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Aki Sohma

"Do you need something? If not, please leave me alone." Minor WIP

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a character in “Furuba!! Gen X”, as played by Keen


Inside Identity || Maaya Uchida

"It's not that hard to piss me off so you better watch yourself."

Aki Sohma (Jun Nakamura)


Third year

Female (Male)

The Cat

Aki occasionally cross-dresses and as a boy and goes by the name of Jun Nakamura.


Romantic Interest:
Currently none


High School Student



ImageEye Color:

Hair Color/Length:
Dark blue, kept cut short and simple

Height & Weight:
5'9" & 138 lbs.

None of particular note, just a couple of small ones here and there

Currently none

A mole under her right eye

Currently none


Danger Level:
6/10 - While Aki isn't trained in any sort of real combat she is surprisingly strong and agile and her temper makes her potentially dangerous.

Dominant Emotion:

Emotional might be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about Aki. This girl is always expressive and wears her heart on her sleeve, she feels her emotions powerfully and is generally unable to hide them. When she's around strangers or feels pressured she can quickly clam up and become rather quiet in an attempt to diminish her presence, preferring to be left alone most of the time. She easily becomes preoccupied with her books and becomes so absorbed that she seems emotionless or distant, like she's off in her own little world and can't be bothered to look away. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of her personality however is her short temper, she gets angered easily and has even been known to be provoked into physical violence. When she's cross-dressing as Jun she is able to put on a much more confident act, feeling more comfortable being someone else than being herself.

Acting & theater | Books | Cats | Music | One on one talks | High quality hard liquors | Baked sweets | An occasional cigarette | Cafes | Painting | The color blue | Rain

Herself | Being bored | Most of her family | Being the center of attention | Crowds | Her privacy being invaded | People who are always nice | The heat

Acting | Agile | Strong sense of smell | Not easily frightened | Can do a handstand

Short-tempered & emotional | Socially awkward | Unmotivated

Kittens | Crying girls | Emotional stories & music | Her ribbon

Acting | Painting | Cross dressing | Taking long walks | Reading


Typical Attire:
Though she typically sticks to her school uniform and a jacket her casual attire doesn't have much more variety to it either. It consists largely of loose clothing like hoodies and coats, darker colors and hues, and nothing at all very showy. She has a small collection of boy's clothing and unless she's cross-dressing she always wears her light blue ribbon in her hair.

A light blue ribbon she always wears in her hair she received from a friend back in elementary school.




So begins...

Aki Sohma's Story


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#, as written by Keen

She was often told not to read while walking but, Aki wasn't the type to listen to other people's advice in the past and she figured, 'Why start now?'. Aki loved to read, almost as much as she loved to act. It was easy to leave behind the miserably dull everyday life that only seemed to drag on and drag on with no end in sight. She had also found that people were less likely to bother her when her nose was buried in a book.

School hadn't been out for long at this point and while Aki was usually heading back to her loathed home at the Sohma estate, today's destination was a bit different. Today she was heading to a convenience store that was just a few blocks further than her home was to pick up a nice bottle of scotch and maybe even a carton of cigarettes from the one she referred to as 'Aniki'. He was of course not actually her older brother but, that was the name she had called him by for a couple of years now. He was a high school graduate working at a convenience store and attending college classes online, the type of person who doesn't really seem like they have their life quite in order. But that suited Aki just fine, she wasn't sure why he was willing to potentially lose his job selling alcohol and cigarettes to a minor but, she didn't really care either way. He was someone she felt a bit comfortable talking to, and she got the impression that he felt the same way towards her.

She moved at a slow pace down the sidewalk, her attention almost wholly upon the book in her hands, only designating a small portion of her focus to not getting lost or walking into a sign or something of the like. As was common for the young woman, her countenance was blank and distant as she read. Along her way to the convenience store she passed a small park, the sounds of the playing children within it however did not reach her ears, she was far too engrossed in her book to notice such a thing. As the children ran about recklessly one who wasn't watching where she was going ran straight into Aki. Aki barely moved at the impact but physics dictated that the same force was pushed back upon the small girl which easily sent her sprawling on to the ground.

