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Lane Trimble

"Being this good-looking should be illegal."

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a character in “Fulton University”, as played by throne



Name: Lane Stephen Trimble
Nickname: None. Lane is short enough that people don't usually feel like adding anything. Things like "slut" and "man-whore" do get tossed around affectionately regarding him.
Age: 21
Major: Pre-Law
Sexuality: Gay

House: Sigma Chi Delta
Thoughts on being a Sigma: When he was a frosh, the only thoughts Lane had on Greek life were that frat-boys were hot. He went to the parties just because, but actually wound up getting along with some of the Sig guys and one of them convinced him to rush after a drunken encounter. He loves being a Sigma. He loves getting wasted, having fun, and causing trouble. His legal savvy has certainly come in handy over the years.
Likes: Sex|Videotaping Sex|Drugs & Alcohol|Dancing|Causing Discomfort|Breaking Laws|Sushi|The Gym|Fencing|Reading Supreme Court Transcripts|Poker
Dislikes: Girls Who Can’t Take A Hint|Boring People & Situations|Fat People|Ugly People|Losing/Being Beaten|Really Attractive Guys With Small Dicks|Country Music|Processed Foods
Fears: Getting HIV, HPV, or something similarly permanent. He’s had the minor ones before, and has been more careful, but he still gets so fucked up that there’s a chance he won’t use protection. Falling in love. He’s never had a successful relationship and is terrified of what might happen if he actually meets someone he likes.

Personality: Dealing with Lane can be an experience. He’s incredibly self-assured, confident in his abilities, and not afraid to say what he’s thinking, ever. He doesn’t really do pleasantries or perfunctory social interaction; either you’re interesting and he has something to say to you, or you aren’t even a blip on his social radar.

His sense of humor can be hard to get used to. It’s brutally sarcastic, and generally comes at the expense of others, even friends. Those friends are used to it, but others might find it extremely insulting. When he actually dislikes someone, though, it’s a lot easier to tell. He doesn’t hold back. The uninteresting just get ignored. He seems to enjoy making people squirm, just to see if they can take it. Those who can are usually the ones who end up being acquaintances or even friends.

He’s a fairly smart guy, though not remarkably so. He pulls decent graces- decent enough to get into Fulton’s Law program next year, at least. He has his career path planned out already; two years working at his uncle’s practice, two years as an associate, landing a job as an ADA somewhere for a few years, then making DA, with a judgeship down the line.

Despite his aspirations, he has a penchant for the illegal. Drugs, random petty vandalism, and pornography are his favorite crimes to commit. Most of the guys he’s ever taken up to his room are now immortalized in digital HD. He also tends to capture any of the more lurid Sigma moments, then edit them into a commemorative reel that the brothers and Zetas all watch at the end of every year to remember the good times.

He’s very openly gay, but not at all into the gay scene. He doesn’t attend gay rights rallies on campus or participate in gay organizations. He only goes to gay clubs with female friends, or if he’s particularly desperate (which is rare). He doesn’t really support most gay issues; in fact, he’s openly Rebublican. He thinks marriage itself is a failed institution, and that any gay who wants to get in on the action is an idiot.

History: The Trimbles of Andover, Massachusetts are a somewhat noteworthy family. They owned quite a few mills over the course of the industrialization of the Merrimac Valley, and have been considered “old money” ever since. Lane didn’t want for much growing up besides freedom. His parents hated one another and tended to use their three children against one another, which made the kids lives difficult to say the least. Their parents disagreed on every major decision regarding their upbringing. They wouldn’t divorce, though, for arcane financial reasons and keeping up a façade of normalcy.

Lane went to Phillips Exeter, where he experienced his first taste of freedom. He wound up messing around with an openly gay guy the first chance he had and was pretty sure he was in love. When he tried to act on those feelings, his first time laughed in his face, saying it had just been a one night thing, and it hadn’t even been that great. In that shame and humiliation, the Lane everyone loves to hate was born.

He started hitting the gym hard, started having a lot more sex with aid from the Internet. He got very good at it, and graduated into getting fucked up and having sex. His parents argued about what school he should go to, but he was sick of their bullshit and applied to Fulton, got accepted, and that was that. When his parents tried to argue, he stopped them by revealing that he’d videotaped several of their fights and was prepared to email them to every one of their friends’ children.

He hadn’t planned to join a fraternity, but the fraternities threw the best parties, so he wound up at more than a few of them. The Sigma’s in particular threw the best ones, and it was at one of them that Lane managed to seduce a brother. Some drunken fooling around happened, and the next day, the brother suggested that Lane was Sigma material and urged him to rush.

Even being gay, Lane didn’t have a hard time distinguishing himself from his fellow pledges. He had no qualms with any of the tasks posed to him, and actually went a little overboard on a few. He continued fooling around with that brother, who was assigned to him, in secret until the other young man graduated. They weren’t at all exclusive though.

He declared pre-law as his major sophomore year and hasn’t looked back yet. His understanding of Fulton’s code of conduct and the laws of the county have saved other Sigma’s and the frat as a whole from trouble quite a few times. Now, in his senior year, he’s determined to make it a year to remember.

Anything else: Lane is a beast at Texas Hold 'Em. Most Sigs won't even play with him if the stakes are high. He's also a surprisingly good cook.


So begins...

Lane Trimble's Story