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Michelle Ophelia Ellison

"Theta was made for me"

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a character in “Fulton University: Rush Week.”, originally authored by Strawberrykiss46, as played by RolePlayGateway


Michelle Ophelia Ellison


Name:Michelle Ophelia Ellison
Nickname:Ellie or just Michelle
Age: 19
Major:Photography & Journalism

House:Theta Chi
Thoughts on being a Theta:"I love being a Theta. I didn't really have friends before I came to Theta Chi and everyone was so amazingly nice to me when I was a freshmen. I hope to make more freshmen fall in love with Theta like I have.
Her Theta sisters
singing (voice)
animals *especially dogs*
her mom
my iPod
my glasses *most of the time she wears contacts*
mean people
people who try to mess with Theta Chi
bland food
bad movies
bad music
the bagpipes *they sound awful*
losing her mom
losing her friends
going color blind
Personality: Ellie is a creative person who is kind toward others. Ellie is compassionate towards others and very understanding towards other people. She is very determined and gives everything she goes 110%. Although she is not a social butterfly, she still loves to spend time with her friends. She has a passion for photography, having always taken pictures of her family when she was young. Ellie would always walk around with her grandmother's old camera and take white and black photos of thing she found interesting. Michelle is highly intelligent and loves to read books. Ellie puts a lot of effort into her studies and loves to see when her hard work pays off. She is a beast at poker. When she was 10, she got 80 bucks off two strangers off the street. Ellie gave the money back of course, but she loves playing the game. But, she usually doesn't play for money. Ellie is not a self conscious person, she is very confident in herself and everything that she does.
Not having any friends in high school has made her understand how important friends are in your life. Ellie cherishes her friends and family a lot. She is not the funniest person in the world, but will have spontaneous moment where you can't help but laugh at her. Ellie loves to have fun with her Theta sisters and just kick back and relax. She hates stereotypes, Michelle doesn't judge people from other sororities. She believes that there are some really awesome people in the other houses, unlike some of her other sisters. Over all Michelle is a sweet and artistic girl.
History:Michelle Ophelia Ellison was born to Nikki Ellison and a unknown father on April 1. Nikki was only 20 years old, when she had Michelle, and was still in college. But, she still loved her daughter to pieces

Anything else: Put any other information you deem necessary.

So begins...

Michelle Ophelia Ellison's Story

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#, as written by Vix

“Beautiful soprano work, Madison! But you need to face the audience. Tyler, you're doing magnificently! Argentina, you're amazing per usual. Let's go ahead and wrap this up – I think I've kept you guys up long enough. Great job!”

Alexandra and Alexandria Curiel were Amaranta's favorite Professors of all time. Jennifer was an amazing actress and alto who instructed Performance (Vocal) and Jessica was a wonderful actress and soprano who instructed Performance (Musical Theatre). Both of which were two of Amaranta's three favorite classes. Her other was Dance and Choreography – Cassandra Pinegar was an amazing dancer, even though Amaranta thought she was better. She had been attending classes with the three talented women since she was seventeen. She was twenty-one now and this would be her last year under the tutelage of said three talented women.

She sighed wistfully as they ended their early-morning practice for the school's fall production of Phantom of the Opera. Naturally, she landed the female lead. None of the other girls even bothered to try out when it was mentioned that Amaranta was considering the role. She was a musical prodigy, possibly the brightest one Fulton had ever seen. Possibly the United States. Or maybe that was just the ego that her fellow Thetas kept building up in her. Smiling, she slid from the stage and bid everyone a farewell before leaving the theater. They had only been practicing for two hours – It was about ten o'clock now which left her time to shower, get dress, grab a bit to eat, and then head to the auditorium and in that order.

Amaranta didn't stay in the campus dorms. Or least not the 'regular' ones. She stayed in the Theta Sorority house. She slid into a deep purple Murcielago with a kind smile to the others getting into their vehicles. Her foreign car blared Elvis Crespo, vibrating the entire vehicle. She tapped her fingers along to the beat, bouncing her head as she sang, windows rolled down. “Pintame las carita de la nina mas bonita dentro de mi corazon!” Her smile was wide as she bobbed her head to the beat, waving at those that she passed while speeding home. She was no Alpha, but she was pretty popular. She was talented, smart, nice, and beautiful.

The Theta President pulled up to a large house. It was white with purple trim. There were lots of beautiful and colorful flowers outside, adding more to the cheerful theme of the home. It was the Theta Chi Sorority home. Her home; or at least her home away from home. Smiling, she parked her car in the garage reserved for the president and quickly made her way inside. She offered a light wave to the girls on the lawn who were doing their morning yoga. “Hey guys! Auditorium by twelve!” She called out to them in a thick Hispanic accent as she went inside the Victorian style home.

