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Tomomi Sohma

"Life's weird. But at the same time, isn't that what makes it so great?" {MAJOR WIP}

0 · 685 views · located in Japan

a character in “Furuba!! Gen X”, as played by Kawaii-Chan



What are you waiting for?!
Time waits for no one!




Tomomi Sohma

"My name's Tomomi,
but you can call me Mi if you like!"



"What do you mean I look like a little kid?!"


Sophomore in high school

"Would you please stop gawking
over how young I look...?"



*covers chest*



"I swear, if you make a
comment about my weight..."


High Metabolism ~ Tomomi could practically eat anything she wanted all day long and not gain a pound.
Vegetarian ~ Tomomi stopped eating meat as soon as she was old enough to understand where it came from. Plus, fruit is the best! Especially right before it spoils.
Bipolar ~ Tomomi has always been a bit... unstable with her emotions. She could be showering you in affection one second, and chewing your head off the next. You should always be wary what you say around her...



"I don't really have a preference...
I like people for their personalities I guess..."

Romantic Interest


"Why do you wanna know, huh?"



"Why are you looking at me?
Oh, I'm supposed to comment?"



"I'm barley 15! I can be lazy if I want to!"


Fully Japanese

"I've never been outside of Japan.
What's it like in other countries?"




Eye Color

A pale amethyst color

Hair Color/Length

Messy salmon colored hair that falls past her waist

Height/ Weight

4'9, 95Ibs


A nasty scar going across her chest from where she had heart surgery




Danger Level

Tomomi is about a 3. Well she's usually bright and happy, she can leave a nasty bruise on your shin if you make her mad.

Dominant Emotion {Anger, Hostility, Joy, etc.}

Tomomi is usually feeling on of two things. Cheerful or angry. It can change in a matter of a second, but when she knows the person well enough it's usually less flippant.


Tomomi is a cheerful and happy person by nature. She'd never intentionally hurt someone's feelings or put someone down just to make herself feel better. Tomomi hates the idea of violence, and finds the thought of fighting childish and stupid. Well Tomomi would never hurt a fly. Events in her past have lead her to develop a bipolar disorder. Where Tomomi was always cheerful, she now finds herself yelling and getting angry over little things. Even with her new found anger, Tomomi still tries her hardest to be nice. And she still fails to inflect pain on others, unless you make her very angry, then you may be walking with a limp for a little while. She tries so hard to be nice. She really does. She just can't help but feel like something's missing all the time. What she wouldn't give to be someone else.


Fruit ~ What's not to like?
Her Grandmother ~ Being the person that practically raised Tomomi, it makes sense that she would like her, right?
Playing Games ~ What can she say? Tomomi's always been childish at heart.
Shopping ~ Tomomi's grandmother may have spoiled her just a little...but that doesn't mean she's snobby!
Eating ~ ...Food is good.
School ~ Believe it or not, Tomomi actually enjoys attending school.


Staying Indoors All-day ~ Tomomi's been known to go stir-crazy if cooped up inside for to long.
Meat ~ Tomomi can't even imagine eating a fellow animal.
Bullies ~ Never could stand them...
Her Disorder ~ Tomomi never asked to be bipolar...
The Dark ~ Remember how I said that Tomomi was childish? Yeah, well this is one of those things.
Know-it-all's and Bossy People ~ Does anybody like them?
Fighting/ Arguing ~ What's the point?


Baseball ~ She's always been good at it for some reason, it helps her release stress to.
Green Thumb ~ Tomomi can grow almost anything.
School ~ Tomomi's always gotten good marks in school
Talking ~ Tomomi sure can talk...
Eating ~ Yes, that Tomomi can do good as well...

Flaws {At least 3 please. Your character is not invincible, and need to have some sort of weaknesses and flaws. Such as they're too trusting of people.}

Weaknesses {At least 4 please. Your character is not invincible, and need to have some sort of weaknesses and flaws. Such as they have a soft spot for kittens}

Hobbies {At least 5 please}



Typical Attire: {What they prefer to wear}

Keepsakes: {Anything that they couldn't bear to live without, such as a necklace, hat, or bracelet.}

History: {Their lives up until the current time}

Other: {Anything extra you would like to add?}


So begins...

Tomomi Sohma's Story