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Mario Santiago

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I know what you should wear. But you should go with that shirt with those jeans."

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a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, originally authored by LuckyNumber24, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Mario Gabriel Santiago
Nickname: He doesn't really go by nicknames, but he'll accept any reasonable ones.
Age: 19
Major: Music and Performing Arts
Sexuality: Homosexual

House: Beta Gamma Omega
Thoughts on being a Beta: "I was honestly surprised that Beta wanted me. I guess I sorta picked myself out to be more of a Kappa, even though I'm not the smartest person on Earth. But Beta's still great. We get loads of attention around campass and we get invited to all the parties. It's kinda like being a celebrity!"
-Writing lyrics
-Guys that work out
-Going to parties
-Cussing in Spanish
-Friendly people
-Long jogs
-Fashion (though he hates to admit it)
-Being judged
-Sour candy
-Guys who feel uncomfortable around him
-Hairy guys
-Bad movies
-Going mute

The most noticable thing about Mario is that he's proud of who he is and he doesn't care about what other's think. If you like him, great, he'll hang out with you, but if you hate him, you can get lost. He doesn't want to waste his time with people that he doesn't enjoy. If you don't like his personality, that's your fault. He hates when people assume things about him because he's gay. No, he doesn't know what color goes with your skin tone, and frankly, he doesn't really care. He does allow himself to indulge in a few stereotypes though, including going to the mall and helping girl's with their outfits. He hates being so typical, but he can't help it.

When it comes to relationships, Mario tends to flirt with guys he's interested in, which results in some awkward situations when he likes a straight guy. He plays around with his straight friends, playfully flirting with them, but it's all in good fun. He understands boundries and respects them. If someone tells him that something makes them uncomfortable, he'll stop right away and he'll never do it around them again. He loves to work out and does some of his best thinking on a good jog. He's a fairly nice guy, with a sarcastic sense of humor and a genuine love of people. He loves singing and doing things in front of people. It makes him feel so alive. He's also looking for love, but he doubts he'll find any here.

Mario was born in southern California to a Mexican woman and her American husband. They weren't very wealthy, but they got the bills paid and they were happy with their family. His parents taught him to love himself, no matter what happened and to surround himself with good friends. He became aware of his attraction to boys in the 6th grade, when he started to change out for P.E. with the other boys in his class. No one else noticed it, but Mario had an inkling of what it meant. He told his parents that he was gay when he entered 7th grade and they accepted him still, telling him that they loved him no matter what. By the 8th grade, everyone knew that Mario was gay and he honestly perferred that way. He rather hang out with people that liked him for who he really was anyways.

When he entered highschool, he discovered his love for being in front of a crowd and his talents. He started singing and acting, becoming quite the performer. He met two people during these years that would change his life forever. Mario met and became best friends with a girl named Lacey. She loved music as much as he did and they fed each other's dream of someday playing all over the world. He also met a boy named Jason, whom Mario became very close to. He eventually came out to Mario and told him that he had been crushing on him for a while. The two began dating, but were forced to keep it a secret due to Jason's homophobic parents. The only other person that knew about them was Lacey, whom Mario confided in for most things. The two quickly became serious and Mario fell in love.

Several weeks before their school prom, Mario asked his boyfriend when he'd be ready to come out to his parents. Jason didn't take it well and the two got into an argument. Eventually, things cooled down between them and they made up. They went to prom, both of them "solo" but they met up during the dance. At the end of the night, Jason told Mario that he realized that he couldn't have both him and his family. He broke it off with Mario, telling him that he couldn't risk losing his parents. Though Mario understood his ex-lover's reasons, he couldn't help how he was feeling. He was heartbroken and must've been crying on Lacey's shoulder for hours before he could even touch the pint of icecream she assured would make him feel better.

He eventually was able to pull himself together (with Lacey's help) and he tried to focus on school and getting into a good college. He decided to try for Fulton and was accepted.

Anything else:

So begins...