It certainly wasn't enough to actually hurt the girl seriously but the shock combined with the pain of falling on her bottom so roughly easily sent her into tears. At the feeling of something bumping into her Aki was finally broken away from her bookborn reverie, her face however was still blank as she looked down at the crying girl as she spoke flatly, "You should watch where you're going." The girl only continued to cry at this before pointing up at Aki and shouting hysterically, "Y-You pushed me! You big meanie head!" At this point the sedated expression and mindset that books always put her in began to fade, slowly being replaced by a sensation of annoyance and frustration. Not only was this girl not apologizing for having run into her, now she was accusing Aki of pushing her. An aggravated sigh passed through her lips as her gaze slowly began to resemble a glare. "Look, you're the one who ran into me. I didn't-"

Before she could finish her statement she was promptly interrupted by a piercing wail from the little girl as she began to call out for a 'big brother'. It was at this point that Aki finally looked up and around at her surroundings, there was a small gathering of silent children who were simply watching the event unfold before them, but more importantly than that, in the distance Aki could spot two other individuals who she, unfortunately, immediately recognized. A feeling of regret washed over her, perhaps it -was- best not read and walk after all...


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It was far too difficult for someone to continue on sleeping while there were a series of consecutive squealing which probably belonged to a couple of children in the background. However, that did not apply to Hiroki, who was an extremely heavy sleeper and is currently in deep sleep.

Even if a family of birds were already pecking Hiroki to get out and climb down from the branch of tree he was sleeping on, it still wasn't enough for him to wake up. Well, he shifted in his sleep and mumbled, "Five more minutes....." once in a while, but that was that. Nevertheless, the family of birds continued on pecking the invader of their tree. Unless Hiroki moves away from their territory, they can never feed their hatchlings which were currently crying out in hunger. After a while, Hiroki finally jolted awake, when the bird landed a huge peck on his forehead.

"Owww..." The monkey groaned in pain while rubbing his head. As he opened his eyes, he saw two blue birds which were staring creepily at him. As a result, Hiroki screamed in surprise. He also almost fell down from the branch he was sleeping at, but luckily, he gripped at the branch with a hand and had his feet balanced on the trunk in the last minute. With a sigh of relief, Hiroki released his grip from the branch and landed on the ground with ease.

Grabbing his backpack which he had hidden behind a bush, Hiroki dug for his phone inside his backpack and realized that it was already time for him to go to work. After burying his phone inside his backpack and slinging it around his back, Hiroki proceeded to walk towards the exit of the park he's currently on.

As he did, he came across a woman, who at closer inspection was his sister. Hiroki ran towards her with a smile as he waved his hand back and forth while calling out to her cheerfully, "Riooooo~~!! Whacha doin?", he asked. Once he saw her painting, Hiroki was absolutely amazed and awestruck. Somehow, after seeing her work, Hiroki felt proud even if he wasn't the artist. Who knew that his adorable little sister would grew up into such a fine and talented young lady? He gave his sister a thumbs up as tears of joy ran down through his face.

However, his emotional moment was quickly put to an end when he heard a wailing sound, which quickly sparked his curiosity. "I'll be right back, sis!" He said and took off, running to the source of the wailing sound. At first, he saw a couple of children, a purple-haired man, and his cousin, Rin. "Oh! It's Rin! What happened? I just heard someone cry--" Hiroki stopped as soon as Aki came to view. Oh, so it's Rin and Aki!

Wait...Rin and Aki?! As soon as this thought sunk down inside Hiroki's brain, he quickly ran back to his sister while screaming, "There's trouble, sis!! Trooooubleeeee!!!!!"

Yup, that's definitely trouble.


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It was quite entertaining watching the little girl trying to continue eating without causing any noise -which obviously didn't went really well- and eventually dirtied her pretty dress. It was that time where the college prince's voice sounded clearly and made the little girl giggle. Saku however, had only eyes small cake crumbs falling down, one after one... such a waste. Quickly he caught every one of them and collected them... as Rin Sohma suddenly appeared out of nowhere and made the little girl scream out of excitement. His position that time? He was hugging the little girl on his lap while trying to clean up her mouth. A sight that surely made Rin's behaviour justified.

As he took the little girl away from him, he could only show a disappointed look while still eating the cake leftovers like nothing much happened. Innocently without much expression he gazed right into the eyes of the angry woman while reflexively raised both of his hands. Oh, How nice. To be defended by the little girl made Saku really happy even if it's not really reflected on his face. As she sweetly smiled at him, he just had to pat the little girl's head again after Rin eventually let go of him. Such a good girl.

Then he blinked, placing his attention back to Rin. She knew him? "It's a pleasure to know that the college prince knows me." He said without any other meaning behind his words he had spoken. He truly was surprised to be known by her. By her question, he titled his head, wondered what to answer to it. Was he? He never thought about it before. "Am I a pervert?" He asked himself clearly serious and not joking around. "I think I am." He eventually told her with confidence. There were several people asking him whether he was a pervert because he had the instinct to just pat or hug cute people and even things. Saku was telling himself that it was just them asking for it being so cute, but well. He guessed in the eyes of others he was a so called pervert, not like he really understood that word though.

