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Macintosh Clark

"What? I happen to like that song..."

0 · 181 views · located in Fulton University, Miami

a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, originally authored by MaliceInWonderland, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Macintosh Clark
Nickname: Mac.
Age: 18
Major:Audio Engineering, Musical Theater

House: Rushing
Thoughts on being a [Alpha, Beta, Theta, Kappa, Zeta, Sigma, Pledge]:[i]This is probably gonna royally suck but I'm a scholarship kid, so going through all of this will hopefully be worth not having to find a place and having to commute.
+Music of all types
+DJing parties
+my acoustic guitar
+Writing songs
+My Beats by Dre Headphones. "Don't touch my's a sin..."
+Singing to Girls
+Video Games
+Comic books
+Playboys' "Women should be respectfully sought-after. Not used for sex..."
+People who over use Auto-tune
"Seriously, if you can't sing...learn an instrument..."
+People who call Anime 'Cartoons.' "Blasphemy!"
+People who takes themselves way too seriously. "Cheese and Crackers people, live and let live."
+Brandon Duett "Need I say more?"
+ Claustrophobia- "Not a fan of small enclosed places which is why I need a big dorm. Lest you want me to have a panic attack."
+Being Unable to move/Crowds
"It's apart of my claustrophobia. I can't really do large crowds. Unless I'm on stage. Just don't expect me to crowd surf."

Personality: "I've been told I'm a cool cat. I'm usually chilled and usually an optimist. I don't really like to fight and I tend to be the mediator in them. I don't know how many times I ended up having to physical remove a friend from a fight. Once, it even ended with my suplexing him. Anyway. I'm a bit of a romantic. Not a perv in anyway. I like to swoon the girl I've got my eye on. Usually there's only one at a time. I'd sing to her. Play my guitar, seranade her a bit. Sometimes it works some times it doesn't. C'est La Vie. Anyway. When I'm pissed. I don't go all apeshit and rage out. I usually just remove myself from the situation or something. I don't stick around for a fight to break out but if it does. I will fight back. Even thought I'm a lover not a fighter.I can be sarcastic and I joke around. I like to entertain so I try to be the life of the party so to speak."

"Okay, so. It's just me and my mom. My dad bailed a long time ago like before my mom knew she was knocked. It's cool though. I've got my uncles an' stuff. Anyway. Off Track. When I was about 7, Me and My mom were outside at this fair and there was alot of people. We got separated. When I was trying to find her. I was lured away by this woman. See My mom hadn't gotten around to the whole stranger danger bit so I was kidnapped by this woman. She yanked me into her van and she took me far away. I believe it was several states. For about 5 months she had me. I'm not gonna get into the details of what she did but most of the time she had me locked up in a box. It was this large old danky chest that was big enough to fight a full size grown man. I was locked in there for days at a time. Then finally I got the idea to ambush her when she went feed me. I popped out of that thing, jumped her, smashed her over the head with something heavy. I still know remember what it was but it stopped her from coming after me. After that I ran. Found the nearest police station and i was quite literally home free.
-Insert Awe Here-

Yea yea. That was 10 years ago. I don't do crowds and I don't do small places but other then that. I'm relatively normal. See as it turned out, the woman came from a very influenical family. They felt bad for what happened and they took care of me and my mom. They gave me a scholarship for whatever school I wanted. I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it so I chose this school. I know I could have went to like a really prestigious school for music and I could have sucked them dry but Me and My Mom were not like that. We're humble people so we kept it simple as possible even though, they were willing to shell out a whole lot more then what we are using. I didn't even want them to pay for my room and board which is why I'm rushing.

Anything else: Uh. A good song I think for me would be I'm Sorry by Flyleaf. Seem's appropriate no?

So begins...

