A Hare-Anthro, Sergent Major (SGM) in the Anthro army

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a character in “Fur and Feather”, as played by Fukuro


A Hare-Anthro, his fur is light brown. He is 6 feet tall, and has a slender physique. He usually wears his army uniform, but can often be seen walking the streets dressed as a civilian. Although he is a rabbit, he is rather strong, and is proud of his muscle. His large feet grant him speed and leg strength, and a kick to the stomach can render his enemies helpless.
March is reckless and a bit unwell in the head, but unrivaled in battle. He is childish and loves tricking people. His memory isn't the greatest, and he often forgets that he is a Sergent Major. While he causes lots of trouble for the army, he has someone higher in rank looking out for him, although he doesn't know who.
He wields two swords and a gun, but rarely draws the gun. Although he is a rabbit, most people who've seen him fight would associate him more with a demon than a hare. No one knows if he has good aim, but many people believe he never misses.
He has a little brother and sister, 8-year-old twins. He also has a 14-year-old sister and a 16-year-old brother. He is the oldest in the family, at 28 years old - or so he claims. No one knows his true age, but he thinks he's somewhere in his late twenties.

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