He took some cake again, the only piece that was left, from one of his fan girl's gift boxes and ate it calmly and failed to see the seriousness of the situation. Well, like always. "Here." Thus he crouched down, gave the little girl some share of the cake which she took with glee and offered Rin a gentle smile like nothing happened and attempted to say something-- But then he heard steps coming closer and turned to see, out of mere curiosity. Another woman came -judging from her visual she was probably a high school student- again, with short hair. He wondered, was short hair to be popular among the girl's lately? Not long afterward a guy ran towards them from far and screamed something to Rin, and eventually screamed like something bad was going on. Trouble? What trouble? He looked back and forth, from the high school girl to Rin, to the random screaming guy - all seem to know each other.

Kind of interesting.


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ImageRin glared at the man when he referred to her as 'the college prince'. Then he continued to actually question whether or not he was a pervert. Rin's frown stretched into a flat line and her eye began to twitch as he sat in thought.

With a sigh, the Rat ushered the kids back to the park, telling them to go ahead and play. Rin returned to the bushes to see Mei enjoying some cake obviously given to her by Saku. Rin couldn't help but smile. She could see that something was about to be said, but the crying of one of the girls had big brother Rin dashing over to see what was the matter. She was only half way there when a voice cut across her attention, one she knew.

"Oh! It's Rin! What happened? I just heard someone cry--" With the Monkey's pause, Rin stood in confusion. He had begun to back pedal towards a girl who was painting, yelling something about trouble. Rin rolled her eyes and continued to jog to the aid of the young girl who sat on her bottom, wailing furiously. The Rat was so caught up in the young girl, she didn't notice who was next to her.

"You're fine, look! No bumps or bruises," Rin said, tickling the girl, turning her cry into laughter. Rin scooped up the girl, sitting her on her hip as she would a baby. "Now you should say sorry, you probably weren't paying attention." When the young girl refused to apologize, Rin's only option was to set her down and apologize herself. The young girl ran off to her friends, acting as though nothing had happened.

"I'm sorry about that. But kids will be--" It was at that moment, Rin met the eyes of the person before her. It was none other than Aki, the Cat of the Zodiac. She took a step back, feeling like she was much to close to the Cat. It was almost natural for the Rat to glare at her 'enemy'. Rin wore a smirk, scoffing as she crossed her arms. "What? Now you go after little kids to let your hatred go? That's sad really. If you have a problem you should confront the person, not take it out on others."

Rin was most likely in no place to open her mouth, but something about the Cat left a bad taste in her mouth. Aki was the only person Rin knew of that could make her this way. Around Aki, she would act and speak without thinking. In Rin's eyes, Aki had no right or reason to hate her. The way Rin acted towards the Cat was simply defense. What was she supposed to do? Smile and take the abuse she did nothing to earn?

No, Rin would stand her ground and defend herself to the end. All Rin really could do was be thankful no one but the smelly Cat saw her this way.


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5 days.

It had been five long days since he had any restful sleep. Or for that matter, sleep at all. Work had been a pain for the past few days and the rings around his eyes showed it. Not that he wasn't used to it at all, This had been an on going thing for a while now, only very rarely getting the sleep he needed or just being knocked out cold from something. Either way, it didn't help that he had been lying in bed for the entire night with no luck.

Light streamed in from the blinds, letting him know that daylight had started, making him sigh and sit up and over the side of his bed. The dragon shook his head, feeling like he had just been transported to another world. He looked up at his dresser as one of his cats lay there watching him. "I'm Okay Merda. I just need to get out for a bit." he said as he started getting dressed and petting said cat. Three other felines slept in different areas around his room, sleeping the morning away as he left the room and soon left the house.

As soon as he even walked out from his door, the searing pain of bright light on his eyes made him reel back and cover his eyes as he started walking down to the local park. "Yep! I'm a vampire today..." he muttered to himself as he used his arm to cover his eyes and continued walking. As he looked as the ground, trying to keep himself from being blinded any further, he noticed small creatures, purple rats and ran along side him, making him shiver a bit. He had become used to this. Knowing that they were not real, but his lack of sleep often caused the appearance of these creatures and the bags under his eyes often confirmed it.

Riye soon arrived at the park, though it was somewhat unusual to see him here in the middle of the day as his poi spinning was better seen at night. However, he felt the need to at least leave the house for once during the day on his day off. He plopped himself on a near by bench, watching some of the children play and letting himself relax a bit. Seeing the familiar faces of him family gave him some comfort as he started to space out a bit and stare off into the distance.