Macintosh Clark's Story

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"Talent. Give me a minute," Bradley tells Finn before heading off through the auditorium towards a face which Finn recognizes but does not have any acquaintance with: Imogen. His eyes don't linger on the pair very long, as he awkwardly crosses his arms and looks out towards the stage, wondering when this stupid assembly is going to actually begin. So far it is primarily composed of people who are kind of catching up, though they've already had around a week to do so. Of course, Finn can't actually find any other Kappa boys, and this leaves him to continue standing alone, lost in his own thoughts. Alright, after this I have a choreography class with Miss Louisa, and then I can break before lunch before heading to Dance Theory III. At least I finished all my basic credits last year, so all I have is dance for the next two- that'll make life a lot more enjoyable, he thinks sincerely, glancing around the auditorium once more, eyes landing on random faces. The computer screen of a girl with headphones on who appears to be messing with some sort of musical software, a just-entering boy with dreadlocks, and then. . . Finn sighs very softly as a gaggle of Alpha girls, the tops of the Alpha ladder in fact, enter the auditorium, looking half in a mood and half just. . .them. The young man honestly tries his hardest not to judge people on their house -one of his close friends is a Beta, after all- but it is hard to do so when girls like Natalie and Annie represent the house. Though he would never dream of being rude or anything less than chivalrous to a girl, he does find it difficult to be his normal, gentlemanly self when girls are as shallow and arrogant as they appear to be. Stop stereotyping, he tries to remind himself, but to be fair, there is evidence that points to the self-centered nature of these girls. Sure, some of them didn't seem too bad- Karma had once come up to him and pinched his cheeks, calling him a cutiepie, but the majority did appear to have constant ulterior motives.

If he weren't a dancer, perhaps at that moment Finn would have slouched his posture to become less noticeable. However, it is nearly physically impossible for him to do such a thing after years of dedication and still be comfortable. So he remains leaning against the wall, a solitary figure in the auditorium as everyone he had been talking to has left by now. Maybe I should meet some freshmen? There may be possible future-Kappas, it would be good to know them? He decides, partially remembering his own rush week. It wasn't too bad, since he went with Kappa almost immediately and their initiation isn't as harsh as he's heard Beta and Sigma's are, but it had still been a slight culture shock. Or I could text Allen or Mario- but Mario should be somewhere around Annie, yeah? I don't get why he stands her- Shit. Judging again. I need to stop that.


As the amount of people flooding into the auditorium increased, Delilah had slipped headphones over her ears and pulled up a music editing and making software on her computer. Computer Science is what she plans to pursue as a career, of course, if only because it comes relatively easy to the young woman, but she does have a hobby of mixing music in her free time- she likes going to clubs to dance and such, so at some point she just started making dance music. Singing and things like that aren't really her thing, the girl has never been musically gifted in anything not involving the computer, but this she can at least do with some decency- not that it is a career she would ever genuinely pursue, because she'd rather be dancing to music than DJing it or anything of that variety. Only half of her attention is on the screen in front of her as music pounds through her ear drums, because the rest of it goes to surveying the people at this University. She's only able to come on financial aide and a few scholarships for 'women in IT or Engineering fields', as well as some help from the family that her grandmother used to work for, and thus fully intends to enjoy her time here for as long as all of that lasts. After all, everything ends eventually, and she can never know when the support she gets to be in this university will simply run dry. In fact, she pretty much expects it to eventually, but Delilah has never been an optimist, regardless of her sunny-sounding name.

She honestly just wants this assembly to be over so that she can get to her first class- something that isn't a common thought for the young woman. But she genuinely likes the subject she is majoring in, despite having mostly come to this school for the infamous parties and the legendary Greek System, and the teacher for her next class isn't too bad. CompSci 133, to be exact- intended for those whose focus is on Computer Science and who have a strong background in math. Perhaps she never liked writing or English class much, but the young woman has always had a knack for numbers- they are a constant and tend to have set solutions, after all. Delilah, unlike Finn, has no problem slouching slightly in her seat as she returns focus back to her computer screen.