Mario Santiago's Story

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Karma sighed with relief as she hopped out of show. A pleased smiled rested on her lips as she grabbed her hot pink towel and wrapped it around her body. Rushing was alway fun for Karma. She loved meeting the freshmen and she remembered the butterflies she had felt when she was in their shoes. However, she didn't enjoy watching what Natalie did to the girls after. A shiver went down the girl's spine as she remembered the hazing that the girls from the previous year had to endure. Thank God Karma wasn't pledging when Nat was in charge.

Hearing her phone buzz, Karma rushed out of the bathroom with her towel. She had recieved a text from Annie, one of the newer Alphas who was at Starbucks. Karma liked Annie and tried to look after her as best she could.

"hot chocolate plz! extra whip! thanks boo ;)" Karma's stomach growled loudly before she sent the text and she added "and could you get me a coffee cake too? i'll pay you back." Then she threw down her phone and skipped to her closet, grabbing her clothes for the day. She decided on a cute dress, pink shoes, and her favorite charm bracelet.

After she got done primping and prepping herself, Karma left her dorm as a vision in pink. She radiated with happiness as she strolled down the halls, smiling as she saw Natalie.

"Hey Bitch." she greeted warmly...sorta. Karma smiled at her president and twirled a finger in her dark brown hair. "You excited for rush?"


Mario grumbled slightly as he walked into the school's Starbucks, black shades covering his bloodshot eyes. He rubbed his temples slightly, trying to soothe the small panging in his head as he ordered a coffee. Partying the night before really wasn't a good idea.

The young latio frowned as he sat at a free table and sipped the bitter liquid. He ran his fingers through the blonde streak in his dark hair, quietly sighing and slinking back into his chair. He really didn't know how to react to Rush. This was his first year not being a pledge and he had no idea how his fellow Beta's did things.

A small smile formed on his lips as he saw Annie enter the coffee shop and order a drink (of course flirting with the worker as she did) He got up from his chair and snuck up behind her, slowly placing his chin onto her left shoulder. "Hey there." he said in an unrealistic deep voice. "I really like your outfit."

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Annie rolled her eyes at Sophie's comment about Ellie but shrugged nonchalantly as a response, "She's a big girl, she can handle herself." she said simply. She knew a lot of the girls had their doubts about Ellie.
But before she could respond her phone buzzed loudly on the wooden table. Making Annie jump a little. She relaxed when she saw it was Karma and Natalie.She quickly read the messages as she sipped her drink.
From: Big sis!
"Cafe Americano. No milk. No sugar x"
From: Karma<<<3
"hot chocolate! Extra whip! Thanks boo;)"
She smiled to herself thinking how much that fitted their personalities as she wrote the responses.
To:Big Sis!
"You got it boss, btw where should we meet up?"
To: Karma <<<3
"Np! See you later, btw wanna meet at Starbucks or the auditorium?"

She had just finished sending them as a chin rested gently on her shoulders and a deep voice said "hey there, I like your outfit,"
She responded by letting a squeal escape before she could stop it and spinning around. She gasped once she realized it was Mario."Mario!" she said her already big brown eyes getting bigger with relief and surprise " That's not funny," she said with a pout as she regained her composure. She scrunched up her nose a little and ruffled his hair before returning to her usual seat. It was a velvet burgundy chair that she so adored and if everyone knew that it was her chair. Named carved in it or not, it was hers. She knew Mario would sit next to her as usual, simple that was their normal routine. What was, however, abnormal was Edric sauntering into the cafe.

She raised her eyebrow as he entered and greeted his sister. She exchanged a look with Mario as the siblings exchanged greetings in Korean.
"Annie, looking beautiful as ever." he said to her with a sly wink. She glanced at Sophie for a reaction before giving in and saying "Hello Edric," she sipped her drink, and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow as she lowered her cup. "This is a pleasant surprise." She added with her signature charming smile.