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0.00 INK

So, I'm going to go ahead and throw some of the actual manga into this since this certain event has yet to happen in this RP or in the other Fruits Basket RP that I'm in with Nasia.


"All beauty is within the eye of the beholder."

It hadn't been long since Aura had dropped down into her spot, readied her pants, and begun to her art, that she began to hear the close cries of small children. The squeals were not alarming, for the warmth held within them was one that betrayed the inner joy of the person whose lips they escaped from.

Laughter. Joy. Emotions. These were things that only the most expert and advanced of artists could achieve showing in their art. Whether it be in paints, sculpting, or some other form of art, it took quite a bit of skill to show any type of emotion, no matter what it was. In fact, some artists could only achieve such skill if they experienced the emotions themselves - as they were working.

That is not the case with all artists, however. Those who held true passion for their form of expression could truly encompass any type of art that they wished to show - whether it be emotions or life, which was another key and difficult component to add to any work.

"Riooooo~~!! Whacha doin?"

Aura would have jumped, seeing as she was lost so deeply in thought that she hadn't heard her monkey - and she used that poth rhetorically and literally - of a brother arrived, but she wasn't one to be easily startled. Surprisingly, seeing as her animal counterpart spooked fairly easily. Stilling her hand mid-air, she glanced over her shoulder at Hiroki, before turning back to her easily and setting her hand into movement once more.

"Hello, Hiroki," she said, her voice betraying her slight-distraction.

It wasn't that she didn't want to speak to her brother - in fact, she adored the man that stood beside her. She had for years, and had always admired him for his care-free persona and the way that he held himself. He was the epitome of free - something that she, as a horse, had always longed to be.

"What brings you-"

"I'll be right back, sis!" He barged into the middle of her question. Not that she was really surprised - he wasn't one for sitting still for very long, let alone long enough to listen to someone speaking to him. Within an instant he was gone, leaving her alone once again with her though.

Not that she was left alone for very long, or long enough to regain whatever thought-process she had lost when her brother had arrived. For, only a minute later, he was back, his voice shrieking and his arms flailing about, as if there were some sort of mass-fire occurring and the only way to gain attention for it was to cause a debacle.

"There's trouble, sis!! Trooooubleeeee!!!!!"

Stifling a sigh, Aura rose, setting her pants on her stool and laying the easel on its' back, so as to avoid anyone knocking it over and ruining her nearly-completed painting. A small towel dotted with dry paint was drawn from her back pocket, and she easily wiped her hands on it. Without realizing, she had gotten a smear of purple across her cheek. Not that she would have really cared if she had known, to be honest.

Easily pulling the ponytail form her hair, the long, raven-colored mass fell to her waist in a thick, straight waterfall.

"There's no reason to shout and scream, Hiroki. I'm sure the trouble isn't as bad as you think," she said soothingly, obviously attempting to reassure him.

Crossing the small distance between the pond and the area where the squeals of the children could still be heard, yet there weren't as many and it was further apart in shouts, she paused beside a tree on the edge of the play area. Benches were scattered throughout it, a place where parents could relax while keeping an eye on their children. A small fountain stood at the beginning of the park, and the playground itself of large and castle-like.

Her eyes immediately fell on the people who were far too large to be considered children.

One was a tall, purple-haired man whom she recognized from seeing on the college campus. She faintly remembered a name that began with the letter 'S' - Sayu or Saka or something along those lines. Despite the fact that she inwardly knew that he was handsome - she had heard many of the females on campus gushing about it, and knew that he received a mass of gifts from said girls on almost a daily basis - she felt no initial attraction towards him, which also helped to explain why she couldn't even remember his name. He had made no lasting impression on her, and ran with an entirely different crowd. While he gravitated towards the jocks of the basketball team, she tended to stick with her small amount of friends in the Arts programs.

The next person she noticed was the 'prince' of the college, Rin. The Rat to the Sohma family, the woman had no inkling for the fact that it could be considered odd by some people to dress as a man when you were, indeed, a female. She obviously hadn't a care for it, and undoubtedly thought that a person who be recognized for who they were, not what gender they had been given by whatever force lay out there.

Immediately after her was Aki, or the Cat. Notorious for being a bit of, well, a bitch, Aki wasn't well-liked by anyone - Sohma or otherwise. Personally, Aura didn't really care about the legend of their family. She didn't judge any one of the Zodiac members for the animal that they were given, but instead judged them upon who they made themselves out to be. While Aki obviously acted the way she did because she was a leper in the family, that was no excuse for her to treat innocent bystanders with malevolence.

