all? Btw be warned my sister and her crew are on the prowl raaawr!

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The elevator arrived and Natalie stepped in with Karma. The doors closed behind them and it slowly dropped to the bottom of the shaft as Karma spoke.

"Yeah, don't even worry. I'm pretty much planning to go Hunger Games on the pledges and have them all kill each other with lip gloss and designer bags."

Natalie couldn't help but smile, cracking her icy exterior. She did genuinely like Karma, for all her faults. And, though she was never particularly nice to the girl, she did like to see her.

"Perfect," Natalie smiled as they exited the elevator. The Alpha house was on three levels. The first floor was the house part, the living room, kitchen and where the girls spent time together. The second floor was the smaller bedrooms of the newer, lower-ranked Alpha's. Alpha's on this floor also shared with one or two other members The third floor was for the people Natalie was closest to in the house. Most got their own rooms with en suite bathrooms instead of having to share a communal one likes the girls on the second floor. Natalie's bedroom being the largest and by far the nicest at the very end of the corridor.

The girls exited the house. Natalie didn't wait for Karma anywhere, just expecting the girl to follow her. They began the walk to campus. Alpha's, being one of the highest ranking houses in the whole system had their dorms closest to campus and so didn't have to drive. From their house to the college was only a short minute or two walk.

Natalie lifted her phone from her bag, opening a text from Annie. Annie was such a useful little sister to have, and so loyal. She constantly kept Natalie up to date and informed on the other Alpha's. Without Annie, Natalie's job would be much harder. But the words she read in the text were not quite so pleasing. Sophie knew there was a strict no sleeping with Sigma's rule, and Natalie did not like to be disobeyed. When will that little bitch learn to be an Alpha she has to fall in line? Natalie thought to herself, fully intending not to let this one slip when she saw Sophie.

"So, do you want to get lunch later today? I'm thinking Mexican," Natalie turned her attention back towards Karma at the sound of her voice.

Natalie thought for a second. As long as they went to the smaller Mexican restaurant just off campus rather than Taco Bell, she wouldn't actually have to eat anything and could just pick over a salad. And she could take great pleasure in giving Karma sideways looks whenever she ate anything and making saccharine sweet, sarcastic remarks about all that greasy food making her fatter than she already was, which made Natalie feel better about herself and always improved her day.

"Sure. We can go over plans for hazing at lunch," Natalie said. The girls reached campus and Natalie made her way straight for Starbucks, fully intending to rectify Sophie's indiscretions.

She saw Annie stood by Starbucks, ordering Natalie's drink - she hoped, for Annie's sake. But instead of going to meet her 'Little Sister', Natalie headed straight for where she saw Sophie, walking off with Brandon Duett, a Sigma Natalie particularly didn't approve of.

"No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," the blonde said harshly, stepping into their paths to halt them in their tracks. She placed a hand on her hip, expression cold and voice icy as she turned her attention to Sophie. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" Her tone of voice could freeze the fires of hell and anyone would be stupid to even attempt to fight back. There was a no-nonsense air to her words, along with the overwhelming feeling that anyone who attempted to defy her would be in serious trouble.



Bradley couldn't be more pleased with her reaction. The light blush and obvious attempt not to laugh only added to Bradley's triumphant feeling. He knew he'd got out of bed this morning for something, and now this conversation really was shaping up to be a fairly satisfying one. Who knew, maybe by the end of the semester Bradley may have finally persuaded Maya to bring her beautiful, naked body into his bed? Now that would certainly be an achievement.

"Your day isn't compete until you bug me, is it Bradley?" Maya said.

Bradley smirked, placing a hand to his chest dramatically. "You see right into my soul, Maya. Maybe you'd like to see the inside of my bed too?" he asked her, his tone of voice changing quickly to become suggestive and flirtatious once more.

Bradley's attention turned back to the previously forgotten Finn as he piped up awkwardly, "So, how was your summer, Bradley?"

Bradley noticed the redness in Finn's cheeks and his awkward expression. He chuckled inwardly. Finn was clearly finding this whole situation particularly uncomfortable. Bradley made a mental note for when he showed Finn how to flirt to tell him getting over his uncomfortableness surrounding these situations was the first step in jumping out of the friendzone straight into the fuckzone.

Bradley grinned, turning his attention away from Maya for the moment. "It was great," Bradley told him honestly in a friendly tone, casting his mind back over summer. The memories were coloured by girls, alcohol and more girls. "Went to Barbados with some guys. You would not believe the girls in Barbados! You've got to go. This one girl she had the biggest-"

Bradley was cut of by the sound of Maya's phone as a pop-tune by a certain band Bradley liked to call 'One Erection' filled the space between them.