There were a number of girls bustling about the house, getting ready to head to the auditorium for the usual back to school speech. She thought for a while that she might skip it and catch a few extra Zs. And why shouldn't she? She felt that it was well-deserved on her end. She had been busting her ass even before school had started. She always had a busy schedule. Always something to do whether it was work, play, or sleep. But she loved it. She didn't know what she would do if she were told to go even a single day not doing any of the things she normally did. No singing...No dancing, no yoga, no homework, no shopping, no hanging with Thetas...Yeesh. That was frightening!

Shaking her head, she stripped on her way to her room. It was the largest one, though she shared it with two other girls. They were Seniors as well – Both of them were Theta members since they were freshmen and they were her Vice President and Secretary. At least that's what she said they were. She wasn't sure if Greek Systems even had those. Well, she did. Neither of them were in the room when she got there, but it didn't bother her. And she knew that someone would get her clothes and toss them in the washer before she left. She didn't like to act spoiled. But it was so hard not to!

Her shower lasted all of thirty minutes and she stepped out of her bathroom dry and smelling strongly of warm vanilla and apple spices. Her favorite. Her entire outfit was purple. She had added in purple extensions to her already knee-length jet black hair, slid on her 'Theta Case' for her iPhone, grabbed her purple Beats by Dre, her mother's ring, and her favorite shoes and dress. She looked absolutely Thetalicious. Smiling, she strode out of her room as confident as ever and began to text, bobbing her head to David Guetta.
[font=century gothic]To: Jane<3, Michelle ^_^, Maya ;o, Tawnie, Kelsey, Renee, Holli...

Hey! Meet me at Theta House before Auditorium. And Jane-babe, please bring me a Double Chocolatey Chip Frappe with extra chips, drizzle, and whip cream! Spanks<3!!

xoxo – Ama

Message sent, she flopped onto the couch downstairs, still bobbing her head along as a new song came on. It was her own song. She sang it for the Spring showcase her freshman year. She smiled as she sang along with it.

“I'm afraid to fly
And I don't know why
I'm jealous of the people who
Are not afraid to die
It's just that I recall
Back when I was small
Someone promised that they'd catch
But then they'd let me fall

And now I'm fallin'
Fallin' fast again
Why do I always take a fall
When I fall in love

You think, by now I've learned
Play with fire, you'd get burned
But fire can be oh so warm
And that's why I return
Turn and walk away
That's what I should do
My head says go and find the door
My heart says I'll find you

And now I'm fallin'
Catch me if you can
Maybe this time I'll have it all
When I fall in love.”

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" Ms. Ortiz I'm aware you are passing my class with flying colors, if you would please pay attention," Belle's balding, cranky proffesure, who she could never remember the name of, scolded. She sighed with discontent, it wasn't that she liked engineering per say, but it was a good field she acceled at so she decided to pursue it. She ran a hand through her glossy dark brown hair. This class felt like it was hour long and she was past the point of boredom. Not to mention almost all her classmates were nerdy and way too horny guys who often gawked at the puerto rican girl with Latino heratige. Finally her proffesure stood up, crossed his arms over his ugly sweater, and said "Your dismissed,"

Belle practically sprinted out the class to the school parking lot. Where her vintage light blue cadillac convertible waited. Her car was truly her baby, it was customary altered and enhanced just for her. It had cream colored leather seats that had her initials monogrammed in the same color as the paint on the car and it was her moms old car that her dad, for lack of another word, pimped out. It also had a banging sound system and voice call option. She blasted Nina Sky's "turnin me on" on the way to the house. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, put on her ray bans sunglasses and speed out the parking lot.

As she pulled into her sorority house and hopped out the car. She couldn't help but sigh, this was the only place besides puerto Rico that she could, or would call home. She quickly headed to the washrooms, and took a shower, before returning to her room. She quickly went through her closet for an outfit. Not that it was hard since her closet mainly composed of short shorts, work out clothes, velour sweatsuits, tank tops, crop tops, and maxi skirts. She settled on an outfit composed of a tight tank top that showed off her impressive curvy body, shorts, and a pair of red heels. Which she accessorized with a red scarf, a black beanie that fit snug over her head, and silver hoops. She kept her makeup light, only putting on thick winged eyeliner, and red lip gloss. She wore her hair down in natural waves that hung all the way to the small of her back.

She quickly grabbed a black leather bag, that had Theta Chi monogrammed on it, and filed it with her necessities and a few extras. She grabbed her favorite necklace that she always wore. It had the theta symbol and her mothers cross on it. She quickly started walking to her car when she saw Amaranta. She walked up to her and spun around. "Too much?" She asked since she had a habit of being a bit too sexy with her clothes. She just was used to living on a beach, walking half naked all the time.

She quickly glanced at her phone and made a mass message:
To: all Thetas
Hey girls! Where are y'all? Btw be warned my sister and her crew are on the prowl raaawr!