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Rainier de Alicante

"How odd... I could have sworn that rather than asking for your presence, I requested you stay as far from me as possible."

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a character in “Galaoa: The Red Strings of Fate”, as played by Kveria


Rainier Caligula de Alicante

Role: Andoressan Prince

Age: 19 years of age.

Race: Ice Peccious. But Rain always thought it was stupid that Ice and Water were different, because in the end, he can freeze water or melt ice. Sure, he can't tell water to do something, but if he turns it into ice, then he can, so the point is kind of moot. He knows that a Water Peccious would disagree, because they can't control pure ice any more than he can pure water. He still finds it stupid.

Description: Rain is five feet, eleven inches tall and he wouldn't wear high heels if you paid him. Slender, and even a bit slight, Rain does not carry his power in his body. While he would never allow himself to be overpowered, neither could he overpower another, and that is why he refuses to enter a wrestling ring, claiming it's beneath him. With an angular body, though, Rain does not appear as though he is chronically ill. Fortunate, as no one would respect him if he looked that way. However, Rain is graceful and actually quite flexible. He's both a proficient fencer and swordfighter, yes, they are different. Rain also has monstrous allergies, though you'd never know it. In the summer, his eyes would naturally get red and slightly puffy, however, he uses ice to cool them down and to trap allergens before they can get in, so Rainier actually always wears a layer of frost on his eyelashes. His hair falls to about his midback, and yes, he would look pretty good in drag, though the slight messiness of his hair refuses to ever lie flat. He lets it, as it makes him seem a bit more mysterious. General attire for Rein consists of black pants, thick riding boots, a nice shirt covered by a long black vest and full arm gloves so that even without a shirt, the scar on his right arm doesn't show.

Abilities: Rainier, as an Ice Peccious, can manipulate ice, freeze water, or melt ice. He can also order ice around, though it might not listen if his tone is really unpleasant. He cannot summon ice from midair, fortunately, he doesn't have to. The atmosphere is filled with water, and Rain can freeze that if he needs ice to work with, so it's as if he can just create ice. Which he can't. Pretty much, ice is his element. His ability with ice, so long as it's available, is limited only by his imagination and the strength of his will. However, it takes more work in a place like Fraynia, a country he hates, because he has to constantly focus to keep up any ice at all, in addition to trying to do something with it. More normally, Rainier is an excellent pianist, good at fencing and swordsmanship, and a pretty good horseback rider, though his practice is often stunted because ice tricks scare the horses. Rain finds this obnoxious. He has an artistic eye, and if you sneak up on him, you might see him creating something beautiful with ice crystals, though he'll repurpose it the moment he notices you.

Weapons: How classless. Rainier has ice, he doesn't need weapons. However, he always carries a rapier at his side.

Personality: It would not be unfair to call Rain an royal asshole. In fact, he practically coined the term. He's something of a young iceblock. The only child of his family, Rainier was raised for one purpose and one purpose only - to be a king. Consequently, he is practical, cold, and distant for everyone. Rain is isolated and imposing. He prefers to just stand there and scare the crap out of everyone with his cool disinterest than to intimidate with words or appearance. An incredibly practical person, Rain doesn't do anything that he can't see compelling evidence towards the benefit of doing. That would just be stupid. Rain is also overwhelmingly uninterested in the opposite sex. It's not that he's not attracted to them, but that's a point of shame for him, that he would be so weak as to desire anyone. Consequently, the more he's attracted, the more he treats you like dirt, because he's trying to convince himself that he's above that. Rain sees no point in ever fighting fate, preferring to go along with it so long as it's not utterly unpalatable. His appearance is one of the most important things to him.

Rain believes that being weak, vulnerable, or emotional is both female and below him. He refuses to accept such pathetic feelings as legitimate, and believes that the ultimate in emotion is to not have any at all. Feelings are for peasants, in his mind, and he thinks he, and his future queen, should both be free of them lest they embarrass themselves. Rain reacts to most things with the same cool indifference he always shows, neither anger nor joy show on his face, and he makes every effort to freeze them even within himself. Rain finds beauty in still lives, things like a bird, motionless on a frozen branch or a girl looking for a still moment out of a window. However, he does not indulge his whims. Actually, as a person, Rain is kind of horrid, but as a regent, he's wonderful. He shows appropriate mercy to his people - neither punishing them excessively nor being too lenient, so that he is greatly respected as a prince. He is generous but not foolish when he receives them, and, secretly, he has a weakness for children.