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Karma grumbled slightly at she walked at Natalie's side. Sure, the Alpha President was pretty much her best friend, but sometimes Karma got tired of her expecting everyone to fall in line. The asian girl was one of the only people in all of Fulton that had the guts to ever stand up to Natalie and there were occasions that even she was reluctant to do so. She slightly rolled her eyes as Natalie talked about torturing the freshmen.

Karma liked Natalie the least during this time of the year. Nat wanted all of the Alphas to appear as a unit of glamorous clones, reflections of the ideal Alpha. Sometimes, what Nat thought was "ideal" really pissed Karma off, but for now, she'd go with it. She brushed a small piece of lint off her outfit and she felt her satchel bump against her hip with every step she took. A small smile came to her lips when Natalie informed her that she'd have to come up with some good ideas for hazing.

"Yeah, don't even worry. I'm pretty much planning to go Hunger Games on the pledges and have them all kill each other with lip gloss and designer bags." Karma's voice was almost clean of sarcasm as she smiled sweetly back at her president. "So, do you want to get lunch later today?" She continued to twirl her finger in a lock of her hair and she chewed her bottom lip. "I'm thinking Mexican."


Mario laughed heartily when Annie squealed and messed up his hair. "Hey! Don't touch the hair!" he chuckled mischieviously as he watched her take her seat in her velvet chair. He grabbed the one next to her and turned it around so that he was straddling it when he sat down in what he liked to call the "Pussycat doll position." He smiled at Sophie and gave the Korean girl a polite wave and a "Hey there." He leaned back in his chair, smirking back at Annie when Edric came into the cafe and greeted his sister.

Mario slightly shook his head and took a sip of his coffee when Edric greeted Annie in a flirtacious manner. "Hello Edric. This is a pleasant surprise.", she responded. "Very pleasent." Mario repeated, casting a sideways-glance and an evil smile to Annie.

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The Korean girl looked at Mario as he greeted her and waved. They weren't best friends, or really friends at all. They had a mutual friend between them, Annie. Sophie looked at Annie when she answered her brother with a, "Hello Edric. This is a pleasant surprise." As she watched Annie give her signature smile to her brother. Ugh, how anyone could sleep or even flirt with Edric was a mystery to her. It could have been that he was her identical twin and when he flirted with girls she was friends with... It was just very awkward to watch. She heard Mario repeat, "Very pleasant.",as he looked at Edric and then back at his best friend. "Yea, well. I just wanted to see if my beautiful sister had the money she owned me. But, it never kills me to see a few Alphas and Betas on the way."

She could hear the very undetectable sarcasm in his voice. She and he had the same exact way of being sarcastic that never really worked at home but here? Wow, they could really get away with it whenever they wanted to. She rolled her eyes and looked in her new nude color Louis Vuitton purse for the ten dollars she owned her brother for not telling their father that she actually was flirting with, in their father's words, "Idiot American boys." Her brother had a smirk on his face before losing it with Brandon started to flirt with her. "Ae-Jin, My lovely Korean Queen, How are you this fine day?" She couldn't hide the bright but, small smile on her face. And when he lightly touched her face she couldn't think straight for a moment. That rarely happened but, she couldn't think of anything smart to say to him. God, Brandon was... something else to her. And, how he never called her Sophie really made her become even more attracted to the blonde boy.

She knew that Annie like him or at least felt something for him but, he could have said anything to either of them and he chose her. And, as much as she adored Annie. She wanted something to happen between Brandon and herself. So, she made her decision. "I-I'll see you guys later. Annie, can you tell Nate that I needed to get something from the house. Thank you." She said to her friend with a smile before looking at her brother and hitting his arm. "Do not start something, Jiyong." She said in all serious before seeing her brother roll his eyes and walk away from the group, probably looking for his friends. Walking away, her small smile return as she started to catch up with Brandon. She tapped his shoulder and raised her eyebrow. "So what? You call me your 'Korean queen' and just walk away?" She said in obvious sarcasm before chuckling and looking back at him. "My day is going along astonishing . And, Brandon, how is my flirtatious American king?" She said with a slight smirk curbing on the right side of her mouth. Just because Natalie said they couldn't sleep with Sigmas. But... flirting isn't sleeping with so, technically, she's not in the wrong... Right?


