Firo De Malio

"Le cose che ho fatto per amore ..."

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a character in “Funny Little Things”, as played by Hells13


Firo De Malio
Male Angel 3
Appearance: He is 6'0 and 180 lbs. Outside of work as an angel he like to wear a green suit and fedora hat, which in his opinion makes him look like a boss. At times when he has to work he wears a white cloak over his suit, and a toucan mask with a giant black arched nose reminiscent of the Italian docter's mask from the renaissance era.
Two giant drills which fits perfectly in Firo's hands and forearms. Gas powered and fully working (It can really drill o.o) Image
Falling in love and being alone. (Literally alone not like loveless alone.)
A very talkative person in his days of living and his days of now deceased living. He always was the gentleman in his days in growing up in Italy. Still is today, unlike many other angels who go through some sort of change. Well...alright Firo is a womanizer but is afraid of long-term commitment.
How did you die:
Firo flew to America with his girlfriend in the hope of a new life, taking three years beforehand to fluently speak english. The plane however got hijacked by terrorists and there was soon a standoff between the Italian government, American government and the terrorists. The passengers in the plane however did gain control of the plane, with many casualties as the result. The terrorists shot the pilot as they found out what has happeningin the back. Firo and his girlfriend were going to crash onto the harbour of California, until he opened the emergency door and pushed her out of the plane, dropping onto the ocean. When he was going to jump after her the plane crashed and he died. When he had gone to heaven he was automatically given the rank of "Angel" for his apparent self-sacrifice for his love. He did not know what he was getting into then.
He is born and raised in Italy, only coming to America when he had died. He was a well rounded gymnastic in his days of living. Firo was and has always been a good follower of god and tries to do the right thing.
He has the ability to make plants grow at a faster rate, though this skill hasn't been proven itself usefulin combat.

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