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A quiet village

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A quiet town situated at the forest edge. Phenomena are often talked about here.
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A quiet village


Leafletown is a part of Fantasma.

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Ezvaria Raznatorb [1] Vicious Qualvartonian Bounty Hunter who considers bystanders as obstacles
Meta Knight [0] Sword-wielding rival to Kirby.

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Character Portrait: Ezvaria Raznatorb

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It was a nice, quiet, relaxing day in Leafletown, with the birds chirping and the sun shining and locals going about their daily everyday business. That was, until Ezvaria arrived. To begin with, was her entrance, and quite the destructive and and ear shattering one it was. As of the norm for her, Ezvaria entered into the world via her drop pod, spiraling downwards through the atmosphere, tearing apart the dozy clouds, as it hurtled and screamed towards it's impact point, landing with an earth shattering, and ear shattering, thud. Not to mention a crater of burning remains of the former surroundings where the pod had landed, though strangely the pod itself seemed rather undamaged on the most part, spare a few small scorch marks. The vegetation and surrounding wilderness or that small plot of land in the forest was not so lucky, but it was some sort of miracle the nearby trees did not catch on fire.

As the pod's 'door' opened up, Ezvaria clambered out roughly from the pod, seeming disgruntled at her landing as her feet made contact with the earth. Her sun gold eyes squinted in even more grumpiness at what remained of the forest from her less than subtle landing, rubbing her snout-like nose, which was above her green tinged fangs that were positioned in their usual scowl. She took a quick glance around her surroundings before quietly climbing out the crater, checking around for anyone watching, which surprisingly seemed to be no one at the moment.
She stretched out her stocky and muscular frame, trying to loosen her joints and get rid off the stiffness in her limbs from the trip. scratching at her gut in her slimline body suit, and shielding her eye's from the sun, she continued to glare at her surroundings before seeing the nearby village and began wandering towards it.

What a dump. This place looks pretty backwater and just plain boring. No wonder that guy wanted to hide out here. Ezvaria thought to herself grumpily as she scratched her scalp, disrupting the mangled mattered tangle of purple straw-like fibers she called hair, seeming obliviously unimpressed with the peaceful town. She took out her tech-pad swipe through the various bounty targets til it stopped at what appeared to be a heavily armored man, looking like a space age knight, carrying a colossal word that looked far too big to be practical for battle.
"Haku 'The Hacker' Yazatorin. Bounty of 100,000,500. Android made from Mirthian royal battle armor. Former Mirthtopian Royal Knight, now banished due to slaughtering diplomatic guests, believing them to be assassins endangering his kingdom and the royal family. Bounty raised due to slaughtering law enforcement and bounty hunters attempting arrest and stowing away on various transports. Believes he's a human cyborg, and is delusional. Wields a giant Mirthanium broadsword to a surprisingly effective and skillful extent. Do not approach without back up, recommended of at least ten hunters for support. Last seen in Leafletown, Fantasma.", Ezvaria read aloud to herself as she stepped closer and closer to the gentle hamlet of Leafletown, before sneering and gloating; "Ha, no need for back up, this guy ain't that tough! I smashed through Mirthian armor before. This will be the easiest hundred million i'll make.", just a she arrived at the town, sauntering down the street, looking around for anywhere that seemed like a good start.