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Amreelin Adonia Calista Caen

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a character in “Galaoa: The Tangled Red Threads of Fate”, as played by SithFaced


Amreelin Adonia Calista Caen

Which Kingdom Are They From:



Nausicaa is a lady of smaller stature. Her height is considered short - just at 5'2'' - and her weight is light. Her body isn't frail, as many would expect, but she isn't necessarily strong either. She is thin, with a slight hourglass figure. Her hair is such a light blonde color it is often mistaken for white, and her eyes shine a bright green. She often wears white, though it is considered peasant clothing, because she views it as being what looks best on her. Besides white, she can be found in blacks, greens, and reds. Her clothes are fitted in traditional Andoressan style - full length gowns, and veils to protect her from the harsh cold of her homeland. She has personally sewn beading and jewelry into her clothes, and has a few pieces of jewelry that she wears almost constantly. As for piercings, Nausicaa has three small piercings above her left eyebrow, going horizontally with the curve of her eyebrow, each 1 and a half centimeters apart. She also has a labret piercing; all her piercings are normally shown off with crystal body jewelry.

Not only does Nausicaa have the abilities of her mother, but she also has the abilities of her father. Both abilities are not as strong as someone with simply one or the other, which is understandable as she is a mix. When it comes to her abilities as a Seer, Nausicaa has the given gift of telekinesis. She is also able to read minds, but this is an uncontrolled and weak gift of hers; most of the time, she doesn't mean to read someones mind, she can't control it, and many times she simply just doesn't read minds. Its something that sort of turns itself on and off, without her knowledge. When it comes to her abilities as a Peccious, she has control over the element of ice, as would fit best with the land she hails from. Her control over ice isn't majorly strong; she mostly uses her gift to keep her cool when she's in places that are too warm for her tastes. Of all her gifts, her telekinetic abilities are by far the strongest.

Nausicaa has been known to carry a silver dagger on her from time to time. She has never had to use it in her defense.

Nausicaa is a girl who outwardly fools those around her when it comes to her personality. While she appears to be someone who is withdrawn and cold - simply because of where she is from and the way she holds herself - she fools everyone by actually being a very kind and gentle person, with a love for small children, and a warm heart. She is slightly withdrawn from society, and while she does have friends, she isn't the greatest at making new ones, simply because she has the tendency to be shy. As she grows to know someone better, she tends to invite them in to her "friend circle"; the time it takes for her to accept someone as a friend varies. She hasn't met many people that she dislikes. Nausicaa is a forgiving person, and tends to not hold things against anyone - this is due to the fact that she has never personally been wronged in any severe way. To touch slightly on the subject of people believing her to be withdrawn and cold, it happens mostly because she tends to not let her emotions run freely across her face through expressions - especially when she doesn't know someone. She has no reason to not do so, but she has simply grown up living this way. Her friends always see a warm and gentle person, but those she does not know, and simply sees in passing, believe her to be withdrawn and cold because she tends to keep her expressions blank. If they were to really search her face, they could find out how she was feeling, because regardless of what her face says, her eyes always tell the true story.

Nausicaa was born to a Seer mother and a Peccious father. Her mothers name was Teila, and her father went by Farrious. Teila passed away during the childbirth process; it was lucky that Nausicaa survived. She was the only child the two ever had together, though her father remarried not more than two years later. By that time, she was known as Nausicaa, which had been a name that her parents had debated; her father chose it as her 'nickname', because of her mothers wishes. On her fourth birthday, Nausicaa recieved her full official name - Amreelin Adonia Calista Caen. But the name Nausicaa had stuck, so she went by that instead. After her father remarried to a woman named Kailee, he was the father to three more children, who all surprisingly lived past the age of four. Their mother, Nausicaa's step mother, also survived childbirth three times. Nausicaa's siblings, Aura (16), Flynn (13) and Braice (12) have always considered her a full-blooded sister, even though they are technically her half brothers and sister. The whole family always got along well, and weren't considered poor - they were simply average. There wasn't much drama in the family, and there wen't many quarrels either. If Nausicaa could staple a word to her family situation, she would say it was peaceful. It was where she wanted it to be. She wouldn't want drama. She wouldn't want fights. She liked having family dinners, and she liked everyone getting along... As of current, Nausicaa spends a lot of her time taking care of young children of families that live nearby.

Who is your fiancé:

Love Interest:
As of current, no one.

Theme Song:
"C'est la Mort" ~ The Civil Wars

Swan dive down eleven stories high
hold your breath until you see the light
You can sink to the bottom of the sea
Just don't go without me

Go get lost where no one can be found
Drink so long and deep until you drown
Say your goodbyes but darlin' if you please
Don't go without me

C'est la vie
C'est la mort
You and me

Lets walk down the road that has no end
Steal away where only angels tread
Heaven or hell or somewhere in between
Cross your heart and take me with you please

Don't go
Well, please don't go
Don't go without me...

So begins...

Amreelin Adonia Calista Caen's Story