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Kyoko Ayamia

0 · 67 views · located in Junior Dorms

a character in “Gakuen Alice Academy”, originally authored by lazuli, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Kyoko Ayamia
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Personality: Kyoko is mostly seen rude and lazy by others by first sight. She doesn’t talk much with people; not that anyone ever tries to, but if you do try to talk to her she will talk back. It may not be nice what she says but she isn’t rude enough to ignore someone. Kyoko also has a lot of sarcasm and snarky remarks, with a sharp tongue. Kyoko is also passive about things and doesn’t like to put much effort in something she doesn’t care about.
Kyoko wasn’t always like this, before she was still wasn’t too social but did enjoy the company of others. She smiled much more often and laughed like a child should, but that all changed. Kyoko puts up a tough front to prevent letting people in and getting herself hurt. On the outside she is a cold, bitter person but on the inside she’s afraid and weak. Only those she allows to get close will figure out that she’s just wearing a mask to hide her pain.
Something that never changed is her irritable anger, it is unknown where it came from but she has a lot of pent up aggression. Being easily irritated she can get angry quite easily, which is causes her Alice to act up sometimes.

S/O: Straight

- Loud noises/people
- Large crowds
- Being restricted/ordered around
- Sugary things
- Lack of common sense
- Absolute silence
- Bright colors

+ Moderate noise
+ Her Wind Alice
+ Spicy food
+ Citrus/sour things
+ Resting
+ Sunny days
+ Snow
+ Dark/moderate colors

* Sleeping
* Cloud watching
* Reading
* Listening to music

Family: Chiyo(Mother) and Nigaito(Father)
Relationships with others: N/A

Goals in life: Kyoko wants to travel and learn more about the world.

Grade: 7th

Alice: Wind Alice
Alice Type: Dangerous Type
Are you good at controlling your Alice?: Yes but sometimes her emotions get the best of her and might go off.
Star Ranking: Double
Any control devices, if so where?: Yes, the star piece that hangs off of her choker. It simply lowers her power, it doesn't cancel it out, so her Alice isn't as powerful and doesn't take too much life energy when it is on.

Were you forced to this school?: Yes

History: Kyoko grew up a sheltered child in a rich family and barely ever left her house. She never questioned it when she was younger since her parents gave her everything she wanted and did everything for her, which resulted in her somewhat selfish and lazy nature. Kyoko was home schooled and a different tutor was brought to her every day, never the same one and when she would ask about what happened to them it’d seem they never existed.
As Kyoko grew older she started to wise up and ask more questions. Her parents would always avoid her questions and pretend she didn’t say anything. This got her upset and she left the household to find answers. But once she got past the gates men in black started to follow her. She simply thought them as reporters and minded her business. But after awhile she got a bad feeling and started to run and they chased after her. They approached her and in retaliation she threw her hand out and a strong gust of wind threw them back. That’s when she discovered her Alice. She was ambushed from behind and knocked out.
After she awoke she was inside the school infirmary. She demanded to be let out and returned home but they told her she couldn’t return home and had to stay there. Apparently her parents had kept her hidden and inside because those men were trying to take her away, which her parents refused to let happen. Her mother had the Protections Alice that but a barrier around the house as long as she stayed there since she is a Diffuse type, once Kyoko left it wore off on her. Kyoko regretted running away after realizing her parents were just protecting her.
Kyoko was placed in the Dangerous Type because of her destructive use of powers at first. After a while she learned it was best to control her power and behave instead of making her life even more terrible than it was. This year would mark her second year at Alice Academy, her fuss has died down but she still hates the place and wishes to return home to her family.

Secrets: Kyoko has never had any friends her whole life, and truthfully doesn’t know how to interact with others.
Though she seems harsh, Kyoko is a gentle person on the inside but refuses to let anyone know that.
Other: Kyoko loves animals, mainly cute ones like rabbits.

So begins...

Kyoko Ayamia's Story