"Do not judge me," Maya told the boys deadpan, as the words:'...and you stole my heart, with just one look...' floated from the speaker.

Bradley smirked again. "I'm not. Even your cell knows how you feel about me," he told her cheekily, in reference to the lyrics just sung.

Bradley felt his own cell buzz in his pocket and he lifted it out as Maya excused herself, saying goodbye to Finn and Jane. He opened the text from Brandon, laughing to himself before slipping the phone back into his pocket. As he looked up, Maya glanced back to look at Bradley. "Bye, Bradley."

Bradley used his thumb and pinkie to create a phone and lifted it to his ear in a mock 'call me' gesture, giving her a smug, triumphant smile.

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

"TARDIS shirts are cool."

Jane couldn't help but nod in agreement. Now that she thinks about it, she should have a Doctor Who marathon as well. She would write it in her notebook to remember but she didn't want to look like a dork in front of Maya or Finn.

"Alright, Finn?" A voice cut in and the group of three became a group of four. Jane recognized Bradley immidiately. Although she wasn't sociable, her memory was great and after being in Fulton for a few years now, she knew of a lot people, especially in the Greek system. "Jane," he added, causing a slight warmth to reach her cheek. She easily got embarrassed when it came to guys and now she couldn't get over the fact that he even acknowledged her. Most of her impression of him has been someone who parties and flirts a lot but he might actually be a nice guy.

Bradley slipped in between Finn and Maya, already with the intention of flirting. Jane averted her gaze quickly, uncomfortable with the situation. In the process she noticed Finn look away as well with a strange expression in his face. The girl blinked a couple of times, wondering what exactly what causing him to make such pained expression. She wanted to ask but she kept back the words. It wasn't her place to be concerned, right? Right.

"So, Jane, how was your summer? Do anything fun?"

A bit caught of guard with the sudden attention thrown her way, Jane found herself picking at her brain for anything to say. She couldn't exactly say she had wasted her time watching TV shows that she had already watched many times before, playing video games, reading, and on the internet the entire time with a proud smile on her face. All she could do was give an awkward nod and said, "I-It was okay. I had fun." That didn't sound so lame. She did have fun, even if it was in a rather uncool way.

Bradley then made a comment about the quietest people being the naughtiest and Jane couldn't help but notice that the color of Finn's face had changed. Once again, she had to hold back on asking about it.

"So, how was your summer, Bradley?" Finn asked. His tone was a bit strained. It was strange to how usually Finn was. Jane wasn't all too close to him but it didn't mean she didn't observe and what she was seeing was a bit too unfamiliar for her to understand.

Jane then noticed a vibration on her side and at the same time heard Maya's ringtone. She immediately recognized it and her heart practically skipped a beat as she quickly dug for her cell phone in her bag. Once she got it, a smile appeared on her face when she found she had been right. It was a text from Amaranta telling them to meet her at the Theta House before the auditorium (crap) and for Jane to get her an order from Starbucks. A smile adorned her face a the nickname and before she could even put her phone up, another message came in and, again, Maya's ringtone rang right on cue as well. This time it was from Belle asking where they were and warning about the Alphas.

"We have to get to your fearless leader," Maya said over to Jane who smiled at the mention of Amaranta. "I'll see you later, Finn," she added and gave a hug to the boy before tapping Jane on the shoulder. "Come when you're done talking to my bestest friend ever. I'll let Ama know."

"Ah, yeah," Jane said and nodded at her. With a final goodbye for Bradley, Maya set of the Theta house. Jane turned to the two guys that were left and opened her mouth to say excuse herself but couldn't find the right words so quickly. "Um, I... have to go too," she mumbled after an awkward pause and quickly shuffled out of the auditorium to head over to Starbucks.


❝ Antonio Ramos ❞

When Tony woke up, he was hit with a wave of pain that could only be due to hangovers. As he rolled on his back, he ran a hand through his messy locks that were all over the place. It took him a few moments to recollect himself. Last night had been the start of another year in Fulton and all Tony could say was that it started out with a really, really good start. He could only hope it would continue like that for the entire year, or at least get better. His eyes then spotted some black panties hanging from the tip of his dresser. He couldn't help but smile a bit at the sight of them. Now, he wanted to see if it could even get any better.