The final person in the mix was Riye, the lawyer and dragon of the family. She used dragon loosely, seeing as he was instead a dragon of water - that is, a seahorse. He could be intimidating to anyone who looked at him, what with his dashing good looks and his holier-than-thou attitude, but to her, he was simply another family member. That, and he and Hiroki were very close, so he was around their house almost constantly. She also assisted him quite a bit in his little 'fantasies', often designing and creating his outfits for his cosplaying adventures. They had become closer over the years, and due to Aura's lack of friends, she considered him to be one of her better ones.

Tucking the towel into her back pocket, she approached the crowd, immediately heading in the direction of the Cat and the Rat, the two in question already showing the beginnings of a battle that would undoubtedly play out badly in the end.

"I don't believe that this is the place for you two to come to quarrel at. Nor is it really the time, and you both know that." She spoke quietly as she approached, and yet her voice carried through the wind, easily reaching the ears of the two intended parties.

Patting the head of a small child who stood off to the side, his eyes wide and staring, she reached the two young women and pushed herself between them.

"I don't know how this argument started, or even if it has really begun, but either way I'm not going to allow it to continue or grow. If you have a problem with each other, take it back to the Sohma estate and run it out. The affairs of the Sohmas belongs behind closed doors, not in the middle of the public, where all eyes can see," she said, her intense eyes looking between the two, both hands held up to spread them apart from each other.

"Now, I would like to return to my painting - preferably in peace. If you two wouldn't mind, either continue about your day or go somewhere that no one can see you and fight it out. Physically or verbally, it doesn't matter to me, because that's your choice. But no one cares to see a fight - especially these children. Isn't that right, Rin?" she asked, tilting her head so that her face was a bit more towards the Rat, her eyebrow slightly quirked.

Straightening once more, she stepped back, swiping the back of one hand across her cheek and further smearing the purple paint that was slowly drying there.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'll be returning to the pond - in quiet," she added, her voice holding a bit of a threat that showed that if it was anything other than quiet, she wouldn't be very happy.

Turning around with her eyes closed, she inhaled deeply and stepped away.

And directly into the little boy who's head she had patted, who obviously had gotten closer to the trio of young women as she spoke.

Immediately her eyes flashed open, a large smoke engulfing the two of them. Before she had fulling registered what had occurred, her clothes were gone and her body was reshaping itself within the smoke, changing her until the only thing that remained was a rather large horse - something very difficult to miss in the middle of a park that lay in the middle of the suburbs of a city.

Stumbling on all fours, she snorted, air puffing out from her nostrils. Having rarely been changed over the years due to her being slightly-alienated from society, she wasn't quite used to supporting the weight of a four- to five-hundred pound body. She stumbled once more, dropping to her knees, and a soft sound escaped her snout. Her eyes blinked and looked back and forth wildly.

In an instant she was back up, her clothes abandoned as she darted from the park and back towards the pond. A whiny escaped her lips, and she stopped only once she had reached her paints. Glancing briefly down at them, she shook her large head and took off, once again stopping, but only as soon as she was hidden within a mass of trees.

Dropping to her knees once more, she lowered her head and snorted.

Son of a bitch ...


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Keen

It didn't take long for 'big brother' to show up, Rin was quick to rush to the crying girl's side to comfort her and pick her up off the ground. A small sigh escaped Aki's lips in relief that the high-pitched and annoying wailing of the little girl was gone. She was however quite surprised as Rin prompted the girl to apologize, which she of course refused to do. The kind treatment from the rat was rather unexpected but short lived as Rin finally looked up to see who it was she was actually speaking to. Aki merely raised a brow at Rin as she recoiled away still looking irritated as she crossed her arms, book still held in hand.

"Tch, one second you're about to apologize for the brat and now you're making wild accusations, sure changed your tune awful quick. You could at least -try- to hide your bias." She stole a glance around the park as she shook her head, things were getting a little out of hand, apparently the park contained some kind of Sohma magnet. Regardless, this whole ordeal had put a lot of attention on to Aki, which was something she rather disliked. She wanted to leave, but she wouldn't feel right doing so before getting in her last word to Rin. "Why would I waste my time going after some random children? That girl simply wasn't looking where she was going and ran into me, end of story. If you really feel compelled to try and paint me as some monster who attacks kids than I think -you're- the one whose got a problem, not me."

