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Belle Hathaway

0 · 511 views · located in Fulton University

a character in “Fulton University”, as played by HeavenAndHell



Name: Belle Grace Hathaway
Nickname: Belle goes by, well, Belle, because it's easy enough.
Age: 18
Major: Art
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

House: Rushing
Thoughts on being a [Alpha, Beta, Theta, Kappa, Zeta, Sigma, Pledge]: House is TBA
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Art
  • Springtime
  • Fashion
  • Flowers
  • Smoothies
  • Kiwi birds
  • Mud
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Public Speaking
  • Anything Athletic
  • Wintertime
  • The color black
  • Needles
  • The sight of blood

Personality: Many things could describe Belle, whether it be stubborn, annoying, sweet, nice, funny, flirty, cruel she has been called it all. Many people have different points of views on Belle, most of which are good. She could very well be sweet and kind one day while another day she could be rude and short-tempered. She can't really look at herself one day and say "I want to act like this!". It all really depends on how she woke up and what she would be thinking about. She is very blunt in situations she shouldn't be, which usually gets her into trouble. Curious is also a perfect word to describe Belle. She had always been too curious for her own good and would almost constantly get into trouble for it. She doesn't quite have a good idea of herself. She hates all of the lies she has told in her life, little ones and big ones. She thinks that she is a overall bad person even though most don't think so. Also, once you become close to Belle, she will be amazingly protective.

History: Belle was a very happy child, giggling at practically everything and constantly bouncing around. She grew happily and quickly, with her mom, her dad, and her twin brother, Dylan. It was as though the years flew by. Unfortunately, once she entered school her parents were approached by the teachers. They were concerned that, due to Belle's extremely short attention span and lack of concentration in class, she wasn't learning. Worried, her parents took Belle to be tested by a professional psychiatrist to find that not only had she learned everything just fine, but more than fine. Her marks came back "Above Average" in every subject. Her teachers were flabbergasted, but could say no more, so she was allowed to continue in her classes.

Her mother was constantly distraught over the child as Belle' s curiosities about the world began to take hold of her. One minute her mother would be walking with her through the market, having her ear chatted off, the next Belle would be silent and wandering off and into the crowd. More than once her parents would have to wander around searching for her and would (more often than not) find her chatting with some random person she'd never met before about anything and everything. She would end the conversation just as quickly upon seeing her mother, aka her new distraction.

Anything else:

So begins...

Belle Hathaway's Story