Groaning, Tony looked over at his alarm clock that rested right besides him. That old thing had stopped working a long time ago. It wasn't like it worked anyway since Tony was such a heavy sleeper. The only reason he kept it was to know the time. "Damn it, the auditorium crap," Tony muttered and sat up from his comfortable position in his bed. His movement caused his headache to worsen and it forced Tony to stop moving for a moment. After it calmed down a bit, he resumed moving, this time a bit slower though. He needed to remember to get Edric for not waking him up. He probably wanted to get there before him so he could check out the freshman this year. Oh, Tony would get him for that. It wasn't like Tony had much of an interest for freshman, though, and it was mostly out of fun. They were a bit too young, childish per say, for his taste. There are few exceptions though.

Tony made his way out of his room and paused for a moment in the middle of the hallway. His eyebrows scrunched up together a bit as he tried to decide if he should try to find something to eat or shower first. Deciding his hunger wasn't so bad, he headed to the bathroom. Actually, it was Edric had left already or else he would be snapping at Tony to put some cloths on. A yawn escaped Tony as he turned on the shower and stepped in once it started. The water felt good falling on his head, causing his untamed hair to get drenched and stick to Tony's head. With a sigh of relief, Tony took his time showering. Even if he did arrive late to the auditorium, Tony wasn't the type to put much mind into that. His laziness exceeded his ability to give a crap.

After around ten minutes, Tony finished his shower and had finally dressed himself. He had been searching for something to eat but the only things he had come across were opened bags of food and after last night, Tony wasn't sure they were edible anymore. Before he could even realize what he was doing, Tony had a beer at his hand and was about to open it when his cellphone rang. It was a normal ringtone, one that already came installed in the phone. Tony couldn't bother with personalizing it. His head screamed at the sudden sound that seemed to be a thousand times louder than it really was. He made his way back to his room and began to search for it in the dump that was his room. It took him about five good minutes to find it wrapped up in a pair of pants that had been kicked under his bed. He sat on his bed and ran his hand again through his hair, hopefully trying to keep it down and in place as he read the message he had received. It was from Annie, surprisingly. Sure, Tony flirted with her whenever he saw her, just like did with any other girl, but he never really expected anything seeing as she stuck to Natalie's every word - and, of course, everyone knew that Natalie was very strict on keeping her precious Alphas from the Sigmas.

Tony's lips quirked upwards once he read the message. Was momma Natalie loosening her reigns? Or was it just that one of her followers finally decided she had her own will? Whatever the reason it might be, Tony knew a perfect chance when he was one and he was more than ready to take it — and so he replied.

Just say when and where.

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Finn responds to Maya's smile with one of his own, albeit a slightly awkward one. Unless he is laughing about something, the Kappa's smiles do tend to always come off as dorky, even if they are completely normal ones. Maybe it is just his face or his constantly rather boyish personality, but everything he does seems to ooze the essence of awkward geek. The exception being his dancing, of course- there are girls in his dance classes who have 'dance crushes' on him. Dance crushes are not necessarily actual romantic interests, but being attracted to someone's style or talent when it comes to dancing. Of course, by the time he's stopped moving the normal personality has returned, and any sort of attraction seems to vanish as they view him as a goofy and probably gay classmate. The eternal torture of the young man. And of course, the person who no one would ever think of for a second of friendzoning, Bradley Hale, stands before him talking about his summer break, one apparently filled with attractive women, as would be expected from the Sigma. Bradley is describing one girl in particular when he is interrupted by a noise.

The sound of a familiar boy band comes to his ears as Maya pulls out her phone and orders that they not judge her before checking the text. Whatever it says must be rather unsatisfactory, based on her expression and groan of exasperation before quickly tapping out a response. Finn watches her hands move, secretly wanting to reach out and take them into his own hands, and to simply hold them- nothing more. He is rather innocent, after all, the type who, when he thinks that he wants to sleep with a girl, does not mean sex- simply means to lay down and cuddle until they have both fallen asleep. Of course, this isn't exactly thought of as a typically masculine thought- but he isn't really seen as a particularly masculine person, either. Which is probably why the girl before him, current apple of his eye Maya Ortega-Rios, reports that she must go and describes him as her best friend before walking off. He may have gotten a sugary smile, but it was to Bradley that the flirtatious smirk was pointed, a noticeable thing which makes Finn mentally sigh before smiling and saying goodbye. Jane mumbles an excuse as well before hurrying after Maya, probably to also go and obey whatever request Ama has just directed towards them. When both girls have left, he turns to face Bradley.

