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Mismer Verci

The town's very own social mid-point (self proclaimed). He can very oftenly get out of hand.

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a character in “Fumblemeer”, as played by lewdug97


Name: Mismer [Miz-Ma] Verci [Ver-Ce] (Mis)
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Likes: Red, Drinking, Arguments and Socialising
Dislikes: Non-Humans, outcasts and anoyances

Aeval - Known
Wren - Known


He is very open yet also very consealed. He always likes meeting new people and enjoys making friends but some people think there is more behind this young man.


  • Knife
  • Crossbow (Somtimes)


Mismer has always lived in Fumblemeer, since he was born he has lived in the same house. His perents died when he was a boy of 13 so his uncle Lerdo Nikana looked after him. A few years later his uncle died on his 17th birthday. Seemingly un-fazed by his reletives deaths he lives on in the town of Fumblemeer. Now Mismer works in the bar some nights to earn his bread and water. He just gets by.

So begins...

Mismer Verci's Story


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