She exhaled a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment, trying to hold back her emotions for the time being and ease some of her discomfort at being the center of attention. With her piece said she adjusted her bag and dropped her book inside it, looking about ready to leave before yet another Sohma decided to make her presence known. It was the ever so elegant horse who began to spout some nonsense about time and place and peace and quiet. Aki couldn't help but feel irritated at how full of herself she seemed, Aki would've been gone already if she hadn't interrupted, and what's more if she wanted peace and quiet she should've kept her nose out of something that was none of her business to begin with.

Aki had half a mind to say something back to her but her desire to just leave combined with what happened next rendered that rather pointless. In a puff of smoke the horse turned into well... A horse. Aki couldn't help but laugh and shake her head at that, served her right. But, this was quite the perfect opportunity. Taking advantage of this rather sudden distraction Aki slipped away from the group and walked hastily down the sidewalk away from the park. She wasn't in the mood to read anymore and didn't want to end up bumping into any more snot-nosed kids so she left her book tucked away in her bag and continued on her way to her original destination, the convenience store.


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"Let's go dancing! We can dance outside and in the rain! Oh, the rain! I love the rain! The rain smells good! Oh, so do flowers! Flowers are pretty! Flowers grow under the sun! And the sun is bright! And-No, I'm not talking too much, you big meanie!"

"Alana, I'm sure there's nothing for you to be worried about. Kaori's been doing a lot better - her doctor even said so himself."

Alana nibbled on her thumbnail, staring out the window of the classroom. She had offered to stay a little late after school to help their librarian organize the books in library, seeing as she really had nothing better to do and she enjoyed helping others, and in the process of her offer, had been joined by one of her best friends, Tamaki. The striking young man was basically Alana in male form, seeing as he matched her feature-by-feature, was strikingly handsome, and just as equally popular as she. They had been friends since they were five, having happened upon each other at the park. Tamaki had been there with his family and had seen her crying and, being the kind boy that he was, offered to help her find her parents. Her little sister had been two at the time and Alana had been told to play only where she could see her parents, but had somehow found herself unable to find her mother and father. He had immediately told his parents, the police were called, and they had luckily found her family.

The two had been inseparable since. Many of their classmates had some dream of them becoming a couple - they had even come up with a list of pet-names for their pairing - but they both knew that wouldn't happen. They were more so siblings than a couple, and due to the curse, she could never be with him anyway.

Shaking her head, Alana stifled a sigh. "I don't know. She just won't talk to me, Tamaki. I don't know what to do anymore. You know me - I'm as happy as any person could ever be! But my sister isn't, and that really bothers me. I don't know how to help her."

Brushing his blonde hair back from his face, he plucked up a stack of books and slid them onto a shelf. Watching him, Alana crossed her arms, propping them on her knees and looking over at him.

"I don't really know what to say, Princess," he said, using the nickname that the school had long-ago given her. "The only advice I can think of giving you is for you to let her know that you're there for her no matter what, and that if she ever needs anything, she just needs to say the word."

Sighing, she leaned back, her hands bracing behind her to support her weight. She stared at the ceiling, her blue eyes contemplative.

"I just wish that she'd talk to me," she muttered.

~'.'~'.'~'.'~Small Time Skip~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~

"Are you sure you don't need me to walk you home? You and I both know that that fan club of yours can get a bit out of hand at times."

Adjusting the weight of her bag in her hands, she beamed up at Tamaki. "Of course I'm sure! I'm perfectly capable of walking a few blocks. I just need to stop by the tarot shop and the market, and then I'll be home."

Tamaki shifted nervously, his eyes looking up and down the street before fixating on hers again. "Are you positive?"

Smiling at him once more, Alana laughed. "Of course! I'll text you when I get home so that you know I made it alright, okay?"

He seemed about to argue with her some more, but after a moment of thought, he let out a breath of surrender. "Alright, but if I don't hear for you within an hour and a half, I'm coming over to check on you."

Nodding, Alan went on her toes, pecking a friendly kiss on his cheek. With that, she spun away, her skirt twirling in the wind that the movement picked up, and her hair flying over her shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow, Tamo!" she called cheerily over her shoulder at him.

She had only just turned the corner by the school when the sound of the popular teen band, [url]Babymetal[/url], rang in the quiet afternoon air. Their song Megitsune was by far her favorite, and it resonated around her as she dug through her bag's pockets until she found her phone.

Flipping it open, a picture of her sister popped it, along with the little image of an envelope which told her that Kaori had sent her a message. Opening it, she quickly scanned the words on the screen.

Hey. No matter what mom says, I'll be fine home alone.

Rolling her eyes, she quickly sent a message back to the younger girl.

