Prescience Hier

"I would give my eyes to see."

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Prescience Dove Hier

Role: Andoressan Commoner Girl

Age: 17

Race: Elf

Description: Prescience is five feet five inches tall and one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has bird shoulders and small hips - bad for childbearing, as her mother always told her. Her face is heart-shaped with small features and large eyes that verge on childlike, akin to a little girl's porcelain doll when she wears makeup. Like every other Elf, Prescience is lean, and her limbs are all long and slight, though she's actually short for her species. With flame-red hair that's obtrusive in any forest, especially one that's frozen year round, she traditionally covers her head so as not to alert anyone to her presence, so much so that she feels uncomfortable without some sort of hood on. Prescience has long fingernails, soft hands, and callused feet. Generally, she wears loose clothing that's more decorative than anything, as the Andoressan breed of elf becomes accustomed to the cold. Her favorites are gloves, leggings, and short, loose dresses, no shoes. Oh, and Prescience is blind. Her eyes are wide, blue, without a pupil, and totally sightless.

Abilities: Because she's an Elf, Prescience is supposed to have instrumental magic, and often, people who don't know her will ask her to play. This is a mistake. A serious mistake. Something went wrong during her conception, and Prescience was born almost like every other Elf, with one slight difference. Rather than a musician, she is a dancer. She can weave magic with her dance steps, and despite being blind never seems to fall. However, if she dances without music or intent, or her dance is in any way interrupted, not only will it not work, but something will go wrong. Prescience has tried repeatedly to heal her blindness with dance, and she cannot do it, that's outside of her ability. However, she's very good at creating illusions and putting control over people with her steps, so long as she doesn't try a visual illusion. Prescience has never seen a thing in her life, and so doesn't know what things look like enough to be able to summon the power to dance a visual illusion properly. She's also a good weaver and very talented at not crashing into things as she walks about... but not perfect.

Weapons: Prescience doesn't carry weapons because of the chance that she'd hurt someone she didn't mean to with them. It's far too dangerous, and her village forbade it.

Personality: Prescience is bitter. She carries around a lot of resentment because of her blindness and her difference from other elves, which caused them to reject her unceremoniously, something that still smarts the girl. Because of this, Prescience is very guarded around new people, afraid that they'll take one look at her and decide that she's not worth it, or that they'll see that she's different and not want her around. She thus tries very hard to hide her blindness, which is impossible. Prescience will be talking directly to someone with her eyes looking a foot to their left and not even know it. Related to this, she has strong lonely and unconfident traits. Often, Prescience will refrain from dancing in front of anyone because she doesn't think she's a good enough dancer - made especially hard because she's never had a chance to see her own dancing. However, she "sees", which is actually just utilizing her other senses, better when she dances, so situations in which she doesn't know people doubly cripples her. Prescience is, more than anything, polite, courteous, and deferential to strangers.

To contrast that, though, Prescience bonds easily. She will need intense interaction, but not a lot of time, before she begins to like and trust another person. She also doesn't let go easily. Even thought she should be used to it, it hurts Prescience every time someone pulls away, and she's left very confused by that. You could say she has three different layers. Her first, which is polite, shy, and a bit distant. Her second, which will open up to you, and her third, which you literally have to pry open. Sometimes, she's not even aware of this last layer, but the things she's afraid to say for fear of being loved less live there. But for the most part, with friends, Prescience is a go-with-the-flow-er and a person who only makes happy waves. She doesn't like to open up too much, but she loves listening to people's stories and trials and hopes and fears. Prescience likes to have fun, and will sometimes get out of hand and then draw herself back in. Her sense of situational appropriateness is iffy, except when she needs to stand on ceremony. Then it's spot on. She's also secretly a romantic, and not so secretly a people pleaser, because she's infinitely more happy and secure when everyone else is. Otherwise, she's a worrier. Hardcore.

Bio: When Lispeth Hier (pronounced Ey-air, not here) was pregnant with her daughter, her second child, she got on the bad side of a Warlock. Well, it was more complex than that. Lispeth was playing the flute, he asked her to stop, she fluted the trunk of a tree around her, and he cursed her not to be able to make music. Oddly enough, the curse wore off, and everyone attributed it to the meager and pathetic skill of the Warlock. There was no more concern on the subject. Around four months later, baby Prescience was born. She seemed a normal Elfin child at first, long limbed, even for a baby, with pointed ears and pale, hardy skin developed to survive in Andoressa. But two weeks later, and she still hadn't opened her eyes. This was concerning, as most children look around within hours of birth, as the eyes are a baby's best learning tool. When, even a week after that, Prescience did open her eyes, they had no pupil, and she showed no reaction to visual stimulus. Her mother played every instrument possible around her until her throat was hoarse and her fingers bloody, but it did no good. Their daughter was not meant to see.

As a baby, Prescience was strapped to her mother's back, her bright hair covered quite a bit as the village, a semi-nomadic establishment, moved around. She got older and there was discussion what to do with her - she clearly wasn't suited for travel. This atmosphere of tension was unpleasant for the young girl, and so to try and soothe it, she was given her first flute for her birthday. She blew it, both literally and meatphorically. Prescience couldn't play an instrument to save her life. The curse placed on her mother had instead attached to the baby. However, nature provided, and around seven, Prescience wasn't listening to her friend play a harp when she began to dance, and accidentally melted the snow in a six-foot patch. Of course, she didn't realize what she'd done, but from that point, she was something of an alien to the tribe. What were they to do, with a blind Elf who danced? It made no sense. Her mother, father, and older brother tried their best to explain that it wasn't her fault she had to stay home, that no one hated her, but it still strung, every time Prescience was left, not invited, or not wanted. She didn't even attend the village school, instead she was sent to a boarding school that didn't focus on music, so she wouldn't feel so out of place. But being blind always made her feel unsteady with her place in the world.

At fifteen, Prescience returned to her people educated very well as a lady and very poorly as an Elf, something that the headman did not neglect to mention. In fact, he told her point blank that he didn't want her to spend time with any of the other youth, lest she give them strange ideas or thoughts with her bad Elfness. By then believing that there really was something off about herself, Prescience complied. She didn't really know what else to do. The period between fifteen and seventeen was a lonely one for her. Prescience adopted a kitten for company, since she had none other than her family. She taught herself to weave, to cook, and she danced only for exercise, rarely making spells, and then only by accident. During her seventeenth year, with her family on the move, they happened to come across a delegation of soldiers the likes of which they'd never seen before. While the Andoressan guards wore thick coats and armor, mounted on sturdy ponies, these riders mounted long-legged and delicate horses. They happened to come across Prescience while she was fetching water for her family, since no one else wanted what she got. It struck the head of that group, out searching for an Andoressan common girl to bring back and wed to a Prince, that she showed no fear of them (he didn't realize that she couldn't see who they were), that she was extraordinarily polite for a commoner, and that she was attractive enough that there would be no complaints about her being a Princess. So, as he'd been ordered, he tried to bribe her, telling the girl that he would make sure her family was well cared for if she would come be a Princess. She informed him, very politely but very definitively, that her parents would not accept and that she couldn't leave her cat. So they came to an agreement with the headman. Prescience could be taken under the condition that they officially re-entered her name into the village records and her condition that someone care for her cat. The guard informed her that she could keep him in her rooms, if she wished.

Who is your fiance: Davith Sands Aestas.

Love Interest: Prescience was intended to marry a member of another village hers didn't like so much. Because the others weren't elves, they wouldn't realize that her village wasn't just trying to make peace but get rid of the defective member of their clan.

Theme Song: Swimming - Florence and the Machine

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