"How do you- I mean-" Finn sighs again, falling silently awkwardly before looking over towards the stage. I wonder when Allen is going to arrive, he thinks to himself, referring to his little brother in the Greek System.

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"My my my. Hell hath no fury," Brandon commented, his eyes drifting over Natalie and stopping behind her where the other Alpha’s were approaching.

"I mean, yes of course but it's not like we're going to--" Sophie attempted to protest, but she was cut off.

Karma had fallen obediently into position behind Natalie, much to her approval. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs. Did you know that dogs are more manageable when they're fixed? Snip snip." The young Asian girl interrupted, making a cutting motion and Natalie smirked coldly.

The blonde felt a light, friendly brush on her cheek as her younger sister gave her an air kiss, indicating Annie’s arrival too. Then, she positioned herself just behind Natalie in the perfect formation. Annie really was the ideal Alpha.

"I guess the gang's all here." Karma pointed out offhandedly.

"You wound me, love. Surely, you wouldn't deny you girls a good time," Brandon said dramatically. "I was just inviting Ae-Jin to a party this evening. I just told her how all of you were invited as well."

Brandon touched Natalie’s cheek. He’s got some fucking nerve, Natalie thought to herself, anger bubbling in her veins. If she hadn’t been in a public place and an Alpha, expected to exercise perfect decorum at all times, she would’ve slapped him. How dare he touch her without her permission?!

“Get that off me!” Natalie snapped, reaching to wrench Brandon’s hand from her face, but he moved quickly. “I don’t even want to think about where it’s been…”

"I meant no real harm. It is the beginning of the new school year. Why not start it off with a bang?" He turned to Karma, commenting on her dog threat, "You are familiar with the concept to which you named, yes? Perhaps you keep that in mind." He looked back at Natalie. "So, will you be attending? I'm not asking to sleep with you or Ae-Jin. Just a simple invitation to celebrate of the start of the New Year. I may even invite some Rushers."

Natalie looked at him for a couple of seconds, allowing the tension to linger in the silence. She wanted him to be afraid of her.

"Look, Natalie. We were not doing anything. We were just talking," Sophie said, breaking through Natalie’s silence.

Natalie glared at Sophie. "Sophie, we were just looking out for you. Because we're your sisters.” Annie told her sweetly.

Natalie gave Annie a sugary smile, then turned back to Sophie. The saccharine sweet smile remained on her lips, but the sparkle that had been in her eyes when she looked at Annie, that sparkle that marked the smile as genuine, died. “Exactly. I wouldn’t want you humiliating yourself, and not to mention, us, by accidentally falling into bed with this… Ugh.” Natalie shuddered dramatically. “We all know how little self-control you have when it comes to your… Personal life, Sophie. I’m simply protecting you.”

There were so many little digs and personal attacks hidden within Natalie’s words that she knew Sophie would pick up on. Yet she wouldn’t dare say anything back. Natalie’s face was icy cold; her expression said it all. Anyone who attempted to challenge Natalie right now would be made to wish they’d never even been born.

“Brandon…” Natalie turned her attention back to the boy. In truth… She did want to go to the party. Natalie loved to party, despite how she berated the other Alpha’s for any show of wild behaviour. And after the stress of today, she was going to need the alcohol and the easy pleasure of being complimented, flirting and eventually sleeping with some guy who she would regret the next morning. Besides, she had to hand it to the boy, Brandon threw good parties. Due to Natalie’s obsession over control, she had to know everything about everyone, and so she was aware Brandon’s father owned plenty of clubs in the area. So, he could have an expensive party with great entertainment and fantastic drinks organised at the drop of a hat. But, she couldn’t show weakness after her short tirade by accepting his invite. “…Throw your party. But don’t expect it to be our first priority.”

Of course, Natalie had every intention of going. But no one else knew that, and she was planning on keeping it that way. She had to maintain the façade that she couldn’t care a less about his party and he should be kissing her heels in thanks at the fact that she even bothered showed up.

“Come on, Sophie. We have better places to be.” Natalie glared at the Asian girl, beckoning her with a slight flutter of her pretty little fingers.

With that, Natalie began walking towards the auditorium. She didn’t look back to check the other girls were following her, she just expected them to. And any who didn’t obediently follow their leader wouldn’t even want to consider the trouble they’d be in.



Out of the corner of his eye, Bradley saw Imogen arrive, looking slightly worse for wear. At the sight of her, memories from the night before flooded back to Bradley. He would have to go over and tease her. The moment would be too priceless to pass up. She smirked at him, blowing him a friendly kiss.