Maya looked up at the much taller Sigma with a smirk before he whispered in her ear, "Oh Maya, Why talk to them when there's someone as beautiful as you over here?" She could feel his breath on her cheek as he whispered to her. She chuckled a bit as he back up. She liked to be called beautiful, even if it was from Bradley and he was just flirting with her... like always. It always made her smile, even against her will. She looked at two rather quiet friends talk to each other before Bradley of course had to bring the two of them into their conversation. God, she felt bad for the two of them. They both were rather innocent or at least looked innocent.

And, every time they were around Bradley and Maya. She felt like they were ripping that quiet and innocent person out of them. At least she joked about it. "Besides, it's always the quiet ones... They're always the naughtiest," She could her the joking in his voice and it made her bite her lip to stop her from laughing. He of all people would know. "Right, Maya?"She looked back at him, seeing him looking at her with those damn eyes. God, those eyes were the one thing that she noticed when they first met. And, he had used them against her ever since. "Your day isn't compete until you bug me, is it Bradley?" She said with her accent dripping in sarcasm with a smile on her face and an eyebrow raised at him.

"So, how was your summer, Bradley?" She heard Finn say, trying to change the subject. She was kind of grateful for her best friend for changing the subject. She gave him a sweet smile before hearing her favorite ringtone for her best friend, Ama go off. Looking at the text she just started to repeat the lyrics of Titanium in her head, remembering that she had to finish that remix. She was about to put her new cherry red phone away in her cream colored massager bag before hearing her phone go off yet again only this time it was ring as the song, Stole My Heart by One Direction. She sighed and looed at Bradley and then Finn. "Do not judge me." Was all she said before reading the text and groaned. Great, the Alphas were at it already. She quickly texted Belle back before putting phone away.

Jane and I are already in the auditorium. And, great. Just what I wanted... No offence. XD

Looking back up, Maya looked at her red headed friend and shrugged. "We have to get to your fearless leader. I'll see you later, Finn." She said giving him a hug and letting him go. She tapped Jane on the shoulder. "Come when you're done talking to my bestest friend ever. I'll let Ama know."She said sweetly before walking towards the door and opening on of the large wooden doors. She stopped and looked at the Sigma still leaning on the wall. "Bye, Bradley." She said with a smirk on her face before having the Miami sunlight hit her face as she headed to the Theta house.

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Annie watched Sophie walk off with Brandon and pouted a little. She turned to Mario and groaned " God, why I'd I have to lose my virginity to him," She whispered unending a hand through her hair. She tilted her head back and with a sudden jerking motion that boarder lined a twitch she sat up and pulled out her phone.

Are you aware Sophie just ditched us to screw a Sigma?

She sent the message with a look of triumph on her face before tossing her phone to Mario. She felt a little twinge for betraying her but alls fair I. Love and war right?
Brides Sophie knew she liked him, everyone knew he liked him . Even though Annie old have whoever she wanted, all she wanted was I'm since she lost her virginity to him hike rushing last year. He was and is the only guyshe has ever slept with, so it's natural for her to attach to him. Not that she told him, because she didn't want him o know he was an innocent little virgin. She watched them walk away together and gritted her teeth. Finally she noticed something squishing in between her fingers and she realized she crushed her scone. She sighed and wiped her hand with a napkin and quickly composed herself before opening up a text message and texting Antonio , another guy she had her eye on, on campus. The fact that he was not only a bad boy, but the bad boy made him so much hotter, not to mention gphis super sexy accent.

To: Antonio
Hey wanna meet up today???

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"Dick." Mario growled as he saw Brandon walk by, quickly followed by Sophie. He caught Annie's phone when she tossed it to him, an evil grin spreading across his face when he saw the message on it. "Ooooh. Someone's Alpha mentality is showing." He winked at her and let out a light laugh. "Annie, Baby, I think you need to forget about Brandon." Mario said soothingly. "He's not worth the heartache."