You know as well as I do that I don't really listen to mother all too much when it involves you. I'm staying home because I want to. I already planned to have a movie night with you and Tamaki, so there will be no arguing on the matter. Maybe you can invite one of your friends!

Quickly sending the message, she returned the phone to her bag and continued down the street.

She was only a few blocks from the tarot shop when she stopped, the sounds of shouting emerging from a nearby park. Her interest piqued, she approached the park and peaked inside.

Children were scattered, as per the norm for a park, of course, and the other inhabitants were none other than her lovely family and a man who couldn't be but a few years her elder. Directly beside Aki and Rin were a scatter of clothes, which were right next to what could only be described as hoof prints, and if she had to make an assumption based on the fact that the prints were hooves and the clothes feminine, it would be that the owner of both had been none other than her beloved cousin, Aurionzi. It was obvious what had happened, and the arguing that had apparently just dissolved still hung in the air as unresolved tension.

I suppose it's time for me to work my magic.

Breaking into a large smile, Alanavee danced into the park, crying, "Cousins!" as she did so. Her voice carried through the air, holding a lovely, mesmerizing musical lilt to it. She danced over to Rin and threw her arms around the elder girl, bursting into laughter. "You'll never guess what happened today! At lunch, some of the boys in my fan club gave me the prettiest painting! I'd show you it, but I left it in my locker. I thought it was much more suited for school than for my house, don't you agree?" she asked.

Suddenly dropping her arms, she twirled over to Aki, clasping her hands behind her back and leaning forward to peak up at the girl. "Oh! Aki! Did you see the painting they gave me? I'm sure you did! You were right there when they gave it to me. I know! Why don't I ask them to paint you one? I'm sure they'd love to!" she beamed, obviously proud of her outrageous idea.

Her face suddenly lit up and she spun, twirling over to the man that she hadn't recognized. His purple hair shone brightly in the sunlight, and she caught the small hint of lavender wafting off of him. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. "Gee, mister! You sure are tall! And you smell awesome!" she giggled, sticking her tongue out a bit at him. "I really like the color purple, so your hair is just a cool! Is it naturally like that? Man, if I had that hair color I'd probably never stop looking in a mirror! It'd make me super unique and then maybe I'd be as good-looking as you are!"

Dancing away from him, she twirled over to Riye, dropping onto his lap and completely oblivious to the sort-of nap he had been taking. "Rei-senpai! Guess what I did today! Tamaki and I stayed after school to help the librarian sort the books! It was so much fun! Oh! Hey! Have you asked Aura out yet? It's about time you make a move!" she teased.

Jumping up from him, she twirled to Rin once more, obviously having far too much energy for her own good. "Rin! Have you seen KAY-ORRR-EEE? I've been trying to find out why she won't hang out with me, but she won't tell! Am I annoying? Is that it?" Tears appeared in Alana's bright blue eyes, her lower lip immediately beginning to tremble at the thought.

"Is that it? I'm I too annoying for my baby sister to like me? If I am, tell me the truth! I'm a meanie too, aren't I?" she sniffled, the beginnings of a full-on sob-fest threatening.


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The maroon-haired boy replied and started reverting from being anxious into his cheerful ol’ self. Really, it was obvious on how relieved Hiroki was just from being comforted by Rio, specifically by her soothing voice. It was one of the things that Hiroki wished he’d get to hear more often, but unfortunately, all he gets is a stern, scolding tone which intensifies whenever he does something wrong. It’s such a shame, really. If only Rio didn’t look intimidating from a stranger’s view as well as have a sharp tongue, she would definitely have a lot of friends.

However, Rio never really looked intimidating in Hiroki’s view. If she was, why would she even bother marching off to the park at Hiroki’s call? Why would she even bother consoling the monkey? Simple, it’s because she isn’t intimidating, she’s extremely kind! At the thought of this, Hiroki cracked up a smile and followed his sister closely from behind, skipping cheerfully as he did so. He noticed the birds which attacked him from earlier were now eating worms with their offspring. As Hiroki watched them, he realized the reason of the birds’ assault. Quickly, Hiroki stopped walking and bowed his head, silently apologizing to the flock of bluebirds.

Once he was done, Hiroki quickly ran and noticed that Rio had seem to went of without him and after a few seconds, Hiroki was able to catch up with her. “Geez, you sure walk fast, sis!” Hiroki whined, scratching the back of his head. Did she even notice that he was gone when they were walking? Perhaps not. That was when Hiroki began to notice the people and the dreadful atmosphere around the park which was caused by Rin and Aki who seemed to have started to have an argument. However, instead of breaking those two off, Hiroki gleefully approached someone else. It was none other than his cousin and close friend, Riye.