As Jane left, Finn turned towards Bradley. "How do you- I mean-"

"Talent," Bradley told him simply. "Give me a minute," Bradley said quickly, leaving Finn and crossing the auditorium to where Imogen sat with some of her Zeta friends.

"How's the head, Imo? After that drink I made you..." Bradley chuckled at her, giving her a cheeky grin.

The drink had been an interesting mixture, to say the least. Bradley couldn't quite recall precisely what was in it and what bet she'd lost to end up drinking the concoction, but he didn't remember any of it being particularly pleasant for her. But for him, that had been another story. Bradley recalled finding the whole experience hilarious, although that had probably just been the alcohol. The events following the drink had also been quite funny. For starters, Bradley had been pretty impressed she'd actually kept the drink down. She then proceeded to spend most of the night stumbling round in a drunken daze before tumbling into the bed of a Sigma. Although neither of them remembered the finer details of the night.

He paused for a second, but spoke again before she could answer him. "Actually... How's the foot, after the tattoo you had to get when you lost a bet to me? And how's was going pantieless for the whole summer as a result of the bet you lost, again. And come to think of it, you really do smell, after not being allowed to wear deodorant for a week after, oh yes, another bet you lost to me?" Bradley teased. "You know, considering your track record, you might just want to end it now and admit you will never ever beat me," he told her smugly, a smirk playing on his lips.

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❝ Jane Fisher ❞

Thankfully, it didn't take long for Jane to get to Starbucks. As she made her way closer to it, she noticed a familiar group of people standing by it. There was Sophie, someone who Jane wished she get along with but the foreign girl just didn't seem to like her. Not that it surprised Jane, not many people did anyway. Besides her was Brandon, a classic Sigma that Jane only knew by his looks. In front of them stood Karma, the sweet girl who Jane absolutely adored, and Annie, a gorgeous girl who was on her way to being the best of the best. Speaking of the best, in front of them stood Natalie, the unreachable woman who stood above everyone. By the looks of it, the situation they were in was tense. Knowing she shouldn't pry, Jane kept her nose down and made a bee line for the entrance of Starbucks. She had to hurry up and not keep Amaranta waiting.

Not paying attention to the people around her, Jane went directly to the cashier. Her hands took out her phone to double check what Amaranta's order had been before reading it aloud. Her eyes averted the cashier's gaze since speaking to strangers was never her forte. She couldn't help but sigh with relief once she payed and grabbed her order. With that, the red-head turned around and quickly scurried out the cafe, her eyes glancing curiously over at the Alpha showdown, before hurrying off.

All Jane wanted to do was curl up inside her bed and watch her TV shows. That was honestly when she was the happiest, aside the fact when she was with her sorority sisters. She sighed once her house finally came to sight and her pace quickened until she was at the front door. When she entered, her eyes immediately looked around for any sign of any Thetas. When she entered the living room, she found Maya, Belle, and Amaranta. Her face brightened up at the sight of them. That time, there was no discomfort because of the fact she was in a place she called home, with people she loved. "Hi!" she chirped, her happiness was almost oozing out of her. It was obvious for everyone to noticethe difference with an uncomfortable Jane and a relaxed Jane. She made her way to Amaranta to hand the drink to her. If all the Alpha girls were gorgeous, then Ama was beautiful. According to Jane, she was simply the best that could be. "Here you go, Ama."


❝ Antonio Ramos ❞

After responding to the surprising text message, Tony glanced back at the clock. He had honestly considering not going to the stupid thing. He ran a hand through his messy hair, once again attempting to try calm it down. It was then that he heard a familiar voice call out his name and his eyes glanced over to his doorway. It seemed his little brother decided to come back for him after all.

"Tony, sleeping beauty? Are you up yet?" he questioned with a smirk on his face. Tony would've grinned, he really would've if it hadn't been for the fact that his headache was trying to destroy him. His hand began to rub his face in a futile attempt to calm the pain.

"You're finally acknowledging my good looks, Ed?" he teased, his voice lower than usual just so he couldn't worsen his state. It was a habit of Tony to tease the people he mostly cared about. It was that or he just really loved seeing Edric's reactions. "Yes, I'm up, man. And don't so loud, some of us haven't recovered from last night," Tony chuckled just as his phone buzzed again. He quickly went to check the message and his lips twitched upwards when he read Annie's response. No, he was definitely going to the auditorium.