Bio: Rainier Caligula de Alicante was born during the very tail end of his mother's childbirthing years, and as such, he was viewed as something of a miracle. The child no one ever really expected could happen, and consequently, a child who was loved. The Peccious child of a Water Peccious and a Dark Peccious, it was interesting, though not entirely unexpected that Rainier turned out to be Ice. As such, he was a child who cried infrequently and often remained stoic in the face of attempts to entertain him. His father valued these traits, and taught Rainier to be reasonable, rational, at the best leader for his people possible. Rain was a studious and focused child, never slacking at his lessons or shirking any duty required of him. However, he didn't have fun. Really. However, there was one problem with the little prince.

People just kept trying to kill him.

What? Yes. Nine year old boy, and there had by then been eleven attempts on his life. It was starting to make his parents paranoid. Incredibly paranoid. Which was not unreasonable. If people kept shooting poisoned arrows at your child, you'd get scared, too. And as a present for his twelfth birthday, an assassin somehow got into Rain's bedroom. He happened to roll over in his sleep, and instead of hitting his chest, the blades gouged his arm. Naturally, Rain woke up. Barely conscious and in terrible pain, he reacted without thinking, sending a barrage of ice towards the assassin. It kind of depleted the water in the air, making it harder for the boy to breathe, but the man was also killed instantly by the sudden freeze. Five days Rain spent in the infirmary, half-dead from blood loss and poisoning. When he was able to walk again, his parents had made their decision. The death of His Highness, Prince Rainier Caligula de Alicante, Crown Prince and Heir to the Throne of Adoressa was officially announced. For five days, the people publicly mourned.

What actually happened to Rain was that he was spirited away to a mostly unused tower and kept there, under continuous heavy guard selected specifically by the royal spymaster (who also happened to be the king's illegitimate daughter. She'd become spymaster because he'd been good to both her and her mother, and was both incredibly loyal and part-Water Peccious, part Seer. She can tell instantly when a person lies.) Then, Rain was raised as a proper prince, learning to relate to his people and to be both high and humble as best they could teach him, though it was difficult, because he had to make do with a live-in tutor instead of his parents, who couldn't acknowledge he was alive. In fact, only six people knew that Prince Rainier lived. His parents, his two guards, his tutor, and the High King himself. It was simply too risky to endanger the only heir. However, this meant that Rain couldn't serve as a diplomatic visitor to other countries, as can be customary with princes and princesses. Consequently, the young man learned to be pretty antisocial and detached, which he already was to an extent, as well as extraordinarily loyal. He's spent his teenage years listening to the refrain "We'll let you out when the time is right". And sometimes, it seemed as though that time would never come.

But now it has. The High King sent out declarations that called the Heirs Apparent of each kingdom to himself, so that alliances could be forged in the most unconventional of ways - with commoners. Apparently, Rain wasn't disincluded from that, something that shocked both him and his parents. His parents because of their worry for their son's safety. Rain because he didn't know the High King even knew he was still alive. Taking the most heavily guarded carriage possible, and trying to travel incognito, the word still got out that Prince Rainier de Alicante lived, something that prompted outrage, disbelief, and even some joy among the people of Andoressa. And is certain to cause scandal amongst the High Court. As for Rain, he's not exactly enthusiastic, but as Crown Prince of Andoressa, Rainier does what he must.

Who is your fiancΓ©e: Rave Heartnet

Love Interest: Mm, funny. As if Rain was allowed consistent contact with any kind of girl. His parents didn't know what they were going to do about getting him married, but whatever it was, if it put him in even a bit of jeopardy, it was out. Besides, Rain has a shard of ice instead of a heart. Sure, girls have turned him on, but in love? Sure, as if.

Theme Song: Set Free - Katie Gray

So begins...

Rainier de Alicante's Story