Mario bit his lower lip with worry when Natalie and Karma walked into the Starbucks. He looked over to Brandon and Sophie, a feeling of concern gripping his stomach. Sure, he didn't like Brandon for what he did to Annie, but he was worried of what Natalie might do to Sophie. Unlike with most guys at Fulton, Natalie's looks didn't affect Mario at all. He could clearly see her for what she was and he knew what she was capable of. Natalie was cold as ice and Mario was slightly scared that Annie would end up like her if she became the next Alpha president. His eyes difted over to Annie as she got up and walked over to her fellow Alphas and he suddenly realized she left him alone. Feeling lonely, Mario pulled out his phone and proceeded to text.

To: Ama <3
Hola mi amiga! donde estas????


"Oh, I have four new followers! OMG have you seen this One Direction gif on tumblr? Did you know Haylor broke up? Maybe Taylor Swift should try being single for a while. Lol! Did you watch the Kiss You music video? It's perfection." Karma chattered loudly as she walked by Natalie's side, never waiting for the blonde's response. She rarely looked in front of her and was instead focused on the iphone in front of her, checking her tumblr, twitter, facebook, and instagram. "Oh my gawd! Have you seen that grump cat meme?" Karma laughed hysterically at her phone, tears almost coming to her eyes. "This is the best thing I've ever seen!" She continued to crack up, but her laughter came to a sudden hault when she saw her Little Sister, Sophie, walking with Brandon Duett, a Dog if Karma ever saw one.

"Oh shit." For a moment, Karma was finally silent and she followed Natalie to confront the duo. "No, Natalie wouldn't approve, Brandon," A cold smirk came to Karma's lips as she looked at the blonde boy in front of them. "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?" Karma nodded in agreement as she gave a soft, disappointed look at the other asian girl. "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." she spat the sentence out as she shot an angry look at Brandon. Natalie was good at giving the whole Ice Queen routine, while Karma thought of herself as more of Fire Girl. Despite the bubbly exterior, everyone knew that Karma had a temper and she was really good at using it. She even beat the shit out of one of her exes when she found out he cheated on her.

"Did you know that dogs are more managable when they're fixed?" Karma gave an evil smile to Brandon and made a cutting motion with her hands, as if her fingers were scissors. "Snip snip." She grinned when she saw Annie make her way over to the group, the three of them looking scary (yet hot) as Hell. "I guess the gang's all here."

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Annie bit her lip while she stood with Natalie and Karma as they started to grill Sophie. Natalie wen first saying "Sophie, don't you have somewhere else you should be, rather than hanging out with this low-life?"
Annie winced a little at Natalie's question even though it wasn't directed at her. She winked at Mario as she heard Karma say "Really. You have to be careful around stray Dogs." and even she raised an eyebrow at that since Karma was usually the sympathetic one. But since Karma knew Brandon was Annie's first, she was probably pissed.

Annie tilted her had to the side innocently and lowered her thick eyeliner coated eyelids making her usually sharp and almost unsettlingly pale green eyes look sympathetic. "Sophie were just looking out for you," She said with a small smile. She perched herself on the arm of Mario's chair and smiled brightly "Because we're your sisters." She said knowing Sophie wouldn't call her out. Not because she didn't have the balls to. But because she would be making a scene in a crowded place, in front of Natalie and Karma, and because Natalie would obviously take Annie, her little sister and future president's, side. And Annie was closer to Karma than Sophie anyway. Honestly Sophie couldn't touch her, al least not here.

She felt her phone buzz and took it out her bag and glanced at it. She bit her lip to avoid smiling as Tony's name popped up on her screen
Just say when and where

She raised an eyebrow at the message. It was so simple yet it held so much meaning. She licked her lips which tasted like strawberry's. She suddenly was glad that she put on a really cute bra and underwear set today. She played with her necklace and, after consideration sent her message.
I'll meet you outside the auditorium right before that thing ends. See you soon. Xoxo