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Natalie Dickingson.

"May Satan Bless your souls."

0 · 274 views · located in New York City, United States.

a character in “Funny Little Things”, as played by Straight Jacket



(Called by Nat.)

16 years old.


Female Vampire 1.

Nat has long pink hair; if it is natural or not, is unknown. Her eyes are pretty with a bright teal blue and naturally long eyelashes. Her body is slim and muscular with a medium sized bust; reaching to be about 5"6 feet high and weighing in at 125 pounds. Her complexion is flawless, not having much impurities on her face but she does have a few scars up and down her sides from the nights as a vampires and fighting with angels and struggling humans. Her hands are small but have a perfect manicure on them; she always messes around with her nails. Her hair is mostly up in a pony tail or a half pony tail with a ribbon in it; but on some occasions she wears it down or in pigtails. Over all though, she never wears it the same as the day before. Her lips are full and pink; showing how healthy she is. She tends to wear shirts that have band names on them or ones with a V-neck. She normally wears jeans with converse. At night; her skin becomes pale while her eyes become crimson reddish pink. She normally wears a beautiful black dress. (Like in the picture in personality.) Her hair is worn down as well.


Fire and long-range battling. (For instance; she fights close up instead of far away.) Also, her 'friend', Zeke.

Nat is quiet; almost mysterious. She has a very dark personality, Gothic if you may say. Even before death; she was fairly dark and twisted. Though; despite this, many people didn't know. She was very nice and gentle; quiet and always kept her true thoughts to herself. She really hated and despised people around her; even her parents. She secretly hated everyone around her, even people who thought that they where friends with her. She thought poorly of the human race. Infact, she even stated out loud how they where so idiotic and what not. People should die in her eyes. She is twisted when it comes to night time; always stating that she is 'ridding' this world of the trash, helping create a new cleaner world. She is a little bit psychotic when it comes to her killing.


(*Ignore EVERYTHING but the weapon. :P)
A long but light as a feather scythe. Its very sharp and only appears at the vampire's will.


How did you die~
One day while walking towards the top of the roof; she was pushed down the steps and drugged by some crazy person before hung off the roof of one of the theaters.

Her mother and father where drug dealers; growing up in a beat down apartment with a younger brother wasn't right towards her and she ran away with her brother; realizing that adults are pathetic, always wanting money, drugs, something or another. Her brother was about 5 and she was about 12 years old. They took refuge in the orphanage where her brother died a year later from tuberculosis. She soon learned how fragile and short human lives where and came to the conclusion that they where simply pathetic. When she was 16 years old, she moved out of the orphanage and rented herself a cheap apartment that she stayed in while attending a near by school. She made fare grades, keeping the average low at a C- and her high at a B+. She easily made friends but to her, they where just pawns in her life that she would eventually knock down. When one of her 'friends' found out; she hired a group of men to try and scare her. The group of men thought something else as one of them went psychotic over a drug overdose and killed her.


So begins...

Natalie Dickingson.'s Story