“Riri!!”, the monkey ran towards the dragon’s direction and sat beside him. “What brings you here?” Hiroki asked, turning his head towards the said man only to receive disappointment when he saw Riye dozing off. As a result, the exasperated monkey dug for a permanent marker in his bag and began scribbling on his cousin’s face. He childishly filled Riye’s face with notable doodles of mustaches, snots, whiskers, and a drawing of a creepy set eyes on his eyelids.

Hiroki grinned mischievously when he finished, but his attention was quickly snatched by Rio who was currently breaking up the fight between Rin and Aki. Leaving the dragon behind, Hiroki walked towards their direction, however he picked up the pace when he saw that a little boy behind Rio was about to bump against her.

Anxiously, Hiroki shouted, “Rioo! Look out!” but, by the time he finished his words, a large amount of smoke were already scattered throughout the area. At this time, Hiroki heard a laugh which clearly hinted an insult as its message. This clearly aggravated the monkey and even if he did not know where it came from, that tone was clearly a dead giveaway. It was Aki. "Oi!", Hiroki called out to the cat as he marched towards her direction. It was evident on how offended Hiroki was for his sister. Even if she is younger than him, she needs to get a piece of his mind. However, Hiroki halted his steps when he heard his sister who was currently a horse, galloping away to the park.

"Tch." Hiroki grunted under his breath. After picking up Rio's clothes in which she left behind, Hiroki gave a dreadful glare at Aki before running after his sister.

I'll let her off this time.


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Image"Tch, one second you're about to apologize for the brat and now you're making wild accusations, sure changed your tune awful quick. You could at least -try- to hide your bias." Rin clenched her teeth and balled up her fists. Of course, she had made herself look like an idiot once again due to her lack of filter when the Cat was near. "Why would I waste my time going after some random children? That girl simply wasn't looking where she was going and ran into me, end of story. If you really feel compelled to try and paint me as some monster who attacks kids than I think -you're- the one whose got a problem, not me."

That was when Aura appeared in front of the two girls, saying that if they really wanted to fight, it could go down somewhere else. But Rin didn't want to fight, she wanted to be out of the crowd that was slowly forming. It was getting dangerous, anyone of them could transform ...

As if on cue, Aura backed up into a smaller boy only to disappear in a poof of smoke. Rin remembered quickly what animal she was, yanking the boy out of harms way. The Rat heard a chuckle escape the Cat, but when she turned, Aki had already parted. A snarl ripped from Rin's throat. "Yeah! Walk away! That's all you ever do when someone needs your help!" Rin scanned the park, looking for anything she could use to distract the kids. That's when she spotted Riye.

"Cousins!" The random shout jolted Rin from her angered state, only to have a pair of arms be thrown around her. From Rin's peripheral, she could identify the blonde girl to be Alanavee. "You'll never guess what happened today! At lunch, some of the boys in my fan club gave me the prettiest painting! I'd show you it, but I left it in my locker. I thought it was much more suited for school than for my house, don't you agree?" she asked.

"Yes, now they will see how much you treasure it instead of having to wonder what you did with it." Lana danced her way from cousin to cousin before twirling back to Rin.

"Rin! Have you seen KAY-ORRR-EEE? I've been trying to find out why she won't hang out with me, but she won't tell! Am I annoying? Is that it?" Tears appeared in Alana's bright blue eyes, her lower lip immediately beginning to tremble at the thought. "Is that it? I'm I too annoying for my baby sister to like me? If I am, tell me the truth! I'm a meanie too, aren't I?" she sniffled, the beginnings of a full-on sob-fest threatening. Rin's breath caught in her throat, she had prayed for a distraction, but she didn't know this is what the messenger would send.

"No no no! You aren't annoying or mean. Maybe she is just scared to talk to you? Or can't find the words to say?" Rin hugged her younger cousin and smiled her normal, bright smile. "But you are such an awesome sister that she will come around eventually, all you have to do is continue to be there for her." Rin had never known what actually happened to Kaori, just that she stopped going to school for a while and wouldn't talk to anyone. Back on track, Rin gave Alana a squeeze then grabbed Riye's hand, pulling him in front of the kids. "Alright guys listen up! This is my cousin Riye and he's gonna show you a trick, okay? He's a magician!" The children cheered and watched the tall man with excitement in their eyes. Rin herself leaned in close to her cousin, whispering to where he was the only one that would hear.

"You know what you need to do .... just in case someone actually remembers something."